‘A Dat Fi Reach Oono’ – Crying Shame!!!!

The reality is there are too many people on the Roc whose chosen career path is one of thievery and robbery.  Let us not fool ourselves into believing that increase in job opportunities will quell this beast called crime.  ‘Look pon im good well ‘butch out an a tief.   A suh wi tief dem look now, like smaddie’.

The vast majority mentality is of that of ‘get rich quick, or die trying’.  Unfortunately many are not dead while  we cannot same the same for the victims.  In this case, fortunately, the licensed fire arm holder knew how to use his weapon, and protected himself.  Another person might have aimed for somewhere that surely would have caused the life of those no good criminals. 

It is all good and well to talk about rehabilitation and saving lives.  Who reaches out to the victims and their family and offer them similar support?  Where is the effort on that front?  We need an ‘Alcatraz’ built to accommodate at least 250,000 criminals with the only escape route being the ocean where you can imagine what fate will reach those who try to escape.  Crime is out of control, all manner or crimes whether petty, scamming which brings its own evil with execution type killings.  Domestic violence that ends in murder/suicide has now become the norm it would appear.  All of these create ongoing fear, immense stress and pressure to those victims who survive it all.  Those that do not, their loved ones are left to pick up the pieces.  What is the solution? 

For starters, the soft approach is not going to work.  As long as a significant amount of our people do not believe that work, sacrifice and time are the necessary elements that are needed for a decent life, then there will be hell on Planet Earth.   We have a culture of people that believe that honest labour is for punks.  Their labour is to rob, kill and destroy the lives of those who more times than not do honest labour to achieve.


Alleged robber shot and injured, abandoned by accomplice

(Jamaica Observer) Monday, March 21, 2016 | 3:53 PM    

The man eyewitnesses say is the alleged robber hides his face from onlookers.

ST ANDREW, Jamaica — The flow of traffic on Hagley Park Road in St Andrew has been severely disrupted following a shooting incident in the vicinity of The Domes, which left one man injured. The area has been cordoned off by the police.

OBSERVER ONLINE understands that the man was shot twice in the leg by a licensed firearm holder whom he allegedly attempted to rob after midday.

Alleged eyewitnesses say the licensed firearm holder was in the process of doing a transaction when the alleged robber struck.

However, luck ran out on the alleged robber as, after he was shot, his alleged accomplice — who was waiting on a motorcycle — fled the scene, leaving his injured colleague paralysed on the sidewalk.The police and the Independent Commission of Investigations are currently processing the scene.


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