I Am Bolt – London Premier – One Of Jamaica’s Iconic Global Superstar – How Many Do We Have? Come On Now Don’t Lie!!

In fine style the big man touched down on the red carpet in London no doubt.  As Usain Bolt can, he draws some big names who contributed tremendously in their own right.  A couple of whom drew my attention during their time.  We are talking Boris Becker, Linford Christie, Mo Farah just to name a few.  Most notably our own home grown talent, Merlene Ottey, Sean Paul, wen u large u large.

Has Bolt really slowed down, it appears not.  The international press, (wey Jamaican media did deh, a follow Local Government Election, 30% voter turnout………………..)  let me continue, photogs, you name it, Bolt on and off the track once the superstar is performing, all roads lead to Usain Bolt.  Often times we see documentaries being done on significant figures after they have died.  A compilation of some sought.  In this case Bolt was behind the cameras, in front of the cameras, and was very much a part of this creation.   The details were left up to him and not by others speaking of someone in the past and this I find again unique to the man that he is.

Usain Bolt maybe retiring from the competitive sport of track n field but do not be surprised if he continues to thrill the globe in his truest form.

Celebs flock Bolt’s movie premiere in London… hail sprinter’s success

 (Jamaica Glenaer) Tuesday | November 29, 2016 | 12:00 AM
Usain Bolt poses with dancers at the premiere of ‘I Am Bolt’ at the Odeon Cinema, Leicester Square, London.
Usain Bolt signs autographs for fan’s at the premiere of ‘I Am Bolt’ at the Odeon Cinema in Leicester Square, London.
Mo Farah and his wife Tania Nell make a beautiful couple on the red carpet at the premiere of ‘I Am Bolt’.
International Reggae Artiste Sean Paul came out to support his fellow countryman.
Jamaican footballer Raheem Sterling, who plays for Manchester City, on the red carpet.
Directors of ‘I Am Bolt’ Benjamin and Gabe Turner.
One Direction’s Liam Payne looks dapper on the red carpet.
The man of the moment, Usain Bolt looks dashing as he arrives for the world premiere of his film, ‘I Am Bolt’ at the Odeon Leicester Square Cinema in London.
Proud parents Wellesley and Jennifer Bolt.
Former British Jamaican sprinter Linford Christie.

The world premiere of I am Bolt, a film about the career and legacy of Jamaican sprint superstar Usain Bolt, took place yesterday at the Odeon Leicester Square Cinema in London. The stars were out for the big event – Sean Paul, Liam Payne of One Direction and many others. We have exclusive highlights. Enjoy!

LONDON, England:

Quite accustomed to motoring along throughout his career, track and field’s golden boy Usain Bolt took his time as he made his way down the red carpet at last night’s London premiere of his biopic, I am Bolt, and he wasn’t alone.

Bolt’s larger-than-life figure brought out some of the biggest names in British sports, television and music as the isle’s A-listers shone bright under the lights during a nearly two-hour, pre-movie set, which took place in freezing conditions at the West End’s Odeon Leicester Square cinema.

Hundreds of fans took up every available inch of space, while the world’s media placed sharp focus on the Jamaican superstar and his almost-as-super friends, which included movie-making heavyweight Leo Pearlman, footballing stars Raheem Sterling, Cesc Fabregas, Santi Cazorla, Olivier Giroud and Robert Pires, One Direction’s Liam Payne, tennis great Boris Becker, pop stars Geri Horner from the Spice Girls and Olly Murs, along with track standouts, Merlene Ottey, the former Jamaican sprinting great, Mo Farah, Jonathan Edwards, Linford Christie, boxer Tyson Fury and dancehall star Sean Paul.

“I am extremely proud of him. He has given the country so much of a lift in terms of unity, positives and gives a lot for the kids to look up to. To me, he is a national hero. People are sad that he might be moving out of track and field soon, but whatever he puts his mind to, he will do well,” Sean Paul said.

Bolt an icon

Becker hailed Bolt as legendary and noted that the sport will never be the same without his presence.

“He is an icon. People use that word so often sometimes, but in his (Bolt’s) case, he absolutely embodies the meaning of the word, and not just where track and field or the Olympics is concerned, he goes beyond all that,” said Becker, a six-time majors champion.

Clad in a navy blue Brioni suit, blue tie and matching Gucci shoes, Bolt was the first on the red carpet where he was joined by carnival costume-clad dancing girls with popular dancehall artistes Alkaline, Popcaan and Vybz Kartel, along with reggae crooner Chronixx, dominating the disc jock’s selections.

I am Bolt, which was co-directed by brothers Gabe and Benjamin Turner, takes viewers behind the scenes on Bolt’s journey to nine Olympic gold medals and is now available on digital download, Blu-ray and DVD.

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Deportee Do U Ting – It Does Not Mean A Death Sentence Upon Your Return

U try a ting, u get dip……………..wheel an come again, that is life, no shame in your game.  Great piece to share with the public as we often get the impression that everyone who gets deported based on media are criminals.  We must educate in the public domain and have an understanding that those who overstay on their visitors visas were not all involved in nefarious activities.  Knowledge can reduce the stigma and fear element in concluding that all deportees will create havoc on the Roc.

The reality is upon us as more persons will be deported from 1st world countries and I am sure Jamaicans make up a fair amount.  What is going to be done?  Does the government plan to institute a programme or at least create a registry where skilled deportees can have a go to listing to assist them in earning their keep?  Again not all as that is certainly not the way to think will pose a threat to the Island.  If they do not have families, what exactly are we expecting from them?  We need labourers with the right attitude.  We need persons willing to try and start up their own businesses.  If our current labour force does not fill those 2 needs, then surely we can and should look to those returning to the Island.  Existing amongst us in our workforce are those with criminal mindsets who just have not been caught.  Those caught have been dismissed by their employers who made the decision not to get the law involved.  Should we really be alarmed when our deportees land on the Roc?  Can you identify those deportees who have served sentences for hardened crimes versus those who have overstayed on their visa without any criminal record?

Many more Bansie’s exist in the mix.  With hard work, dedication and commitment, anything is possible.

Life goes on as US deportee sets up shop

BY HOWARD CAMPBELL Senior Observer writer

(Jamaica Observer) Sunday, November 27, 2016     7 Comments

BANSIE… its important for me to help other deportees

One week before the opening of Bansie’s Food Market, proprietor Oneil Bansie was busy putting finishing touches to what he considers a life-changing enterprise.

Located along Molynes Road (approaching Washington Boulevard) in Kingston, the store opened last weeky. Bansie, 41, patterned it off the American Green Grocery, where “customers can shop in comfort”.

According to Bansie, his target market are people wary of travelling to downtown Kingston to shop at the established Coronation Market.

“Not everyone wants to go downtown, especially with all the crime. Plus, there are people who don’t like to buy food from off a sidewalk, so we are giving them an opportunity to purchase fresh food in air-conditioned comfort,” he said.

Bansie starts the business as manager with a staff of three. He has two partners: Judith Brown, who lives in England, and his father Cecil, a businessman who operated Cecil’s Tyres for many years.

Though he never graduated from high school (Calabar), Waterhouse-born Bansie said working in his family’s company as a youngster gave him an appreciation for commerce.

“I’ve been a businessman all my life…I grew up in my father’s business, plus I was a show promoter in the United States. I’ve always been an entrepreneur,” he said.

Bansie lived in the US for 20 years, working mainly as a dancehall artiste and show promoter on the East Coast. He said he was deported in 2014 for being an illegal resident.

Given the negative image of deportees in Jamaica, failure is not option for Bansie, whose store will be mainly sourced with produce through farmers from St Elizabeth and his hometown of Sligoville, St Catherine.

“Its important for me to help persons who have been deported, show them that life goes on. Once someone like me succeeds, it gives them strength,” he said.

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Disya Blind Love A Kill Off Plenty People – Is It Really Worth It?

Conversations steer around this belief more now than ever that women are not only becoming more independent financially but have no issues with carrying the ‘load’ so to speak.  They are willing to finance their significant other, take care of the children, with the only expectation and that is to receive good sex when and wherever they want it.  To each his own.  Nonetheless, I will say this enuh.   Wen it nuh go di way u want it an big man (don’t know how big a man can really be when he is unwilling or unable to step up to the plate) start fi diss u.  U betta tek it like a soldier, stop bawl a gwaan like sey a dis best ting fi u since slice bread.  U and I know sey u choose fi deh wid di man caas a dat u did want.  When you ask for little, you will get little.  When you settle for little, you will receive likewise.  There is no two way around this and no amount of cussing, bawling, or family intervention will save the day.  There is more to being a man than the bed room bully as there is more to being a woman than the w@@@@ in the bedroom and the lady on the outside.  For crying out loud, stop lying to yourself and call it for what it is.

We have this woman aged 44, dead and according to the family, ‘husband’ tun coat within a month upon landing in the big apple.  Believe it or not, there are many in relationships that feel the checking in likened to the interrogation one goes through at immigration, is quite acceptable in a relationship.  My question is, you really believe that means care and love?  At what point in time does the checking in resembles an interrogation?  Do you believe that a union between two people means a ‘prison’ sentence?  Now it is bad and not so bad, when a man is able to provide for the woman to the standard she has become accustomed to.  Or in fact was raised in and begins to aire concerns if that woman is not living the life of a ‘virtuous’ woman.  When you choose to take on a man as your husband who is less than worthy, let me put it mildly, then prey tell what do you expect?

This woman knew this man for 15 years, and within a couple of months of migrating to the USA, and moving in with her parents, man start to act di fool?  It is sad, a tragedy and as someone said to me a few days ago, women need to be very careful about their kind of love.  Meditate on this.  How can you give up loving yourself to love another?  Do you really think that is love?  Compromise does not cause you to sacrifice your well being to the extent of death for another.  You were created for a purpose.  It did not take years for prince charming to revert to a frog.  The signs are always there, unfortunately many allow pride, opinions of others and a false sense of what they believe failure is, to allow them to suffer while keeping up appearances.

Somebody betta buss a tune about loving with your eyes wide open.

J’can woman fatally stabbed in NY; husband main suspect

(Jamaica Gleaner) Sunday | November 27, 2016 | 12:01 PM

A Jamaican woman was found stabbed to death inside her apartment in New York, in the United States yesterday afternoon.

The New York Daily News reports that police are eyeing her estranged husband  – also Jamaican – as a person of interest in the killing.

Sophia Lamb, 44, was found by her mother sprawled out on the living room floor of the Bronx apartment they shared, the newspaper quoted relatives as saying.

According to the relatives, Lamb and her husband met in Jamaica 15 years ago and he moved in with her parents in June this year when he emigrated to New York.

However Lamb’s father, Audley Malcolm, told the newspaper that within a month his son-in-law became “cold and controlling”.

“She wanted to have dinner with her sister, he said no. She would come home from work and it’s a problem,” he recounted.

“I told her, go to Immigration (Services) and cry like you’ve never cried before, throw yourself on the floor and tell them you’re not leaving until they come and take him back to Jamaica,” Malcolm continued.

The woman’s mother, Sylvia Malcolm, said her son-in-law was kicked out of the house several weeks ago but returned on Friday saying he wanted to talk to his wife.

Up to late yesterday no one had been charged in connection with Lamb’s death, the Daily News reported.

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Brooklyn Supermarket Closed – Health Department Ordered

How many more food outlets are subject to scrutiny resulting in an action as this?  On the Roc there is no shortage of sellers of food produce cooked, uncooked, perishables and nonperishables, yet the state of the premises makes you ponder if health inspectors truly exist.  These locations are not hidden, in fact they are in plain sight both surrounding commercial and residential spaces.  While we have heard many cries of ‘shut down’ rarely we have seen any action.  Providing my memory is accurate that is.

In general, there are places you venture into to buy the simplest of item, and one would be appalled at the state of the premises inside.  The storage of meats, the smell leaves much to be desired, through it all, thriving business is evidenced.  What would constitute an order of closure for this popular supermarket while others on the surface is doing business as usual in what appears to be filth and grime?  As opposed to allowing our imaginations to run wild with speculations, I would think outlining the list of breeches would be for the good of the people.   After all, this is health and you are what you inhale and consume.

Health department closes Brooklyn Supermarket on Constant Spring Road

(Jamaica Gleaner) Saturday | November 26, 2016 | 1:48 pm

 Brooklyn Supermarket on Constant Spring Road in St Andrew has been ordered closed by the Kingston and St Andrew Public Health Department for not complying with health regulations.

The department posted a notice on the building yesterday-the same day the closure took effect.

“There should be no operation involving preparation or sale of food items during the period of closure,” read the notice which the health department said if removed, would constitute an offence..

The convicted offender could be fined up to $1,000,000 or sentenced to 12 months in imprisonment.

The notice cited Brooklyn Supermarket’s “non-compliance” under the Public Health (Food Handling) Regulations 1998 and (Nuisance) Regulations 1995, Amendment 2001.

No detail was offered on the breaches.

The health department said the notice will remain in force “until further advised”.

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An Ounce of Prevention | Sea vegetables are good for you by Dr Tony Vendryes

(Jamaica Gleaner) Wednesday | November 23, 2016 | 12:00 AM

Irish moss growing on a shell, found off the coast of Old Pera, St Thomas.

Seaweed, also known as sea vegetables, is a general name for several species of algae and marine plants that grow in water bodies like rivers, lakes, seas and oceans. They vary in size from minute to gigantic, with colours like red, brown, and green, and are easily found on seashores or coastlines.

Seaweeds play an extremely vital role for marine ecology. They are the base for the food chains and are home to many sea creatures. And in addition, seaweed has properties that offer health benefits to humans.

A 25-year study of the world’s longest living population, the Okinawans of Japan, showed that sea vegetables were a big part of the seven to 10 servings of fruits and vegetables they eat daily.

Seaweed composition

UK research published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food confirms that many sea vegetables are quite low in calories and fat, while high in minerals like calcium, iron, copper and iodine. Seaweed is extremely high in protein (nearly 50 per cent of their weight), particularly proteins called bioactive peptides that may offer extraordinary benefits to our health.

They also contain other substances called polysaccharides that may help in the prevention of degenerative diseases and slow the ageing process.

Popular forms of seaweed

-Nori is the dried, usually toasted sheets of seaweed used as the wrapping in sushi dishes. The sheets can be cut into strips and eaten like noodles or added to stir-fry.

– Kelp is the common brown seaweed often found washed up on beaches. It is available in powder form for use as seasoning or a salt substitute, or as a tablet supplement.

– Dulse is available as a powder or dried leaves and is used in salads and stews. The leaves, when lightly pan-fried, become crispy like potato chips.

– Irish moss, also known as sea moss, is found as different species on the shorelines of the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea. The Irish, during their severe famine in the 19th century, relied heavily on Irish moss as their main source of nutrition.

Irish moss is very mucilaginous when soaked in water and has a tough and rubbery texture that is rather inedible. It is traditionally boiled in water and consumed as a liquid broth, to which flavours and sweeteners are usually added.

Modern recipes often mix the raw gel into various foods and drinks as a nutritious thickening agent. It is often used as a vegetarian substitute for gelatin as it provides a similar consistency.

– Arame is black when it is dried, the form in which it is usually sold. It is usually soaked in water before adding it to food being cooked.

– Kombu, sold as dried strips, can be used as a seasoning agent in many dishes.

Blood pressure benefits

Investigators have found that the special proteins (bioactive peptides) in seaweed have effects similar to a commonly prescribed group of drugs used to treat high blood pressure. They are called ACE inhibitors. They work, but the problem is they can also cause headaches, dizziness, inflammation, fatigue, nausea, kidney failure, and increased potassium in the blood that can cause heart problems.

Sea vegetables are the first natural substances discovered that can have the same health effects without these harmful side effects.

Digestive health

Scientists at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne have found a substance in brown seaweed that strengthens the gut mucus, which forms a protective lining for the intestines. It also causes food to release its energy more slowly and reduce blood sugar imbalance.

Research on Japanese women showed that high seaweed intake increases the good bacteria in the gut. The enzymes in some seaweed also help to digest beans and peas, and reduce problems with gas.

Metabolism and weight control

Seaweed could be a useful addition to your weight-loss diet. They are high in fibre, have very few calories and provide a good balance of essential minerals and vitamins.

The high content of organic iodine makes sea vegetables very useful in optimising thyroid function and improving the metabolism of excess fat.

An enlarged thyroid gland (goiter) as well as the underactive or overactive thyroid seems to benefit from regular seaweed consumption.


Seaweed is very high in lignans, which help to block the chemical oestrogen that can predispose people to cancers such as breast cancer. Research even suggests that kelp consumption might be a factor in the lower rates of breast cancer in Japan and that seaweed may act as a natural female hormone balancer.

All-round tonic food

In Ireland and the Caribbean, seaweed-based drinks and soups are drunk as a regular pick-me-up, or after an illness.

It goes well with sushi, tofu, miso soup, salads, vegetable stews and stir-fries, and greens.

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When They Go Low, You Go High Says Michelle Obama – JA Politics Says, When They Go Low, You Go Lower!!!!

Brevity is what I aim for on this piece.  I thought the Gen Sec had resigned.   We wonder why we do not attract more capable persons to get involved in our political process and cast a vote.  We speak to youthful exuberance, do we have a senior citizen exuberance?  How can leadership counsel chastise those who aire their party’s dirty laundry in social/main stream media and at the same time you say follow the leader?  Where there is disarray, disunity, disloyalty, disrespect, divisiveness, you must look to the head of any political party or organisation.  Who are your loyalists?  What suss do they bring to you about those they despise?  Show me your company and I know who you are.  Who you align yourself with is where your loyalty will lie.  Unfortunately, our politics is as small as our Island, and the pigs dun gwaan out of the pen.  There really is not much to do, as loyalists have placed a chip in the minds of their sheep who far outnumber those who would like to change course within.

We should and must vote at our general elections even though it gets more painful to do so every 4 years.

I will say this.   If u nuh come ina mi area an fix wey need fi fix, u nah get mi vote.  An I waan u come tell mi sey mi affi vote fi a duppy.  Caas a mus duppy u a tell mi fi vote fah if mi nuh si di person over di years!!!!!!!!!

Burke defends Portia

PNP gen sec says leader’s suggestive remarks taken out of context

(Jamaica Observer) Saturday, November 19, 2016     93 Comments

 SIMPSON MILLER… I don’t play games

PEOPLE’S National Party (PNP) General Secretary Paul Burke is speaking out in defence of party leader Portia Simpson Miller, saying biting and suggestive remarks she made at a recent meeting in St Ann South Eastern have been taken out of context.

In an audio clip of the speech, which has been making the rounds on social media over the past two days, Simpson Miller can be heard chiding dissenting Comrades at the meeting which was held last week Wednesday in Claremont, and warning them that “this is one woman who never run from a fight with anyone yet”.

“I represent one of the strongest constituencies in Jamaica; don’t play with me, I don’t play games. I work hard for this movement from 1974 ‘til now, nuh boy, nuh gyal can’t talk to me… I will come back here for another meeting and I know who I will bring,” Simpson Miller is heard saying, apparently making reference to her St Andrew South Western constituency.

The PNP leader’s remarks came after some Comrades expressed their disapproval of candidates who had been nominated to represent the party in the November 28 local government election.

A number of Jamaicans on social media and radio talk shows have deemed the remarks as threatening because of remark that she doesn’t and will not allow anyone to disrespect her.

But, yesterday, Burke said Simpson Miller has done nothing wrong

“As part of a programme of meetings, the party president went to South East St Ann and toured the divisions and at a spot meeting, which goes against the party’s political code of conduct, individuals were disturbing the meeting,” Burke told the Jamaica Observer in a telephone interview yesterday.

“When she said, ‘I’m not afraid of anyone,’ it meant that she is not intimidated by the noise or the misconduct of those persons and I understand that less than 40 persons, were there and persons are going around trying to confuse PNP supporters that former PNP supporters nominated are representatives of the PNP,” he continued.

In reference to Simpson Miller’s statement that she she knows who she will bring on her return to the constituency, Burke said the party leader was making reference to a team of canvassers to conduct surveys as their were people causing mischief in the division.

“In the context of the presentation, in the context of her character, in the context of her reputation, nobody could believe that she was initiating any threat of violence,” Burke insisted.

He said that the party leader was simply calling for political action to be taken and that her statement is being misrepresented by many.

“… I received a mix of both [views]; some people have heard it on the media and don’t understand in what context what was happening and have been alarmed. I haven’t heard any cases of overreaction or calls for any damage control programme. The speech has been truncated… and it can be a cause for concern,” Burke stated.

As it relates to the how the party will handle the growing divisions in St Ann South Eastern, which is represented by Member of Parliament Lisa Hanna, Burke said there is nothing the party can do if members choose to run as independent candidates.

He, however, said that the party is working to ensure that supporters are clear on who are the official PNP candidates for the divisions as there can be no “independent PNP candidates”.

“… So the PNP has four candidates in South East St Ann, all duly selected and nominated as PNP candidates. [They are] Ian Bell for the Beecher Town Division; Lydia Richards for the Benstonton Division, Lloyd Garrick for the Moneague Division; and in the Claremont division, Lambert Weir,” Burke outlined.

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Run For Your Life, Behind You Is A ……………Run Run Run

Why are you all surprised!!!!!  Stop the excitement and go find di ooman.  Rest assured I doubt she would be fleeing to the USA.  Is it now common practice for an accused during a break or no break, to take leave without her attorney next to her?  I am asking??  I will go out on a limb and say slackness total slackness.  This is the kind of arms house that tax payers are paying for.

Waltz in and waltz out, and at the end of it all,  oono a tun round a look pon one another wid oono mouth wide open as if to say, how could she?  She is alledged to have committed fraud.  Wen since oono trust an accused tief?  Do betta man do betta dan dat.  If door open tief nuh mus flee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Woman goes missing from court midway fraud trial, arrest warrant issued

 (Jamaica Gleaner) Friday | November 18, 2016 | 1:40 PM
 Livern Barrett, Senior Gleaner Writer

A corporate area judge this morning issued an arrest warrant for a Jamaican woman living in the United States who went missing from the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court  during a short break in her fraud trial yesterday.

Winsome McFarlane walked out of court during the break and later disappeared, leaving court officials, prosecutors and her attorney puzzled.

The court waited some two hours yesterday but she did not return.

When the matter was called up this morning, Parish Judge Simone Wolfe Reece directed that the warrant for McFarlane’s arrest be stayed until next Tuesday.

That’s when the matter will again be mentioned ahead of the resumption of the trial on Thursday.

“Set a date to continue with or without Miss McFarlane,” Wolfe Reece instructed prosecutors and defence attorneys.

“I don’t want to hold up Miss Thoms’ case,” she said, referring to the co-accused in the matter.

In the meantime, the judge has directed that checks be made with the Passport Immigration and Citizenship Agency to determine if McFarlane has left the island.

Wolfe Reece has also given instructions for the Half-Way Tree Police to make checks at Medical Associates Hospital.

Prosecuting attorney Linda Wright told The Gleaner that checks have been made at three major hospitals in the Corporate Area, but said there has been no sign of McFarlane.

“This is almost bizarre. We are lost. We are not sure what to do in the circumstances,” Wright said in court today.

“I’m surprised at what has happened. I am surprised she has not turned up and no one knows what has happened to her,” Wolfe Reece said.

McFarlane, who is believed to be the owner of Pampano Pharmacy located in St Ann, is jointly charged with Heleen Thoms.

The two women have each been charged with forgery, uttering forged documents, obtaining money by false pretences and conspiracy.

The allegations, according to Wright, are that they defrauded the National Health Fund of over $600,000.

The trial, started in 2013.

Prosecutors have already closed their case and attorneys for both women are expected to make no-case submissions.

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HIV By Accident Or Willfully?? – Know Your Rights As You Live And Let Live!!!!!

The law is there to be exhausted once you have the money.  Not in all cases, will your money work in your favour.  Such is the case with this bredda who took it upon himself to have sexual intercourse with a bunch of ladies and lo and behold 3 out of 4 have contracted the HIV virus.  Consenting adults in the house I expect, so how you choose to live your life is entirely up to you.

The funny thing is, people who you deem to have common sense still speak as if HIV cannot touch them knowing that infidelity within their relationship is an ongoing challenge   This is beyond wrong on all accounts and I hope that after reading this piece, those whose mindset is geared towards denial, will choose to be a bit more open to the possibility of protecting themselves.  Maybe a journal is worth keeping for those who enjoy casual sex, or those whose relationship is an open one sexually.  No use trying to deny your relationship, you should rather try to be proactive, wise and not silly.  The journal is simply there for you to record the names of your sexual partners, make entries as to the date and time of intercourse and ofcourse the answer they gave once you asked about their HIV status.

The discussion does not have to be centered on the evil intentions of this man.  He has established that for himself in knowing his HIV status, yet set upon a mission to charm women with the sole purpose of infecting them.  Why????  Who cares and who will ever know the truth about that.  What we do know is that the bastard has exhausted all his legal options, leaving the doors wide open for his extradition.  What kind of punishment would be justifiable for those ladies who have contracted HIV from that animal?

You see all those males who are referred to as ‘gallis’.  My catch phrase for them is this, HIV-Aids in the making, sound the alarm!!!!!

Extradition approved

Court rules against J’can man wanted in Canada on sex charges

(Jamaica Observer) Friday, November 18, 2016     28 Comments

A Jamaican man who is wanted by the Canadian Government for sex crimes lost his long battle to defeat an extradition warrant on Wednesday when the Court of Appeal struck out his notice of appeal.

The Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (ODPP) yesterday said that George Flowers will now be extradited to Canada where he is wanted on 12 counts of aggravated sexual assault.

A news release from the ODPP said that Flowers has been accused of engaging in unprotected sexual intercourse with four women knowing that he was HIV-positive and without informing them of his HIV-positive status.

“Three of the four complainants subsequently contracted HIV, and all complainants swore in affidavits that they would not have had sexual intercourse with him had they known he was HIV-positive,” the ODPP said.

According to the State prosecutor, on March 21, 2013, the Government of Canada asked the Jamaican Government to extradite Flowers, who had fled to Jamaica.

“The then Minister of Justice Mark Golding, on June 3, 2013, issued the authority to proceed in respect of three counts. The Government of Canada subsequently submitted a supplemental extradition request for a single count of aggravated sexual assault against George Flowers, to which the minister issued authority to proceed on September 9, 2013,” the ODPP said, adding that an extradition warrant was then issued for Flowers’ arrest.

An October 2012 story on the Globe and Mail website reported Toronto police as saying that Flowers worked in Toronto in the entertainment business and met the women in bars and other venues.

“It’s alleged he has known since 1996 that he carries the HIV virus, which causes AIDS, but did not disclose his status,” the Globe and Mail report said.

“The Criminal Code specifies that anyone who is HIV-positive must apprise their sexual partners, and charges can be laid regardless of whether the infection is transmitted,” the newspaper added.

In its release yesterday, the ODPP said Flowers was arrested and committal proceedings were conducted before St Andrew Resident Magistrate Simone Wolfe-Reece, who on August 22, 2015 ordered that Flowers be committed to custody pending his extradition to Canada.

But Flowers, the ODPP said, challenged the order of committal by applying for his release by way of a habeas corpus application, which was heard by the Full Court of the Supreme Court on January 11 and 12, 2016.

“On June 30, 2016 the Full Court dismissed his application for habeas corpus and ordered that he be extradited to Canada,” the ODPP said.

However, on July 22, 2016 Flowers filed a notice of appeal. But the ODPP filed an application to strike out the notice of appeal and was supported by the Attorney General’s Chambers.

“On November 16, 2016 the Court of Appeal upheld the DPP’s application and struck out George Flowers’ notice of appeal, paving the way for him to be extradited to Canada,” the ODPP said.

Flowers was represented by attorney Don Foote, the Government of Canada was represented by the ODPP through Jeremy Taylor, senior deputy director of public prosecutions; and the Government of Jamaica was represented by the Attorney General’s Chambers.

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Ironic – Self Preservation Has No Common Sense It Appears……………

You really will not know the moral compass that your employee lives by in your employ hence there is no questionnaire designed for such.  What you focus on is certification or the lack thereof, recommendations, and the ‘like’ factor.  That is practical enough and I say the most that can be expected.  The question or assumption that one would like to conclude is that of ‘consequence’.  What actions will the employer take once evidence is brought to light that a member of staff has committed a crime?  Is the action dependent on who the employee is?  Is there a set of rules that apply to one group that excludes another?  Does the consequence fits all size?  If cover up regardless of social class is prohibited, then one can say good job when the perps are caught.

Profiling of people is a tricky business, in the same way stereotyping is deemed offensive.  However, we must not appear naive, or become incredulous as to habits, behaviours of those in our employ.  To do so is not only foolhardy but rather disingenuous.  There can be no justification in making a right a wrong and vise a versa.

The irony of INDECOM employee and son having to face the very same entity that they investigate is just that.  I would think what is commendable thus far, is no apparent cover up took place due to the time line.  It is no secret that our movements in matters of such is likened to snails competing against each other to determine whose pace is the slowest of the pack.  Mother dearest, where  was the logic in your reasoning leading you to conclude that the action taken was in protection of your son?  I have heard persons say they would do anything for their children, as they live for them; operative word ‘anything’.    This mother did just that, what say you?????

INDECOM employee, son arrested by CISOCA

(Jamaica Observer) Thursday, November 17, 2016 | 3:51 PM

KINGSTON, Jamaica – An Independent Commission of Investigations (INDECOM) employee and her son were yesterday arrested by detectives from the Centre for the Investigations of Sexual offences and Child Abuse (CISOCA).

The police say that the woman was taken into custody on suspicion of Cruelty to Child and Procuration of Abortion.

Reports are that the employee’s son was sexually involved with a 14- year-old minor who became pregnant.  The son allegedly told her of the pregnancy and she in turn gave the child a pill with an applicator and instructions on how to administer it. The child did which subsequently resulted in abortion of the pregnancy.

The child was taken to hospital where she was admitted and the police informed.

The INDECOM employee and her son are to undergo a question and answer session along with their lawyer, after which formal charges will be laid, the police say.

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27 Year Old Pastor & 23 Year Old Deacon Shot Dead In MoBay – Motive, Motive, Motive

What can you really say on this latest tragedy?  We have reported in the past that gun men have stormed churches while on a shooting spree.  The sacredness of the temple/church is no longer sacred and criminal elements will take no prisoners in their quest for blood.  It begs the question though.  Don’t you think these men were rather young to hold such positions?  Then again, what do I know?

Gunned down in the evening in a public space is what is known and I for one have more questions than answers.  For whatever reason, our law men seem to be preserving lives while the gun men are ending them.  The entire Roc is hot like wild fire with no force being able to extinguish the blaze that is constantly being fueled by those who are fearless and always never seem to miss their intended target.  There comes a time when death as a result of murder becomes your norm, leaving you with an emotion that is indescribable because you have become comatose.  You are at the point where you say, what’s next?  How much worse can it get?  Then on with living your life the only way you know how to.

Police shoot gunman after pastor, deacon shot dead in St James

(Jamaica Observer) Sunday, November 13, 2016 | 10:35 AM     14 Comments

ST JAMES, Jamaica – A pastor and a deacon were on Saturday shot dead by unknown assailants in Kerr Crescent, St James.

Dead are 27-year-old pastor Ryan Jackson and 23-year-old deacon Bucklair Smith, both of Rose Heights in the parish.

The police say a firearm was also seized.

Reports from the Montego Bay police are that about 5:40 pm, police were on an operation in the area when they heard several explosions and went to investigate.

The police say two men opened gunfire at them when they got to the location.

The police reportedly took evasive action and returned the gunfire, hitting one of the assailants, who was later found with a 9mm pistol containing six rounds of ammunition. His accomplice managed to escape, the police say.

Jackson and Smith were found with gunshot wounds and were assisted to hospital where they were pronounced dead.

Meanwhile, the injured gunman has been hospitalised under police guard.

The police say investigations are continuing.

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