‘A Wha Dis Now’ – Fish, Homosexuals, The Leader Of The Opposition!!!!

‘Come now stap the foolishness.  Wi all know ina yaard, wen u sey ‘fish’ is ‘homosexuals’ u referring to. Dis a Jamaica, nuh USA, nuh England, nuh Canada, YAARD’.  Speak the truth and speak it well!!!!!!!

Homosexuals are in the Churches, in Corporate Jamaica, in the Public Sector, in Small Businesses, in Schools, Universities, all over the place.  They cannot be eliminated.  It would be wonderful if they would come out of the closest and say, ‘I am proud to be a homosexual’.  Unfortunately the vast majority of them on the Roc will continue to operate on the down low, pretending to be straight when it is already known that they are homosexuals.  You see, on the Roc our people have become experts at playing the undercover ‘gay’ game.  This is what you do, you know the person is a homosexual, but you go along and pretend with them that they are straight, and as soon as they disappear you begin the conversation on how large the homosexual community is in Jamaica.  ‘Yeah a suh it set up pon di Roc.  Mi nuh deh pon dat though.  If u a gay, u a gay own it, big up u chest an do u ting.  Wha u fraid fah, nuh God u serve.  Nuh comes mongst mi and preten caas I an I deh pon a truth serum, an mi caan really play di game ting at all.  Mi personally know straight people, gay people an dem tell mi like it is, suh wi good.  Dem nuh affi eva tink sey mi a hypocrite caas mi bold and direct an if u a hide, a u one a play hide an seek.  Mi nuh really flex mongst di one dem wey deh pon di down low or camouflage.  Dat a too much wok’.

Leader of The Opposition and his ‘fish’ comment, knows exactly what he intended; so the effort is already wasted trying to redefine what garnered ’nuff laughter’ even from those I daresay are undercover homosexuals.   The ‘fish’ jokes are now old.  Get over yourself and deal with serious issues facing this Country!!!!!!


Opposition leader’s ‘fish’ comment not targeting homosexuals – JLP member

(Jamaica Observer) Monday, November 09, 2015 | 9:00 AM     26 Comments

Opposition leader Andrew Holness and party members at a JLP mass rally in 2011 (file photo)

KINGSTON, Jamaica – At least one Jamaica Labour Party member has come out to clarify a statement made by Opposition Leader Andrew Holness at a party rally in Spanish Town, St Catherine Sunday night.

The member is insisting that Holness’ reference to not being a “fish”, was not made against the homosexual community.

Holness, in giving an address at the event, sought to take residents down memory lane as a child growing up in the old capital.

In one case, he explained that he went to a canal in the town to swim and got into difficulty. He said he “nearly drowned”.

Explaining how he got out of the situation, Holness said: “Well, you know we a nuh fish around here.”

He, however, managed to swim to safety.

“We are aware of how the international community may misinterpret this, but it shouldn’t be viewed as a jab at any member of the society,” the JLP member said.

The JLP rally was held in a section of the old capital called Munamar Square.

Kimmo Matthews

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