LEAN Governance – Never!!!!!!! – Stop Waste Energy

Whether it is the PNP or the JLP, their makeup consists of 100% Jamaicans with expertise in conducting business in true Jamaican fashion.  24 hrs in a day, using 5hrs to meet, greet, meet, greet, chant, protest, posture and the rest, our outcome reflects that.  Public governance and efficiency hardly applies in the same sentence as we simply lack the energy, attitude, where with all to move at a pace faster than the ‘cool running’s’ anthem.  We have several anthems that not only promote tourism but highlights how we govern in the public sector.

The size of our Island and heaviness of our government and opposition is through design.   The vast majority are a set of talkers and outlining their accomplishments, notable progress is more of an election campaign gimmick rather than an ‘accountability’ issue.  With that said, we have  no choice but to make comparisons between the two major parties, private sector entities, micro and macro businesses in how we govern, manage and lead.

We suffer greatly from having any sense of urgency in our attitudes to conduct business.  We project first world ambitions yet operate as we have been, which is less than.  We cannot justify the levels of bureaucracy in most areas of business; so we give lip service to change.  With the years going by, where has the change been or where have they come from?

A country requires governance and so politics is inherent.  As a democratic nation, we have no choice but to select on that premise.  So the question is, who is willing to offer themselves up for political office/service?  What is the role of the citizens of this country with respect to politics?

I say this, if you do not like it, vote and make a change when the opportunity presents itself.  Change requires action, not a bag a chat.  This is as good as it gets.  If we intend to see a leaner government by either side of any significant reduction in numbers, then appoint persons who are prepared to shift the culture in how we conduct business on this ‘vacation’ Island.  The slogan, ‘no problem’ does not apply to our style of governance.  Our idea of efficiency, effectiveness and time management is one of theory where the practice has left us forever lacking and wanting.  ‘Age’…………..does it really matter when across the border irrespective of ‘age’ the outcome remains the same from both political parties?  A mind shift followed by action can only help our governance in both the public and private sector.


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PNP names 27-member shadow Cabinet

(Jamaica Observer) Friday, September 29, 2017 (55 Comments)

Opposition leader and President of the People’s National Party Dr Peter Phillips (centre) outlines the mandate of the shadow Cabinet ministers yesterday at a press conference at the party’s Old Hope Road headquarters in Kingston. Also photographed are Opposition spokesperson on national security and newly elected party chairman Fitz Jackson (right) and Julian Robinson, party general secretary and Opposition spokesperson on science and technology. (Photo: Bryan Cummings)

LEADER of the People’s National Party (PNP) Dr Peter Phillips yesterday named two non-parliamentarians to his 27-member team of shadow spokespersons and deputies.

The two — outspoken politician Damion Crawford and attorney Donna Scott Mottley — are, however, expected to replace Opposition senators Mark Golding and Angela Brown Burke in the Senate after the two contest the upcoming by-elections in St Andrew South and St Andrew South Western, respectively. They are both safe seats which the PNP candidates are expected to win easily.

The two St Andrew seats were vacated earlier this year by Dr Omar Davies and former Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller.

Members of the shadow Cabinet, named by Phillips yesterday at a press conference at the PNP’s headquarters in Kingston are:

• Peter Phillips, Leader of the Opposition and spokesman on defence;

• Mark Golding, finance and planning;

• Lambert Brown, public service;

Angela Brown Burke, local government;

• Damion Crawford, youth and culture;

• Donna Scott Mottley, justice

• Julian Robinson, science and technology;

• Mikael Phillips, transport & works;

• Richard Azan, housing;

• Ian Hayles, water andclimate change;

• Ronald Thwaites, education and training;

• Michael Stewart, training;

• Noel Arscott, community development and social transformation;

• Dr Dayton Campbell, health;

• Fitz Jackson, national security;

• Peter Bunting, industry, investment and competitiveness;

• Philip Paulwell, mining and energy and leader of Opposition business in the House;

• Dr Fenton Ferguson, agriculture and rural development;

• Victor Wright, rural development;

• Wykeham McNeill, tourism and entertainment;

• Horace Dalley, labour and welfare;

• Senator Floyd Morris, welfare;

• Senator Sophia Fraser Binns, land and environment;

• Anthony Hylton, development and national physical planning, and the National Housing Trust;

• Lisa Hanna, foreign affairs and foreign trade; and

• Natalie Neita, sports, information and gender, and deputy leader of Opposition business in the House of Representatives.

Fraser Binns, Neita and Hylton will work from the Office of the Leader of the Opposition.

“This team is a mixture of experience and youthfulness,” Phillips told journalists yesterday. “They are all very competent people, as are the other members of the team in the House and the Senate.”

“We have emphasised the NHT as being of particular importance to our perception of the mission of providing housing and access to land and overcoming the deficit in residential provisioning that the country now faces,” he said.

Phillips said he expects the shadow ministers to network with party commissions; develop a task force; establish contact with stakeholders in their portfolio areas; as well as be able to explain the party’s position of varying matters.

Though Bunting has responsibility for industry, investment and competitiveness, he will assume temporary chairmanship of the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) until Golding’s election to the Lower House.

The committee, which is usually chaired by the Opposition spokesperson on finance, has not met since November 2016, under Dr Phillips’s leadership. This is despite the submission of numerous reports by the Auditor General’s Department to Parliament for reviewing.

The PAC is a parliamentary body with responsibility of reviewing and examining reports submitted by the auditor general.

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A Dis U Call Bangarang – The Gateway To Crime – FLA

Every wey u tun macca juke u.    No betta nuh dideh suh try come wid something different.  Sad to say honest workers are far and few between, bottom line.  You cannot spell ‘Gucci’ yet you want the lifestyle that the original brings.  You earn $80,000.00 per month yet your lifestyle is $500,000.00 per month.  Whether you are 18 or 60 providing you are employed, red eye and licky licky you will always position yourself to become part of the group of illegal hustlers while collecting the legal paycheck.  What to do?  The million dollar question.

It has to be established how far the gravy chain goes up.  To believe that the bottom is brazen enough to carry out such a scheme is normally played out over and over again until amnesia by vested interests and the public becomes pronounced.   Where is this all going?  What is the end game?  What has been raised thus far are some serious alarm bells that if you consider seriously, wi corner well dark as it relates to gun violence in this country.

You cannot train a worker to become honest, in as much you cannot tell by appearance if one is a potential illegal hustler.  Only systems in place with checks and balance coming from one source will be able to narrow down loop holes if chicanery steps in.  Separate and apart persons may very well need the highest level of security clearance to occupy certain positions based on the nature of their job description.  Call me dramatic, but after what has been demonstrated thus far within the FLA where is the drama prey tell and who or which industry can top this scandal presently?  I say, our national security has been severely compromised and to say otherwise will only reinforce our numbness to all things catastrophic.  I am stuck at someone having their gun licence renewed whilst they are residing in a penitentiary in a foreign land miles and miles away.  How do we explain that one?


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More FLA drama

Senior female employee detained; MOCA wants to question senior cop

(Jamaica Observer)Thursday, September 21, 2017 46 Comments

Gun licence application

A senior female employee of the Firearm Licensing Authority (FLA) was taken into custody yesterday by the Major Organised Crime and Anti-Corruption Agency (MOCA) as the police continue investigations into a major gun-licensing racket at the authority.

The name of the employee has not been disclosed, pending further investigations. It is understood that she was released late yesterday, but could face further questioning by the police today as they continue their investigations.

The Jamaica Observer learnt last night that MOCA is also interested in questioning a senior police officer, as well as at least three more employees of the FLA, as it presses on with investigations.

The case involving the woman, sources said, followed discovery that a gun licence was recently renewed although the owner had not taken the gun in for the past four years. The gun owner, our sources said, lives in the United States, while the gun has been in other hands.

According to the source, a member of the FLA staff had certified that the owner of the weapon had come into the office at Old Hope Road in St Andrew and had followed the proper procedure for the re-licensing of the weapon. However, checks by MOCA revealed that not only was the gun missing from the process, but that the owner is in jail in the United States, where he has been living for the past four years, and did not have possession of the weapon.

The owner of the licence is required to do a safe use and handling test before it could be renewed since three years had passed without renewal. However, this was not done because of his absence from Jamaica. The gun was eventually “found” by another person and brought to the FLA two weeks later, after the police started a search for it.

Investigators, Observer sources said, are convinced that there is evidence that the licensing system has been compromised by a ring of alleged corrupt FLA staffers who have been working with outside interest, including police officers, in a system where a third party is paid for the gun licence without having to turn up with their weapons for the necessary licensing procedures at the FLA office.

When the licences are approved the FLA suspects contact “agents” outside of the authority to collect the “firearm licence package”. The third party then picks up the package and pays the contact, who pays the inside staffer.

It is also understood that MOCA is aware of the FLA employees who have been involved in the practice and that as the investigations continue more FLA staff, as well as members of the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF), will be charged for their involvement.

Since early September, the FLA has been working with the police to flush out licensed firearm holders who have failed to present their weapons for the annual renewal of their licences, which requires inspection and certification.

In June, the FLA had announced an amnesty to allow firearm holders to update their licences without fear of prosecution. However, while just over 1,000 licence holders have complied, the FLA says that some 3,000 licensees have failed to take advantage of the offer and are still illegally in possession of the weapons, including individuals who have moved to the United States and left the weapon in Jamaica.

CEO of the FLA Shane Dalling has said that the compliance drive was implemented to ensure that the authority could account for all licensed firearms, as well as the whereabouts of the licensee. The penalty for failing to comply each year is up to 12 months imprisonment or a $200,000 fine.

The amnesty should have ended by July 31; however, fewer than 100 of the 3,000 outstanding guns have been accounted for so far.

The controversy, which has slowly developed since a letter from a “whistle-blower” member of staff revealed the corrupt practices at the FLA dating back several years, set off a fire-storm in May leading to the intervention of MOCA to investigate the corruption practices at the authority.

The board subsequently resigned.

Last week, the ministry of aational security appointed a Security Programme Oversight Committee headed by retired banker Peter Moses to oversee all government agencies which fall under the ministry, including the FLA.

However, despite assurances that a new board would have been appointed soon after the resignations, no board has yet been appointed to take charge of the FLA. A release naming a new board was subsequently withdrawn after Security Minister Robert Montague said it was sent out prematurely.

CEO Dalling, meanwhile, has welcomed the MOCA probe which he believe will help him in his efforts to stem the corruption at the authority.

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Dexter Pottinger (Untimely Demise) – Draw Brakes, Stop Just Stop, Caas U Dun Know Sey Blender Can Only Do One Ting An One Ting Only!!!!!

Stop tek everybody fi idiaat and poppy show an put down demya statistics after the who’s who is killed.  Watch back di video wey Alkaline did post wey di ole a oono a critique like sey oono ave any authority on morality much less the will to deal wid di criminal element pon disya Island.  Money run tings, and di law will wok for those who can afford to pay, or for those whose connection is of such dat freedom is a must no matter what.

Holding press conferences have become a love affair with the script in toe and the bull shit becoming the monologue repeatedly.

Please take the time to read the story that follows after this latest piece in the Jamaica Gleaner.  This youngster was charged in the death of a female and you will see the heading of that piece when the commentary was posted over 1 year ago dated Saturday 11 June 2016.  Is there a coincidence that Pottinger bailed out the said youth that was charged in the murder of this female; who in turn ended up taking his ( Pottinger’s) life?  Do you believe in coincidences?  All I am saying is, the plot will forever thicken when you understand and recognise where you are living.  You are living in Jamroc.  The rules of engagement are different to that of 1st world countries namely the USA where we love to draw comparisons.  Pay attention to the groups who jump out immediately and chant for justice, due diligence, no tables to be left un-turned etc.  Do not pay too much attention to those who regardless of their dollars are deemed ‘not of our class’ according to the intellectuals on certain cases.   Pay more attention to the silence from certain quarters as silence speaks volumes.

When you know what you know, you may choose to be silent.  When you know what you know, you may choose to flip the script with a view to mislead.  The outcome of both scenarios usually remain the same, not one striking solution is ever sought much less invoked which would cause the citizens of this country to have faith in our judicial system.

Justice remains elusive to the majority.  Therefore seek justice from the one above who can guarantee you eternity and live each day on planet earth as if it is your last.


All information provided on this blog is read by you of your own risk.  Any material extracted it is done of your own free will.

I am the legal copyright owner of the  material provided on this blog. Therefore such cannot be used, reprinted without the consent of the owner  The material provided is purely for entertainment purposes and not recommended for readers to treat as gospel.  Information that is not of my opinion is readily available as the source of content is accessible.  I reserve the right to shut down this blog, change the focus at my discretion.  At no time will I share personal contact information to any entity, company or platform. 

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Bad on bail – Fresh concerns as news emerges that ‘3D’s’ alleged killer was on the road despite being charged with two crimes

(Jamaica Gleaner) Sunday | September 10, 2017 | 9:00 AM

The main suspect in the killing of fashion designer Dexter ‘3D’ Pottinger was on bail for two other crimes.
DCP Clifford Blake has confirmed that there have been instances where persons continue to commit crimes while on bail.

News that the man charged with the killing of fashion designer Dexter ‘3D’ Pottinger was out on bail for two crimes has renewed the debate about the ease with which suspected criminals are offered bail and the number of offences they commit while awaiting their day in court.

Minister of National Security Robert Montague has repeatedly expressed concern about the number of persons granted bail who are then linked to other serious crimes, but the data he provided has not been confirmed by the police.

The Police High Command is now collating the data as it tries to determine the number of persons charged and offered bail by the courts who are involved in other major crimes.

“I am aware that an audit is being done by the Criminal Investigation Branch, but I can’t say exactly how far the audit is at this time,” Deputy Commissioner of Police Clifford Blake told The Sunday Gleaner recently.

“I can confirm, however, that there have been instances where persons continue to commit crimes while on bail,” added Blake.

He was supported by senior cops in the Kingston Eastern Police Division, where a bloody gang war is playing out in Rockfort and other areas.

“You have persons getting bail for more than one major crime. You will have a man charged with shooting and illegal possession of a firearm, and he will be reporting to the station on bail for three different cases,” said one senior cop who asked that his name be withheld.

“Some persons in the Rockfort violence are themselves reporting to the station on other issues. It might not be for the same thing but for different crimes and in different areas,” added the cop.

Deputy superintendent in charge of crime in the Kingston Eastern Division, Christopher Brown, told our news team that while he could not provide numbers, he was also aware of persons charged with one crime being rearrested by his team.

“We have credible information to suggest that there are a number of individuals who are on bail who sadly become victims of violence or become the perpetrators themselves,” said Brown.

“There are other instances where we hear of persons committing crimes, but you may not have the evidence to arrest them for those crimes.”

In the meantime, Senior Superintendent Howard Chambers, who heads the Kingston Western Police Division, said the problem is one he faces in the area under his command.


“Say, for instance, that for the month we have 20 arrests, then we will find that out of that 20, we have about three or four who are rearrested for other crimes,” said Chambers, who described his division as the factory for criminals gangs.

“Once they are reporting to the station on condition of bail you will find that they are still involved in criminality but that they may not be so active.

“If it is a gang, then the leader might tell a youth to go do something (crime) because the other man is already reporting,” added Chambers.

Since taking on the security portfolio last year, Montague has repeatedly pointed to the rules relating to bail as one of the factors impacting the country’s crime numbers.

“Up to March this year, some 143 persons who were on bail were also charged with murder while they were on bail for another serious offence,” Montague declared while addressing a function recently.

“So since bail is a right, we are going to enter into some discussions with the Ministry of Justice to ask that for some categories of crime the persons on bail should wear an electronic bracelet as a condition of bail. So we know where they are in case a crime is committed,” added Montague, who has repeatedly expressed concern about the crimes committed by persons on bail.

Excerpts from The Bail Act:

Entitlement to bail

1. Subject to the provisions of this act, every person who is charged with an offence shall be entitled to be granted bail by a court, a justice of the peace or a police officer, as the case may require.

2. A person who is charged with an offence shall not be held in custody for longer than 24 hours without the question of bail being considered.

3. Subject to Section 4 (4), bail shall be granted to a defendant who is charged with an offence which is not punishable with imprisonment.

4. A person charged with murder, treason or treason felony may be granted bail only by a resident magistrate or a judge.

Circumstances in which bail may be denied:

Where the offence or one of the offences in relation to which the defendant is charged or convicted is punishable with imprisonment, bail may be denied to that defendant in the following circumstances:

The court, a justice of the peace or police officer is satisfied that there are substantial grounds for believing that the defendant, if released on bail, would:

(i) fail to surrender to custody;

(ii) commit an offence while on bail; or

(iii) interfere with witnesses or otherwise obstruct the course of justice, whether in relation to himself or any other person.


Killed During, In Between Or After A Sex Act? – This Is Perplexing At Best

What a terrible price to pay for an indiscretion when one already has a partner.  This case may bear more questions than truthful answers I suspect as dead man tell no tales.  Where is the boyfriend in all of this?   Is he grieving the loss of his girlfriend?  Will he be called by any of the attorneys to answer questions pertaining to her supposedly condition that causes her to pass out in the past?

We are told that during an ‘adult’ activity, an argument ensued, the woman was kicked to the ground, then strangled.  What could this woman possibly have said or done to this 20 year old that would cause such a downright cruel, degrading reaction?  Sad to say, tools used in communicating between couples are often times beyond degrading.  Yet it is common and acceptable by both sexes.  I am of the firm belief that if I can class you in a demeaning, derogatory manner, then it is high time I ask one major yet simple question, why are we together?  While you can certainly rebound from certain struggles or issues in a relationship.  It is my belief that when the art of communicating becomes excessively colourful with expletives and description of the female/male anatomy being thrown at like a dart board;  I say check yourself before you wreck yourself. The physical behaviour cast upon the human being which by the way if it was cast upon a four legged creature  would result in lock down in certain regions, should cause one to seriously evaluate the purpose of the alliance.

Where does friends with benefits start and end I might ask?  Does such a frivolous escapade extends to either parties having an existing relationship?  Is there a moral compass in living and having fun?  We are yet to be told the age of the deceased female, yet we know the bloke was 20 years old.   The facts of the case thus far is this.  The female had a boyfriend. They were involved in an adult activity.  Kicked her to the ground he surely did and strangled her.  To death???  That is to be determined. He later stole her boyfriend’s laptop.

Somehow it is fair to say, this female did not believe that day would be her last on Planet Earth.  Also, I might add, the Creator should not be blamed for all deaths.  He has given us free reign on planet earth to choose the course we will take even though death is a reality for us all.  Likewise, I do believe in the Doctor Jekyll and Mr Hyde syndrome.  It is for us to hopefully have sufficient time to meet both in relationships, rendezvous, live and yet live, friends with benefits lifestyle, before it costs us our lives.

Welder remanded in murder case

(Jamaica Observer) Saturday, June 11, 2016

A St Andrew welder, who reportedly strangled a woman to death during a dispute at her home, was again denied bail when he appeared in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court on Thursday.

Twenty-year-old Romario Brown of Stony Hill was arrested and charged with murder following the death of Alexia Bepatt on April 8.

The young man is also accused of stealing a laptop belonging to the dead woman’s boyfriend and was charged with larceny from the dwelling.

The court heard that Brown went to visit the woman and both were engaged in adult activities when an argument developed.It is alleged that, during the argument, Brown kicked the woman off the bed and squeezed her throat.

Bepatt was later found partially naked, lying unconscious at her home in Mona. She was rushed to the University Hospital of the West Indies where she was pronounced dead. According to the prosecutor, a post-mortem report has since revealed that Bepatt died from manual strangulation.

The prosecutor also told Parish Judge Chester Crooks that the accused had fled the scene and was caught after he was picked up on a camera leaving the premises.

The prosecutor said the crown was of the view that Brown would “take away himself” if he was granted bail.

But Brown’s attorney, Davorona Wilson — in renewing her bail application — maintained that Bepatt was alive when her client left the premises.

“When he left the house, she was crying,” Wilson told the court.

Wilson also told the court that two individuals have indicated that the woman suffered from a condition in which she frequently passed out and as such indicated that she needed to see the post-mortem report to see if manual strangulation was, in fact, the actual cause of death.

She also pointed out that her client had surrendered to the police when he was contacted and will not interfere with the witnesses.

The judge subsequently told her that he was in agreement for her to have a look at the post mortem report. However, he said he could not grant the accused bail and remanded him until July 18.

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Ounce of Prevention | FAT can poison your LIVER! by Dr Tony Vendryes

What are you afraid of?  Have you ever had a facial, manicure, pedicure?  Why not do a liver cleanse?  Can you make a note of all the various types of foods, beverages you consumed over the past year, much less the last 5 years?  If you have never had a liver cleanse and you suffer from any of the below I would recommend you do so.  Personally I have no non-communicable or communicable disease yet did a liver cleanse.  I was surprised at what came out.  I can show you if you request.

Talk is cheap, it is time for action!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



(Jamaica Gleaner) September 5 2017

Ninety per cent of obese persons risk damaging their liver.
Weight loss will result in a significant reduction of excess fat in the liver.

The liver is, after the skin, the biggest, heaviest organ in the body, with several important functions. Only the brain may be more complex. It eliminates harmful substances like alcohol and drugs from the blood, makes bile that’s necessary for digesting fatty foods, converts blood sugar into glycogen for storage, makes urea for excretion by the kidneys, manufactures important proteins like albumin and blood-clotting factors, and stores vitamins A, D, K and B12. The liver also produces about 80 per cent of all the cholesterol in your body. This organ has a tremendous ability to regenerate itself and can handle a lot of abuse and damage.

Fatty liver

Your liver normally contains some fat, but if more than 10 per cent of the organ is fatty, you probably have fatty liver disease (FLD). There are two main types of FLD: liver disease from alcohol (ALD) and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD).

Many people are unaware that NAFLD is the most common form of liver disorder in developed countries and affects almost a quarter of the American population. The name speaks for itself: an accumulation of fat in the liver, occupying more than 10 per cent of the organ, in people who drink little or no alcohol. In the past, a fatty liver was usually associated with alcohol abuse, but NAFLD is another lifestyle-related disorder.

As the obesity problem accelerates, so does the epidemic of NAFLD. A weakened liver makes you toxic, and a fatty liver dramatically increases your risk of cirrhosis, liver failure, and liver cancer. Although the disease can strike anyone, certain groups are at high risk:

The obese: Ninety per cent of obese individuals risk damaging their liver, especially when their excess fat is stored around the waistline. Belly fat (truncal obesity) is not just stored under the skin, but surrounds and infiltrates the abdominal organs, particularly the liver where fat globules actually enter the liver cells and damage them.

The diabetic: Fifty per cent of diabetics have NAFLD, and almost all obese diabetics will have this problem. Elevated levels of insulin in the blood and insulin resistance are common features of Type 2 diabetes, and obesity and seems to play a major role in fatty liver disease.

High cholesterol: A very high percentage of individuals with elevated levels of bad (LDL) cholesterol and triglycerides have excess fats stored in the liver that damages the organ.

The elderly: This condition is more prevalent in the elderly, and studies show that more than 65 per cent of persons over age 80 have NAFLD. Unfortunately, obese children often already have fatty livers.

Drug users: NAFLD can occur as a side effect of the long-term use of certain medications, including aspirin, the immunity-suppressing medications methotrexate and steroids; the breast cancer drug tamoxifen; and the antibiotic tetracycline.

What to look out for

Like diabetes and high blood pressure, this liver condition is often initially silent, only to cause life-threatening problems many years later.

Some persons may have only non-specific complaints like low energy, fatigue, malaise and mild upper abdominal pain. Laboratory tests for liver function may or may not reveal any abnormality in the early stages. Later in the progression of the disease, signs of inflammation of the liver (hepatitis), cirrhosis, liver failure or liver cancer may develop.

Treatment and prevention

Conventional medicine does not have a specific drug or treatment for this problem. However, the condition is largely prevented and often reversed by nutritional and lifestyle changes. These include:

Weight loss: Losing weight with a nutritionally sound weight-loss programme will result in a significant reduction of excess fat in the liver. I have often used a low carbohydrate, cellular nutrition type programme, very effective in correcting this problem. Reversing truncal obesity is an essential part of any treatment plan.

Control high blood sugar: This is also very important in managing this problem. A diet low in simple carbohydrates along with supplements like chromium, berberine, and the omega 3 fatty acids greatly improves blood sugar control.

Antioxidant supplementation with vitamins A, C, E, selenium, alpha lipoic acid, coenzyme Q10, green tea and glutathione is important in protecting the liver cells.

Detoxification programmes help relieve the toxic burden on an already compromised liver. The herb, milk thistle, is particularly useful in this regard. Alcohol and other liver toxins must be absolutely avoided.

Soy products: Soybeans contain a form of phosphatidylcholine, which has been shown in some studies to halt the progress of liver damage in NAFLD.

So, if you have a spare tire, a love handle, or a beer belly, this may be a warning sign that you are on your way to developing a fatty liver. Remember, your life depends on your liver!

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Look Like Something A Go Gwaan – Crime Monster, Beast All In One

So here we are, movements, movements, ZOSO, (Zones of Special Operations).  I dun tell oono sey personally it is my belief that all rights are not absolute based on the matter at hand.  For any semblance of normality to be restored upon the Roc, I am all for a joint Police and Military State for a period of 24 months.  For too long we have been debating, posturing, preaching while the terrorists carry out their mandate with a high success rate of 90%, leaving the citizenry state of being in total mayhem.

In order to get to the root, drastic measures must be implored for us to have a fighting chance.  Suh di terrorists kill dem one another a suh di ooman dem push out a nether set of terrorists.  How do you deal with that reality?  In the mix when the rambo style onslaught unfolds, innocent people get caught up even losing their lives.   You are on the way to work, BAM, road block find another exit immediately before shot start fi fire.  This is reality on the Roc morning, noon and night.  So tell me, how can you play politics in battling crime?  I feel the very same way with healthcare.  Wen shot a fire, u tink dem a ask u if u a green or orange?    Wen sickness tek u, it matters whether u a green or orange?

The restoration of law and order or the perception that terrorists have invaded our country leaving the powers of be sitting ducks who fraid like puss to tek it to dem, must not be seen as truth.  The notion that politicians created this now eventual beast by being silent decades ago due to control of territories and votes to win election must not continue to be the silent conversation piece amongst many groups.  The belief that Don’s played an integral role in our politics leaving politicians to turn a blind eye and decades later we have reaped what they sowed must end.  Who controlling who is evidenced by those feeling powerless thereby hiding behind ‘human rights’.

We are bleeding as a nation with no exponential growth ever to be realised with law and order the way it is.    Forget about economic growth, we are slaves to the IMF.   We need more than economic growth as taxation cannot be a growth initiative.  Where there is anarchy there will be decay.  What level of productivity can a country expect to gain when the rule of law remains toothless in a country where rising levels of indiscipline, murder, corruption far outweigh decency whether moral or otherwise?  We need men and women with courage who will face those who wish to destroy this land.  Many lives will be lost in this quest, but understand this, get clarity……………..There are always causalities in war, and Jamaica is at WAR with local terrorists.  It is better to die trying, than to die as sitting ducks complaining.


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25 detained

More than 100 cops, soldiers shut down Mount Salem, the first special zone

(Jamaica Observer) Saturday, September 02, 2017 13 Comments

A policeman questions a resident in the tough Mount Salem community during yesterday’s curfew in the area. (Photo: Philp Lemonte)

MOUNT SALEM, St James — More than 25 people were reportedly detained in the Mount Salem Police Division here in St James yesterday during the first day of operations under the Zones of Special Operations (ZOSO).

At a press conference in Kingston yesterday, Prime Minister Andrew Holness declared the Mount Salem Police Division in St James the first zone of special operations under a recently passed law because of increasing crime in the community.

Prime Minister Holness, in declaring the first special zone at a press conference held at Jamaica House, said, “The rule of law must be upheld and preserved in every nook and cranny of Jamaica. We can no longer afford any area to provide a safe haven for criminals to hide. Zone by zone, community by community, square inch by square inch, we will establish and restore public order, citizen security and public safety. We will make Jamaica safe again.”

Holness said the decision to declare Mount Salem as the first zone was based on police statistics, which show that the area is a major crime hotspot.

The Law Reform (Zones of Social Operations) (Special Security and Community Development Measures) Act, 2017 allows the security forces to operate under special conditions in a designated geographical area.

Yesterday, the police imposed a curfew in Mount Salem, including the tough Crawford Street community, which police say has accounted for 16 of the 54 reported murders committed in the police division since the start of the year.

The curfew which began at 6:00 am will remain in effect until 6:00am tomorrow

Police say there are roughly 12 gangs operating in the division, some of which Deputy Commissioner Clifford Blake yesterday named as Junglists Alliance, Texas Faction, Temple Lane, and OG.

“In 2014 there were 46 murders in Mount Salem and its environs; in 2015 it rose to 70 murders; in 2016 the figure was 85 murders; and so far 54 murders have been recorded,” Blake told reporters at the Jamaica House press conference as he sought to justify why the St James community was selected for special attention

When the Jamaica Observer visited sections of Mount Salem yesterday a number of lawmen were observed interacting with residents.

One resident told the Observer that the lawmen could not have come at a better time. “I personally welcome the police and the military in the area.

“At least we will feel more secure now. They are needed in the community because there is just too much crime and violence here,” said the woman.

Councillor for the Mount Salem Division Kerry Thomas told the Observer that there have been “mixed feelings” among residents about the operation.

“Some residents welcome them but others are saying that they are inconvenienced by the operation,” said Thomas, who represents the Opposition People’s National Party.

He argued, however, that “at the end of day we hope and trust that the lawmen don’t abuse their power”.

Meanwhile, a police sergeant who was a part of yesterday’s operations in Mount Salem said the security forces were “on top of things” in the area.

“So far, everything is going well,” he said, adding that the security forces were getting “good support and cooperation” from residents.

President of the Montego Bay Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MBCCI) T’Shura Gibbs yesterday welcomed the declaration of the first Zone of Special Operation in St James, which has jumped in violent crimes over the past few years, with a number of them linked to the deadly lottery scam.

“We asked for affirmative actions and we have seen affirmative action,” Gibbs said.

She, however, questioned if individuals who had left for work early would have difficulties returning home, given the imposition of a curfew in the special zone.

In addition, the chamber president had concerns over whether justices of the peace were sufficiently briefed to undertake their responsibilities.

“Is everything in place? Are we ready for full implementation? Are the JPs briefed and are the ones who are going to be assigned to this community of Mount Salem in Montego Bay trained and adequately prepared to undertake the role that they are expecting to undertake, commencing today (yesterday)?” Gibbs questioned.

Acting Custos of St James Claudette Bryan assured the Observer that justices of the peace were ready.

“We have adequate justices of the peace. We don’t have any concerns at the moment,” said Bryan.

Gibbs, meanwhile, said she was pleased to see that there was not a “mass roll-out across the entire country, but that we have selected one community”.

“I hope that we will now make sure to perfect it in that community before we consider rolling out across the country,” the MBCCI president stated, adding that she would love to see a press conference in Montego Bay on the roll-out of the Zones of Special Operations.

The more than 100 members of the security forces who were assigned for duties in Mount Salem yesterday are expected to remain in the community for 60 days.

Holness, however, indicated that if targets of the operation have not been met within the 60-day period the matter will be taken to Parliament where a decision would be made on whether or not the operation should be continued within the zone.

Major Godfrey Sterling of the JDF and Superintendent of Police Kirk Ricketts will have joint command of the Mount Salem zone, following written nominations by the chief of defence staff and the commissioner of police.

Holness also revealed that Omar Sweeny, managing director of the Jamaica Social Investment Fund, has been appointed as deputy chairman of the Social Intervention Committee that is to be established within five working days. The committee will be required to identify social needs and the actions necessary in the special zones.

The prime minister, in an apparent response to human rights concerns, said specific measures were put in place to safeguard the integrity of the Zones of Special Operations.

“Every single weapon that is going to be used within a zone has already been registered with the Institute of Forensic Science and Legal Medicine,” he said.

He added: “All members of the JDF and JCF who are members of the joint force will have a name badge visibly displayed so they will be able to be identified by name.”

The prime minister, who said Parliament will be updated within 14 days about activities in Mount Salem, said the security council will convene periodically to receive and consider the written report of the joint command that must be submitted every 10 days.

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