Alkaline – Not My Cup Of Tea, But!!! – How Subjective Is Art Going To Be???

It is very clear that with certain issues we choose to separate the moral from the legal riding on legality and fighting to alter in the name of human rights.  While others we zoom in on morality solely.  So I put this to you.  Have you seen the video?  I have and let me drop my 2 cents as uncomfortable as it might be for some.

The global platform hardly relies on morality unless lives are lost.  Jamaica is no different.  We ride on equal rights, human rights and the freedom to express doing so on the precipice of morality.  With this video, it depicts ‘real life’, ’real world’ livity that is consumed by the masses.  Dancehall is enjoyed by many from differing walks of life.  Look to political platforms.  They choose when to play certain dancehall music depending on who will be gracing the stage and the mood they wish to vamp up at their rallies.  When the Jesus music comes on it is done so based on who will be gracing the stage and the message they wish to convey about a particular speaker.  All and all the charade is set in motion as a form of manipulation.  The truth of the matter is the songs by most of the popular artistes are enjoyed by professionals, labourers, the unemployed and the youths.  Where they listen and where they socialise to hear and watch the videos is a different kettle of fish.

Reading the article below, I am still searching for the outrage.  Are we not told that we are not allowed into the bedrooms of our citizens?  So the sexual encounter between the female who was clad in a police uniform signifies what to the average person?  Is it illegal for persons to have costumes made in the likeness of the constabulary clothing?  Is it that we are saying sexual encounters, acts are not engaged in by the JCF?  Why was no mention made of the two persons who represented the attorney and the assistant?  Attorney collecting money (raw cash), no paperwork and true to form one might say, emphasised that once the money is paid, all will be well??  What’s up with that??  Let me just say, the bad man who turned out to be a secret agent was rather cute, don’t you think?  Pon a serious note,  I am going to conclude from my own interpretation that he escaped under a hail of gunshots, unlike what happens in real life where the good guy……….the police, hmmph gets killed.  Weaponry – videos are like miniature movies.   Where do the weapons come from that we see in other music videos or movies?   If there was illegality,act on that.  

Pornography is a lifestyle for many, again from all walks of life.  We have had our fair share of pastors who are being hauled before the Courts for their sexual deviancy where the legal not moral law will judge them for now.  Not all women can deem exploitation, just ask them before you dare speak on their behalf.  CHOICE stills rules, and they will tell you that sex sells and they choose to earn a living by selling in any way, shape or form.  Whether that comes from videos, street life, dancing, they are doing their hustle and they will demand their money.

Celebrities’, whether reality stars, actors, musicians, social media vixens, many have gained their popularity and wealth by selling sex for the world to see from 1st world countries.  Sex videos that leaves nothing to the imagination have made a few hall of fame beauties causing our local men to want their women to look, shape and swoon like them.  Check out the latest body shape that you can purchase.   Our men and women again many from all walks of life, in uniform or out of uniform from the podium to the back streets embrace this freedom of expression.   When they choose to ‘bruk out’, what kind of music do you think they are brukking out to???  Give me a break, flaming hypocrites!!!!!!!!

Morality comes from the good book which we have long forsaken opening up the doors to the ‘anything goes’ movement.  Art will forever be art.  If it is your cup of tea, you will appreciate, if it is not, turn off the TV or your radio.  Do not buy or subscribe.  SEX and sex acts are left to those who choose what is acceptable to them or not.  Morality has no place in the bedroom, neither does the law.  In case you forget that is what is being advocated by our politicians, civil society and rights group.  If the law is broken, then prosecute, if not, how another depicts you is according to their truth, and there is nothing you can do about it………That is called secular livity!!!!!!!!

When you take off your uniform, your attire of choice, what you are left with is your naked self, the real you always comes alive.  If you are one of the same, clothed or unclothed then please tell me why you are getting your nickers in a twist.  Kudos to the secret agent, I hope they paid you well and in your escape you and your family were relocated to another country where you can start a new life never looking back on the one you left behind………………………….


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Alkaline video mess

Police Commissioner orders immediate investigation as cops outraged

(Jamaica Observer) Sunday, June 25, 201744 Comments


A video on the YouTube website which claims to feature popular local artiste Alkaline performing a piece entitled After All is causing outrage among members of the police force and has caused Commissioner of Police George Quallo to order an immediate investigation into certain aspects of it.

The video which is making the rounds on social media, along with its position on YouTube, shows individuals smoking ganja, brazenly toting guns, cursing, and interspersed with a sex scene where a woman dressed in police uniform is performing salacious and explicit sexual acts with a character in the video.

In addition, there are others in the video dressed in police uniforms. The video also shows what appears to be a marked police vehicle.

It is understood that Commissioner Quallo has given specific instructions that those individuals dressed in police uniforms be found and statements taken immediately. He has also directed that the marked police vehicle be checked to see if it is indeed part of the official police fleet.

As a result of especially the sex scene and the open carrying of guns featured in the video, many policemen and women are taking the position that they will not be carrying out any duties at events where Alkaline will be performing in the future.

The Jamaica Observer understands that it is the sex scenes which are the main cause of concern for members of the police force. One policeman who saw the video described it as a total denigration of the Jamaican woman.

“If there is any truth to the video, then it is very bad. I am particularly outraged by how our women are portrayed in the video, and then again, to be openly displaying guns like that is wrong, it is sad,” a policeman who asked that his name not be used, said.

Deputy Commissioner of Police Clifford Blake, when asked by the Sunday Observer to comment, said that he had seen the video and was well aware of the stance taken by some of the force’s members.

“I have been called, and I have met with several policemen and women who have expressed their outrage and indignation at the video.

“At this time we have no official response, suffice it to say that the commissioner had ordered an investigation and I am in the process of dealing with that investigation. I can inform that already some statements have been taken,” DCP Blake said.

The Sunday Observer could not reach Alkaline or any member of his management team for a comment.

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