3rd Suicide On The Roc In Under 7 Days – Is There A Preventative Measure??

Is ongoing depression the first sign of suicide or is it a sense hopelessness?  It is apparent that whatever the symptoms maybe, it clearly is not obvious in the eyes of those closest to the victims.  Or if it is obvious, there is nothing they can do without consent from the sufferer to render aide.  When you try to grasp your mind around this lonely, self-perpetuated act against one’s self, it leaves more questions than answers for those left behind.  Even persons not known to the victims must admit that it is a frightening reality to accept that there are those amongst us, maybe friends, and family members, colleagues who feel a sense of hopelessness whether silently or otherwise and will take their own lives.  It is inevitable, it is part of life and that which is to come.

As the vast majority of mankind struggle to cope with life and all that comes along with it, people are prone to fragility of the worst kind.  The fragility of their minds which tells them they are better off not existing on Planet Earth.  That the unknown is far better than living through their perpetual state of hell which in their minds is hopelessly unbearable and pointless in struggling through much less to overcome.   Some persons who have experienced near death often speak of going to hell and back, or nearing the pearly white gates and returning.  Whichever rings true, the ‘suicide’ act is still only a whisper as it leaves a stigma of the utmost dread.  What we have no explanation for nor understanding scares us more than what we know I think.  The taking of one’s life is more painful and difficult to accept as somehow there are those who believe if they had known the severity of the pain, just maybe they could have helped.  It is easier to accept that you interceded, than to accept that the victim made the decision knowing that intercession more times than not is too late.


54-y-o found hanging at Clarendon home

(Jamaica Observer) Sunday, May 15, 2016 | 12:09 PM


CLARENDON, Jamaica – Fifty-four-year-old Samuel Perkins, otherwise called ‘Eddie’ and ‘Jungle’, of Dawkins Land, Colonel Ridge in Clarendon, is suspected to have committed suicide at his home yesterday evening.

Reports from police in Chapelton are that about 6:00 pm, relatives went to check on Perkins but found him hanging by a rope from a mango tree in the back of his yard.

The police were summoned, the scene processed and the body removed to the morgue.

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