Head Gwaan – How To Tell If Your Lover Will Kill You – Are There Signs????

Another one bites the dust and the shock of it has been nullified for me.  Too many reports of domestic violence ending in tragedy for the woman that one has to take another approach.  Can a woman really be saved if the man she is dating decides he is going to kill her for whatever reason he deems justifiable?  I really do not think so.  Is the key at the beginning of the friendship?  Meaning, are you dating a decent man?  What is his family background?  What has been his level of response if you happen to have a really heated argument?  Is your man a quick silver who blatantly tells you he will kill you if you push him?  As a woman, do you look at threats as something that he will never follow through on?  What if he was a charming man in the beginning then developed into Jack the Ripper as the relationship progressed? Does that scenario exists the majority of time in these killings? Is there anything the woman can do to quit that relationship before it gets to the point where the man feels he controls every breath you take?  If he decides you shall breathe no more, then he may very well take your life.  How can a woman protect herself from her man who draws that gun, machete or any form of weapon?  Should she be equally armed and just take this stance that it is going to be a toe to toe match?  Then again, how fearful is she of her man?  Should a woman be with a man who she is fearful of?  So many questions, yet very few answers.

What is abundantly clear is there are men amongst us, that killing the woman who they once shared a bed with is easy as you say 1, 2, 3.  This is one crisis I opine will not be declining any time soon.

Police still searching for dead woman’s boyfriend

(Jamaica Observer)Wednesday, May 25, 2016 | 10:04     21 Comments

 Samatha Lindsay

ST MARY, Jamaica — The St Mary police are still seeking the boyfriend of a 30-year-old woman who was shot and killed in the parish on Sunday night.

The police say they are searching for Patrick Moodie, also called Chen or Ramas, of Mason Hall in the parish.

Samatha Lindsay, also called Trudy, was shot dead Sunday night in Grants Town, St Mary.

Reports are that residents heard explosions about 9:00 pm and called the police. Lindsay was then found with a gunshot wound to the head. She died at hospital.

On Wednesday, head of the St Mary police, Senior Superintendent Stephanie Lindsay, told OBSERVER ONLINE that the police are still searching for the suspect.

“We hope to make a breakthrough soon,” she said.

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Sex No Longer Private, Vulgarity Makes You Popular – Self Worth Is Of No Importance

Moral decay is called freedom of expression.  Whether it be carnival, street parties, or wherever the opportunity presents itself to get loose, our men and women have lost themselves into hedonistic behaviour which is described as having fun.  This is celebrated and magnified as the act of sex is considered to be public if that is your choice.  There are those who consider themselves celebrities even though you may have never heard of them on the Roc.  In a world where it appears that sex sells, on the Roc we will sell such through our own music and those of others.  It is my view that to be exploited as young women through dancing would suggest that you are comfortable to participate at these events.  The dancing that is exhibited by these women is cause for serious questions which should be put to them.  Do they really believe that there is any dignity in getting so low in the first place?   If they believe that they have a right to ‘skin out’ and at times wearing no under garments which is visible, then we have to stop the protestations.  If it is freedom of expression means it is acceptable to behave in a lewd manner, then why is one alarmed with the end results which is by nature caused from sexual arousal.

What does respecting a woman mean to a man we should ask?  Conduct a survey on that and in particular at those very venues that erotic and lewd dancing takes place.  It is a widely held view that if a woman behaves like a dog she will be treated as such.  Our women pretty much need to recogise that their bodies and the use of it should not be used for sexual enticement calling it entertainment.  Rather you have a moral obligation to take responsibility for your person and that means if you are not dirty dancing with your significant other, prepare for anything that unfolds from those low life boys masquerading as men.  To the question of respect, it is high time our women respect themselves first, then I believe you will be able to command respect by virtue of your stance from any man.   The moment a man may have got it twisted and attempt or have disrespected you, you are confident enough, self-respecting enough to disallow that man from your personal space.  It starts with you.  If the male dancer calls you up on stage, do not go.  Chances are he will not do you any favour as respecting  you is the furthest thing from his mind.  That is where we are in society.  Boys raping females and posting it on social media.  Most recent on foreign press, we have a young lady who was raped by 30 young men and they are now in search of her boyfriend.  The brutal assault was posted on social media.   

I maintain on the Roc, you can still be cute and sexy without dancing like a ‘THOT’.   

Dirty dancing

(Jamaica Observer) Tuesday, May 24, 2016     61 Comments

Choreographer Orville Hall

Choreographer Orville Hall is outraged at the latest ‘dance’ trend which sees the manhandling of females by male dancers.

“That is not dancing, it is the abuse of women. It is very disrespectful to the females,” Hall told the Jamaica Observer.

Videos of popular male dancers ripping the clothes off a female and gyrating wildly on her as she tries to flee have made social media rounds this month.

After coming under fire from social media users, one of the dancers issued a public apology through his Instagram page. Detectives from the Centre for the Investigation of Sexual Offences and Child Abuse have launched a probe into the incident.

Similar occurrences have reportedly taken place.

Hall described the act as barbaric, adding that it is worse than the ‘daggering’ craze of seven years ago.

“This is a new level of abuse. A few years ago, we had daggering and it was banned, but it was nothing like this. No one was left feeling hurt or ashamed. It was about us, dancers, showing off our flexibility and agility. Everyone was having fun,” he said.

“I will never condone or try to justify those practices. We need choreographed dancing. Some of these dancers need to revisit the 1980s when a woman would gyrate her body sexually and a male would ask her politely for a dance. What is happening now is a criminal act,” Hall stressed.

Hall first conducted classes in dancehall choreography while a student at Excelsior Community College, in 1998.

After graduating in 2000, he returned one year later to earn an Associate Degree in the Performing Arts. Hall recently returned from a seven-country tour that included performances in Greece, Spain and the United States.

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JA Athletes Switching To The Middle East – Bahrain It Is

You cannot fault nor begrudge those who choose to switch their allegiance in the name of sports.  When this is your proven career path at some point in time you need to pave a path to your financial success by being visible.  As Fisher alludes, competition is rather stiff if you want to run for Jamaica.  If you want to make the cut, just take a look at our elite athletes.  That is no easy feat and a few do not appear to be slowing down anytime soon.  So where does that leave the ambitious and good upcoming track n field hopefuls?  You can be good, but not good enough to represent Jamaica.  You can be good with the potential to become great, but in the current season, you just cannot seem to get a look in.

If track n field is your bread and butter, how are you expected to support yourself without financial aid?  How do you get to the level of sponsorship?  How do you get to be named one of Jamaica’s top 10 who are earning their keep financially and able to maintain the lifestyle of an athlete.  A lifestyle encompassing the ability to take care of your wellness needs 365 days of the year.  I do believe a healthy diet is expected more often than not and also a fitness routine in and out of season vamping up nearing competition time is expected.  Somehow patty and cocoa bread, and a jog in the park will not cut it. Where does the money come to fund this?

If another country comes calling, dollars starting to run, opportunity for being on the biggest platform exists, I say why not?  The athlete I understand may not have a career in track n field over 35-40 years of age.  It is incumbent on them making the best decision that will allow them to earn within their timespan based on age.  It is better to leave your country and perform elsewhere under a different banner, than to remain, cussing the land of your birth and bemoaning all that is wrong with your sport.  When the truth of the matter is, the competition is way above the norm and as good as you are, for Jamaica your chance of cutting it is not worth the endless effort.

Patriotism does not put food on the table for the masses.

Fisher says no name change despite Bahrain switch

(Jamaica Observer) Sunday, May 22, 2016

FISHER…the Jamaican team right now is a hard one to make and we all have ambitions to compete at the highest level

For almost every athlete at any level of competition, the aim is to compete at the Olympic Games and World Championships for his or her national team.

It is no different for former Albert Town High and St Elizabeth Technical High School sprinter Andrew Fisher, except for if and when he lines up in the first round of the men’s 100m at the Rio Olympic Games in August he will be wearing the red and white of Bahrain and not the black, green and gold of Jamaica where he was born.

Fisher, who is part of the University of Technology set up, switched allegiance last year, along with teammate Kimarley Brown. He told the

Jamaica Observer recently the move was not an easy one.

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Where Is The Shame – Man Bites Principal Penis In The Name Of Justice

At times I wish these stories were non-fictional, unfortunately they are as real as they come.  I struggle to find the humour in this and while everyone is entitled to representation, I would throw this case out if I were the Judge.  I truly believe in a country as Jamaica where serious cases are lingering in back-logs, we have the ridiculous and down right time wasters passing through our Courts taking up valuable time that should be allocated to others.  What am I saying?  Let me make it very clear, my thoughts.

When you put yourself in certain positions and make assumptions, tek wey u get.  Yesssssss those taking the moral ground can balk about discrimination, phobias, excessive, cruelty and the likes.   Do you remember the case of Lorena Bobbit in 1994 who cut off the penis of her husband?  Her husband people lest we forget.  The case rocked the world and there were many men I dare say who walked around with their hands firmly affixed protecting their privates.  This case below according to the principal was robbery of his motor vehicle.  When have you ever heard a man attempting to rob a motor vehicle and in the process bites the penis of the supposedly victim?  Give me a break.  I tend to believe the defendant’s story and with that said, you should be fortunate your penis was not cut off as in the case of Lorena Bobbit’s husband.  Fling out di case your judgeship!!!!!!!

Man who allegedly attacked principal, bit penis granted bail

(Jamaica Gleaner) Friday | May 20, 2016 | 8:01 AM

The man who allegedly bit a school principal on his penis in Portmore, St Catherine has been granted bail in the amount of $200,000. 

The Portmore resident is charged with wounding with intent and larceny of a motorcar.

The St Catherine Parish Court heard yesterday that the accused injured the school principal, as he attempted to rob the educator of his motorcar.

A report was made to the police and the man was subsequently arrested and charged by the police.

In applying for bail, the man’s attorney, Ernest Smith, told the court that his client was only “defending his integrity” when the incident occurred.

According to Smith, the school principal was a mentor to his client and took the accused for drinks.

Smith said instead of driving home his client afterwards, the principal forced himself onto the accused.

To protect his dignity, Smith said the 24-year-old man also used a knife to stab the complainant.

He said it was only after the principal jumped from the car that the accused took control of the vehicle and in the process the educator was hit.

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Lawd Macca A Juke Wi Hard – JA Under Pressure

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Tek Wey U Get – What Did You Think Austerity Meant??????

It is clear as day that far too many people thought that increasing the income tax threshold meant the money to fund this great initiative was in the skies waiting to be plucked.  Austerity was a farce and as a country our economy is booming and we were being sold a lie in previous years.  Well you are wide awake an u nuh si nutten yet.  I suggest you hole a corner and ride the waves as nutten in life nuh free.  All wen u tink a free u a get, sooner or later you will realise the cost was somehow hidden and you were paying all along.  The worst part of it all is that you are paying more for getting less.  Woiiiiiiiiiiiiii it deyha.  Oil prices are set to reach US$50.00 per barrel soon; do the Math’s and the Caribbean has been forewarned.  So where do we go from here?  Well the brainiacs are appointed and they have promised growth somewhat exponential.  All those who thought they had suddenly hit the lottery, spend as much as you can and like many who we have been told according to US lottery winners; lottery curse is real. Meaning a few lottery winners and we are talking millions of dollars ie US$ have ended up broke.  Yesssss it is hard for many on the Roc to understand that there are people who actually had millions of US$ and are now worse off than before their short lived wealth.  Not to worry, you will figure out how that happens.

As long as Jamaicans believe our indebtedness to the IMF is a figment of our imagination. We have the most productive labour force in the World. We are a rich country financially.  Do not be alarmed when we continue to reap what we sow.  So when your crop is ready for the picking, just tek wey u get an hole a meds.

Taxi operators demand 50% increase in wake of gas tax

(Jamaica Observer) Friday, May 13, 2016 | 7:47 AM     76 Comments

File photo

KINGSTON, Jamaica — Taxi operators group Transport Operators Development Sustainable Services (TODSS) are this morning demanding a 50 per cent fare increase saying that they are not surprised at Government’s move to increase the tax on gasoline.

Minister of Finance and the Public Service Audley Shaw, in opening the budget debate yesterday announced that special consumption tax on petrol will be increased by $7.00 per litre. The expected yield from the new gas tax is $6.489 billion for the remainder of the fiscal year, which will be used to fund the government’s $1.5 million tax relief plan.

“When you need money and you must get it but it must be known there is going to be a rippling effect,” a news release from TODSS said.

It said that the public transport sector will not be able to absorb this seven or up to nine per cent and will now have to make a submission to Government for a fare increase immediately as there is no way transport operators will be able to operate with the increase.

“We are going for a 50 per cent increase,” the release added.

“We have a good working relationship with the Transport Minister Mike Henry and we know we can get an early meeting with him to address this matter. In the mean time, we will continue to service the travelling public with the highest level of professionalism.”

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Case Thrown Out – Claimant Kills Defendant & Threathens Lawyer And Judge

Is this going to be the new trend called justice that only leads the perpetrator to either death or life in prison?  This seems like utter madness, unfortunately it happens in other parts of the World though surprising to us.  What is surprising to me is it appears that we are useless in apprehending the dangerous amongst us within 48 hrs much less 7 days.  Why is this so?  What is lacking in our system that prohibits the JCF from getting leads, networking among other law enforcement agencies with the view of cleaning the Streets from these dangerous people?   It seems we hear of the gruesomeness of these crimes, the audaciousness in behavior of those culpable, yet there is hardly any follow up much less guilty verdict resulting in lengthy prison sentence for these people.  More justice is apparently handed out, some excessive while others ludicrous in a certain Judge court house as is recorded in the daily papers.  However, hard core justice for hard core crime often eludes us.  Where do we start?   You know the answer to that one.  I strongly encourage the High Command to say less or rather absolutely nothing in reporting on crime until we have an execution or lengthy sentence.  In other words, start from the end if you manage to get there as opposed to starting from the beginning.

There was a time when the Police were looked upon in high esteem and revered.  How long ago was that?  How are they perceived today, from the High Command to below?   Do you feel safe with them?  Are you suspicious of them?  Will we ever be able to clear the backlog of cases in our Courts?  Will we ever scrap the jury system?  Will the DPP and the JCF work in tandem for one goal, one mission which is to create a relatively safe country for the citizens to live in?  Is every citizen entitled to justice when they are the victim of a crime regardless of the strength of their dollar?

When last have you heard this popular phrase, ‘Jamaica no problem mon’?  Give me a break and stap lie.  U well know sey a whole heap a ting tun up an it far from pretty!!!!!!!!!

Man angered by court decision also accused of murder

(Jamaica Observer) Tuesday, May 17, 2016     8 Comments

Superintendent David White says that the police have also increased their presence at the Savanna-la-Mar Parish Court.Lemonte/Photo

SAVANNA-LA-MAR, Westmoreland — The Westmoreland police have beefed up security around a parish judge and an attorney following threats against their lives allegedly by a man who was the complainant in a matter before the Savanna-la-Mar Parish Court.

Commanding Officer for the Westmoreland Police Division Superintendent David White told the Jamaica Observer yesterday that the police have also increased their presence at the Savanna-la-Mar Parish Court, and are now looking for a man who lives in the parish and who reportedly issued the threats against the lives of the attorney and the judge.

According to Superintendent White, the suspect is also wanted in connection with the shooting death of his neighbour, who was killed near his home hours after a case of unlawful wounding in which he (the suspect) was the complainant was thrown out of court last Thursday by the parish judge.

The attorney, White said, represented the man who was eventually slain in the matter.

Yesterday, Superintendent White declined to disclose the names of the parish judge and the attorney who have been threatened, citing “security reasons”, but stressed that “we have very good investigators and therefore we expect to settle this matter very quickly”.

“Basically what happened is that [the suspect] took [the victim] to court in a matter, the judge threw out the case but he [suspect] felt that it was not justifiable… [the victim] was then shot and killed and threats were then issued to the attorney and the parish judge,” Superintendent White explained.

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3rd Suicide On The Roc In Under 7 Days – Is There A Preventative Measure??

Is ongoing depression the first sign of suicide or is it a sense hopelessness?  It is apparent that whatever the symptoms maybe, it clearly is not obvious in the eyes of those closest to the victims.  Or if it is obvious, there is nothing they can do without consent from the sufferer to render aide.  When you try to grasp your mind around this lonely, self-perpetuated act against one’s self, it leaves more questions than answers for those left behind.  Even persons not known to the victims must admit that it is a frightening reality to accept that there are those amongst us, maybe friends, and family members, colleagues who feel a sense of hopelessness whether silently or otherwise and will take their own lives.  It is inevitable, it is part of life and that which is to come.

As the vast majority of mankind struggle to cope with life and all that comes along with it, people are prone to fragility of the worst kind.  The fragility of their minds which tells them they are better off not existing on Planet Earth.  That the unknown is far better than living through their perpetual state of hell which in their minds is hopelessly unbearable and pointless in struggling through much less to overcome.   Some persons who have experienced near death often speak of going to hell and back, or nearing the pearly white gates and returning.  Whichever rings true, the ‘suicide’ act is still only a whisper as it leaves a stigma of the utmost dread.  What we have no explanation for nor understanding scares us more than what we know I think.  The taking of one’s life is more painful and difficult to accept as somehow there are those who believe if they had known the severity of the pain, just maybe they could have helped.  It is easier to accept that you interceded, than to accept that the victim made the decision knowing that intercession more times than not is too late.


54-y-o found hanging at Clarendon home

(Jamaica Observer) Sunday, May 15, 2016 | 12:09 PM


CLARENDON, Jamaica – Fifty-four-year-old Samuel Perkins, otherwise called ‘Eddie’ and ‘Jungle’, of Dawkins Land, Colonel Ridge in Clarendon, is suspected to have committed suicide at his home yesterday evening.

Reports from police in Chapelton are that about 6:00 pm, relatives went to check on Perkins but found him hanging by a rope from a mango tree in the back of his yard.

The police were summoned, the scene processed and the body removed to the morgue.

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Blue Diamond Royalton Hotel Under The Microscope After Building Collapse – Welcome To Jamroc

If a section of the building did not collapse under construction injuring several labourers, the people of this Country would be none the wiser of this latest revelation.  Now we are given a somewhat vital report alleging that the engineering company Theresstra is not registered with our local board Professional Engineers Registration Board (PERB) therefore building properties is illegal to do so.  Seeitdeh…………………….

Who should we be most angry at?  I will tell you…………..the people who are placed in government entities, and others who are knowledgeable of breeches that sit on their asses collecting paychecks waiting for an opportunity to play the blame game.  How long has Theresstra been in Jamaica?  11 years and we are just now told they are not registered to carry out engineering works.    Apparently the only requirement foreign investors need to qualify for doing business in this country is a race and ethnicity opposite to our own. Money to hand and wala, work permit is granted.  That is their clearance to do whatever kind of business they choose as long as the dollars keep rolling it appears.  So this is how we run business on the Roc since we are sooo desperate for money due to our own waste and excessive way of living above our means.  Living above our means that in debt we are willing to have give aways in the form of endorsing freeness mentality when we are in no position to do so.

Desperate people do desperate things.  It is clear that in our bid to grow our tourist industry as that is our main source of foreign exchange; we will cut costs even if it is at the expense of human lives.  Where is the Union in all of this?  They are usually up in arms about some issue or other and now they are silent.  Who are representing the workers?  There should be a law suit in the millions of dollars US that is.  As for PERB, you are no better than the government agency that granted work permits and I guess renew to this company without checking to ensure that they are fit to carry out engineering and construction works on our soil.  I am sick and tired of pronouncements which are trying to extricate self after the fact.  Where was your action prior?  If there was not a serious accident resulting in near fatalities, we would not have heard from you?  As for the Parish Council in that region, were you in the dark about this company?  If you were, another example of why Jamaica is where they are after 52 years of Independence.

Eleven (11) striking years’ operating in Jamaica and not registered with our local Board, give me a bloody break.  We too licky licky and frighten for all things hmmmmmm.  It is time somebody pays heavily so it be an example for others to do the job they are paid to do, and not get paid whether by kickbacks not to do their jobs.

Engineering company working on Royalton construction not registered with local regulators

(Jamaica Gleaner) Wednesday | May 11, 2016 | 12:00 AM

Therrestra Limited Jamaica, the contractors working on the construction of the Blue Diamond Royalton hotel, where sections of a building collapsed and injured construction workers yesterday, is not registered with the Professional Engineers Registration Board (PERB).

The fact that the company is not authorised by the body charged under the Professional Engineers Registration Act, with responsibility of regulating the practice of engineering in Jamaica, is of great concern to PERB board member Dr Noel Brown, who made the revelation to The Gleaner yesterday afternoon.

“I have checked the records and that company is not registered with the PERB,” Brown said.

Labour Minister Shahine Robinson confirmed that Therrestra Ltd, an overseas division of the Dominican Republic-based Therrestra Group, was granted work permits before her appointment as portfolio minister and that technical officials from the ministry have been doing periodic inspections of the Royalton Negril construction site.

A search of the Companies Office of Jamaica database shows that the company was registered in October 2005.

Brown is, however, contending that the company has not sought the approval of PERB during the past 11 years in which it has been operating in Jamaica.

He also argued that work permits granted by the Ministry of Labour to foreign firms are not enough to authorise them to carry out engineering and construction works in Jamaica.

“We have told the ministry that they cannot offer work permits to these people without sending the information to us so that we can assess. This is critical because, what if the ministry gives out a work permit and then when we look at their qualifications, we don’t deem them qualified to carry on engineering work in the country?” he asked.

Brown further argued that Therrestra is in contravention of the law and that its action highlights long-standing issues that PERB has had with the practice of foreign firms operating in Jamaica solely on the basis of work permits granted by the Ministry of Labour.

“With that work permit, you can’t do engineering works. If you get that work permit, what you need to do is come to us and then you apply to carry on engineering work, because that is the only board that can authorise anyone in Jamaica to do engineering works. It’s the law,” he said.

Up to press time, calls made by The Gleaner to Danilo Arias, director of operations for Therrestra Ltd Jamaica, went unanswered

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Faye Reid-Jacobs, Prominent Member of The JLP – Dead – Apparent Suicide On Mothers Day

The suspected suicide of this prominent lady has created quite a stir and have many speculating as to why.  Why?????  That is an answer we will never have as the contemplation of committing suicide is a dark place one should try not to wander.  Those who succumb as I have opined on the very topic some time ago, it is going to be left to the Creator to cast the judgement.  What is abundantly clear is that we can and must never look at someone and make a judgement or declaration that they have it all together due to their achievements in life.  None of us have the ability to read minds.  We fool ourselves into thinking that by staring, glaring, peeking and observing people daily, we somehow know what they are thinking or going through.  If that was the case, suicide would be obsolete.  The opposite is true as so many persons are finding themselves in that dark place.

The most we can do is to get in touch with our own fears on a deeper level and try our utmost to live in truth.  The expectations that others may have of us which ultimately causes us to place burdens on our own selves must be relinquished at once.  We are responsible to loving ourselves on a level that ‘self’ is never considered a negative.  If we do not have a healthy relationship with self, everything we wish to accomplish in our professional, spiritual and family life will be a ‘mask’.  Self-acceptance with flaws is a must while we work on areas of improvement.  You are in no position to accept others and assist others if you are struggling with your true self.  One can live in a mask for many years even decades but it eventually catches up with you as such falsities in itself is a burden.  We can only help those who choose to be open and honest about their struggles.  Expecting such openness requires us to become people of integrity.  Not a people who fall prey to idle gossip going around and discussing the struggles of others for the sake of bemusement or amusement.

Can we really help someone?  Yes as long as the person recognises they are in need of help.  You cannot help someone who says daily all is well knowing full well they are struggling internally and the mind is playing evil tricks on them.  I am always of the belief after reading an article in the daily papers some years ago by a popular psychiatrist.  If memory serves me correct, it stated that over 50% of Jamaicans are struggling with some form of mental illness and it is high time the stigma be removed.  So for me, it matters not how well you seem to be navigating through Planet Earth.  If I spend time with you in dialogue, I will get a general idea of your head space.  As I like to say as a communicator, I will go as far as I can in talking with people.  If I am in a position to say, I know you, it is my belief that I will hardly be surprised at the actions you may or may not take in your personal or professional life.  Therefore, I do not know many people, however, I am acquainted with more than many.

I cannot wrap my head around suicide, but I know what it is to be in a dark place.  What makes some move out of the dark place into the light and others do not?  That I do not have the answer for.   I am only thankful that I choose to remain in the light never to the return to the darkness of the mind.

Latest News

UPDATE: Suicide suspected in Faye Reid-Jacobs’ death

(Jamaica Gleaner) Monday, May 09, 2016 | 9:50 AM     55 CommentsPrint this page Email A Friend!

 Faye Reid-Jacobs (File photo)

KINGSTON, Jamaica – Faye Reid-Jacobs, the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) candidate who unsuccessfully contested the December 1 by-election in Westmoreland Central following the death of then Agriculture Minister Roger Clarke, is suspected to have committed suicide on Sunday night.

Read: JLP’s Faye Reid-Jacobs is dead

Reports from the Jamaica Constabulary Force’s Corporate Communications Unit are that Reid-Jacobs allegedly ingested a chemical substance at her Long Mountain, upper St Andrew home about 6:30 pm.

She was taken to hospital where she was pronounced dead about 8:20 pm, the police say.
Reid-Jacobs, a financial consultant, polled 6,268 to the People’s National Party’s Dwayne Vaz, who polled 8,720, in the by-election.

She later tendered her resignation in September 2015 as the party’s standard-bearer in the constituency, citing inadequate financial resources needed to mount her campaign in a bid to wrest the seat from the PNP in the general elections, which were held in February 2016.

Reid-Jacobs, a banker by profession, studied banking and finance and international human resource management and organisational behaviour.

She held senior executive positions in major Caribbean banks and had continued to use her expertise to serve the region’s banking and financial services sector.

Reid-Jacobs was also a founding director of Caribbean Integrated Financial Services Ltd and was an associate of the Chartered Institute of Bankers (London) and a Fellow of the IFS School of Finance (formerly the Chartered Institute of Bankers, London), who had accreditation from the University of London at the Master’s level in International Human Resource Management and Organisational Behaviours.

She was also listed in the Who’s Who of Professionals in 2000 and the Jamaica Directory of Personalities.

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