Rio Olympics – Of All The Events To Find Some JA Blood It Will Be Water Polo

Fantastic……………………..You know as long as you have even 1/4 of Jamaican blood in your veins, we claim you and will celebrate as long as it is not a criminal act.  Can you blame us??  We will quickly disassociate any claim to Jamaican roots if wi sight u pon di most wanted list, or fraud business.  Wi shame like dwag and rightly so.  Like many children born in the United States and other countries of one or both Jamaican parents, they tend to be in touch with their Jamaican heritage and we are always well pleased.

With representation (well kind of) at Rio Olympics of Ashleigh I am chuffed to say the least.  This is history baby don’t you forget it as US media is on this story like ticks pon dwag.  Notwithstanding she will be representing the USA, a suh di ting set up; we share some of the pride with her Mom.  Notice what makes it historic.  First black woman to play for the US Olympic team in this event.  How long has this sport been around?  Hmmmmm.

Congratulations are in order and one can say it is apparent from this achievement that no limitations were spoon fed into this young lady’s brain from childhood.

Exciting US water polo goalkeeper has Jamaican roots

(Jamaica Observer) Saturday, June 25, 2016

United States goalkeeper Ashleigh Johnson reaches for a shot during a women’s exhibition water polo match against Australia on Sunday, May 22, 2016, in Los Angeles. Mark J. Terrill

Ashleigh Johnson, the exciting 21-year-old water polo player who is about to make history as the first black woman to play for the United States Olympic team, has Jamaican roots.

The 6 foot 1 inch Ashleigh, who was last month described in an Associated Press report as possessing “jaw-dropping athleticism”, is the daughter of Donna Johnson, a Jamaican nurse who migrated in 1988.

While Ashleigh and her four siblings were not born here, their mother told the Jamaica Observer that they are very much aware of their Jamaican heritage and visitS the island frequently.

In fact, the Johnson family was in Jamaica recently visiting the children’s grandfather, Rupert Grey, and aunt, Claudette Morgan.

Johnson said she was born on October 12, 1958 in Kingston and grew up in Duhaney Park, which she described as a “nice, quiet, family-oriented neighbourhood filled with people of all ages” at the time.

She told the Observer in an e-mail interview that she was fond of her childhood days growing up with her father, and spending time with her grandmother and aunt who cared for her in the absence of her mother, who resided in the United States for the majority of her life.

Johnson attended Central Branch Basic and Primary School before matriculating to Wolmer’s Trust High School for Girls in 1970. She graduated from Wolmer’s in 1977 and continued her education at the University of the West Indies where she read for and completed a Bachelor of Science in International Relations.

According to Johnson, her fondest memory of Jamaica was working with JAMPRO and travelling as a field officer all over the island between 1984 and 1987.

Asked how she felt about her daughter’s elevation to the US team, Johnson said: “I am indescribably proud of her, and I’m so happy for everything she has accomplished.”

Johnson admitted that while her children were athletic, no one else in her family, except her, showed any inclination to be involved in sports, and even then she only dabbled with tennis while at Wolmer’s and merely played for recreation after graduation.

The AP report on Ashleigh said her ascension to elite goalkeeper is a welcome development for a sport looking for more diversity and growth outside of water polo-crazy Southern California.

The story said that after starring at Ransom Everglades High School in Florida, Ashleigh opted for Princeton instead of University of Southern California.

“I think Ashleigh Johnson’s the future of our sport in the US,” the AP quoted USA Water Polo CEO Christopher Ramsey. “She’s an out-of-California athlete who grew up in Florida. She went to Princeton, [a] high academic achiever from a different background than a lot of traditional water polo families are from.”

According to the AP story, Ashleigh wasn’t interested in a future with the national team.

“The thought of moving away from her tight-knit family and joining a new team in California wasn’t appealing to her, but several conversations with Coach Adam Krikorian helped change her mind,“ the AP reported.

“I didn’t really know that the Olympics was a possibility for me,” she was reported as saying. “I thought it was just like coming and training like I had been doing for years, but just living out here, he made me realise that the Olympics was a great opportunity and a possibility for me.”

The AP story said Ashleigh collected 54 saves while helping the United States qualify for the Olympics at a tournament in The Netherlands in March, including 10 stops in an 11-6 victory over Italy in the final, capping an 8-0 performance for the Americans.

“She’s a freak,” the AP quoted Princeton Coach Luis Nicolao. “She’s just athletic. I often joke she could probably start for our basketball team, track team, swim team; she just has that natural ability to succeed at anything she does.”

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Kiss Mi Granny – U Tink U Have It Bad – Jus Tek A Break An Ease U Mind Offa Uself!!!!

It never ceases to amaze me that on Planet Earth we have residents that through their own eyes, ‘livity’ is totally different.  We speak to culture, but do we truly grasp another man’s culture?  Are we willing to embrace to that which is unknown, foreign or blatantly absurd based on our own ‘livity’?

I am at a stage in life where I say, do not knock another’s culture unless you are prepared to transpose yourself into their ‘livity’ from birth.  If you are one of those persons whose imagination is as frozen as a block of ice, nobada try mek it fluid for fear u keel ova an dead.  Are you one of those persons that can visualise a scenario when presented to you?  If you simply have one of those personalities that nothing excites you outside of the odd sexual contact, then you really are unable to grasp another’s culture without declaring insanity.

Why is it that one gun man holds up 10 people, kills 2, injures 3 and the other 5 get flat hiding in some corner?  Don’t know!!!!!!  Yet we have instances in one on one contact where a defense is put up.  So in Cameroon, there are legal consequences for the matey and wifey ‘livity’.  As backwards as it may seem, we can see at what level women are placed in that culture. In our culture women declare anything man can do mi can do better so mek him test mi. Thankfully we do not have to worry about those lyrics. The question is not whether this is right or not as clearly their laws are guided by man’s interpretation culturally.  When you are guided by man’s belief as to what is right or wrong, fairness does not factor into that mindset.  However, the good book that many seem to call upon in matters of death or near death experience clearly has a different take as to how residents should live on Planet Earth.  Again with free reign to roam about and legislate, I note with keen interest, according to mankind, we are not all created equal.  Therefore do not enforce your cultural beliefs upon my own and vice versa.

U get wha mi a sey.  Some matters from country to country, leave well alone unless you have the power to say what the future will hold and when this world as we know it will cease to exist.

Adulterous men could face jail time in Cameroon under new law

 (Jamaica Gleaner) Saturday | June 25, 2016 | 8:43  aba

Men who commit adultery could be sent to jail under a new law being debated by parliament in Cameroon.

Until now, adultery has been a criminal act for women only.

The law has the backing of President’s Paul Biya’s party and so might be approved.

The penal code says women should be punished for having sexual relations outside marriage with two to six months in prison or fines. Men would face the same punishment under the expected changes.

Bar Association head Ngnie Kamga said the law would “take Cameroon backwards and would send more people to prisons”.

“Men having children out of wedlock should be punished because that is evidence of adultery,” one member of parliament, Tomaino Ndam Njoya, is reported to have said during the debate.

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Police Nuh Ave Nuh Time Ina Lovers War – Dead At The Hands Of Your Lover

The High Command is unable to contain the increasing number of deaths on the Roc.  Crime has spiraled out of control.  Court Houses are full to capacity where Judges are now reprimanded for the current backlog of incomplete judgements.  Word from one or two magistrates is that the workload is beyond excessive and working conditions do not make it any better.  Where does that leave those who refuse to walk away from a relationship without death?  Two places; prison or the grave yard.

You have been fully warned and that is the Police has bigger fish to fry and they are sick and tired of being called out for domestic cases.  They will report to the scene once you have settled your matter which on many accounts is truly a judgement that was rendered by the ‘control freak’.  Can you handle that?  We better.  From all reports in the media, and I say media as there are other instances of deaths due to domestic violence that is not making it air time.  Oh yessssss.  This blog does not want an injunction to be slapped on it so let us leave it there.    The point is the shock, horror and wonderment has totally dissipated.  If every other day as it seems you hear of these cases, you become numb.  You shrug your shoulders and say, ‘ah suh di ting set’ and move on to the next 9 day wonder making the rounds.  No more advice, no more praying about the toxic relationship.  Let and let live, work hard, party hard, ride or die, a one life mi ave, suh whatever a ever’.

Those who are in touch on a higher level tend to have a different reasoning on our existence on Planet Earth.  The relationships fostered are not to be owned, controlled or become your own breath.  The infliction of possessiveness where you are no longer an individual but see yourself attached to your ‘other’ literally, is hardly embraced much less acceptable to the higher level reasoning.  Once you are mentally, emotionally and spiritually on the higher level you accept that you and you alone are responsible for your ‘wellness’.  Anything less is an infliction which ultimately leads as we can see in death.  There are dead bodies and there is also the walking dead.

Retired cop involved in murder/ suicide, man kills girlfriend

(Jamaica Observer) Thursday, June 16, 2016 | 10:05 AM     36 Comments

 59 year-old Earnest Douglas

ST ELIZABETH, Jamaica – The St Elizabeth police are investigating late Wednesday’s suspected murder/ suicide of a retired inspector of police and his common-law wife at Short Hill in Pedro Plains.

Police say the incident follows hard on the heels of a domestic murder in which a 21 year-old woman from Culloden in Westmoreland was killed, allegedly by her boyfriend, at Galleon Beach in St Elizabeth. That suspect, a 27 year-old farmer of Crawford, St Elizabeth, is in custody pending formal charges.

The victims of the murder/suicide have been identified as 59 year-old Earnest Douglas, who retired from the police force as inspector assigned to the Protective Services and his common law wife, 41 year-old nail technician, Tamara McIntosh.

Reports are that Douglas who had returned home on Tuesday from a visit to the United States became involved in an argument with McIntosh on Wednesday night.

Explosions were heard about 9:00 pm after which McIntosh was found with a bullet wound to the face and Douglas with a bullet wound to the head. Douglas’s licensed firearm, a Glock pistol, was found beside him.

Early Tuesday, 21 year-old Felicia Wynter of Culloden was allegedly killed at Galleon Beach, just west of the St Elizabeth capital Black River. Reports are that her boyfriend (name withheld by police), for whom she had a baby, had earlier taken her from her home to Galleon Beach.

Police say Wynter’s body, with a wound to the head apparently caused by a “blunt” implement, was found under a pile of wood, leading to suspicions that there were plans to burn it.

“These are the type of murders that the police can do little or nothing about,” said head of the St Elizabeth police Superintendent Lanford Salmon. “We can only call on citizens to alert us if they see situations unfolding that can lead to domestic violence and tragedy. That way the police can proactively move to save lives,” he said.

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We Have The Goods – Racers Grand Prix in JA

Don’t even think of taking a ‘pee’ once this show gets on the road.  You might just miss it.  This is the bomb, prelude I like to say before Rio.  We got the goods and we will deliver the goodies.  This is nothing short of amazing and you surely can see Jamaica being a country to host a Diamond League in the very near future.

Showmanship will be on display and it should be.  The best of the best will be on the Roc and when you have the audience you must entertain.  We are expecting something spectacular.  They are here, on the Roc the breeding ground for Jamaica’s finest. The weather is superb, the hype is in full swing and it will be an outstanding display of the highest magnitude from all the athletes representing their respective countries.   If you want to shine, there is no better place to shine than amongst Jamaica’s elite on their home turf.

I am jacked………………………

Stardust sprinkles ‘Stadium’ as Racers Grand Prix runs off

Stars almighty

(Jamaica Observer) Saturday, June 11, 2016

BOLT…I’m feeling pretty good (Photo: AFP)

The greatest sprinters of all time, Usain Bolt and Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce, will lead a galaxy of stars into what is expected to be enthralling and exciting action at the inaugural Jamaica National Racers Grand Prix at the National Stadium today, starting at 6:00 pm.

After two years of planning, the Racers Track Club-Capital of Excellence welcomes the world’s finest runners, jumpers and throwers in an IAAF Area Permit meet, scheduled to last just over three hours.

More than 100 of the world’s best athletes from more than 10 countries will be on show, and the spectacle will be beamed to approximately 250 million viewers worldwide on five continents.

It is expected to be one of the best spectacles involving Olympic champions, World Championships gold medallists, Commonwealth Games champions and several World Youth and World Junior champions.

What a sumptuous treat!

Glen Mills, the president of Racers Track Club and chairman of the organising committee, said the meet will increase the opportunities for professional athletes to get high-class competition outside of Europe, especially with the recent termination of the New York Grand Prix.

It is also expected to generate funds to support the development programme of the club’s large number of non-professional athletes.

There will be 15 track and field events where athletes will be paid US$6,000 for a win, with second collecting US$4,000 and third US$3,000, down to US$1,000 for eighth place.

The historic meet will bring together some marquee match-ups, none more mouth-watering than the men’s 100m in which the legendary Usain Bolt will match strides with former world record-holder Asafa Powell, the 2011 World champion Yohan Blake — who is seen as Bolt’s heir apparent, and the 2014 Commonwealth Games champion Kemar Bailey-Cole. This blue ribbon event will bring the curtains down at 9:30 pm.

Double Olympic 100m champion Fraser-Pryce and great American foe Carmelita Jeter will renew their rivalry in the 100m, which also has Samantha Henry-Robinson, Barbara Pierre, Remone Burchell, Jura Levy, Kelly-Ann Baptiste and Gayon Evans.

A unique but fascinating 300m race will pit together a growing rivalry between American Lashawn Merritt, Wayde Van Niekerk of South Africa, Isaac Makwala of Botswana, Javere Bell of Jamaica and Americans Tony McQuay, Kyle Clemons and Gil Roberts.

Jamaica’s top quarter-miler, Javon Francis has been in good form, but will have to be at his best against some of the Caribbean’s emerging stars in Machel Cedenio of Trinidad and Tobago, and Bralon Taplin of Grenada and Mike Berry of the USA.

Interestingly, Jamaica’s 400m prodigy Christopher Taylor of Calabar High school will test the waters in a 400m ‘A’ race against the likes of Chumaine Fitten, Delano Williams of Great Britain, Riker Hylton, Nathan Allen, Jonia McDonald and Keeno Burrell.

Jamaica 100m hurdles World champion Danielle Williams will be in action against her sister Shermaine Williams and Megan Simmonds, Americans Sharika Nevis, and Ginnie Crawford and Yvette Lewis of Panama.

Two American World champions in Jason Richardson and David Oliver will compete in the 110m hurdles, and will take on Jamaica’s Commonwealth Games champion Andrew Riley and the up-and-coming Tyler Mason.

The outstanding Shaunae Miller of the Bahamas should be a cinch in the women’s 200m, where she will take on Jamaica’s rejuvenated Anneisha McLaughlin-Whilby and American Jenna Prandini.

A novel javelin event is also on the cards with Jamaica’s Orrin Powell and Orlando Thomas taking on Petr Frydrych of Czech Republic, Lars Hamann of Germany and American Riley Dolezal.

Fedrick Dacres will lead Jamaica’s charges in the men’s discus in which compatriots Jason Morgan, Chad Wright and Travis Smikle take on Americans Rodney Brown, Travis Bailey and Samoa’s Alexander Rose.

No Jamaicans are down for the women’s high jump which will see four Americans in Doreen Amata, Liz Patterson, Chaunte Lowe and Rachel McCoy, versus the St Lucian pair of Lavern Spencer and Jeanelle Scheper.

Jamaica’s Shaneka Thomas, fresh from her exploits on the Diamond League circuit, will line up against Ayanna Alexander of Trinidad and Tobago, Ciarra Brewer of the USA, Nadia Eke of Ghana and Tamara Myers of the Bahamas for the women’s triple jump.

Tickets for the event will be available at $5,000 for grandstand finish line; $3,000 for the rest of the grandstand; $500 for the bleachers.

The opening ceremony will see entertainer Chris Martin performing with Tarrus Riley being the closing act.

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Killed During, In Between Or After A Sex Act? – This Is Perplexing At Best

What a terrible price to pay for an indiscretion when one already has a partner.  This case may bear more questions than truthful answers I suspect as dead man tell no tales.  Where is the boyfriend in all of this?   Is he grieving the loss of his girlfriend?  Will he be called by any of the attorneys to answers questions pertaining to her supposedly condition that causes her to pass out in the past?

We are told that during an ‘adult’ activity, an argument ensued, the woman was kicked to the ground, then strangled.  What could this woman possibly have said or done to this 20 year old that would cause such a downright cruel, degrading reaction?  Sad to say, tools used in communicating between couples are often times beyond degrading.  Yet it is common and acceptable by both sexes.  I am of the firm belief that if I can class you in a demeaning, derogatory manner, then it is high time I ask one major yet simple question, why are we together?  While you can certainly rebound from certain struggles or issues in a relationship.  It is my belief that when the art of communicating becomes excessively colourful with expletives and description of the female/male anatomy being thrown at like a dart board;  I say check yourself before you wreck yourself. The physical behaviour cast upon the human being which by the way if it was cast upon a four legged creature  would result in lock down in certain regions, should cause one to seriously evaluate the purpose of the alliance.

Where does friends with benefits start and end I might ask?  Does such a frivolous escapade extends to either parties having an existing relationship?  Is there a moral compass in living and having fun?  We are yet to be told the age of the deceased female, yet we know the bloke was 20 years old.   The facts of the case thus far is this.  The female had a boyfriend. They were involved in an adult activity.  Kicked her to the ground he surely did and strangled her.  To death???  That is to be determined. He later stole her boyfriend’s laptop.

Somehow it is fair to say, this female did not believe that day would be her last on Planet Earth.  Also, I might add, the Creator should not be blamed for all deaths.  He has given us free reign on planet earth to choose the course we will take even though death is a reality for us all.  Likewise, I do believe in the Doctor Jekyll and Mr Hyde syndrome.  It is for us to hopefully have sufficient time to meet both in relationships, rendezvous, live and yet live, friends with benefits lifestyle, before it costs us our lives.

Welder remanded in murder case

(Jamaica Observer) Saturday, June 11, 2016

A St Andrew welder, who reportedly strangled a woman to death during a dispute at her home, was again denied bail when he appeared in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court on Thursday.

Twenty-year-old Romario Brown of Stony Hill was arrested and charged with murder following the death of Alexia Bepatt on April 8.

The young man is also accused of stealing a laptop belonging to the dead woman’s boyfriend and was charged with larceny from the dwelling.

The court heard that Brown went to visit the woman and both were engaged in adult activities when an argument developed.It is alleged that, during the argument, Brown kicked the woman off the bed and squeezed her throat.

Bepatt was later found partially naked, lying unconscious at her home in Mona. She was rushed to the University Hospital of the West Indies where she was pronounced dead. According to the prosecutor, a post-mortem report has since revealed that Bepatt died from manual strangulation.

The prosecutor also told Parish Judge Chester Crooks that the accused had fled the scene and was caught after he was picked up on a camera leaving the premises.

The prosecutor said the crown was of the view that Brown would “take away himself” if he was granted bail.

But Brown’s attorney, Davorona Wilson — in renewing her bail application — maintained that Bepatt was alive when her client left the premises.

“When he left the house, she was crying,” Wilson told the court.

Wilson also told the court that two individuals have indicated that the woman suffered from a condition in which she frequently passed out and as such indicated that she needed to see the post-mortem report to see if manual strangulation was, in fact, the actual cause of death.

She also pointed out that her client had surrendered to the police when he was contacted and will not interfere with the witnesses.

The judge subsequently told her that he was in agreement for her to have a look at the post mortem report. However, he said he could not grant the accused bail and remanded him until July 18.


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Is Your Heartbeat Normal? by Dr Tony Vendryes

humanheart (1)
Blockage due to heart disease

Sustained rates at the high end (above 85 beats per minute) can be due to problems in the heart itself or may suggest other processes such as dehydration, thyroid disorders, infections, and anxiety.

There is a strong relationship between the heartbeat and one’s emotional state. A condition of severe anxiety, called a panic attack, is often associated with a fast and sometimes irregular heartbeat.

Through all this, the heart must maintain its essential function: to pump blood throughout the body. If the heart beats too slow or too fast, or is irregular or otherwise ‘out-of-sync’, it may struggle to do its job. When the heart’s blood output diminishes, we can become light-headed, breathless, and even lose consciousness. In the worst case, particularly if the heart is significantly abnormal, some arrhythmias can be fatal. Heart rates that are less than or greater than the normal range of 50-99 beats per minute are clearly abnormal and should be addressed by a physician.

Helping the heartbeat naturally

If your pulse is normal or you have checked with your doctor to exclude heart disease or other medical disorders, there are natural supplements that help promote a healthy heartbeat.

Omega-3 fatty acids

Inexpensive, safe and effective, the omega-3 fatty acids in fish oil are the closest things we have to an ideal anti-arrhythmia drug specifically, the

omega-3 fatty acids, known technically as EPA and DHA. They not only sharply reduce the frequency of irregular beats, but also diminishes the likelihood of death from dangerous arrhythmias. They achieve all this without significant side effects, an advantage lacking in all the prescription anti-arrhythmia drugs.

A secondary source of omega-3 fatty acids called ALA, found in flaxseed, walnuts, and canola oil. When humans ingest ALA, however, only 10 per cent of it is converted into active EPA or DHA that helps the heart.


Magnesium is a crucial nutrient that helps the proper functioning of the human body. Unfortunately, on average, we ingest far less than the daily recommended dietary allowance. Low magnesium levels promote abnormal heart rhythms.

Moreover, research has demonstrated that our average magnesium intake is dropping precipitously as we consume greater amounts of magnesium-depleted processed foods. Soft drinks are manufactured using water that is essentially devoid of magnesium. Sodas contain phosphates that prevent magnesium being absorbed in the intestinal tract. To make matters worse, more of us are drinking bottled water, and many retail brands contain little or no magnesium.

Because low magnesium tissue levels are so common, everyone with an irregular heart beat should supplement with magnesium. They should also eat lots of magnesium rich foods nuts, beans and green leafy vegetables.

Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) is a natural substance found in the mitochondria (energy generators) of the body’s cells, especially the heart cells. Arrhythmias commonly occur when there is abnormal weakness of the heart muscle often associated with CoQ10 deficiency. Research has shown that CoQ10 supplementation can benefit people with weakened heart muscle. A safe, effective nutritional agent that is virtually free of side effects, CoQ10 may help lessen the long-term risk of arrhythmias.

Hawthornr y

Hawthorn (Crataegus oxyacantha) is a small, native European tree whose berries, flowers and leaves have been used therapeutically since the Middle Ages as an aid in treating heart failure. Modern research suggests that it helps to reduce irregular heartbeat.

Finally, poorly managed stress is a common cause of irregular heartbeat. Practise relaxation techniques, get counselling and learn to manage stress in a healthy way.

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U Si Wey Mi A Taalk Bout – Freeness Mentality!!!!!!!

On the Roc we have many small business operators even though they would not choose those exact words.  If you are a business owner, who rents a commercial space, chances are you are quite familiar with paying rent, electricity bill and water bill.  If you do not pay the latter, it is covered under maintenance.  This is all provided your landlord is not a squatter.

The begging of water has become common practice for many of these small business owners who ‘juke up’ where they see fit.  Question, when you get your free water, do you know who is paying for the usage prey tell or do you care?  Answer mi man, who do you think is paying for it?  Why must those who pay subsidise those who do not pay and are earning a dollar daily?  What kind of philosophy is this?  Are we living under a communist regime?  Are we living under a system that states those who try their best the legal way must support those who choose not to?  Where is the balance and fairness in such a system?  When since have you become my charity case when you are fit and able to sell your wares?  So you earn your dollar and out of that dollar you demand that you must not pay 10 cents daily for your expenses?  Simplicity is all we need to drive home the state of perpetual crisis we are in as a people.  We are governed by a set of ‘haves’ whose philosophy is designed to make the middle class the working poor.  Same ism we have in electricity, healthcare and now education.

The middle class need to revolt.  Then again we are riddled in fear and will only lament.  Knowing that calling for justice is only heard if you fill the criteria of those who bawl for it the loudest.

Fruit vendor to be tried for allegedly stealing water from police station

Covering the courts

(Jamaica Observer) Sunday, June 05, 2016     13 Comments

A Kingston fruit vendor, who reportedly assaulted a police officer after he was caught catching five gallons of water at a police station, is to go on trial on July 19.

Troy Erving pleaded not guilty to simple larceny, resisting arrest, assaulting the police, disorderly conduct and using indecent language when he appeared in court on Friday.

The court heard that on May 14, about 7:30 am, police saw Erving collecting a bucket of water on the station compound and confronted him.

The court heard that when the police spoke to Erving and told him to leave he responded by saying: “You caa stop me, nobody caa stop me.”

Ervin reportedly took up the bucket of water and threw it on the officer while behaving boisterously and using expletives.

But when the matter was mentioned, he told the court that the superintendent of police had given him permission to collect the water.

“What is the name of the supt who gave you the permission?” Judge Ellis asked. “I can’t remember,” Erwin answered.

The magistrate, however, warned him that he would have to remember the name of the superintendent who had given him permission if he was going to be relying on the officer to help his case. The matter was subsequently set for trial and his bail was extended.

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J$1,000 For Sex From 12 Year Old Girl – Deviant Man Offers

U si all dat………………wey di puppa deh……………it mek a man waan go fi him las enuh?  Such emotions you cannot fault one from exhibiting.  There are an abundant of females of age who are involved in sexual intercourse freely so so one has to ask, why a child?  I will attempt to address that issue.

There exists amongst us pedophiles, deviants and perverts.  Until we stop this never ending exercise of preaching to the unreachable and rewrite some of our laws.  This will just be business as usual.  We need to implement some elements of the Sharia law into this land.  There must be a special legislation for sex crimes and attempts at such, plain and simple.  Too many of our underage girls are being exposed to sex through dangerous and plain evil intentions.  Of which they will be scarred emotionally and otherwise often times hindering them from pursuing a life centered on their dreams, hopes and aspirations.

While we look at the social aspects of their development which is important.  It does not negate the reality that often time the home is broken with no constant male, extended family present.  The mother under constant pressure has her basket full and so the law has to ensure that when perpetrators are brought before the Courts, they are removed possibly wounded for minimum 25 years.  Sex crimes must not be handled as ‘a nutten, jus lickle sex wey nah kill u’.  We must send strong messages through out Courts to these deviants that if they caan stop lick dem lips an stalk people gal pickney, dem a go lose wah dem tink a dem gift from God.

Some people think we are living in a fairy tale space, where milk and honey surrounded by angels are overflowing.  I say to you we are living amongst vipers, and many who are under demonic influence.  As we call on Divine Intervention and I am in collaboration with that so we as a people in authority must rule the land with more than an iron fist.

Man offers 12- year-old girl $1,000 for sex

Covering the courts

(Jamaica Observer) Sunday, June 05, 2016     30 Comments

A brief look at Jamaica’s political history provides an interesting background to the concept and creation of the 1962 Constitution and the format of the Senate.

A 21-year-old man who offered a 12-year-old schoolgirl money for sex was reprimanded by Parish Judge Maxine Ellis for assaulting the girl after she refused his sexual advances.

“She is 12, what kind of advances you making? She is a baby,” Judge Ellis said while scolding Oshane Williams, after he pleaded guilty to assault occasioning bodily harm.

The court heard on Friday that Williams squeezed the minor’s throat and slapped her on the neck after she spurned his advances.

The prosecutor told the court that Williams got physical after he told the minor: “I have a $1,000. follow me round deh suh,” and she refused to comply.

According to the prosecutor, this incident was not the first time that Williams was making advances at the complainant, as she had reported him to her mother before. Williams, however, denied assaulting the minor as alleged by the police.

“A two finger me use and hit her on her mouth,” he said. But in addition to the assault claim, Williams is also accused of pulling a ratchet knife at the complainant and threatening “to run it through her”.

Williams, however, denied those allegations and pleaded not guilty to assault at common law.

The complainant’s mother, who was present in court with her daughter, told Ellis that Williams has been troubling the girl and she had to be taking the child to and from school because of her fear of Williams.

“Clearly you don’t get it,” Ellis then told Williams. “But me no deh home a day time,” he answered while noting that he was away at work.

But the mother told the court that Williams was unemployed and that her child had to pass his yard to get to school.

Ellis, however, insisted that he was employed and that the minor did not have to pass his home, as she lived on a separate lane from where he was living.

The judge, however, decided that she was going to revoke his bail until the police conduct further investigations into the matter. In the meantime, the judge requested a social enquiry report and scheduled a date for Williams’ sentencing.


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Free & Quality Nuh Mix – A Wey Oono Come From – Stap Tek People Fi Idiaat

It is always interesting, perplexing when our leaders enlighten the masses on how progressive and prosperity conscious we ought to be.  The two ‘P’s’ cannot be achieved without understanding one of the basic tenants in life, which is, ‘nothing in life is free’.  If it is freeness appears to prevail, at what cost?  Can we be honest here and talk di tings without political overtones.  Where has free healthcare taken us?  When you cannot afford to update antiquated lifesaving machines, do you really think it is time to play politics?  When you cannot replace ‘pop down’ hospital beds if there are any available, what does that say?  Education and healthcare are vital needs for a society that is developing.  Yes, I say developing as there are parts across this Island where the two will leave you in a state of total distress.

Ironic it is that we love to go back three decades and talk about free education failing to outline what tools were required back then.  Black board, chalk and flogging were the order of the day.  Nowadays, if you do not get your school computerised, children walking around with smart phones, you are told you need to step up the progress moving the children in the direction of modern day learning.  So who exactly is going to pay for that?  Are modern day educational tools being purchased from the dollar store?  Do we have a dollar store on the Roc?  What do you expect the principals to do?  Spend half of their time begging money from pillow to post?  U si dat is our problem.  Wi dress to puss foot in di latest vehicles an walk from corner to corner a beg money, beg, beg, beg.  A set of beggars wi have become an expect odder people to pay fi wi livity.

Time to eradicate that belief system and keep it real for our citizens.  Those who claim they cannot pay for their children’s school tuition, take a long hard look at their wigs, weaves, nails, extended eye lashes etc.  A few adornments that many are committed to maintaining weekly, or two weeks the most.  What is the average costs for such beautification?  I daresay it costs far more than what is required for them to be committed to paying for their stock in life.  You have your child, children and it is your responsibility minimum wage earner or not to ensure you make a commitment to pay for their education.  We have aired programmes on TV, articles in the daily mail of persons who came from poor backgrounds.  The sacrifices that were made to ensure they completed their education not seeking a free handout as their norm.  That right there is what you call self-pride placed in the right direction. It is one thing to help someone now and again, but a movement of supporting freeness at the expense of those who truly struggle to get the best out of their education is bordered on cruelty.

You talk about quality educators, quality dis and quality dat.  Demanding the best from a zero dollar plate expecting a plate full.  Shameful this is and anyone who is not on medication who prescribes and endorses this kind of pill, needs to be medicated immediately.  As someone said to me, ‘a now u ago si dunce bat’.

Government can barely pay dem light bill an dem manage money.  Imagine di school dem light bill payment schedule wen disya madness is implemented.  Dat a jus one issue, not to mention di wata bill.

What is truly amazing, is we are a country that is indebted to the IMF and God knows who else.  Yet we are operating as if we are financially wealthy and philanthropy is now a government pursuit.  I will not stop asking the question, who will pay and what other taxes are expected to be drawn over time to fill the gap?  We certainly have been unable to do so with health-care.

Principals anticipate a decline in school efficiency with auxiliary fee cut

Schools to suffer

(Jamaica Observer) Sunday, June 05, 2016   32 Comments

 The Edith Dalton James High school (Photo: Bryan Cummings)

There is a sense of uncertainty in the education sector as principals await the new tuition policy to be implemented in the next academic year.

Recently, Minister of Education, Youth and Information Ruel Reid, announced that secondary schools will receive an increase in the Government’s subvention provided to support its operation. Up to $19,000 per student has been promised to administrators — a $7,500 increase from what is currently provided.

The minister also instructed that schools no longer charge auxiliary fees, reasoning that it has become too taxing on parents.

But when the Jamaica Observer spoke with some administrators, they had reservations, noting that auxiliary fees play an important role in the efficient operation of the institutions.
“We are not averse to the Government financing education; my concern is the Government’s ability to sustain such an initiative,” Marsha Smalling, principal at the Glenmuir High School said.

“Usually, it’s the auxiliary fees for the most part that supplement the tuition budget, so when you remove that you can understand that there are going to be several deficiencies,” Smalling stated.

The parents of a grade 7 student at Glenmuir are required to pay $13,900 in auxiliary fees while other students pay $11,500.

With a 90 per cent compliance rate, the school’s budget for tuition fees amounts to roughly $46 million dollars. From this, the administrator explained, additional ancillary and administrative workers and security guards are employed.

“There are some members of staff who will lose their jobs because usually they are paid from this amount of money,” Smalling reasoned. “There are certain programmes that will be impacted — our student enhancement programme, sports and other co-curricular activities. Security is also going to be impacted; the maintenance of our labs will be impacted as well.”

At the Ardenne High School, where students are required to pay $18,000 toward a development fund, an inflow of $38 million is expected annually.

Principal Nadine Molloy told the Sunday Observer that these funds are imperative as the Government subvention is usually just enough to cover the school’s utilities per annum — which amounts to roughly $20 million.

The auxiliary fee she argued, funds additional projects and, as at Glenmuir, pays additional employees not provided for by the Government.

“The ministry does not give us a systems administration team; we employ a systems administration team from other income. The person who monitors the computers upstairs in the library, that person is on other income. In order to offer all the subjects here we have about five persons we pay from other income. We pay one extra guidance counsellor from other income as well. We have to fund the sickbay, we have to maintain the gym around there for PE; roughly 310 computers-they have to be maintained,” Molloy listed as she highlighted the importance of the auxiliary fee.

Sharing the same sentiment of his colleagues, Ray Howell, principal at the Edith Dalton James High School welcomed the increase.

“The $11,500 now that they give the school has not increased over the past many years and therefore, my take on it is that moving it to $19,000 is just a catch-up, and therefore that is the real cost now for Government subsidy. So the $11,500 should have moved up incrementally; it has not been moving over the past 5 or so years as I can recall,” he stated.

“If you check the inflation rate over the period of time it only brings you back to where you ought to be at this time. So, the $19,000 that the minister had indicated cannot effectively run all the school programmes and with the serious economic constraint, I believe that parents can support the students,” he continued.

At his institution, students are required to pay $12,000 in auxiliary fees, which he said is a challenge to some parents as only 47 per cent are compliant thus far.

Currently, just over $15 million is owed to the institution. Howell said he’s been forced to make ends meet and budgets for no more than 50 per cent compliance each year.

But the money collected goes a far way.

“To be frank, all the development I have done here — we call it special project development over the past 10 years — a part of that comes from auxiliary fees. Usually when the money comes from the Government it finishes in a few weeks, so by the end of September you have to do maintenance and you cannot predict the maintenance,” the administrator noted.


“As we understand it no school will get $19,000 per student,” Molloy, said.

“You going to get it based on how many students you have doing tech voc (technical and vocational subjects) … which is about a third of our students;… a portion of it is based on how many students you have on PATH and Ardenne only has about 145 students on PATH; and the students who get under 50 per cent in Math and English, they get more and the lunch is going to come out of it as well.”

In his first pronouncement the minister outlined that the ministry would develop a formula to ensure that there was equity in the amount of subvention to each school towards tuition. The funding formula he said would be aimed at achieving several objectives:

(1) Provide the highest level of available funding to schools that receive students with the lowest level of academic achievement on entry, and to schools where the majority of students are from the poorest socio-economic condition.

(2) Through more equitable funding schools will be able to allocate the staffing and resources required to meet the needs of the students they serve.

(3) The allocation of budget for a school for each academic year should reflect the student enrolment for that particular year and any changes to the school population. As the conditions/situation of students change the budget allocated for staffing in that school must change within an adequate time period.

(4) However, schools will not be permitted to enrol more than the number of places permitted by the Ministry

(5) Reflect the nature of the plant and site, the curriculum offer and the health and safety of students and staff.

He further reasoned that the new policy is to strike a balance in the education sector.

But like Molloy, Smalling believes the criteria will leave some students disadvantaged and underfunded.

“For example for the social premium we have from our population size of 1700 students we have 533 students who are on the PATH programme so we will only get that $2,000 towards social premium. For the student premium, we only have 350 students who will qualify for that $2,000. For the curriculum premium we have 540 students who would qualify for that additional $2,000. So I’m saying that not all the students will benefit from the increased amount that the minister articulated and so there is going to definitely be a shortfall,” Smalling told the Sunday Observer.

“Yes we are told that we should still request from parents to continue to make their contributions, our concern is that we will not receive total compliance from the parents because if they are given an option then naturally it’s either I want to pay or I do not want to pay and if that maintains we are going to find ourselves in a financial crisis,” she continued.


“For last year we actually requested from the parents an additional voluntary contribution of $2,000 and the compliance for that voluntary contribution was probably about 20 per cent,” Smalling said as she spoke of the viability for parent contribution.

“What we are concerned about is that parents will hear about free education and not quite understand how important the parent portion of the contribution is to the operations of the school, not make that contribution and then we end up in a situation where we have to reduce the amount of resources that we have, in other words we can’t fund all of our services,” expressed Molloy.

Not daunted, the administrators have already engaged their Parent Teachers Association (PTA) to encourage the continued partnership.

“As it now stands Glenmuir has a rich legacy of excellence not just in academic excellence but excellence in the performing arts, excellence in sports, excellence in terms of the quality professional development that we provide for our staff, excellence in terms of affirmation and so it is important that the parents continue to support the initiatives of the school, Smalling when asked of her next move.

“Our job now is to mobilise the parents and to try to convince them that it is necessary for them to continue to make those contributions and I’m really hoping that everything works out as planned and articulated by the Government and we will do everything we can to support the Government’s position and for us to have our school running in an efficient and effective manner,” she continued.

Principal Howell, accepting the reality said he will have to find a way to ensure the continued development of the school.

“I will have to live with whatever I get. It’s not the amount of money you get in life enuh, because take for instance Edith Dalton get like any other school but we have doubled the school plant since the past 10 years while some schools don’t do anything with the same amount of money so it’s a matter of your own talents and utilising your resources,” he stated.

“I am not going to get into the quarrel but utilise them to the grace of God. Auxiliary fees can assist but is not the money you get but it’s what you do with the money,” Howell continued.

Of Ardenne, Molloy said “we are going to use every avenue possible to let the parents understand what it is about the resources that they help us to provide that makes Ardenne outstanding. It can’t happen without the parents.”

She said along with the PTA executive she will outline to the parents the school’s budget, highlighting in even greater detail the financial reports.

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Update – Yes Bossy Go Flip & Floss Pon Dem Ina Lockdown

Yeah man a suh di ting set up.  All things are possible it is often said.  So just maybe those hell bent on getting rich dying or ending up in bondage don’t really mind at all.  I mean what is 25 years with a possibility of parole in 12 years if you are under 40 years of age.  One has to ponder on that, or I do at least.

I refuse to now believe that criminals are of the view that they cannot be caught or that they can buy out every system.  That just cannot be.  What is crystal clear, is greed has no red light.  It runs on one light only and that is green.  There is never a time that criminals say enough is enough.  Mi good, mi can live pon dis.  Mek mi go straight now and easy mi self.  No sireeeee, greed is an addiction unto itself and people from all walks of life seem to fall prey to this addiction.  They lose all sight of sound reasoning, because the glitz, the glamour.  The hero worship and hail up from all quarters gives them a sense of godly status.  The need to prove you are somebody by flaunting the dollar bills first, clearly gives a high that could quite possible be on the same level as the crack cocaine addict.  The crack addict who takes their first hit which lands them to the golden city returning just as fast to the hell hole from whence they came.  Pulling on that crack pipe again and again trying to take that trip to the golden city but never on the same route and never to return to that city.  Instead remaining in hell hole no matter how many times they pull on that crack pipe.  Full-fledged addiction as they truly believe they will get there again.

Greed is somehow related to that experience.  Prison certainly has an audience and as the superintendent states in the article below, Flippa Mafia can very well entertain his cell mates whilst he is doing time.  I do not believe he will be able to floss as much though as prison garb and the flow of dollars hardly mixes in that environment.  It is noteworthy to observe the intelligence involved in this operation.  The goal was to dismantle and incarcerate the criminals.  With a prosecution and various agencies involved in this operation, the goal was definitely achieved.  Do you think if the reverse were to have taken place in Jamaica with the intelligence we have, would the end result be the same?   I am not asking for a speech neither am I asking whose role is what and who is who.  As difficult as it is for us to answer a simple question without a thesis as the response, talk di tings an give me a 2 letter word.  Wi corner well dark u hear mi, dark!!!!!!!

Flippa Mafia gets 25 years

(Jamaica Observer) Friday, June 03, 2016 | 12:12 PM     31 Comments

  Flippa Mafia

NEW JERSEY, United States — Dancehall deejay Flippa Mafia was given a 25-year sentence when he appeared in the Camden Superior Court in New Jersey, this morning.

The 37-year-old Jamaican entertainer, whose given name is Andrew Davis, was also ordered to pay a US$250,000 anti-money laundering profiteering penalty.

“Andrew Davis thought he could live the good life in Jamaica with the hundreds of thousands of dollars he and his brothers reaped by shipping cocaine from California into New Jersey,” said Acting Attorney General Lougy at the sentencing.

In December 2015, Flippa Mafia was found guilty of first-degree distribution of cocaine, second-degree money laundering, and second-degree conspiracy.

For their involvement, the deejay’s brothers – Kemar and Roger Davis – were sentenced in March to 20 and 10 years, respectively.

Known in dancehall circles as the Flossing King and Flippa Moggela, the entertainer was known for hurling hundreds of dollar notes into the crowd during his performances. His more popular songs include Unfinished House and Hear Mi Hear.

‘Flippa Mafia’ sentenced to 25 years, will be performing in the prison halls now – cop

(Jamaica Gleaner) Friday | June 3, 2016 | 1:49 PM

“Andrew Davis should have stuck with his music career instead of shipping cocaine, because now he’ll be performing in the prison hall instead of dance halls,” Superintendent of the New Jersey State Police, Colonel Rick Fuentes, said after sentence was handed down.
A New Jersey police superintendent says Jamaican recording artiste Andrew ‘Flippa Mafia’ Davis should have focused on music instead of drug trafficking as he will now only be able to perform for prisoners.

The 37-year-old artiste was this morning sentenced to 25 years in a US prison for his role in a drug ring that shipped cocaine into New Jersey through the US mail service.

He will not be eligible for parole before 12 years in prison.

Superior Court Judge John T. Kelley handed down the sentence in Camden Superior Court in New Jersey this morning.

He also ordered Davis to pay a US$250,000 anti-money laundering profiteering penalty.

On December 17, 2015, a Camden County jury found Davis guilty of first-degree distribution of cocaine, second-degree money laundering, and second-degree conspiracy.

Davis was also charged with leading a narcotics trafficking network, but the jury could not reach a unanimous verdict on that charge.

He will face a new trial on that charge, which carries a sentence of life in prison, with 25 years in prison before he becomes eligible for parole.

“Andrew Davis should have stuck with his music career instead of shipping cocaine, because now he’ll be performing in the prison hall instead of dance halls,” Superintendent of the New Jersey State Police, Colonel Rick Fuentes, said after sentence was handed down.

Meanwhile, acting Attorney General Lougy said Davis made a “big mistake” in underestimating how far the authorities would go to catch him.

“Davis thought he could live the good life in Jamaica with the hundreds of thousands of dollars he and his brothers reaped by shipping cocaine from California into New Jersey,” he said.

Davis’ co-defendant, Marsha Bernard, was sentenced in February to 21 years in state prison, and must serve six years before she becomes eligible for parole.

The deejay’s brothers, Kemar and Roger Davis, previously pleaded guilty too and was sentenced in March to 20 years in prison, with 12 years of parole before he becomes eligible for parole.

Roger Davis was sentenced to 10 years, with three years of parole ineligibility.

Flippa Mafia was arrested in ‘Operation Next Day Air’, a multi-agency investigation led by the New Jersey State Police, Division of Criminal Justice and US Drug Enforcement Administration.

Six other defendants in Operation Next Day Air pleaded guilty and were sentenced to state prison sentences ranging from three years to 16 years.

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