The Best Thing Coming Out Of A Comrade’s Mouth Since The PNP Loss At The Polls

Let us leave the semantics inside our bedrooms and talk about real change where it should be applied in short order.  Why is it that Jamaican politicians are afraid of term limits?  How can you with a straight face speak about transformation, nepotism, unhealthy alliance when seeking to remain in any position until death, or being over thrown.  When you are in leadership, you lead.  Lead the people and not be led by the people when it is sheer manipulation from those educated or more adapt in the art of brainwashing is played.  Yes, the leader is the one who uses different tools of manipulation making it appear as if they are in fact people driven.  Ofcourse favouritism will display its ugly head once a person is at the political realm for 15 years and over.  In fact the mere building of a team is often done not on aptitude first rather ‘fren’ then all else follows.

As we have seen this does not bode well especially in politics.  Whenever there is a ‘stroke’ as what was suffered by the PNP’s loss at the polls, out of the wood work public introspection abounds.  However, at the core is the fact that  our leadership has never been dealt sufficiently so as to force change, habits or thinking.  If term limits are implemented I believe 10 years (2 terms) regardless of your age should be enforced.  How long does that have to take effect?  If you become the leader at 60 years of age, at age 70 you are out.  If you do so at 30 or 40 you are out after 10 years regardless of your perception of ‘youth’.  Only until this change be made into our Constitution will the thinking of our politicians change so as to influence the ‘sheep’ in a honest way devoid of emotional manipulation that is forever being played by the educated.

Talk is always cheap, until we see change and for some reason I will not hold by breath on this one.  Like many systems on the Roc, I believe not having term limits is through design.  One which damages the very liberties we claim to hold true.  Why are you so afraid of relinquishing power after 10 years PNP and JLP?  Tell the people the real reason why you would not make term limits for leadership a priority?  While the PNP and JLP come up with answers to that question, will those considered to be the young and brightest (all over age 30 years) tell us why you are not jumping up and down by this suggestion from Mr Bunting?  Do not let us speculate.  A few of you crave the media and the media is quick to give you an audience to vent, so how about supporting this?  Are both favouritism and nepotism at play here?

Bunting wants term limits for PNP leadership

MP suggests systematic renewal of PNP leadership

(Jamaica Observer) Friday, April 29, 2016     165 CommentsEmail A Friend!


Opposition People’s National Party MP Peter Bunting speaking at last night’s town hall meeting. (Photo: Garfield Robinson)

Peter Bunting last night called for a “systematic renewal of leadership” of the Opposition People’s National Party (PNP) and put forward two possible systems of term limits that would require constitutional change in the 77-year-old political movement.

Speaking at a town hall meeting put on by the Jamaica Theological Seminary under the theme ‘The PNP then and now — Matters’, Bunting, the Manchester Central Member of Parliament and former PNP general secretary, suggested that all office holders of the party should have circumscribed tenure.

His comment comes mere weeks after he signalled his intention to lead the party, which is still embroiled in turmoil after losing the February 25, 2016 General Election by one seat to the Jamaica Labour Party.

“The Constitution of the PNP provides annual opportunities for reaffirming or replacing officers through re-election. In practice, however, any attempt to exercise this democracy is unwelcome. There has not been a single national officer position contested in the last eight years. This cannot be healthy for a democratic party,” Bunting said.
The former minister of national security urged Comrades to consider amending the party’s Constitution to accomplish this.

“Tenure could be limited by having either a mandatory retirement age, or a limit of how long one can hold a post, or some combination of the two,” said Bunting.

“…China has a mandatory retirement age of 68 and all top party officials are limited to two five-year terms in the same post. In Brazil, the mandatory retirement age is 70. In many other countries such as the USA, Mexico, Costa Rica, and Haiti there are limits of one or two terms as president. Locally, the JLP has proposed term limits for a prime minister. The thinking behind these mechanisms to circumscribe tenure is that leaders as a class should never be trusted uncritically,” he argued.

Added to that, he pointed out that cliques exist in all parties and lead to favouritism, nepotism and other unwholesome practices. Therefore, reasonable limits must be imposed on the duration of individual leadership.

At the same time, Bunting called for the renewal of the party’s groups, insisting that it is critical to the maintenance of the PNP’s core values. He also called for communication and citizen engagement, citing that it was the absence of these that contributed to the party’s defeat at the polls.

“In the face of political events such as the election loss of February 25th, a political party can either continue to embrace the status quo, or it can feel compelled to renew,” he said.

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Life For A Life – Father Kills 3 Year Old Daughter – Now Murdered, By Whom? – Does It Matter??

Jamaica’s High Command basically came out and told the public they are frustrated with crime on the Roc.  Oh dear……………….  We are told crime is on the decrease yet almost daily a murder is reported.  How are these figures compiled, for most of us it is not even worth processing.  What we do know is that the criminal element have no fear for law enforcement and will continue to do their jobs effectively which is to kill or be killed.

This case like so many others rock this country so I am no longer shocked.  Murders, sexual assault on our most fragile the children are a regular occurrence.  On this latest reported case, the Father informed that he was going to kill his daughter and so he did.  What is interesting nonetheless is after being on the run, he turned himself in to law enforcement.  Sometime thereafter he escaped, yes, escaped and now we are told he was found murdered.   What are you most curious about?  The reasons why he killed his daughter or who murdered him?

I for one believe the reasons he killed his daughter are not worth speculating on as it will neither solve or prevent anything from happening in the future.  He is the only person that could provide those answers and you would have to first believe if he was being truthful.  However, who murdered him is rather interesting.  I have commented on many occasions that sooner than later ‘jungle justice’, anarchy will become prevalent when it is perceived that no justice is rendered in our Courts.  Backlog of 2 years much less 5 years and over is bordered on lunacy when you are the victim or someone seeking justice on behalf of a victim.

Lip service is too often given by both political parties as to the  drastic overall and changes within our law that is needed.  It is high time we scrap the jury system, and appoint judges from Caricom to become our jurors.  We MUST have night courts in all major parishes and seek to implement in short order.  Whilst we continue to debate about human rights on a number of issues relating to abolishing our jury system as it is.  The human right of others to live in a country where enforcing the law against those bent on manipulating and breaking such with no remorse is not absolute as is evident.  Something is grossly wrong with that reality.  So while we continue to govern this country and are at a loss on how to get a grip on crime with a population of under 3 million.   Those who can get justice will do so in their own way.  In the end, everybody will reap what they sow.  Crime affects all classes regardless of the strength of your dollar.  Those who have influence with the political big wigs, I suggest you influence drastic changes to our existing law as it stands.  If not, there can be no exponential growth when our crime rate is the only thing that is exponential.

Father of murdered 3-y-o girl found dead

(Jamaica Observer) Friday, April 29, 2016 | 7:56 AM     64 Comments

ST JAMES, Jamaica — A highly placed police source has revealed that the bullet riddled body of Roosevelt Thomas, who is believed to have murdered his three-year-old, daughter, Leashay Thomas, was found at a house in the parish last night.

According to the police source, the father yesterday escaped custody by jumping through a window at the Barnett Street Police Station where he was being questioned in connection with his daughter’s killing.

However, about 9:00 last night his body was discovered in an abandoned house along Joan’s Avenue in Glendevon, St James.

More Information later


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Update – Beauty, Brains & Brawn Yet Still Suffers From A Get Rich Quick Mentality

‘Beauty’ as she is referred to, ‘Brains’ based on her educational background and ‘Brawn’ as ‘she fling off di Gucci’ shoes and scaled down the escalator that was moving in an upward mode and flew away to NYC.  I would like you to get a mental picture of that and then tell me you did not crack up with laughter.  What else is there to do but laugh?  If you do not realise that we live in a world where the millennials in this era are hell bent on living the Kardashian lifestyle, you clearly are a hermit who is stuck in prewar times.  On second thoughts, not just the millennials but maybe 6 out of  10 persons want the Kardashian or Joneses lifestyle with the least amount of effort and at any cost.  With that said, this case is really no different from the other reports of drug mules taking their chances.  What makes this story a bit exciting is due to the drama that unfolded by ‘Ms Thing’ and her Gucci shoes.  Yesssssss, cannot stop talking about the Gucci shoes.

As we have seen with previous outcomes in how USA justice works, I would not be surprised if she gets the maximum sentence.  Somehow I do not believe America is concerned about the beauty of any suspected ‘druggist’ with Jamaican ties.  I will say it over and over again.  Our reputation precedes us and as long as we have Jamaican ties and break the law within the US jurisdiction, ‘dog ago eat wi supper’.  Oh I am sure all things are possible but I will not advise you to hold your breath on this one.  I for one am not embarrassed.  I am a Jamaican, but all Jamaicans do not represent me regardless of their status in society.  ‘Everybody deh pon dem own an a toot dem own horn.  My girl can figet bout wearing Gucci where she ago en up.  Since she ave youth pon ar side, she can wheel an come again wen she get let out.  Mi hear sey wen som people get lock down a prison.  Wen dem surface dem drop a story how dem did deh a fareign.  Like how disya one yah high profile and mek di news big time an ar people dem a loud up di ting a fareign.  My girl affi jus hol a corner an tek up di Bible an get di Jesus bug wey some jail bud seem to get’.

One last thing, not guilty and running in the same sentence ‘nuh mek one drop a sense.  Betta u did sey u head did gwaan.  After all plenty people a walk round dress to puss foot in di designer get up and stark staring mad.  Dem flip in an out a sanity suh u coulda did choose dah road deh’.  Instead you are pleading the inconvincible unless you intend to call names.

Former J’can beauty queen pleads not guilty to cocaine charge

(Jamaica Observer) Monday, April 25, 2016     19 Comments

LOS ANGELES, United States (AP) — A JetBlue flight attendant accused of trying to sneak a suitcase full of cocaine through Los Angeles International Airport has pleaded not guilty to a federal charge.

City News Service says Marsha Gay Reynolds entered the plea Friday to possessing cocaine with intent to distribute.

Authorities say during a random security screening at LAX in March, the former Jamaican beauty queen left her carry-on luggage, kicked off her Gucci high-heels and bolted down an upward-moving escalator.

Authorities said they found about 70 pounds of cocaine in her luggage.Reynolds, who lives in Queens, later surrendered in New York.

If convicted, she faces 10 years in prison.

Reynolds is a graduate of New York University and is studying to be a nurse at Mercy College while working for JetBlue, the New York

Daily News reported. She has been suspended from her job.

At her bail hearing last month, former New York City Councilman Allan Jennings described her as “a very good young woman”.

“She’s done all the right things in life except for this one situation,” he said. “She may not have been fully aware of what was in the bags.”

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20,000 Jamaicans Living Illegally In Trinidad – Why So Silent? – Is It True?

How come the readers are so silent with this latest revelation?  Many of our people choose when to become patriotic it would seem.  Where is such patriotism when it comes on to voting in both our general and local government elections?  Come on now, let us try to be consistent with our passions and emotions.  Many of you  commentators, avid readers of the gleaner and observer online who live outside of Jamaica usually have loads to say about our affairs, so where are your comments on this piece?  If this figure is a true representation of our illegals living in Trinidad, alarming it is do you not agree?  How would we feel if it were the reverse?  I recall sometime ago, we were livid when some Haitians were being given refuge on the Roc.  What are Jamaicans really angry about?  Are we any better when our own perceptions of other people from other Caribbean Islands or even say the Continent of Africa is in itself discriminatory? Let me not go off course here and keep it in perspective if that is possible and focus on immigration laws/Caricom.  How did 20,000 Jamaicans gain entry into Trinidad in the first place?  They passed through immigration that is for sure.  So when exactly did Trinidad begin to tighten their grip at their point of entry with our nationals?  Being part of Caricom I hardly think means allowing entry into the region if persons fail to meet all requirements.  If the immigration officer is going by ‘spirit tek’ or a ‘feeling’, then that I am afraid is nothing new.  Jamaicans have experienced this sort of thing when trying to obtain visas for popular countries in the past and if you speak to some persons, they would say they know of others who have been denied entry for no apparent reason.   Does it make it right?  Certainly not but it happens.  Immigration will tell you they can do so at random.  Why is it that some persons are pulled from a line up or are questioned more intensely than others?  There is no fixed answer as many who have been pulled or otherwise have been perfectly innocent of any alleged wrong intentions.

You cannot have 20,000 undocumented workers living and benefitting from public services in any Caribbean country and not think that is a cause for concern.  Clearly immigration is a tight topic that is on the Agenda of many countries and just maybe Trinidad is saying enough is enough.  With TVJ landing on the soil of Trinidad, what stood out for me was the Jamaican (jerk food operator it seemed) who clearly stated that living in Trinidad was much better than living on the Roc.  He went on to say that Trinidad’s economy was better than JA and regardless of what happens at immigration Jamaicans will still attempt to gain entry.  Bottom line despite the humiliation as is reported, our locals think that risk is worth taking as the opportunity exists for them to earn a dollar.  So a man thinketh so is he…………………we have heard this Biblical quote before, do you believe it?

I will say to the former Minister of National Security.   Jamaicans are not taking away Trinidadians job.  In like manner the Mexicans in the USA or any foreigner who is working in a foreign land. There will always be those jobs that will be filled by foreigners whether legal or illegal as legal residents by birth believe there are some jobs they will never do.  As for the low wage offered for those jobs by employers.  I am afraid that is the argument of exploitation used by the governments who are affected by a large influx of migrants.  That should be between you and the employer and I believe that is easier said than done hence illegal immigration crisis.  Bear in mind what you consider exploitation may very well be the best thing for that migrant based on where they are coming from.  Again the Jamaican jerker says Trinidad ‘betta dan yard’.  I also do not believe that a large percentage of those illegal Jamaicans are living a life of crime.  If it were so those findings would have been reported.  Where do we go from here?

Jamaicans need to face the reality that there are many sides to a story.  In these times sensationalism should be left out when dealing with serious issues as these.  Jamaicans reputation already precedes them whether it is by the Caribbean or International communities.  While we try our best to arrive at the truth, we must not be quick to present this air of entitlement.  It would be refreshing to see  the same amount of emotion being displayed that would cause a greater amount of our locals to become part of the political process ensuring that those who are trying to build honest and decent lives for themselves and their family are truly represented by our political parties.  As for us not being liked by Trinidad or other Caribbean countries.  I say this, start by liking your own.   Your own black people before looking to others to sweep you up and embrace you.

Former minister blames CSME for tJamaica-T&T migration problems

(Jamaica Observer) Saturday, April 23, 2016 | 9:12 AM


Former national security minister in Trinidad and Tobago Gary Griffith (File photo)

PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad (CMC) – Former national security minister Gary Griffith is urging the Trinidad and Tobago Government not to be intimidated by calls out of Jamaica for that Caribbean Community (Caricom) country to seek legal action regarding the deportation of Jamaican nationals.

Griffith, in a statement, claims that more than 20,000 Jamaicans were residing here illegally and have become a burden on the state.

Earlier this week, Caricom Deputy Secretary-General Ambassador Dr Manorma Soeknandan said there is need for more sensitisation among regional border officials regarding the rules and procedures governing free travel within the 15-member grouping.

Soeknandan said that the way Caricom nationals were treated as they travelled regionally continued to generate discussion.

Jamaica has in the past few weeks been critical of the decision of immigration officials in Trinidad and Tobago to send back some of their nationals claiming that they were being deported because they would be a drain on the local economy.

Jamaicans have called for a boycott of goods from Port of Spain and earlier this week Opposition legislator called on the new Andrew Holness-led Government to take the matter before the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ).

But Griffith, who served as national security minister in the former government, said: “It is indeed alarming, that the Jamaican Opposition would question the legitimate actions by our immigration officers, as they attempt daily to do their jobs, after being abused constantly by a few Jamaican nationals who attempt to enter our country without the appropriate requirements, and documentation.

“It is because of this, that there are over 20,000 Jamaican nationals who have done just that, by using the CSME (Caricom Single Market and Economy) angle to enter for six months, but then refuse to leave after that six-month period.

“They remain unemployed and become a burden to the State; if unemployed, at times some turn to a life of crime, inclusive of gang activity; If they do work, many are abused by their employers because they are here illegally and paid below the minimum wage; be employed illegally, and hence taking a job away from a bona fide TT citizen who is unemployed,” Griffith said.

He said despite their illegal status, the Jamaicans still have full access to State resources such as education, medical care and other social services, and this is costing the State over TT$500 million (One TT dollar=US$0.16 cents) annually.

Griffith said that while the oil-rich twin island republic always had a policy of welcoming non-nationals, it disallows them solely on the grounds of them being a national security threat or burden to the State purse.

He said that the situation would not have reached to this extreme had Trinidad and Tobago been stringent with its laws.

He said it was this relaxed attitude which resulted in “certain Caricom nationals” abusing the CSME programme.

“To the Jamaican Opposition, if they are not aware, several Jamaican nationals verbally abuse our immigration officers on entry, and below are just a few examples that would confirm that such individuals should definitely be debarred entry if they attempt to enter our country, and no CSME clause can override this,” Griffith added.

The CSME allows for the free movement of goods, skills, labour and services across the region

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Dr Tony Vendryes – Eat Less, Live Longer


Breaking News


Jamaica Gleaner / Most people eat too much. Researchers who study the ageing process (gerontologists) have observed that eating less extends the lifespan of animals as long as they are provided with all the essential nutrients they need.

This technique is called caloric restriction and experts believe it can do the same thing for human beings. Food supplies us with two main elements: energy and nutrients. Calories measure the amount of energy in foods.

Caloric restriction is not a near-starvation diet, but a lifestyle plan for optimal nutrition while limiting calories. It is meant to give you many health benefits without hunger. The US-based Life Extension Foundation calls this technique ‘Caloric Restriction with Optimal Nutrition’ or CRON.

CRON involves reducing daily caloric intake by up to 30 per cent by limiting the consumption of high-calorie, low-nutrient foods such as white flour, refined sugar, and unhealthy fats. Vitamins and minerals supplements are added to the programme so that only calories, not nutrients are restricted.

Live longer: Scientists have doubled the lifespan of all kinds of animals – mammals, fish, birds, insects, etc. Research on humans are currently under way, but this, of course, has to be continued for decades to provide conclusive results. However, the many health benefits of CRON become very obvious after a few months.

Diabetes: Diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, elevated blood glucose, high cholesterol and triglycerides rapidly improve once you are placed on CRON. As people age, their cells become resistant to the hormone insulin.

Thus, both insulin and glucose in the blood tend to rise when excess calories are consumed and the risk of type 2 diabetes increases. Within just one month of calorie restriction, glucose and insulin levels fall.

Cancers and growths: CRON increases the body’s defences against free-radical damage, considered to be a major cause of many diseases like cancer as well as the ageing process itself. Experiments show that older animals on CRON have a greater resistance to cellular damage when compared to younger animals eating a regular diet. The anti-cancer effects of caloric restriction are now well known. Even non-cancerous growths like uterine fibroids diminish with CRON.


CRON strategy Keeping your caloric intake low over the long term can be very demanding, especially in a culture surrounded by an abundance of inexpensive, calorie-dense, nutrient-poor food. To live long healthy lives, we need a simple way to restrict calories without being hungry. Here are some guidelines.

Sweet, starchy, and fatty foods are calorie-rich foods. Avoid most of the modern ‘fast foods’. These should only be occasional treats. Focus on healthy protein and high-fibre, water-rich foods that include fresh vegetables and not-so-sweet fruits.

Replace one or more regular meals with nutritional shakes. Modern food technology has created delicious meal-replacement protein shakes. High-quality shakes are designed to be very rich in nutrients and very low in calories.

Although there are now many shakes on the market and many people try to use their own recipes, few shakes are guanine meal-replacement shakes.

The FDA is very demanding in its requirements for a shake to be labelled meal replacement. Read the label on the shake you select. The meal-replacement shakes I use and recommend contain less than 200 calories each, while providing more nutrients than a 2,000-calorie regular meal. They are ideal anti-ageing meals and provide critically important dietary protein.

Supplement your meals and shakes with a high-quality multivitamin and mineral tablet and omega 3 fat capsules. Fibre supplements with water are helpful to increase your feeling of fullness and reduce your absorption of fats in your food.

Make water your standard beverage as water contains zero calories, helping to make your stomach feel full.

Other beverages should be herbal teas, vegetable juices, or coconut water.

Restricting your food consumption while improving your nutrition can lengthen your life and improve your health.

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When A Mother Sacrifices Her 8 Year Old Child To Keep A Man

What kind of emotion comes quickly to your mind when you read this entire article?  Your home environment can make or break you as a child growing up, do you agree or disagree?  On the Roc we are or were speaking heavily on the family and the role it plays in the development of our children.  Here we have a sickening series of events outlined involving a man and a child that was witnessed by family members.

I am not an advocate for jungle justice but bare with me here.  Two cases of jungle justice were reported in the media a couple of weeks ago involving praedial larceny. We are now reporting sexual assault on a minor yet no blocking of streets, no signs chanting ‘we want justice’ being voiced at the Highgate Police Station.  So how do we value our children in the 21st century?  Whether or not the mother wants to file charges as the man in question is her lover, should the child be scarred for life regardless?  Dysfunction does not start and end when we say so.  Behavioural habits do not turn on and off as we do the light switch.  Until we as a society say enough is enough when it comes on to the protection of our children, we will suffer dearly when they become adults.    When are we going to face the reality that not all women are deserving of bearing a child.  Whether some are doing so with the view of entrapping a man, or to feel a sense of womanhood, it is the child that ends up suffering.  Too many women have children for the wrong reasons and the truth is no child can make a woman feel whole.  The children are who I feel empathy for as they have absolutely no choice in determining who their parents should be.  What do I conclude?  It is simply this.  There is human rights for every living creature and they seem to have their rights validated.  When it comes to the rights of a child/minor, I see suffering with no long term relief for the innocent.  No sooner the innocent in many cases becomes a leach unto society and we look to finances to solve the crisis.  Do you really believe finances can solve the dysfunction resulting in many emotional scars that are often times hidden only to surface at intervals?  Always, enough intervals continue to perpetuate the same sufferings down the gene pool.


Child molester roams freely

Man accused of battering 8-year-old operating normally while Highgate Police say they are searching for him

(Jamaica Observer) Sunday, April 17, 2016     111 Comments

A well-known mechanic who is accused of having a sexual encounter with a girl aged eight, continues to conduct his normal business in the town of Highgate, central St Mary, while local police claim they are searching for him.
The victim, who attends a primary school, received treatment at hospital as a result of the heinous act that has left some members of the Highgate community and surrounding areas in shock. It was confirmed yesterday that she has since been discharged from the Port Maria Hospital.
The incident occurred about two weeks ago when the man visited the child’s house in a community near to Highgate and allegedly engaged in the sexual act with her. A relative of the girl saw the accused man performing oral sex on her and immediately alerted another relative who both saw the man continuing that and other sexual acts. The Jamaica Observer could not determine whether or not the relatives called out to the molester, or urged him to desist.
The Sunday Observer learnt that a verbal report was made to the Highgate police by one of the relatives, and a team from the station visited the man’s house in Highgate last Tuesday with a view to taking him in for questioning in relation to the act, but he fled.

A woman and three small children who were at the house with him were detained by the police for questioning, but were later released. Later reports said that the woman who was questioned by police was the mother of the child. She declined to press charges against the accused man, as they are said to be romantically involved.
However, some of the child’s relatives are up in arms with the mother and have threatened to take the matter to the Centre for the Investigation of Sexual Offences and Child Abuse (CISOCA) if nothing is done to adequately deal with the suspect.
In the meantime, some residents of the community told the Sunday Observer that the man returned to the house the same evening that the police went in search of him and has been operating as normal since.
“Di man just a laugh after the Highgate police dem,” one resident told the Sunday Observer. “From the same day dem go a him house and nuh find him, the man come back and the police can’t hold him yet. When the police go for him and never catch him dem tek out the keys out of him car, but him find a way fi start the vehicle the same day and drive it round the place. Dem always a send the worse set a police dem come a Highgate, and dem don’t even know how fi arrest anybody.”
A man who has lived in the town for over 50 years said that the police were moving at snail’s pace in apprehending the suspect.
“The guy is popular in the area. He works on several motor vehicles, and has even done work on police service vehicles, so he is well known,” the man said.
“I have heard of terrible crimes committed in Highgate, but the rape of an eight-year-old child has to be the worst thing,” another community elder said. “This is not the first time that we are hearing of this guy molesting the same girl and these things must stop, man; we cannot run a country this way when our little girls, and in some cases, our boys, are being introduced from early into these dreadful sexual acts.”
Head of the St Mary police, Superintendent Stephanie Lyndsay, told the Sunday Observer that she was unaware of the incident, but promised to check it out and inform the newspaper of her findings.
When the Sunday Observer checked with the Highgate Police Station on Friday, a policeman on duty said that he could not speak to the matter, and his superiors were not at the location. A subsequent call made to the station yesterday produced the following words from a woman who claimed to be a district constable:
“Nutten no go so. Maybe you get the information wrong. It’s not an eight-year-old, the girl is 10, and it wasn’t anything like rape … it was more like indecent assault, because he fingered her. So I don’t know about that. But I cannot release any information to you, you would have to talk to the sub-officer and they are not here at the moment.”

Highgate has, historically, been associated with low levels of crime and criminal activities over many years, but in recent time concern has been expressed by residents about the reported high number of illegal guns that have landed in the town, incidents of housebreaking, larceny, murder and the haphazard manner in which drivers of public passenger vehicles conduct themselves on the narrow roads in the town.

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Brilliant – BBC Features 25 Years Old Jamaican Who Created A Hit With An Educational Online Game

Swaby who lives on the Roc has created an amazing online game that will undoubtedly ease the minds of parents whose kids heads are permanently down and fixated on their smartphones.  While it is noted there are several tools available in North America where kids can play and learn simultaneously, doing so in preparation for exams at a certain level I am not aware of.  It is commendable when our youths engage themselves in entrepreneurship ideas followed by fruition.  We get lost in our media reporting and can tend to focus on the mundane until the news is picked up in ‘foreign’ quarters.

Looking ahead, as we say good job to Swaby, how about creating a segment on local television where youths who are entrepreneurs can be featured with a view to encouraging those unemployed to think outside of being employed and more of being their own boss?  As we spread this message, it makes sense to show the youths who are productive and not keep blaming any government for their financial welfare.  Surely they can be an inspiration to those who are certified yet unemployed.

Jamaican online education platform featured on BBC

(Jamaica Observer) Friday, April 15, 2016

 SWABY… founder of Edufocal

Edufocal, the online learning platform created by Jamaican Gordon Swaby, was featured by the BBC on its website on April 5.

The article, headlined ‘Turning school exams into an online game in Jamaica’, was written by BBC correspondent Nick Davis and explained the concept behind Edufocal as well as its expansion vision.

“The firm makes studying more like a computer game, where pupils compete and their high scores are the tests results,” Davis wrote.

Edufocal is designed to help children sitting the annual Grade Six Achievement Test (GSAT) which, based on their scores, determines which secondary school they attend.

The BBC story reports Swaby as saying that the Edufocal programme is “like a video game” in which students compete for the top spot.

“For many, it is not school work, it’s playing,” Swaby is quoted before explaining that students using the programme start on level one on all the subjects. To move up, they need to answer the questions correctly.

“They can win prizes, whether it’s a movie ticket, food vouchers, mobile credit. That’s the cultural element to it; Jamaicans love to win stuff, they love incentives,” the story quotes the 25-year-old Swaby who started the business four years ago.

Accordong to the BBC, Edufocal was not Swaby’s first online venture as he launched a video game website from his home in central Jamaica when he was a teenager.

Today, he employs four people full-time and two part-time with Edufocal, while teachers across Jamaica are paid to write content for the platform, the BBC reported.

Upon subscription, Edufocal gives students access to 23,000 exams in the core subjects tested by the GSAT – mathematics, languages, arts, science, social studies, and communication.

Students whose parents purchase the Sunday Observer each week are able to access the platform as an access code is published in the Career and Education magazine weekly.

“Once on the site, they can go through hundreds of tests, get feedback on the ones they got wrong, and also see how well they’re doing on a leader board – creating competition among thousands of pupils,” the BBC story said.

The story also said that Swaby is looking to enter new markets, among them Trinidad, Barbados, and Ghana that share a similar curriculum to Jamaica.

“The company is also looking to add more features to the platform to help students and educators,” the BBC reported.

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Deported – Name Recognition Means Nothing In Another Man’s Land

As long as you get your head outside of your limited space once awhile and notice what is taking place as it relates to immigration world-wide this should not be a surprise.  For some strange reasons our Jamaicans living outside of the Roc whether it be Europe or elsewhere think they are immune from deportation for whatever excuses they espouse.  I do not think it is that difficult to comprehend that all is not well until your immigration status is sorted out.  That should be your main priority from the get go.  Work permits do not guarantee permission to remain in the country for life.  Therefore other means should be looked at in order to guarantee permanent resident status if that is your intent.

How successful have immigration attorneys been in winning cases against deportation orders based on work permits is the question to be asked?  For the end result to be deportation is an unfortunate situation.  One would have thought Mr Rose would have seen the light from 2012 and make preparations to depart from New Zealand of his own free will rather than to have been deported like a criminal.  Deportation has a stigma attached to it.  It may mean nothing to Jamaicans then again it appears we have an aversion to enforcing our own laws.  Regardless of our spin on matters as such and how we handle ‘name recognition’ or our ever working ‘links’ connection, the same is not said for the Jamaican who is not legal in a ‘foreign’ land.

Our ‘frighten friday’ aura for all beings foreign and welcoming arms allowing easy passage for all and sundry to gain permanent access in this country is a matter we must pay closer attention to.  We may require little in granting ongoing renewal of work permits to foreigners, with the eventual permanent resident status. However that does not mean other countries will treat our own in like manner.  As great as our athletes are, our music, our food, the things that we say make other Caribbean Islands dislike us, is not enough to seal our fate when it comes on to open access not only to other Caribbean countries, but also to North American, Europe and elsewhere.  The sooner we get this into our brains, we surely can reduce the humiliation that deportation brings.


Former Windies cricketer deported from New Zealand

(Jamaica Observer) Tuesday, April 12, 2016 | 8:00 AM     41 Comments

WELLINGTON, New Zealand (AP) — Former West Indies test cricketer Franklyn Rose was deported from New Zealand on Tuesday after being held in prison five weeks for overstaying a work visa.

The 44-year-old Rose, a fast bowler who played 19 tests and 27 one-day internationals, had lived in New Zealand since 2011 when he was granted a work visa to coach at Auckland University Cricket Club.

His visa expired in 2012 and he worked as a volunteer cricket coach at Auckland schools before being given a deportation order in 2014.

Rose appeared in the Auckland District Court on March 4 and had since been held in Auckland’s Mount Eden Prison. He left Auckland on a flight Tuesday to Jamaica when his last appeal to remain in New Zealand was dismissed by immigration minister Craig Foss.

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Dr Tony Vendryes: Drink More Green Tea

(Jamaica Gleaner) Tuesday | April 12, 2016 | 12:00 AM

Green tea

Tea is the most consumed beverage in the world, besides water, and has been used by man for millennia. Medical research highlights the many health benefits of a specific tea – green tea, a drink made from the leaves of the tea plant (Camellia sinensis). The same plant that produces green-tea also makes other teas like black tea and oolong tea. But green tea is truly unique because of a special process the Chinese had developed thousands of years ago.

Scientists today continue to find more health benefits from this beverage. These had been attributed to potent antioxidants found in the tea leaves called polyphenols. These substances are also found in much smaller amounts in other beverages like cocoa and coffee.

Recently, however, researchers have identified another substance that is found exclusively in the tea plant. It is a special amino acid called theanine that accounts for the ability of tea to create relaxation while energising the drinker. Theanine is the predominant amino acid in green tea leaves and gives tea its characteristic taste while contributing many other benefits.

Theanine combats stress

When someone suggests that you have a cup of tea and relax, they are really asking you to have a cup of theanine. Green tea contains small quantities of natural caffeine, and the calming effect of the theanine balances the stimulating effects of caffeine on the nervous system. This theanine-created sense of relaxation occurs about half an hour after ingestion by two separate actions.

First, it acts on the brain to produce both relaxation and mental alertness. Second, theanine increases the levels of the brain chemicals dopamine and serotonin that produce feelings of well-being and relaxation. Theanine helps relieve stress without producing sedation or drowsiness.

Theanine promotes learning

Theanine enhances your ability to learn, remember and concentrate, a reason why monks and scholars have historically used drinking green tea as an aid to meditation and study. It particularly helps with multi-tasking, allowing you to focus better.

Researchers found that it even synergises with caffeine to boost the activity of brain cells. They found that 100 milligrams of theanine and 60 milligrams of caffeine found in about four cups of green tea enabled subjects to perform better on complicated tasks.

Theanine and cancer

A study published by Sadzuka et al in 2002 found that theanine might help cancer patients by improving the efficacy of chemotherapy. Theanine increased the concentration of anti-cancer drugs in tumours while decreasing the levels of the drugs in the healthy tissues where they are not wanted. This made the therapy work better while decreasing side effects. In addition, theanine itself also inhibited the growth of cancer cells.

In Japan, where green tea is very popular, surveys showed that regular green tea drinkers had a much lower incidence of breast, prostate, liver, pancreatic, lung, oesophageal and stomach cancers.

Blood pressure and cholesterol

Japanese researchers report that theanine lowers high blood pressure but has no effect on normal blood pressure. Studies have shown that theanine is particularly useful in ‘spontaneous hypertension’, which is high blood pressure resulting from stress, excitement, or shock. The soothing, calming effects of theanine appear to offset this dangerous condition.

Theanine was also found to reduce total cholesterol levels in humans, while preventing good cholesterol from becoming dangerous by oxidation.

Theanine improves immune function

Studies demonstrated that theanine increased the body’s immunity against colds and flu and promotes a strong immune response to infections. It also aids in preventing allergies and autoimmune diseases.

Theanine for weight loss

Green tea is well known to help with weight loss, and theanine contributes to this fat-burning effect. Research using animals found theanine lowered body weight, body fat and triglycerides (blood fat) levels. Tea contains zero calories, and helps to curb food cravings. The social habit of ‘afternoon tea’ was supposedly started by the seventh Duchess of Bedford in England to quiet her hunger pangs between lunch and dinner.

Side effects

Theanine is safe and non-toxic and drinking green tea is associated with very few side problems. Staining of the teeth is probably the commonest issue, and using a toothpaste containing bicarbonate and hydrogen peroxide can prevent this. By the way, green tea prevents bad breath (halitosis) as the polyphenols in tea inhibit bacteria in the mouth that can cause this unpleasant odour. For people who are caffeine-sensitive, you can overcome this by starting with small amounts of green tea while supplementing with magnesium and the B vitamins.

Benefit from green tea

In order to get all the benefits from green tea, one would need to drink several cups of green tea daily. Modern technology has creating a patented organic green tea concentrate in powder form. Half of a teaspoonful of the powder (herbal tea concentrate) makes a cup of tea (hot or cold) that provides the benefits of several cups of regular green tea leaves. I use this green tea concentrate myself and recommend it to all my patients. It is an ideal healthy breakfast beverage.


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Ounce of Prevention: The Yeast Syndrome by Dr Tony Vendryes


(Jamaica Gleaner) Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Mildew, mould, and mushrooms are examples of plant forms known as fungi. Yeasts are microscopic fungi, and one very common type of yeast is a germ called Candida. It normally lives on the skin, in the digestive tract and the vagina of healthy individuals without causing any apparent problem.

However, yeast can cause trouble when excessive numbers of this germ multiply in the body. As the level of Candida increases, the immune system is put under heightened stress. Under certain conditions, the organism gets out of control and invades the membranes of the mouth or vagina, involves the skin, nails and deeper tissues or even enters the bloodstream. This kind of infection is called candidiasis by doctors and is usually treated with various antifungal drugs. The problem often becomes recurrent and chronic, despite repeated treatments.

The yeast syndrome

The book, The Yeast Connection, by Dr W Crook, describes a condition which features fatigue, digestive disturbance, chronic infections, allergies, skin problems, poor concentration, depression, irritability, hormonal imbalance, recurrent vaginal, prostate or urinary symptoms and cravings for sweets or other carbohydrates. This he attributed to an overgrowth of Candida in the body and called it the yeast syndrome.

He explained that an overabundance of yeast multiplying in the intestines produces toxins that severely disturb immune system function. Because of insufficient research, conventional doctors question the existence of this syndrome. However, there is substantial practical evidence that it exists, often in association with the overuse and abuse of antibiotics. Many patients who have suffered for a long time with these symptoms get better when they follow the kind of programme outlined below.

Are you at risk?

Yeast overgrowth is most common in individuals exposed to one or more of the following conditions: A diet high in sugar and refined carbohydrates, diabetes, repeated courses of antibiotics (more than 20 weeks in your lifetime, or more than four times in one year), birth-control tablets or other hormone therapies, use of prednisone and other steroids, chronic and excessive emotional stress, any immune suppression condition. e.g., HIV infection.


Treating the Yeast Syndrome


Diet: The importance of the removal of sugar from the diet cannot be overemphasised. The yeast organism thrives and multiplies in an environment high in sugar. Many patients suffering from this problem have serious sugar and carbohydrate cravings and failure to change the diet will result in failure to recover from the problem. If you have food allergies, those foods also need to be avoided during the recovery period.

A higher-protein (mainly plant protein and fish), lower carbohydrate and healthy fat programme is ideal. Even usually healthy carbohydrates like honey, sweet fruits and fruit juices are best avoided during the recover phase. They can be slowly reintroduced in small quantities later. Eat mostly protein and vegetables initially.

Dairy products, preservatives, chemical additives and yeast containing foods should also be avoided. I recommend a programme of supplements called the Cellular Nutrition Programme to ensure optimal nutritional support.

Probiotics: Healthy bacteria are beneficial in the prevention and treatment of yeast infections. These bacteria are called probiotics and their antifungal effect makes them particularly useful in treating the yeast syndrome. The most popular of these are the Lactobacillus acidophilus bacteria. They are available as tablets that combine the healthy bacteria with fibre to restore balance in the toxic colon.

Antifungal herbs: Garlic has a direct yeast-killing effect and should be used liberally in cooking. It may also be eaten raw or used as a vaginal insert. Aloe vera, ginger, golden seal and oregano oil are other herbs with potent antifungal properties.

Immune support: A weak immune system is a major contributor to the yeast syndrome, and strengthening the immune system is a vital part of the programme. Supplementing generously with antioxidant vitamins A, C, E, selenium, the herbs rosemary and schizandra, and the omega-3 fatty acids is strongly recommended. Sometimes, very high dosages of vitamin C given intravenously by a doctor may be useful.

Getting adequate restful sleep, daily relaxation and exercise and healthy stress management is critical for the healing of a weak immune system. Avoidance of environmental pollutants, fumes and fragrances will also reduce stress on the immune system.

Antifungal drugs: Prescrip-tion antifungal medication may be very useful in severe cases but are not magic bullets. They will provide only temporary relief if the other issues discussed are not addressed. The full programme must be followed for at least 12 weeks (and often much longer) to allow the body to recover from this debilitating condition.

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