A Wha U A Sey To Mi – Stop The Political Correctness And Talk Di Tings

With due respect Mr Crawford, I am sick and tired of social intervention dis and social intervention dat.  Is there social intervention when people choose to have sex and multiply and multiply?  Where is the social intervention when a woman who obviously can just about bathe herself with the ‘tiefing water’ and iron her clothes wid the ‘bridge up light’ decides to have out her lot?  Or decide to have 3, 4, 5, 6 pickney with different baby father and no one wants a ‘husband’ who will stick around long enough to support the pickney dem.  Where is social intervention then?  Did your parents, guardian or grannie need social intervention back in the days when they were raising their umpteen of children?  Outside of ‘flatscreem’ TV that many boasts of having, what has changed?  I will tell you plain ole fashion ‘broughtupsey’.  Not money as poverty existed before 21st century and will continue until the world ends as we know it.

As usual in fine style we see the video, hear a voice note, the veracity of the latter, who truly knows.  The murderous bruk up that the child endured is nothing new for many and I daresay some born in the 1950-1960’s from above poverty background.  The difference between then and know is the use of cell phones, social media and all upon a sudden we have experts in videography and commentary.   The pleasure derived at zero dollars to those who snap and post.  A culture that has taken over this Island that it is far better to broadcast than to render aide.

Corporal punishment in or out of schools, right or wrong, I leave that to the conscience of those capable of raising disciplined children who should be the future generation to call the shots.  Parenting skills, who possess and who does not.  The right to reproduce irrespective of your social development relative to decency, decorum and dignity.  Do you know right from wrong or is it your development dictates societal wrong as right and vice versa?

The idea that many women from varying backgrounds who believe that when a man uses extreme aggression can mean he really loves and cares until the aggression becomes physical and the obsession and ownership reaches maximum temperature that you realise you are in trouble.   What is his excuse?  Who cares……………….  Everyone has their own waterloo to bear.  Does it mean we must become an uncaring society, certainly not?  What is the role of the Church?  When does government enters the bedroom?  After reproduction as the data shows the same results over and over.   Child abuse, children missing, need funding for homes, teenage pregnancies………….Where does the financial resources come from to tackle this unending crisis?   When are we going to tackle the root cause of ‘tired a it’ so mi ago ‘kill u’ wen u misbehave.  Whether the misbehaviour is due to truancy, or lickle gyal bad, or lickle bwoy a gwaan like him a gun man………………When are we going to deal with one too many pickney, and no puppa after conception and delivery?  Do you think ‘talk’ will help these grown folkswho are hell bent of having their own way.

We want social intervention for crime, social intervention for living rent free, light free and water free.  Social intervention for having too many children that you can ill afford with no support from the birth father, or family members either financially or spiritually and I am not talking obeah.  Yet government must enter into the bedroom and decide that based on a video you are now an unfit parent who deserves to be locked up and the child goes into care where we are told many run away to become free agents.  Oh yes, and we now have child sex trade on the agenda.  Where were you before the pregnancy?  How many children does this woman have by the way?  If there a father in tow?  Whappen it nuh matter????  Any anti, uncle, grannie deh bout??  No extended family???

When are we going to face reality that due to said socialisation, many women should not be having one child much less several?  Let us talk about that.  Let us talk about the freedom to have sex and reproduce when you barely have 2 cents to rub together. No father to provide financial, emotional or spiritual support in your space so you do not need a child or children.  Stress will always be a way of life, and if your snapping will cause you to injure or scar your child, then maybe childbearing in this century should not be a right.  It is easier for us to voice our disgust at the end result as seen on this video rather than to speak the truth of what has been evidenced way too often.  It is easier for us to cry social intervention than to accept that right and wrong is a choice we inherited once we came into this world; no socializing needed.  Just like how nobadie neva teach u fi lie.  U born a tell lie until wen it ketch up to u, u figure out sey u fi stop.  Beating no mek u stap lie………….

There is a stark difference from the mother with 8 or 9 children fatherless who does the best she can.  Disciplines her children in love and a rebuke is never confused or witnessed or received in what has become common practice by women who are mentally unfit to raise children.   Who you are and who you become is never when the sails are smooth rather when turbulence faces, and under extreme impression, losing your temper yet never crossing the line with the one you gave birth to where there is no return for either child or parent moving forward.

If the government has to step in to clean up house, then they need to prevent you from having  one too many.    The fact that you can have sex, should not give you the right to bring children into this world that you are ill equipped to nurture.   If it is your mental breakdown came after, then give them up for adoption and decease from reproducing.  As most practitioners take pleasure in addressing the symptoms and not the root cause, we will put this one to rest until the next one surfaces.

To be very clear, the root cause is not social intervention rather a law which says you cannot have more than……… until you prove you are fit mentally, and financially equipped with no aide from the government.  If you want to deem that social intervention, den start from dehso!!!!!!!!

Right now mi stress to and caan tek it, but a suh it set, a life……………….


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Mother a victim, too – Crawford says machete-wielding child beater should be resocialised, not criminalised

 (Jamaica Gleaner)  Tuesday 3 October 2017 (37 Comments)
Damion Crawford
Floyd Green

The 44-year-old mother now behind bars for the brutal beating of her preteen daughter with a machete in Bath, St Thomas, last year is also a victim, and the State should seek to resocialise, rather than criminalise her, says Damion Crawford, the newly minted opposition spokesman on youth and culture.

In a 30-second video footage, which has gone viral on social media since being unearthed over the weekend, the partially nude woman is seen using the cutlass to beat the frantic child while using expletives to relay her anger and frustration.

Many have condemned the action of the parent, with persons in the general public and users of social media calling for her imprisonment.

The woman was arrested by the St Thomas police on the weekend, and up to press time was still in custody, with the likelihood of charges being laid against her for cruelty to a child.

Yesterday, the Child Development Agency (CDA) told The Gleaner that the girl underwent counselling and was now in the care of relatives.




Crawford, who visited the Bath community to investigate the circumstance surrounding the ordeal, shared that while the child was a victim of the physical abuse, the parent was a victim of the Jamaican culture of discipline, and the inability to receive legitimate assistance with child-rearing.

“Everyone has confirmed that this is not an often occurrence. They’ve confirmed that the lady is almost like the mother for the community, the person who seeks to bail the young people from jail or out of trouble. So, it’s unfortunate that without adequate information, the call has been for imprisonment, which benefits neither child nor parent. The main villain, in my opinion, was the adult who chose to capture [the video] rather than intervene,” Crawford said.

He also rubbished claims of a voice recording now being circulated as that of the girl, and that she was being reprimanded for engaging in sexual activities. Crawford said the rumour was greater child abuse than the video itself.

“My information is that she is mischievous as a child, not a child participating in adult activity, as is being insinuated at this particular time. This incident happened over a year ago and is just now coming to our attention, so nobody could have indicated to me the grievance that the child carried out, but even some of the police personnel in Bath were saying they’re saddened by the outcome and the reference being made, as the lady is a good lady,” he said.




The outspoken politician suggested that a three-pronged approach be applied generally as social re-engineering against physical punishment, which has been the norm in Jamaica.

Crawford argued that as a first offence, persons should be given training in parenting and application of discipline with simultaneous assistance to the child. If the act is repeated, the second approach should be temporary separation with a fine and mandatory counselling. The third step should be jail time and permanent separation if the two previous interventions fail, added Crawford.

In declaring that there is a clear distinction between discipline and abuse, state minister with responsibility for youth in the Ministry of Education, Youth and Information, Floyd Green, described the video as appalling.

“While it is difficult for me to comment too much, as it is now the subject of a criminal investigation and I wouldn’t want to prejudice that, certainly anyone with good conscience who would have seen the video would be completely appalled at what transpired,” he said.

Green argued that the case speaks to a broader issue of greater need for parental intervention and guidance, something which the ministry has discussed with the National Parenting Support Commission.

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