47.7% Voter Turnout Is The Tragedy As Much As PNP’s Own Voters Not Voting

The PNP 1st time MP’s considered to be the ‘young and brightest’ have succeeded in making the PNP a one term party.

Your plans, goals and aspirations are naught if you are not in the ‘game’ long enough to make true change and reformation. You do not win an Election via twitter, facebook or any social media. What you win from that, are false notions based on the amount of followers that they are in a position to vote for your Party.  This is Jamaica, not North American or Europe.  Do you have any idea how many of your followers actually reside on the Roc?  Did you rely on your base Mr General Secretary??

Out of the 47.7% who turned out to vote, how many of them prey tell hold down a JOB in corporate Jamaica, the government sector are self employed who actually pay their way and their families way? Let me keep this simple. How many of those persons who follow you on social media, who many tend to ‘socialise’ at the uptown events with a price tag of over J$8,000.00 vote for any political party in Jamaica? As a matter of fact how many who religiously attend party events in this country vote? Or those who religiously attend the ‘hip’ joints for drinks, do they vote? How many ‘foreigners’ in this Country who are eligible to vote do so? I put it to you that those who enjoy the intellectual arguments on our political process many who are both PNP and JLP sympathizers will even go as far as to adorn themselves in party colours, do not vote. So who exactly make up the majority of Jamaica’s voting pool? The very same ones the PNP 1st time MPs chose to ‘dis’ and allowed ‘fracas’ and down right nasty behaviour to persist way too long without taking any action in addressing the cancer in its 1st stage. Their demands for dialogue from the top of the food chain were not delivered in time and so I proffer that they stayed true to their words and did not vote.

The 1st time MPs had full reign to entertain the media as they were ‘media frightened’. They loved to hear the sound of their own voices and enjoyed reading the daily mail where they made sure to be featured by their pronouncements.  They demeaned the very same people within their constituency who when they sought their votes in 2011 virtually crawled in every crevice and corner and displayed emotions suggesting they cared. What went wrong? Early on within their ‘reign’ it was evident that the good ‘ole’ people skills in knowing how to bridge the gap between those who cannot see your vision from those who can was lacking from the young and brightest. Did they seek help from the ‘veterans’ of the PNP?  Who knows? I would assume not, based on the developments that the media was sure to bring to the public highlighting the escalation of these fracas.

It was not just one fracas, it was several, and the only thing a fashion runway has in common with politics is that MPs must be on display for the people in their constituency. However, they seem to have been on display for those who were not in a position to vote for them as quite frankly those professionals believe that they are above voting, cannot be bothered to go through the process or that voting is for the ‘boogoyagga’. That is how they feel about Jamaica’s political system. So what and who you have voting is the reality. Will that change? We will have to wait and see. As for the youths, they are as fickle as they are academically bright.   A question to ask the youths, do the members of their household vote? That should also give you an indication as to whether or not you can rely on them to cast a vote for more than one term. So all this talk about the youth will only ensure we continue to have ‘one term’ governments. See how many promises can be fulfilled in one term!!!!!

As for the PNP 1st time MPs, their own arrogance will prevent them from going on a journey of personal development and introspection. So if you want to change the make up of Jamaica’s voting pool, you are going to have to work 10 times as hard to get your followers on social media to pay attention to the political process for more than a moment.  You love to debate because you are a ‘talker’ and ‘bright’, well start while you are in Opposition with small gatherings, engage and invite the wider public to open talks lasting 2 hrs. With youth comes energy and vigor. If you are patriotic and believe in your party as you profess, then let us see how you will operate within the next 4 years. Will you stay or will you leave or cross the isle? Are you going to try to heal the cancer in your constituency or are you going to continue with the blame game? Politics is not for the faint of hearted. It is not the strength of your mouth that shows your conviction rather it is your longevity to the ‘movement’ with success in retaining your seat for minimum 3 terms that separates the book smarts from the people smarts. It would be good to strike a balance between book and people smarts, but for the last 4 years we did not see nor did we get that from the young and brightest in the Peoples National Party.


EOJ promises results of official vote count by Monday

 (Jamaica Gleaner) Friday | February 26, 2016 | 5:45 PM
The EOJ says counting is taking place in the designated counting centres in each constituency except for five.
The Electoral Office of Jamaica (EOJ) says the final counting of ballots cast in yesterday’s general elections is expected to be completed by Monday.

Final counting for all constituencies across the island began Friday.

The EOJ says counting is taking place in the designated counting centres in each constituency except for five.

Counting for St Andrew Eastern, St Ann South Western, St Mary South Eastern and St Catherine North Eastern is being done at the EOJ’s Head Office at Duke Street Kingston.

The counting of votes for St James Southern is being done at the EOJ’s Regional Office in Montego Bay.

The Director of Elections Orrette Fisher reportedly made the decision to provide closer monitoring for the final count in constituencies where the preliminary results were particularly close.

Based on the preliminary count, the Jamaica Labour Party has won 33 seats, and the People’s National Party 30 of the 63 seats available.

While voter turnout was below 47.7 percent, Fisher says he is pleased with the proceedings on Election Day.


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