Alleged Rape Posted On FB – Living Vicariously Via Social Media……

It has become the next ‘E News, Access Jamiwood, JA Red Carpet’.  The next generation with the 30, 40, 50 and 60 something’s having gone absolutely ‘bammie’ with this inane compulsion to post every facet of their daily lives via social media. The good, the bad, the crude, the down right nasty and insane displays of human expression is posted.

This tool has become a psychometric testing, home for many employers in vetting their prospective who wish to join their organization. Why??????? The lie is on paper, and the mask is fully worn at interviews whereas social media gives you the ‘real McCoy’. Well at least real enough for some employers to be using it as a means of profiling.

Will we tone down what we post? No…………because we are ‘wise ass beings’ who believe that ‘things’ happen to other people and not to us.  Rape or not, we may or maynot arrive at the truth.  However, what does it say about the mindset of the human race when the alleged murderer, robber or kidnapper can post their acts on social media?  ‘Wi up against tings dat di natural eye caan si but caan fadom’!!!!!!



UPDATE: Man in apparent rape video posted to FB in custody

(Jamaica Observer) Thursday, November 12, 2015 | 6:31 PM     21 Comments 

KINGSTON, Jamaica — The police have confirmed that the man in an obscured sex video posted to Facebook Monday evening has been identified and is now in custody.

Read: CISOCA investigating apparent rape video posted to FB

A news release from the Jamaica Constabulary Force’s Corporate Communications Unit said that he will be interviewed in the presence of his attorney on Friday.

The footage, which is a recording of sexual intercourse between a man and a seemingly unwilling female participant, was posted from the account of a man Facebook users allege is 25 years old.

The video has attracted several unfavourable comments with angry Facebook users accusing the man of being a rapist.

But, he defended his actions, stating: “All who a talk bout rape get this in a unnu heads, mi neva rape from mi born.”

The Centre for the Investigation of Sexual Offences and Child Abuse is investigating the matter.


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