27 Year Old Pastor & 23 Year Old Deacon Shot Dead In MoBay – Motive, Motive, Motive

What can you really say on this latest tragedy?  We have reported in the past that gun men have stormed churches while on a shooting spree.  The sacredness of the temple/church is no longer sacred and criminal elements will take no prisoners in their quest for blood.  It begs the question though.  Don’t you think these men were rather young to hold such positions?  Then again, what do I know?

Gunned down in the evening in a public space is what is known and I for one have more questions than answers.  For whatever reason, our law men seem to be preserving lives while the gun men are ending them.  The entire Roc is hot like wild fire with no force being able to extinguish the blaze that is constantly being fueled by those who are fearless and always never seem to miss their intended target.  There comes a time when death as a result of murder becomes your norm, leaving you with an emotion that is indescribable because you have become comatose.  You are at the point where you say, what’s next?  How much worse can it get?  Then on with living your life the only way you know how to.

Police shoot gunman after pastor, deacon shot dead in St James

(Jamaica Observer) Sunday, November 13, 2016 | 10:35 AM     14 Comments

ST JAMES, Jamaica – A pastor and a deacon were on Saturday shot dead by unknown assailants in Kerr Crescent, St James.

Dead are 27-year-old pastor Ryan Jackson and 23-year-old deacon Bucklair Smith, both of Rose Heights in the parish.

The police say a firearm was also seized.

Reports from the Montego Bay police are that about 5:40 pm, police were on an operation in the area when they heard several explosions and went to investigate.

The police say two men opened gunfire at them when they got to the location.

The police reportedly took evasive action and returned the gunfire, hitting one of the assailants, who was later found with a 9mm pistol containing six rounds of ammunition. His accomplice managed to escape, the police say.

Jackson and Smith were found with gunshot wounds and were assisted to hospital where they were pronounced dead.

Meanwhile, the injured gunman has been hospitalised under police guard.

The police say investigations are continuing.

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