A Wah Dis??? – Wha Kine A Crosses Deh Pon Di Roc????

Oono nuh si sey dis nuh mek a drop a sense.    Di puppa mek di pickney dem go visit dem uncle a East.  One a di pickney dem misbehave an uncle drop lick.  Puppa get word an all di way from Gordon Town like im a formula 1 race car driver, reach a East an leggo shot affa di uncle.  U tell me, nuh mus somen deh pon him.

If you do not know your family tree, something is clearly wrong with you.  Why send your children to visit family members who you believe are abusers?  If you strongly have an issue with anyone reprimanding or laying a finger on your child, would it not be best if you keep them in your care at all times.  After all, can you really vow that another person will be able to tolerate what you have been accustomed to from your child?  Since there are no guarantees, how do you go about this?  The buck starts and ends with the parents, or guardian.  What is clear from this article below, is we have a parent who is more than an abuser.  Read carefully, as for me, this man should not be allowed to have any influence at all over his children.  What is the message he sent with this display of lunacy?  Any badie wey touch u, u better get a gun an kill dem whats it whats it not.  Nuh matter a who, so watch mi how mi tek care a dis what its what its not.

Ten (10) children, 6 of whom were in the vehicle while this insanity took place.  Children live what  they learn and learn what they live.  If you do not believe that a couple of these children will become as their puppa, you are spaced out.  Imagine when children accustomed to violence interact with other kids at school and simple arguments ensue.  Children will be children, and many of us as children did get into little tit for tats at school.  Adults are breeding a generation of volatile children by their own behaviour and God helps us with the next generation following the millennials.


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Cops capture dad after high-speed chase

Man had six children aboard vehicle; police say gun recovered

(Jamaica Observer) Friday, August 11, 2017 91 Comments

 The crashed Suzuki Vitara that was being driven by a father with six of his chidren aboard when he tried to elude the police in Kingston, yesterday. (Photo: Kenyon Hemans)

Police yesterday captured a man who, with six of his 10 children inside the motor vehicle he was driving, led the cops on a high-speed chase through busy streets in the capital after they tried to apprehend him based on information they received that he was involved in a shooting.

The man’s identity was, up to press time, not released by the police.

Deputy Superintendent of Police assigned to the Central Police Station Percival Anderson told the Jamaica Observer that the man, who is from Gordon Town, was accosted by lawmen along South Camp Road after reportedly shooting at an in-law in Allman Town. The incident occurred about 1:00 pm.

Anderson said the man, believed to be a music producer, received a telephone call from a relative who informed him that the in-law was allegedly abusing one of his children.

“The children were visiting [relatives] in the community. The uncle, for some reason, spanked one of the children and that message was relayed to the father. He, in his anger, came from Gordon Town to Allman Town allegedly with a firearm that was [allegedly] used by him to fire at the uncle,” the crime officer explained.

He said the man then returned to his Suzuki Vitara with his children and sped off, but was later intercepted by cops, who he led on a high-speed chase before crashing into two other vehicles.

“Because he was not familiar with the area he crashed in the vicinity of South Camp Road and North Street. At that stage, what we suspect that he did was to place the firearm in the bag of the eldest child, who is 16 years of age, and run from the vehicle.

Where we are now is tying up this investigation in terms of the shooting and the recovery of the firearm,” said Anderson.

He said a Ruger pistol was recovered along with several rounds of ammunition.

In the meantime, he said that the Child Development Agency has been called in as it relates to the welfare of the children, but mentioned that the 16-year-old has been taken into custody along with his father.





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