Are You Trustworthy???? – 83 Year Old Victim By Her Own Cousin

Trust…………not that difficult for me to process or handle.  I automatically trust those I encounter until proven otherwise.  Oh don’t get me wrong, I am an extremely aware individual as I refuse to become unaware of my surroundings and those who I encounter on a daily basis.  It can be challenging as there are times when situations occur simply because you allowed certain cracks to widen.  Now I have heard persons vehemently say, ‘It betta mi family tief from mi dan stranger’.  I beg to differ as for me blood line or not, if you rob, cheat, defame me; I will take the necessary and appropriate steps to protect my person.

There are times when we say our people are not trusting, and many who have relatives who are getting on in life are the cheapest of the lot, as they hide their monies away, and no one has access but them alone.  All that is true, but as we see from this case, this elderly woman who has lived to a ripe old age chose to entrust her cousin with J$7 million.  For that, she is now left with J$120.00.  This is my take, as you hear other people’s real life story, you begin to appreciate that our belief system is often times based on domestication, and personal experience.  You know the saying ‘who knows it feels it’, ‘until you walk in my shoes u will know’.  With that said, how can I blame this elderly if her trust has been shattered?  It is one thing to rob your blood line, but to leave them with J$120.00 that can barely buy a Jamaican patty on the Roc, borders on sheer evil; she is no ‘spring chicken’.  Do you not agree that this woman needs to sell whatever she has accumulated and make some form of cash payment to her Aunt, then face the minimum of 10 years in  the ‘wok house’?

Wait a minute, to those sanctimonious readers out there, ask yourself two questions, if you were left with J$120.00 which is roughly US$1.00 and change after having all your savings which amounted to US$6,000.00 was cleaned out by your sweet cousin, how would you react?  Would you let the law take its course, after all you are now penniless?


83-y-o left with $120 as cousin ‘drains’ millions from account

(Jamaica Observer) Tuesday, July 21, 2015 | 12:30 PM      

 NCB (file photo)

KINGSTON, Jamaica — A St Ann woman is to be tried in the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate’s Court on August 25 on allegations that she withdrew $7.4 million from her octogenarian cousin’s bank account, leaving only $120.

The trial date was scheduled last Friday in court after accused Sharon Gordon pleaded not guilty to a charge of simple larceny.

“That is my cousin and I am not guilty,” Gordon said when she was questioned about the allegations by Senior Magistrate Judith Pusey.

The magistrate before extending the Gordon’s bail then added a condition for her to report on Mondays at St Ann’s Bay Police Station.

The complainant, who is an 83-year-old retired dressmaker, reportedly took the accused to the Duke Street branch of the National Commercial Bank in downtown Kingston last year January and added her name to her bank account so that she could conduct business on her behalf.

The accused was also reportedly issued with a debit card for the account, but the complainant reportedly made it clear that she was only granting the accused authority to make withdrawals in the case of serious circumstances.

It is further alleged that between February 2014 and February 20 this year, the accused withdrew all of the complainant’s money leaving only $120 and nothing serious had happened for her to make those withdrawals.


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