Nepotism – Definition Or Clarification Is Sought For Us Living On The Roc!!!!

This piece of news is getting quite a bit of traction and having all sorts submitting their 2 cents so I am not to be left out.  Who opened the doors?  Who decides when the doors should be closed?  How and when is it determined if ‘rights’ are breeched?  Are we to assume in cases where it was shouted from the roof tops ‘nepotism’ that those persons were not certified for the contracts or opportunities given to them?  I am a bit confused here.  If someone asks another, do you know of anyone that could do so and so, is that deemed ‘nepotism’?  Is ‘nepotism’ only an issue within government entities and statutory bodies?

It would appear we seem to cherry pick the issues that are news worthy and in need of a ‘blow up’.  I would love to see some reporting on previous claims of nepotism and whether those accused of practicing such had no basis to hire due to the recipients being unqualified.  To operate on a fair and transparent field, would you not want to know?  Let us stop being ‘waggonists’ to a cause or story and inform the people of this country what we mean in the simplest form.  If it is we are saying that family members cannot work for the government qualified or otherwise, then say so.  I am sure not only will the Public Defender jump in but also the private attorney.  We tend to give an epistle when it suits us when the simplicity in definition can often times leave no room for interpretation by the spin doctors who always put self-interest above all else.

As far as I am concerned, ‘links’ will always play a dominant role in certain opportunities in this country.  Whether it is family, friend or foe, it is still ‘links’ and by extension ‘nepotism’. Is it fair? Certainly not, then again life is not always fair, yet we deal………………………..

I am sure the country has bigger fish to fry right about now, so let us not spend too much time on this subject matter lest we get distracted by ‘jaws’.


Public Defender probing decision not to hire McKenzie’s son at NSWMA

 (Jamaica Gleaner) Friday | April 8, 2016 | 5:07 PM
Harrison Henry … says her office has a mandate to defend the rights of all Jamaicans.

The Public Defender, Arlene Harrison Henry, says her office has launched an investigation into the circumstances which led the National Solid Waste Management Authority (NSWMA) to deny the son of Local Government Minister Desmond McKenzie, a job at the agency.

Earlier this week, RJR News reported that NSWMA workers citing nepotism, were upset about the hiring of McKenzie’s son, Marcus.

The Local Government Ministry overseas the NSWMA.

But the NSWMA says based on McKenzie’s instruction, Marcus was not to hired.

Henry today stressed that McKenzie’s son has the same rights as all other Jamaicans and should not be unfairly denied employment opportunities.

She says she will be using the Charter of Fundamental Rights and Freedom to guide her investigation into whether Marcus McKenzie’s rights to equal treatment were infringed.

Henry also said she is not investigating the matter because McKenzie is the son of a government minister but because her office has a mandate to defend the rights of all Jamaicans.

The NSWMA has confirmed that Marcus McKenzie was interviewed and found fit for a position that was advertised by the agency.

However, Minister McKenzie said based on the dictates of Prime Minister Andrew Holness, he advised the NSWMA’s executive director not to hire his son although he may have been fit for the job.

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Freeness Mentality/Entitlement Robs JA Of So Much More

How many Jamaicans living on the Roc who pay their way earn up to J$10,000.00 daily.  Persons who have to pay office rental/rent a space to peddle their trade.  Maintain a household with child/children to care for yet regardless of what they earn no one is giving them a free ride.   Here we have workers skilled or not able to and are earning more than minimum wage weekly and their story is what.  Government MUST do this and do that ‘free’.

Are we to continue to sit by and say absolutely nothing? Apparently so as the persons who make up this mentality are obviously in the majority when it comes on to voting in our general elections.  What classifies someone as being ‘poor’ on the Roc?  The question has to be asked.  If you are able to earn up to J$10,000.00. per day, why should you be exempt from paying for commercial space where all the amenities ie bathroom facilities, running water and electricity are available?  What makes you different from the rest who have to pay whether they earn J$10,000.00 or J$2,000.00 per day?

I say it all the time, we are living in a fool’s paradise.  We talk about stemming corruption, but if this type of mentality that is allowed to prevail is not corrupt, then I don’t know what is.


(Jamaica Observer) 8 April 2016

‘Downtown’ hairdressers say KSAC has no plans for them

 A hairdresser at work on the roadside in downtown Kingston.


STREETSIDE hairdressers in downtown Kingston say they are convinced that the Kingston and St Andrew Corporation (KSAC) has no plans to relocate them and only want them off the streets.

In July 2006, the KSAC — under the mayorship of Desmond McKenzie now minister of local government — met with the hairdressers and had given them a two-month deadline to get certified.

The KSAC had also reported that the Jamaica Hairdressers Association had agreed to work with the hairdressers in assisting them to acquire certification, through the HEART Trust/NTA.

Additionally McKenzie had also stated that a business entity was working with the KSAC to find a location that could accommodate about 100 booths for the hairdressers, who would work on shifts.

But on Wednesday the hairdressers, who were busy working on Orange Street, told the

Jamaica Observer that they were still waiting to hear from the KSAC about where the municipality was with the HEART certification and plans for an alternative work site.

“Dem nuh waan carry we go nowhere, a get dem waan get we off the streets. A trick dem a try trick we,” one hairdresser, who identified herself as Noodles, said.

“Dem tell we seh dem did a go help we get certified at HEART fi free and then dem tell we seh we affi pay $7,000,” she added.

But despite that Noodles said, “Nuff girls go get dem certification and come back and all now dem nuh get nowhere fi we.”

According to Noodles, many of her colleagues would prefer to be at a central location.

“Wi want a building up inna di spotlight,” another hairdresser, Safia, said. “Wi prefer to be in the heart ah town because nobody don’t waan to go too far.

“If dem a go put wi too far, it a go slow up wi business because you know right weh wi deh we always a si people an’ a girl can just walk in a shop and buy hair and come out and you do har hair,” she said further.

Yet, another hairdresser said that they “would a really like a place to go where we have running water, light and where we have bathroom for our customers because some people nuh really like to do their hair on the roadside”.

“So, maybe if we have a building we would get some more customers,” she added.

But she said that, while it would be good to move, a number of her colleagues are not too keen to relocate as they would be required to start paying bills “while it free to work on the road”.

When asked how much she makes, on average, she said on a good day she can make up to $10,000.

One hairdresser, Natalie — who was not in support of the relocation — said: “Yah suh better. Di only thing we would a want a some disposable toilets fi wi customers dem because we can get water in the lane and we can go pay $50 fi use a plug and we can go buy a cup a water in a Burger King fi $50 and use dem bathroom.”

She said that sometimes business is not good and they hardly make any money and would not be able to pay fees they suspect would come with relocating.

“And when people nuh have nuh money dem a go lock wi out and change the lock like how dem do di people dem inna the arcade on Matthews Lane,” another hairdresser said.

The KSAC in 2006 reported that there were an estimated 600 hairdressers operating on the city’s sidewalks in downtown Kingston.

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IRS ‘Nuh Dun Wid Pamela Watson To Bax Cover’

Ah boi …………………..that is the thing with ‘greed’ enuh.  When it consumes you all sense of reasoning totally eludes your thought process.

You live ina Uncle Sam country long enough to see the likes of Bernie Madoff, Martha Stewart and the list goes on spending and have spent time in a 2X4.  Somehow Ms Watson never imagined the same fate would have reached her as she was being caught up wid di tiefing lifestyle.

She is currently serving a 6 ½ year prison sentence at the same time the IRS is collecting every red cent it can get its hands on. I guess Ms Watson thought that she could buy her way out of this one. However, we have become accustomed to seeing how the USA justice system works in recent years and when they lay their eyes on your ‘tiefing’ scheme; it never comes off until they get their justice.

We would like to think this would be an example to all other Ja/Americans out there enroute to the ‘Joneses’ zip code through illicit means, but it is not. Just last week we had our beauty queen flinging off her Gucci shoes and absconding after drugs were found in her suitcase. The lesson to conclude is, where there is greed, there will be criminals whether you want to call them white or blue collar. For me a tief is a tief regardless of their specialty in trade.

IRS leaves Jamaica with $84m collected from jailed accountant’s assets

(Jamaica Gleaner) Wednesday | April 6, 2016 | 12:14 PM

Livern Barrett, Senior Gleaner Writer

An agent of the United States Internal Revenue Service (IRS) left Jamaica last week with three cheques totalling just over US$700,000 or approximately J$84 million.

According the Financial Investigations Division (FID) of the Ministry of Finance, the money was derived from the liquidation of assets and deposits held at three local financial institutions by Pamela Watson.

Watson is a Jamaican accountant who is now serving a six-and-a-half-year prison sentence in the US on fraud charges.

The FID has already indicated that it is in the process of liquidating other assets linked to Watson that should yield close to US$110,000 or nearly J$13.2 million.

The agency says this too will be turned over to the IRS.

Watson, who has been described as a very popular activist in the Jamaican community in South Florida, pleaded guilty in a court in that state of operating a tax-refund scheme that defrauded clients and the US government of US$3.6 million.

Prosecutors have claimed that most of her victims were Jamaicans who she claimed she was helping.

Watson admitted in court that she falsified hundreds of tax returns and refund amounts on IRS forms without her clients’ knowledge.

She was ordered to make restitution totalling US$3.6 million.

A probe by Jamaican financial investigators revealed that just over J$107 million and other assets linked to Watson were being held at two local licensed financial institutions.

Jamaican authorities had begun the process to have the funds forfeited to the State, but yielded to their US counterparts who had commenced similar proceedings in their jurisdiction.

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Boycott What???? – PSOJ Really ‘Tek Jamaican People Fi Prekey’!!!!!

What away certain people vocal and requesting boycott all upon a sudden.  Is this the first complaint cast against Caribbean countries and their treatment towards Jamaicans entering their country?  How many Jamaican private companies have set up ‘shop’ in Trinidad and other Islands?  How many Trinis do we have working in Jamaica in positions that our own locals could have filled say over 15 years ago? 

Get this very clear, no pronouncements from any group will force Jamaicans to stop buying ‘foreign’ whether it be Trinidad or elsewhere.  Face the reality, we have been mentally enslaved into believing that anything made in Jamaica is of inferior quality and the generation under 40 years old will not even consider purchasing any product whether food or otherwise that is not ‘foreign’ labeled.  History will show who we can thank for that.  Those over 40 years old who should know better have cultivated an appetite for all things none Jamaican.  We cannot even buy 70% local for the benefit of our country much less to boycott Trinidad or any other country because they treat us like ‘crap’.  After all, our own treats us no differently so who cares?   If it is Trinidad is no longer profitable for some of you ‘lot’ then say so, and stop this revolutionary type ramblings as if you care about those who are mis treated. 

The PSOJ or any other group does not have the power to reverse the mindset of the masses living on the Roc. They are mentally enslaved against all things Jamaican.  There is the exception when it comes on to curry goat, jerk chicken, jerk pork, white rum, ackee n saltfish, rundown, roast breadfruit, rice n peas. Then again ask your self this question, how many of the ingredients used to prepare those dishes are made in Jamaica. ‘Lookya man wheel an come again’!!!!!


Private sector body calls on Jamaicans to boycott T&T goods

(Jamaica Observer) Sunday, April 03, 2016 | 10:52 AM   

 William Mahfood (File photo)

KINGSTON, Jamaica (CMC) – Jamaicans are being urged to boycott goods from Trinidad and Tobago in the wake of reports of an increase in the number Jamaicans be denied entry into the twin island republic.

President of the Private Sector Organisation of Jamaica (PSOJ) William Mahfood, says the boycott should be implemented until Trinidad and Tobago honours its obligations under the Caricom Single Market and Economy.

Mahfood was speaking in the aftermath of the latest denial of entry for Jamaicans into the twin island republic on Saturday.

“We need to stand up for our own rights as a country and we need to say to Trinidad , if you don’t allow us access to your country, whether it is to freely move within Caricom (Caribbean Community) then you won’t have access to our market.”
Mahfood says he has already been in touch with Foreign Affairs Minister Kamina Johnson-Smith said: “I’m going to speak with the government and I am going to push for us to use the leverage which is our market as the way to get that freedom of movement or we will cut off our market from access to their goods.”

Mahfood’s appeal follows recent incidents in which Jamaicans were denied entry to Trinidad and Tobago.

The first incident took place on March 22, while on Saturday 13 other Jamaicans who were denied entry on Friday, returned home.

In the wake of these developments,Johnson-Smith has called on the authorities in Trinidad and Tobago as well as Caribbean Airlines (CAL) to improve facilities for holding persons entering the country.

Jamaica is the fourth largest market for goods from Trinidad and Tobago and buys approximately US$500 million of goods from the twin island republic.

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Jungle Justice – Goat Thieves Slaughtered

Cases in our Courts lagging for more than 5 years.  Witness intimidation.  Police brutality.  Thieves appear to prosper while the honest hard working appears to suffer.  Where or who do you turn to when the cost of replacing your losses is more than the losses itself?  When you play by the rules you get shafted.  You make reports upon reports yet praedial larceny is just another one of those crimes on the Roc that has no resolution forthcoming.  What do you do if you are a farmer and lose it all?  Does the government have another option for you?  If your entrepreneurship is farming; when you are forced out by the thieves, who do you turn to?  Certainly not ghost busters, we have none on the Roc.

We know the ills of jungle justice but how about providing the solutions that will work, is working to protect farmers and their livestock.  A society where it is deemed no justice is available for those on the straight and narrow will sooner than later fall into the category of a barbaric state. They say a hungry man is an angry man. How angry do you believe one will get when their ‘food’ is constantly being robbed by vultures?

It cannot be as a country we are encouraging our citizens to ‘Eat Jamaican’, when it is evident that due to praedial larceny we may never be able to feed ourselves.   Our farmers are needed for that and more are needed. However, I hardly think it is a profession one will line up to flock as the cost may prove way more harmful for ones state of mind. Another saying, ‘who feels it knows it’.


St Ann residents kill two alleged goat thieves

(Jamaica Observer) Friday, April 01, 2016 | 8:20 AM     86 Comments 

ST ANN, Jamaica — Two men were killed by angry residents in Bensonton, Claremont on Thursday afternoon as they attempted to leave the community with a goat, which was allegedly stolen.

Reports are that at about 12:30 pm on Thursday, two men were seen leaving the community with a goat in a car. The residents intercepted the vehicle and the men ran. The residents gave chase and one of the men was held beaten and the other’s throat slashed. The police were summoned and the two men taken to the hospital where they were pronounced dead.

The police are now appealing to anyone who may be able to provide information on the incident or to identify the dead men to contact the police. Persons may call the Claremont police at 972-3244, 119 or the nearest police station.

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