Give Me A Break – Memba Dis Story – House Bun Down – Family Missing

This takes the cake.  Mysterious to say the least as it is with the Lime Hall family disappearance and the burning of a house on 60 acres of farm land.  The year has passed and we are no closer to the truth.  Can we pause for a moment, gather our thoughts and accept this fact?  We live pon a lickle Island, under 3 million a wi.  Wah mek wi caan find nobadie wey can talk di tings?  Lime Hall, how many residents live there?  To say our people are nosey is an understatement.  The vast majority fass, and peoples business becomes everybadies business.  With the invasion of social media, people business can and will reach you before you sey who dat.  Can the relevant authorities explain why is it that no vital information was sought from the arsonists, some of whom are now dead?  Are we to conclude that the Police held these men, and not one of them reported to have seen any member of the Lime Hall family?  Are there other family members around?  Are there any skeletons in the family tree?  If forensics found no evidence that the bodies were burnt in the fire, then wey dem deh?  Dem a duppy or what?

This borders on the ridiculous when you cannot get any information that makes sense.  After one year, all you get is that the arsonists have been killed and no clues were obtained while they were in custody.

Jamdown, the Roc, is where we live.  Do not be confused with Malaysia’s flight MH370 that mysteriously vanished in March 2014 still without a trace.  If your flight records show they did not depart the country, then they are either dead or living up in cockpit country.  Go back to basics, get the suss on the family and find out if there was any bangarang going on.  While you are at it, check to see if they are related to ‘Duppy Film’.  When serious business is taken for comedy hour, you must have a general idea of ones state of mind living on the Roc.


CASE NOT CLOSED: One year on, still no break in disappearance of Lime Hall family

Residents of Lime Hall in rural St Ann have long drawn the conclusion that the four people who disappeared in November of last year are dead.

But investigators have indicated that the case has not been brought to a close.

Missing since the early morning of Saturday, November 14, 2015 are 57-year-old Joseph Lynch, his 43-year-old nephew Lascelles Lynch, 50-year-old Ruth Lawrence, and her 7-year-old niece Rimeka Haynes.

The family disappeared after a fire destroyed their house.

According to Deputy Superintendent (DSP) Paul Thompson — the commander in charge of crime for Area Two Police Division — the police are still investigating the matter.

Despite fire brigade personnel combing through debris and scouring the farm on which the fire occurred last year, nothing was ever discovered.

Police had even used cadaver dogs that should have picked up the scent of persons killed, interviewed people from the area and expanded the search beyond the farm.

This led many in Lime Hall to conclude that the four were killed and their body disposed of.

However, police are still treating the matter as a case of missing persons.

“The four persons are still being treated as missing as there has been no evidence, forensic or otherwise, to say that these persons were killed,” Thompson explained during a recent press briefing.

He added: “We are still doing investigations in the hope that somebody will call or come in to assist the police in having a statement to say these persons were dead, but we are still treating them as missing.”

Reports are that between late Friday night and early Saturday morning, November 14, 2015, residents in the area saw fire coming from the 60 acre farm of which Joseph Lynch was caretaker.

The fire brigade was later contacted, but the five-bedroom house and two other buildings were destroyed. However, there were no sign of the occupants.

Police had taken 11 men from Lime Hall into custody in relation to the disappearance. Among them were the notorious St Ann gangster Roshad Moss, alias ‘Shut’, but he was released without charge.

Two of the men — Junior Campbell, 27, and his 23-year-old brother Shawn Nelson — were charged last year December with arson for setting fire to the house where the four relatives had been staying.

They were offered bail shortly after as the prosecution’s evidence was said at the time to be “weak”.

Information was that the police found two cell phones and a wallet with the photograph of one of the missing men in the brothers’ back yard.

The brothers reportedly told police they knew nothing about the items and that they were being framed.

Nelson and Campbell are to return to court January 6, 2017.

The other men held in connection with the arson were later released. Several of them have been murdered months apart this year.

Among them are Damion ‘Iron Man’ Campbell, taxi operator David Hudson and Rojay Bender.

Interestingly, Roshad Moss, who was charged in relation to Campbell’s murder, and Jermaine White, who was charged for Bender’s killing, were both taken into custody in relation to the disappearance of the Lime Hall family.

They too were released without charge.

This left many to speculate that the men were killed, because of what they knew about the disappearance of the four people.

FEATURED IMAGE: The four from Lime Hall who disappeared last year: (From left) Rimeka Haynes, Joseph Lynch, Lascelles Lynch and Ruth Lawrence.

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Wi Dun Now, Woiieeee – Nuh Ratings – Gunnman Shot Up Hunts Bay Police Station

The sorrel and nyamings barely dun, and the cowboys have come out blazing.  Oops not cowboys, but one lone cowboy.  What did I say about top brass and high command in the JCF????  Still think it can be business as usual following on the same path of the former Police Commissioner?

When a gun man can walk into a heavily trafficked station as Hunts Bay, I guess half of the story will never be told. What we do know is that region is a busy thoroughfare and something better gives before the New Year.  This is an onslaught and we need some terrorists thinking leadership to take hold and deal with the crisis at hand.  From all accounts, the criminals are not backing down while the JCF cries foul from behind a desk.

Stop hold media briefings until oono restore law and order on the Roc!!!!  Oono have no time to talk, this is combat; ACT, talk when it is over!!!!!


Gunman strikes at Hunts Bay Police Station

(Jamaica Gleaner) Wednesday, December 28, 2016 | 2:02 PM 44 comments

KINGSTON, Jamaica — The police have confirmed that there was a shooting at the Hunts Bay Police Station in Kingston a short while ago.

The Corporate Communications Unit (CCU) said police are currently on the scene and are diverting traffic from the area.

While CCU was unable to provide further information, reports reaching OBSERVER ONLINE are that a man entered the compound and opened gunfire.

Unconfirmed reports are also that at least two people have been shot.

The police have not yet released the identity of the attacker.

Investigations are ongoing.

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Talk Di Tings – Retired SSP Radcliffe Lewis – JCF

I am a firm believer that the head of an organisation, entity is where the buck starts and stops.  You do not necessarily need the most qualified for certain posts, however, the person that can get the job done should be sought.  Such an individual may not be the most popular, but will be known as a no nonsense person who is not caught up with popularity, neither Jamaica’s social calendar nor the elites.

It is truly a cop out, excuse the pun to continuously blame rank and file.  When in fact, the failure lies with the appointment of the top chief.  The top chief has to have the personality type that can hire and fire without second guessing or without approval from the ‘sect’.  As Radcliffe Lewis puts it, GUTS is what is needed for the top job.  We have people in leadership who are afraid of their own shadow and is star struck from those considered to be of importance.  Whenever you have a shakeup chief in the house, they are soon labelled controversial.  Well this is what non-controversial will get you.  A failing force with rank and file having no respect for the high command and will pretty much do what they choose to do which leads to corruption.  A rank and file who is operating on low morale and who sees the mission as mission less.  Where is the leader?

Leadership is needed which is different from what we currently have.  With the same leadership, comes the same rhetoric just a different voice and tone.  Once that remains the same, please save the Jamaican people from the speeches as we deserve action.  Action that can only come from a new chief and high command.  If you continue to praise what we currently have, it sends a clear message that there needs no change through your own eyes as a force.

I concur with Retired SSP Lewis, appoint someone from the JDF to the top post, and begin to overhaul the high command.  2.7 + million people living on the Roc is far more important that the egos of those holding leadership within the JCF.  We need more in leadership roles with the personality type as Radcliffe Lewis.  He served with distinction and was a hands on cop.  I saw him in action on many occasions and he is well missed.


Retired SSP says High Command also failed if Commissioner failed

 (Jamaica Gleaner) Wednesday | December 28, 2016 | 9:3
Retired Senior Superintendent of Police, Radcliffe Lewis argues that the next top cop cannot be drawn from current hierarchy if it is believed that the outgoing commissioner, Dr Karl Williams, was a failure.

Retired Senior Superintendent of Police, Radcliffe Lewis, has called for a shake-up of the top brass of the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) to deal effectively with the crime problem.

The former SSP is joining those calling for the JCF to look outside its ranks for a new police commissioner.

Lewis argues that the next top cop cannot be drawn from current hierarchy if it is believed that the outgoing commissioner, Dr Carl Williams, was a failure.

He says if the commissioner has failed, then those who occupy the current high command also failed and, therefore, would not be qualified to lead the force.

Noting that he is not calling for a commissioner from overseas, Lewis says someone outside of the JCF is needed to make radical changes in the top rank of the force.

His preference is for a member of the Jamaica Defence Force to lead the Constabulary.

However, he says the new commissioner’s focus would have to switch to overhauling the hierarchy unlike predecessors, who he says were heavily focused on the rank and file.

The frank talking Lewis says the current top brass of the JCF does not have the “guts” to make the changes necessary in the hierarchy.

He says the next commissioner has to be tough on the high command and insist that they deliver results.

Lewis says although the JCF has in its ranks cops who are academically qualified to lead, the Constabulary needs people who know how to manage crime.

The retired SSP says he has no interest in the post of commissioner, as he has no desire to work with the current JCF hierarchy.

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Plastic Rice Saga, JDF Recruits Suffer From Mysterious Illness – Who Can You Trust, Who Do You Trust???

If there was ever news that was worthy of press conference upon press conference, I would think it would be these two issues.  Who cares about PM Holness giving briefings?  He has appointed both a dinosaur and a youth, (both political terminologies which establishes your talent by years of service and the other by academia solely) to be the organ grinders (top chiefs) of these heavy duty ministries.  Is the media on these Ministers like hound dogs as the Jamaican people deserve and need facts that can stand up to the truth?  Not the spin doctor truth that has been manufactured and is ready to be tagged on the foreheads of the people.  Rather, blow by blow information with the media holding them accountable for the truth within a timeframe no longer than 10 days.

If there is no evidence of plastic rice, are the victims making this all up?  For what purpose?  Fame?  This is not ‘fareign’.  There is absolutely no fame to be had from such diatribe if you believe it not to be so.  I do believe there is plastic rice on the Island and I have received information where someone returned the rice to its place of  local origin and was duly refunded upon tendering their receipt.  Interesting that Nigeria is probing this said saga.  Reporting with a bit more truth if you ask me, recognising that it is possible that such a thing could infiltrate their country.  Coincidence, I hardly think so.  If this plastic rice was not enough to swallow, here comes more than 10% of the JDF recruits if my calculation is correct, mysteriously fallen ill.

Wata gwaan!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Did they eat something that was prepared for them at the base?   Is the location contaminated with bacteria derived from unhealthy practices?  One can assume it is not airborne, as how come it nuh reach plenty a wi already?  With that out of the way.  Maybe some men in masks and suits similar to those worn during Ebola, remember Ebola should be visiting that base right about now.  Do not lose sight of the fact Mr Minister of Health was aware of the situation from the 14th December and john pubic jus a know bout di ting.  Wait where is the media??????

As you look to hound PM Holness big tings a gwaan pon di land ina di Christmas season, as we the public must know the truth.  Health is not something to play around with.  You and I know that our public health system is worse than it is a hopeful better than.  So with due respect, the consequence of eating plastic rice and this mysterious illness must not be allowed to be swept under the carpet.  Majority of Jamaicans eat rice morning, tune and night  like the Nigerians; nuh mek dem fool u.


Nigeria probing ‘plastic rice’ smuggled into country

 (Jamaica Gleaner) Wednesday | December 21, 2016 | 12:pm
 The BBC is reporting that Nigeria has confiscated 2.5 tonnes of ‘plastic rice’ smuggled into the country by unscrupulous businessmen.

The Nigerian customs service says the fake rice was intended to be sold in markets during the festive season.

He said the rice was very sticky after it was boiled and could be harmful if people ate it.

It is not clear where the seized bags came from but rice made from plastic pellets was found in China last year.

Rice is the most popular staple food in Nigeria.

The BBC’s Peter Okwoche says it is the only foodstuff that crosses cultural and ethnic lines across the country.



JAMAICA: No Evidence Of ‘plastic’ Rice Found In Testing – Samuda

Noticias Relacionadas

JAMAICA: No Evidence Of

RJR News / Commerce Minister Karl Samuda says no evidence of plastic rice has been found in samples which have been tested by the Bureau of Standards Jamaica (BSJ).   Mr. Samuda made the disclosure at a news conference on Tuesday afternoon, where he gave the assurance that the rice being sold in Jamaica is safe.    Mr. Samuda said the authorities are trying to find the creator of the social media video showing evidence of artificial rice.     The public is being asked to send samples of the rice to the Bureau of Standards. In the meantime, Mr. Samuda said a decision has also been made to clear the rice from two Caribbean suppliers, namely Guyana and Suriname. He, however, pledged that the authorities will be vigilant in their testing programme, which will include spot checks on all rice imports. Police Meanwhile, the Manchester Police have said they have not found any evidence that artificial rice is being sold in the parish.     A video, purportedly originating from Manchester, claimed that the rice is being sold to consumers in the parish. The video has sparked fear among consumers.     Senior Superintendent Wayne Cameron, head of the Manchester Police, says the matter is under investigation, however, there has been no confirmation or official report of any such case of fake rice.


Mystery illness hits JDF recruits

BY KIMONE FRANCIS Observer staff reporter

(Jamaica Observer) Wednesday, December 21, 2016     25 Comments

 DE LA HAYE… we have had initial discussions with PAHO and we have

THE Ministry of Health was yesterday still trying to identify the respiratory infection that 80 Jamaica Defence Force (JDF) recruits contracted and which has left six admitted to the University Hospital of the West Indies (UHWI), one of whom is said to be in critical condition in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).“[There] is still no organism as yet, but we know it’s not the H1N1. We know it’s not an influenza virus but there are other things that cause the same symptoms, so we’re waiting to complete those studies,” Chief Medical Officer (CMO) at the ministry Dr Winston De La Haye told the Jamaica Observer yesterday.

The infected recruits, he said, have been experiencing flu-like symptoms.

Dr De La Hay confirmed that 57 recruits were treated by the JDF’s medical team and have since returned to the intake; 17 were treated at UHWI and discharged; five admitted to wards and one to the ICU.

Two hundred and fifty recruits were at the JDF training centre at Newcastle in St Andrew where the outbreak began late last week. The recruits are now based at Twickenham Park in St Catherine.

Dr De La Haye said that the ministry has also sought the assistance of the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) to conduct further tests of samples to identify the infection.

“It is hard to say [how soon we will be able to identify what it is], but we expect further results this (Tuesday) evening from the biology lab; we’re working closely with them; as they get it, they call us, but nothing yet.

“We have had initial discussions with PAHO and we have been in constant collaboration with them. We shouldn’t be worried; it’s routine,” he said.

Yesterday, JDF spokesman Major Basil Jarrett admitted

that the defence force authorities had not readily picked up on the infection.

“When the first two recruits reported sick we didn’t really take any real notice of it because it’s a very rigorous and demanding training and sometimes from that recruits get sick; their bodies break down. But when the third recruit got sick we thought perhaps it was bigger than a simple flu,” he disclosed.

Jarrett said immediate contact was then made with the ministry and that the JDF has been working closely with them to identify “exactly what we are faced with”.

Health Minister Dr Christopher Tufton told the

Observer that he was made aware of the outbreak on December 14 and noted that his ministry is working with the leadership of the JDF.

“I visited Twickenham Park today (yesterday), along with the CMO, and did a briefing session,” said Tufton.

In the meantime, Jarrett said that the outbreak posed no major threat to the JDF’s training programme.

“They might have lost a few days, but no, I wouldn’t say it’s a setback. At this time of the year they would be looking to scale down a bit for the holiday, so it has not really impacted our training schedule,” he said.

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A Wha Kine A Madness U Call Dis – Woman Kills Herself 4 Days Before Wedding – Any Children????

Two daughters, 15 and 8 years old are left to pick of the damn messy pieces and continue on this journey called life.  I don’t know about you, but listen to what it is claimed was the stressor, financial woes.  MONEY!!!!!!!!!  U ago tell mi sey caas a money, u kill aff uself an lef u 2 gal pickney in a demya time yah????  You know how many times I hear these mothers shout from the roof top that they will do anything for their children as they live for them.  When I drop my 2 cents and sey mout gi fi talk, I get the look.  A whole heap a ooman ave dem pickney as showcase not prepared to deal with the ups and downs of mother hood and dem man/ooman relationship.  Di minute crosses of any kind raises its head, di poor pickney dem get di brunt of it.

In disya case yah, one must not speak ill of the dead I am cognizant, but I am putting this out there.  Suicide is a tricky thing.  Straight up now.  If you are a lone ranger, meaning no children whatsoever, if you want to take your life then that is your choice.  The consequence of doing so will be revealed one day.  On the other hand, when you have children, I beg of you women, when your issues begin to overwhelm you, seek spiritual guidance.  Women it is time you find yourself and know who you are as many of you are walking, talking, robots claiming independence and business savvy individuals.  Yet you are the whimps and fancy of the man, the money, the pretense, the A list, losing your very self in the falsities that plagues Planet Earth.  Refusing to love yourself in your own skin, accept who you are and pursue a path of developing a healthy lifestyle both mentally, physically and emotionally independent of the opinions of others.  Your well being is your own, no one else.  No use you dress to puss foot in the latest designer garb, sporting the most expensive weave, watch, and bag.  Cocking up and getting the beauty treatments week in week out, while inside you are a basket case hoping that no one really knows wha really a gwaan.  The constant need for attention and approval from external beings, subjects, and bodies do not and will never heal your soul.

The fiancé can find another woman, but those two girls, oh my Lord, there can never be a substitute for the loss of one’s birth mother.  You are fooling yourselves if you think otherwise.  My heart bleeds for those 2 girls.  What a memory Christmas will evoke for them.


Manchester woman commits suicide four days before wedding

(Jamaica Gleaner) Tuesday | December 13, 2016 | 9:34 PM

Ingrid Grey was pronounced dead at hospital last night.

A 36-year-old mother of two girls has died after drinking a poisonous substance at her home in Newport, Manchester four days before her wedding.
Ingrid Grey was pronounced dead at hospital last night, hours after she was admitted in an unconscious state.
Grey had earlier dropped off her children at school, returned home and reportedly Manchester woman commits suicide four days before wedding

(Jamaica Gleaner) Tuesday | December 13, 2016 | 9:34 PM

Ingrid Grey was pronounced dead at hospital last night.

Ingrid Grey was pronounced dead at hospital last night.

A 36-year-old mother of two girls has died after drinking a poisonous substance at her home in Newport, Manchester four days before her wedding.

Ingrid Grey was pronounced dead at hospital last night, hours after she was admitted in an unconscious state.
Grey had earlier dropped off her children at school, returned home and reportedly sent a text message to her 15-year-old daughter telling her to take care of herself and her eight-year-old sister.
The woman then called her fiancé to tell him that she was not feeling well.
A friend close to her relatives said the fiancé immediately called neighbours to go to the house to assist Grey.
That is when she was found on the floor inside the house beside a bottle containing gramoxone.
The woman was rushed to hospital where she had been receiving medical treatment, but died last night.
She is said to have been undergoing stress over financial issues.sent a text message to her 15-year-old daughter telling her to take care of herself and her eight-year-old sister.
The woman then called her fiancé to tell him that she was not feeling well.
A friend close to her relatives said the fiancé immediately called neighbours to go to the house to assist Grey.
That is when she was found on the floor inside the house beside a bottle containing gramoxone.
The woman was rushed to hospital where she had been receiving medical treatment, but died last night.
She is said to have been undergoing stress over financial issues.

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Gucci Shoes Fling Off At LAX Airport – Beauty Queen Caught With Cocaine Neva Too Bling Fi Run Barefoot – Woooieee It Deh Ya

Memba dah one yah, mek mi refresh u memory.  It was one piece of high drama fit for reality TV as no script can offer spontaneity, try as they may.  After the hoopla and the preacher giving character reference with mother dearest claiming, are you crazy, not my daughter, we will be vindicated, this is where we are at.  Let the record state Ms Gucci from all account is an educated female.  I must note and make it crystal clear, that education has nothing to do with greed, red eye and tiefing.  Those traits are cultivated and over time you become lost in your own greed; often times justifying your hustle.

There is hustle and there is hustle.  If your hustle can land you in the wok house/prison, then it is not a hustle that should be duplicated by those with the red eye.  It is better to duplicate a hustle that will not bring shameration to you and your family.  Then again, there are those who will say there is no shame in their game.  I will say, wen u get ketch, face di music like a maestro, and nobada wid di set up ism, or di story bout u neva know wha did ina di suitcase.  So it is Ms Gucci has pled guilty and as I had surmised, she will taste prison life.  I have yet to see the USA court system send any immigrant through their doors free as a bird without a sentence.  US citizen or not, my fair lady will be tied to the Roc based on genealogy.  A suh di ting set.

From declaring innocence to now a blow by blow monologue as to the operations of this drug ring, it mek u understand sey.  Wen USA ketch u, eventually stool pigeon culture goes through the door.  Chirp like a picherie  until you buss.



Former J’can beauty queen who ditched cocaine at LAX to plead guilty

(Jamaica Observer) Monday, December 12, 2016 | 7:38     10 Comments

Marsha Gay Reynolds (file pho(to)

LOS ANGELES, United States (AP) — A former JetBlue flight attendant accused of trying to sneak a suitcase full of cocaine through Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) and making a dramatic dash to escape is set to plead guilty in the case in federal court on Monday.

Marsha Gay Reynolds is expected to plead guilty to conspiracy to possess and distribute cocaine in federal court, according to court documents. A conviction on that charge carries a mandatory minimum of 10 years in prison.

Reynolds, a US citizen and resident of Queens, New York, is a former Jamaican beauty queen and New York University track athlete.

Authorities said they found 70 pounds of cocaine in her luggage at LAX on March 18 after she was flagged for a random security screening, flung off her high heels and bolted barefoot down an upward-moving escalator. They said she ran out of the terminal and made her way to New York.

Reynolds, 31 at the time, surrendered in New York days later.

An attorney for Reynolds at the time said she might not have been sure what was in her bag.

A court document filed by prosecutors on Friday said for the first time that Reynolds was getting paid thousands of dollars to help smuggle drugs and money through airport security at LAX and John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York.

An unindicted and unnamed co-conspirator illegally in the US would give Reynolds the cocaine and money, and she would use her “known crew member badge” to get them through security, after which she would give them back to the co-conspirator, according to the document.

The co-conspirator fled to Jamaica, according to the document.

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Dead As Nit – One Less Tief Fi Christmas

Look like di soldier dem know how fi hit di target and mek sure dem dead.  Shoot to kill or do not shoot at all.  Den again, wen di popo dem do di same, INDECOM come calling in addition to JFJ.  Right now, I really do not care.  When you live in concrete jungle, fleshly warfare as well as spiritual warfare must be fought viciously.  Might as well u gi di whole a wi gun an mek wi protect wi self an nobada wid no court system.  How many persons truly get justice on the Roc?  Hmmmph, mek mi ease off a dat.

This is what it has come to.  Sentiments that are cold, callous, cruel and vengeful.  You get that from being sick and tired, of lawlessness on the land.  The feeling that the more you try and keep your head above the water, the more leeches seem to sprout up on a daily basis.  While many pray as that is indeed powerful, so is taking action when you are in a position to do so.  Praying that the action you take will result in you living and the leech, dead as nit.

Ex-soldier kills thief who trailed him from bank

(Jamaica Observer) Tuesday, December 06, 2016     55 Comments

A man who yesterday attempted to rob an ex-soldier was shot dead on North Odeon Avenue in Half-Way-Tree, St Andrew.

A police source told the

Jamaica Observer that about 2:10 pm the licensed firearm holder had just concluded business at a bank in the area and was walking along North Odeon Avenue when he was pounced on by a man, armed with a knife, who attempted to rob him. The ex-soldier, who received injuries to his hand and forehead during a tussle, pulled his firearm and shot the man. He reportedly died on the spot.

The police source said the ex-soldier was reportedly trailed by him from the bank.

The deceased was not identified up to press time last night.

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Keep It Simple Stupid – Have You Heard This Before????

When is it appropriate to say ‘keep it simple stupid’?  Now I put it to you, no need for a dissertation on this one.  You are a victim of crime and you do as you are told which is to report the incident and give precise details.  Your perpetrator was arrested, and lo and behold, the Police chooses to transport you both in the same vehicle.  Excuse me……………..we are not a happy family…….I have been victimised, scared out of my wits, and I thought you, the Police would provide me some form of reassurance.  Instead, I am travelling together with the perp as if this is  domestic violence.  Even it were, I was brutally assaulted.  Why would you think it best for a victim and an alleged criminal to be transported in the same vehicle?  Can we just keep it simple??

Explain to me, how protocol factors into this?  Then again, save it.   Just try to apply common sense.   Too late, while we await protocol, the alledged criminal bade his escape and is yet to be found, much less apprehended.  Where is the outcry?   I will tell you.

The Church is busy getting up in arms about our telephone directory that has a depiction of dancehall and its juking’s, gyrating’s on the front page.  Bear in mind that this has been published and from all accounts is in the public domain.  Yet the Church is fighting for what, justice?  Are you serious?  With all that is taking place on the Roc, the Church chooses to focus on this ridiculous picture.  Guess what.   Do not take the directory………………how many persons are now using our telephone directory that has over the years become one of the most difficult books to use in finding telephone numbers, addresses etc?  For speed and efficiency, it is best to search the internet unless you like the feeling of navigating through the map of the world when in fact you on a small Island where your interests lies hence the local telephone directory.

No use relying on our politicians to decry this latest incident.  Their interest lies in public war like behaviour where too many believe by their actions that they are living in a communist state versus a democratic one.  Politicians who preach about paradigm shift, fresh and new and when faced with such, those who have served for more than 2o years believe it does not apply to them.  Politicians who are educated but just like communist leaders, their education is used to manipulate, brain wash and control those undereducated in attempt to enrich themself.  Politicians who speak to succession planning, yet when those who join their movement display the tenacity, newness and freshness of ideas, they are sooner than later labeled as traitors, disloyal and worthy to be outcast.  Using no doubt their uneducated sheep to carry out threats, intimidation and scare tactics while hoping that the more you preach about change, the more you expect the current systems to remain the same.  This is by far intentional design, and so it is the sheep is continuously brain washed by the educated stalwarts.  What next???

Legal, branded chartered taxis firms have justified to the government that they do use illegal taxis to bolster their business.  Yes you heard correctly.   When you can justify the unjustifiable as unsuspecting passengers who charter from your company are oblivious to the risks and dangers of using your taxi, you know we are living in the Islands.  The Church, politicians and civil groups appear to use their voices when it suits them.  How often is it used towards ALL in society for the greater good of ALL?

As we await protocol, do not expect much.  The rate of acts that need investigation, for fear of sounding cynical, we relish on the complicated as it makes us seem bright.  Will the media follow up?  Who knows?  They seem to follow up on those who falla back a politics and behave like gutter snipes then our commentators have the gaul to talk about voting apathy.  Call it for what it is.  Who wants to vote when who they see as representation in no way or shape can influence them in a positive way?  Until we DARE to clean up the HEAD in both politics and private, is every man fi himself an who can live, live, an who ago dead, ago dead…………………

No protocol for how police should transport victims and accused – Assistant Commish

(Jamaica Gleaner) Tuesday | December 6, 2016 | 12:30

File photo

Assistant Commissioner of Police Wray Palmer says there is no protocol in the Jamaica Constabulary Force that prevents police officers from transporting a victim and an accused person in the same vehicle.

However, he says as far as is practicable, this should not happen.

ACP Wray was responding to concerns that a suspect and a 14-year-old rape victim were both transported from the crime scene in Portmore to the Waterford Police Station on Sunday evening.

ACP Palmer, says the inspectorate is conducting a full investigation into the incident and will seek to determine if the 14-year-old was transported in the same vehicle as the accused.

Assistant Commissioner of Police Wray Palmer

It’s reported that the 14-year-old girl was on her way home in the Maxfield Avenue area of St Andrew when she was held at knife point by two men and taken to Portmore where she was assaulted.

After being released by the rapists, the child went to the Waterford Police Station.

She directed the police to the crime scene where they picked up a suspect and transported him to the station in the same vehicle as the 14-year-old victim.

The suspect escaped as he was entering the station.

He is yet to be recaptured.

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An Ounce Of Prevention | Know Your Immune System by Dr Tony Vendryes

(Jamaica Gleaner) Wednesday, 30 November 2016




The immune system is a complex network of cells, tissues, organs and chemicals that work together to protect the body. It’s the body’s security force, and normally coexists peacefully with the other organs and cells of the body. When functioning well, the immune system does an amazing job to distinguish between the bodies own healthy cells and damaged abnormal cells, germs and other harmful substances.

The organs of the immune system are called lymphoid organs because they house special white blood cells called lymphocytes, important components of the immune system. These organs include the bone marrow, the thymus gland, the spleen and the lymph nodes.

Masses of lymphoid tissue are found around the digestive and respiratory tracts – major passages that connect the inside of the body to the outside environment. Other lymphoid tissues include the tonsils, adenoids, and the appendix.

Anything that triggers the immune system to response is called an antigen. An antigen can be a germ such as a virus, a cancer cell or just an alien chemical. On the other hand, the immune system produces special substances to neutralise or destroy offending antigens. These are called antibodies.

Immune System Disorders

Underactive immune system

When a person’s immune system is underactive, his defences are low and he becomes prone to diseases like various kinds of infections and cancers. HIV/AIDS is a classic example of what happens with an underactive immune system.

Overactive immune system:

Usually, allergic disorders occur when the immune system responds to a false alarm. In an allergic person, normally harmless material such as grass pollen, some foods, mould, or house dust mites is mistaken for a threat and is attacked. Here, the immune system creates antibodies to these relatively benign substances, and special cells release a substance called histamine that produces the symptoms of an allergy are often used. That is why drugs called antihistamines are often used to treat allergies.

The crazy immune system

When the immune system goes berserk and launches an attack against the body’s own healthy cells or tissues, a special group of illnesses called auto-immune diseases occur. Here, the immune system’s recognition apparatus breaks down, and the body begins to damage and destroy its own tissues and organs. As a result, diseases like lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, thyroid disorders, type 1 diabetes or several skin disorders like scleroderma or vitiligo, to name just a few, are created.


These conditions can be very challenging for doctors to treat, but fortunately there are many things that we can do to prevent them and keep the immune system healthy and functional.

Avoid toxins

Mankind today is exposed to an alarming array of unhealthy substances in the food we eat, the water we drink, the air we breathe and the various things we apply to our skin and hair. Thousands and thousands of harmful chemicals now pollute our environment. They stress the immune system and can cause it to malfunction.

Particularly common toxins include the chemicals added to some processed foods and drinks, cigarette smoke, excess alcohol, prescription and nonprescription drugs, and industrial chemicals.

We need to avoid these toxins as much as possible. It is also an important preventative measure to do a cleansing or detoxification programme a few times each year.

Practise good nutrition

A properly functioning immune system is dependent on good balanced nutrition. Doctors have long recognised that malnutrition leads to immunodeficiency, but it is now clear that overnutrition is now an even bigger factor adversely affecting immune function. Even moderate nutritional imbalance, involving the lack of specific trace minerals and nutrients, can massively compromise the immune response.

For example, a deficiency of the mineral selenium greatly increases one’s risk of infections like HIV and some cancers. And specific foods like fresh fruits and vegetables rich in phytonutrients and antioxidants, and foods high in healthy essential fatty acids will foster a healthy immune system.

Use natural immune boosters

The antioxidants are important immune enhancers. The ACES – vitamins A, C, E and selenium – are prime examples. Adequate vitamin D3 from sunshine or supplements provides enormous benefits to the immune system. In complementary medicine, several herbs such as echinacea, goldenseal, schizandra, rosemary, green tea, licorice, ginseng, astragalus, aloe vera, sage, garlic, as well as honey are known to enhance the immune system.

Medicinal mushrooms like shiitake, and maitake strengthen immune system function. Research suggests that a particular compound in the mushrooms called beta-glucans is responsible. These mushrooms are available in a popular supplement called cell activator.

Control stress

The immune system and the nervous system are closely linked. Interestingly, the body produces its own immune system suppressant, a steroid hormone called cortisone that is produced in large amounts by the adrenal glands during severe stress. Sustained high levels of cortisone depress the immune system and this is one big reason why stressed individuals are more prone to infections and cancer. Adequate restful sleep is also critical for a balanced immune system.

Paradoxically, chronic stress can also contribute to the immune system malfunctioning and cause allergies and autoimmune disease.

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