‘Wen U Deh A Fareign Illegally, Prepare Fi Di Worst If U Get Ketch’!!!

Far too many Jamaicans on the Roc when they hear a ‘fareign’ accent change course immediately in their reception.  The smile  abounds and so do the overtures.  Listen up, this is not the same when you leave your country of origin and set upon foreign soil.  You are not going to be greeted with a welcome sign. 

Are you travelling as a tourist?   No……………….your sole purpose is to ‘try a ting’ and often times, ‘u get ketch’. Human rights say this, and human rights say that. The truth is many persons who are classified as foreigners in another man’s land are not treated in the fashion they would like regardless of their nationality.  List the countries where they treat foreigners who have run foul of their country’s laws whether it be immigration or other acts that are deemed felonious.

When we take on this pursuit of bombasting the government, we must ask ourselves first and foremost is the Jamaican national guilty of breaking any laws? If that is proven to be so, then I hardly think the government is in any position to dictate the kind of standards to be maintained. After all, on our soil, we can barely maintain health and safety standards in healthcare facilities, prison wards, must I go on. We the people who are deserving of such standards are guilty of no crimes.   Let me reiterate, ‘wen u lef yard fi try a ting, mek sure u prepare u headspace fi what to come wen u get ketch’. They say prevention is better than cure, but there are those amongst us who choose to hunt for the cure rather than to ‘tantodie’.


Jamaicans detained in Trinidad want to come home – High commissioner says Government trying its best to get them here

(Jamaica Gleaner) Sunday | January 17, 2016 | 12:00 AM
David Prendergast

A Jamaican, who has spent the past six months in detention in Trinidad after being arrested for overstaying his time in the twin island republic, has charged that he and his countrymen and women are being held in inhumane conditions in the Immigration Detention Centre (IDC).

According to the Jamaican, the inmates are desperate to return home as they have been abandoned by the Jamaica authorities and are being treated like hogs by the Trinidadians.

“We have to be sleeping on the ground like is a refugee camp we deh. We can’t get toilet paper, we can’t get soap, they don’t give us sugar or fruits or vegetable, and the food is horrible,” charged the Jamaican, whose name is being withheld.

“I don’t know if Jamaica has sold us to Trinidad, but them just holding us here and treating us bad, and our Government not doing anything.”

He said only three or four of the Jamaican detainees at the centre have been charged with criminal offences, while the others were detained for immigration breaches and are scheduled to be deported.

“If you have somebody visit you, them have to give them money before you get the visit,” claimed the Jamaican, as he added that inmates and their loved ones often comply with the demand for payment to avoid further sanctions.

“If you talk, them say you are a high-risk detainee and carry you go maximum-security prison, even though you not charged with any crime.”




Jamaica’s High Commissioner to Trinidad and Tobago David Prendergast has denied that the inmates have been abandoned by the Jamaican authorities and are not being visited.

According to Prendergast, his office has been in dialogue with Trinidad’s government to ensure the general welfare of Jamaican inmates at the facility and have been making every effort to get them home.

“We always make visits to the detention centre. The last visit was about three weeks ago, and we have continued to make representation to the authorities here. It is something that we are on in earnest,” Prendergast told our news team.

“We visit the centre almost every week. We go into the centre, and while we can’t go into where they sleep, we interview them. When we went in mid-December, none of them mentioned that,” said Prendergast.

He said 38 Jamaicans, including eight women, are being held at the IDC, which was opened in 2009.

“The High Commission for Jamaica in Trinidad and Tobago has made and continues to make strenuous and consistent represent-ation to the Trinidadian authorities to address the situation concerning Jamaicans detained in the IDC in Aripo.

“The High Commission has followed up on various cases and has met with senior officials in the Trinidad and Tobago Foreign Ministry, senior immi-gration officials on behalf of Jamaican nationals, including detainees in IDC, with the aim of expediting processing for return to Jamaica,” added Prendergast.




According to Prendergast, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade in Kingston also recently held discussions with representatives of Trinidad and Tobago, including on the expedited processing of Jamaicans in detention.

“It should be noted that a large number have been detained for working without the requisite work permits, overstaying their approved time in Trinidad, which is a violation of the Trinidad and Tobago Immigration Act, or have completed their prison sentences and are awaiting processing for deportation.

“Under the law, persons can be held for overstaying or working without a permit and must undergo a special enquiry convened by a senior immigration officer, before being processed for departure,” said Prendergast.

“On the last consular visit, each inmate was interviewed individually. Of note, during the visit, there were no complaints about overcrowding or lack of toiletries or that they were sleeping on the floor. In fact, as is customary, the High Commission brought supplies for the inmates, including snacks, juices and toiletries,” declared Prendergast.

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Former Political Councillor Recalls Horror Of Being Shot 3 Times

By his own words, Dr Raymond Notice recounts in great detail the moment he was pounced upon by hoodlums.  This story is chilling from beginning to end and we can only imagine such an ordeal.  Our public hospitals both Spanish Town and KPH he  credits for saving his life.  Yes he is alive and lucid, however, will justice be gained is a matter for the Courts.



Notice this! Doctor says he was marked for death!

(Jamaica Gleaner) Sunday | January 17, 2016 | 12:00 AM
Raymoth Notice
Still recovering from an attack by armed hoodlums which left him nursing three gunshot wounds, Dr Raymoth Notice has rejected the theory that he was the victim of an intended robbery.

Instead, Notice believes he has been marked for death for the last decade, but especially since he resigned from active politics in the last 12 months.

“This was not a random attack. They came for me,” Notice told The Sunday Gleaner in his first full-length media interview since he was shot outside his house in Bog Walk, St Catherine, on December 21, 2015.

“It was about 8:20 in the morning and I was washing my vehicle to clean it up for my office. The taxi carrying my helper came up, and I just looked from the corner of my eyes and saw that it was her and continued washing the vehicle,” said Notice.

“A reflection from the vehicle caused me to turn around and into a crowbar coming at my head. I raised my left arm to thwart the blow, and that caused the armed men to pump three shots into my body,” Notice said from his bed, where the physical evidence of his injuries was obvious.

The first shot entered his body through the outside of his right thigh and exited through the inner thigh at the knee.

The second went into the left arm and exited through his chest, doing severe damage to the lungs, while the third was in his back, inches away from his spine and exited the right side of the chest.

Notice said he was conscious throughout the entire early-morning ordeal, and the three shots which hit him came in quick succession, especially after he wrestled with one of the armed men, despite falling to the ground after receiving the first two shots.

It was as he fell that his licensed firearm fell from his waistband. The attackers made off with the gun.

“At one point, I said, ‘Just finish me off’,” said Notice.

“They kept on asking for the ‘chist’ (money chest). They asked twice. And my daughter ran outside after hearing the shots and asked them why. They asked again for the ‘chist’ and demanded to be taken to my room. She took them to the room and they searched and found nothing before leaving,” added Notice.


Having survived his ordeal, Notice looks back with awe at the persons he says were his heroes that morning: his daughter and the taxi driver, who was forced under his vehicle by the gunmen.

The taxi driver would take the battling-for-life Notice to the Spanish Town Hospital, while his daughter, on his instruction, called medical personnel to prepare them for his arrival and tell them of the seriousness of his wounds.

“My daughter was my wingman. The taxi driver broke every road rule to get me to hospital. And the medical people at Spanish Town Hospital were the first responders. They saved my life. The service there and at Kingston Public Hospital (KPH) was immediate, efficient, professional and swift,” he stated.

Physically broken, for now, he walks with the aid of a crutch, and it will take significant physiotherapy to provide him with even 50 per cent use of his damaged left arm.

But his spirit is not broken and the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) councillor is convinced that he was marked for death from the day he placed on record, to the party, evidence-based concerns of corrupt political elements being foisted on the people despite their known sins.

“The issue is the subject of an investigation but I am happy to say – maybe it’s because of my near-death experience – the JLP has indicated that it would like more and better particulars about the concerns I raised years ago. Better late then never,” said Notice.

The medical doctor, who sports dreadlocks, said he was heartened by the outpouring of love nationally and internationally since the shooting.

“I didn’t know people cared so much,” said Notice, as he remembered what he said was the enduring image of his four children, two medical doctors, and two in medical school, at his bedside after his second surgery at the KPH to repair his damaged right thigh.

“It warms your heart, you know, and it says renewal,” said Notice.

Having developed a reputation in Spanish Town as ‘The People’s Doctor’, who refuses no one even if they cannot afford his fees, Notice said there have been offers for jungle justice to avenge his shooting.

So far, he has resisted – and he is insisting that he will continue to resist – overtures from representatives of two criminal gangs for a signal from him to mete out swift, brutal justice on his behalf.

Two men have since been arrested in connection with the attack on Notice. They are scheduled to appear in court this week.

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Justice Minister Mark Golding, A Man Who Takes National Security Seriously!!!

There are those learned in the profession that when they speak as it relates to the Country’s business, you basically tune them out.  However, they are best suited for their private practice and anyone who can afford to pay them will surely get their best rightly so.  Unfortunately we all know the country is bleeding from crimes of all kinds.  I may define them as the high roller crimes, the crimes that garner big bucks from those in society who without their trimmings of luxury you would once upon a time, pass them without a slight note of awe or familiar glaze.  Then there are the usual drug mules, gang related crimes etc etc etc.

What we do know is that many Jamaicans have no faith in our justice system for many valid reasons. It is often felt that those who can pay fly, and those who cannot sink. Justice should not be perceived in such a light, but it is. We are a small Island not the USA or Europe and so we are severely affected as a Nation when we have been labeled quite aptly as one that is soft on crime.

A time such as the one we are in, we do not need favourable laws to combat what is obviously out of control. What we need are laws that once broken can send a message that you will pay the price not by your mighty dollars but by the loss of your freedom for a long time. The popular saying as corny as it may sound, ‘if you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime’, rings true. We do not wish for popular bills by the privileged few; rather we need laws that can restore some faith in those elected to run this Country as they do their homes.



Net cast for criminals on high seas

(Jamaica Gleaner) Saturday | January 16, 2016 | 12:00

File Tavares Finson
THE PATH is now set for Jamaica’s national security minister to, with the stroke of a pen, waive the country’s right to exercise jurisdiction over a citizen found on the high seas with contraband.

Senators yesterday voted along party lines to pass the Maritime Drug Trafficking (Suppression Act). Nine government senators voted to support the bill while eight opposition senators voted against it. Four government senators were absent. This followed suspension of debate on the bill, last year, after both sides raised concerns about its constitutionality.

The national security minister currently has the power to waive jurisdiction over a Jamaican flagged vessel and its content found on the high seas by agents of a treaty state – the United States and Britain – if he finds it to be transporting contrabands such as illegal guns and drugs.

Justice Minister Mark Golding has said that there have been repeated situations where traffickers are held at sea with large amounts of contraband and the vessel, the contraband, and any non-Jamaican nationals are taken for prosecution in the US and that Jamaicans have to be handed over to the local authorities. He said that as a result of Jamaica’s limitations in successfully prosecuting these cases, the nationals walk free and Jamaica’s national security is compromised.

Government senators voted for the bill yesterday after Golding, the Justice Minister, brought a set of amendments which outlines the scheme to be used in the application of a decision by the minister to waive jurisdiction over a national.

The minister shall not waive Jamaica’s right to exercise jurisdiction and authorise the relevant treaty State to enforce its laws against the person if the Attorney-General advises the Minister that the relevant treaty State is not likely to give the person a fair trial or it is likely that the person will be punished, detained or restricted in his personal liberty by reason of his race, place of origin, social class, colour, religion or political opinion.

The other considerations are that the waiver and authorisation would contravene the provisions of the constitution or other law in relation to the person; or there is no impediment (whether legal, evidentiary or otherwise) to the effective prosecution of the person if he were to stand trial in Jamaica.

The minister is required to seek the advice from the Attorney General on four specific issues.

“If the advice of the Attorney General is that any of those four things will be breached, he cannot waive jurisdiction. If the advice of the Attorney General is that none of those four things would be breached, the minister then has a decision to make,” Golding said.

He stressed that the scheme of the law is for the minister to make an executive decision having given due consideration to matters of defence, national security and international relations.

Opposition Senators said that the amendments do not cure the ills that are contained in the original bill that was passed in the House of Representatives.

Tom Tavares Finson, the Leader of Opposition Business, said that the provisions of the bill are most egregious and influenced his colleagues to vote against the bill.

Tavares Finson said that the bill was abrogating the right of Jamaican citizens, with the stroke of a pen, from the national security minister.

A politician should not have the right to waive the constitutional right of any person, of any Jamaican. Tavares Finson suggested that the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) should have a role in the matter, but it was rejected by Golding.

Government Senator K.D. Knight, who was strident in his opposition to the bill, was absent from the Senate yesterday.


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Entitlement Disease, The So Called Brights In Politics Suffer So!!!!!

J$1.5 million paid to supporters to play the fool.  Why not take it a step further and remove yourself from membership of the Party?  Instead of becoming part of the solution, you continued to remain part of the problem.  You lost, take it like a professional and move on.  Your failure to denounce the downright crude, crass, ignorant and nasty behaviour by those who claim to be your supporters reflected more on YOU rather than them.  Sad to say as in every culture there is an underbelly that only knows how to air their grosses in one kind of fashion and always on public display.  Those who profess to have youth; brains, brawn and commitment have proven to be an embarrassment to the Party. 

Opportunity was given to you yet you abused it and you should suffer the consequence.  Quite frankly, there are much more burning topics that should be focused on rather than shining the spotlights on these ‘one hit wonders’.  Remove them swiftly and get on with the business of running this Country and calling the General Election.  2016 should be the year you declare ‘Our Way or The Highway’; Raymond Pryce take the highway.

‘Prycey’ protest

 Business interests pay $1.5 m to bus pro-Pryce supporters to PNP HQ

(Jamaica Observer) Thursday, January 14, 2016     18 Comments  

 St Elizabeth North Eastern Member of Parliament Raymond Pryce (second left) is flocked by jubilant supporters on his arrival at the People’s National Party headquarters on Hope Road, St Andrew, on Tuesday.

MORE than $1.5 million was spent on mobilising supporters to protest in favour of departed deputy general secretary of the People’s National Party (PNP) Raymond Pryce, the Jamaica Observer can report.

The Observer has been reliably informed that one St Elizabeth businessman was the main sponsor of the activity, with supporters being paid $2,500 each to board the buses, and given a meal as well, which came up to roughly $950,000.

The cost of renting the 12 buses amounted to more than $600,000.

Other business interests contributed to footing the bill, but none of the amount was put up by Pryce, the

Observer was told.

Pryce, sources said yesterday, had chosen to resign before being dismissed by the party’s second-highest decision-making group, the National Executive Council (NEC), as he had “gone too far” in trying to send a message that he should be retained as MP.

The MP’s failure to rein in his supporters, only served to put the party in disrepute, rather than boost its fortunes, his critics have said.

Pryce, the member of parliament for St Elizabeth North Eastern, quit as deputy general secretary and a member of the officer corps of the near 88-year-old PNP, arising from an incident on Monday when busloads of his supporters converged on the party’s Old Hope Road headquarters in St Andrew.

The vociferous crowd threatened to, among other things, to withhold their votes in the next general election, expected during the first quarter of this year, if Pryce was not allowed to contest the seat. They demanded that the party reinstates Pryce.

The party had, last year, approved St Elizabeth businessman Evon Redman as the candidate to replace Pryce.

The general belief is that the incumbent MP was not convincing in trying to dissuade his supporters from taking such action and had to be held accountable.

In an animated meeting of the PNP’s officers corps and parliamentary group at its headquarters on Monday, a majority of those present suggested that Pryce ought to be sanctioned — a decision that would later have to be ratified by the NEC.

One PNP elder even went as far as suggesting that Pryce should be kicked out of the party.

Pryce, the former St George’s College and University of the West Indies graduate, who once headed the PNP’s youth affiliate, the Patriots, told Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller in his letter of resignation, that despite his best efforts to prevent occurrences within the political organisation in St Elizabeth North Eastern, they continued to play out publicly.

“All of us as Comrades support the right of our membership to express opinions freely and to do so respectfully and within the established channels,” he wrote.

“The current situation has caused significant strain and concern to me as member of parliament and as an officer of the party who holds the post of deputy general secretary/communication.

“Quite regrettably, the matters have detained much of the attention of the leadership of the party and have impacted on our collective ability to proceed on other crucial issues. This is untenable.

“As a result, and of a course of principle and respect to you personally and as party president and officers who had invited me to serve as deputy general secretary in the first place, I tender my resignation from that post and from the officer corps,” Pryce wrote, while maintaining his commitment to the PNP

“For the record, I remain convinced in my view, based on fact and experience that the People’s National Party as a national movement still presents the best opportunities for Jamaica’s continued development, I will continue my membership in the party and will work earnestly to contribute to its advancement and that of the people of Jamaica.

“It has been an honour to serve the party at this level and to be among its ranks as the parliamentary representative from North Eastern St Elizabeth.

“The successes that have been achieved there were done with the partnership of the great people of that constituency and on their behalf. That testifies to their importance and to the respect my family and I will always have for them. I thank them for their support.

“I especially thank you party president for the confidence you repose in me and for the opportunities that have come for me to serve this country and our party,” Pryce wrote.

Redman could not be reached yesterday when the

Observer sought a comment from him, but an aide to the declared candidate said that there was some amount of “relief” that Pryce had decided to quit the officers corps.

“He always had an advantage even when we were running the campaign of Comrade Redman, being a part of the secretariat, and so he was privy to material and information that was not available to the Redman side.

“We are hoping that now that Mr Pryce has resigned as deputy general secretary, the people who say they support him will, finally, rally behind Comrade Redman, so that we can work in peace and harmony. But somehow, I just get the feeling that we still have not seen the last of this whole episode,” the PNP supporter said.

TIMELINE: How Raymond paid the ‘Pryce’

(Jamaica Gleaner) Wednesday | January 13, 2016 | 3:45 PM
Pryce, who was inserted in the St Elizabeth seat at the 11th hour in 2011, has now resigned as PNP deputy general secretary. 

The North East St Elizabeth MP Raymond Pryce today resigned as deputy general secretary of the People’s National Party (PNP).

Pryce had been coming under increased pressure since Monday when throngs of his supporters descended on the PNP’s Old Hope Road headquarters demanding that he be kept as the standard bearer for North East St Elizabeth.

The seat is to be contested by businessman Evon Redman for the PNP in the next general election.

Pryce’s resignation also coincides with a series of actions by his supporters who insist that he should remain in the constituency.

Here’s the timeline:

September 4, 2015

 Pryce could face the sternest test of his political career

First-term parliamentarian Raymond Pryce is set to face, possibly, the sternest test of his short political career when he butts heads with political aspirant Evon Redman in another day.


September 11, 2015

Pryce supporter gets court injunction barring PNP election in NE St Elizabeth

Supreme Court Justice Bryan Sykes has granted a 28-day ex parte injunction to a Raymond Pryce supporter barring the holding of a People’s National Party election in his North East St Elizabeth constituency.

September 12, 2015

Raymond Pryce selection race in tailspin!

The bitter selection contest in St Elizabeth North East between incumbent Raymond Pryce and challenger Evon Redman has taken a new turn.


September 13, 2015

Pryce-Redman battle rages – Comrades block roads to protest delay in selection race as court delays ruling

The battle over who is to represent the People’s National Party in North East St Elizabeth took an ominous turn last Friday, when it moved into the courts and became uglier yesterday as it played out in a nasty way on the streets of the constituency. (In photo – Fire personnel helping the police to clear one of the many roadblocks allegedly mounted by Comrades opposed to sitting Member of Parliament Raymond Pryce in North East St Elizabeth on September 12, 2015.)

September 14, 2015

Raymond Pryce out … PNP executive rejects application of NE St Elizabeth MP

Raymond Pryce will not go forward as a prospective candidate for the People’s National Party in North East St Elizabeth. The first time MP, who is also deputy general secretary of the party, was told by the executive of the party that his application to represent the PNP has not been accepted.


September 16, 2015

Way cleared for PNP election in NE East St Elizabeth

The injunction which barred the PNP from undertaking a candidate selection in North East St Elizabeth has been lifted. The injunction was lifted by Supreme Court judge Justice Bryan Sykes after PNP member and former Mayor of Black River, Daphne Holmes, withdrew her application.



September 16, 2015

Redman for NE St Bess – Pryce withdraws, PNP rejects Spencer

Businessman Evon Redman is set to represent the People’s National Party (PNP) in North East St Elizabeth.


September 18, 2015

Raymond Pryce supporters protest in Santa Cruz

Supporters of the outgoing North East St Elizabeth MP Raymond Pryce Friday afternoon took their protest to the town of Santa Cruz demanding that the People’s National Party allows him to stay as their representative. (In photo – Pryce’s supporters descended on the town of Santa Cruz Friday afternoon with placards in support of their MP.)


January 4, 2016

Pryce supporters in North East St Elizabeth admit to blocking the roads.

January 5, 2016

Pro-Pryce supporters to march on PNP HQ

“Let me tell you that right now, a convoy of 14 Coaster buses, private cars and other vehicles will be heading to PNP headquarters. We are going to occupy PNP headquarters until this thing is settled. We are bringing pots, pans, bananas and pickney. It means we not leaving, ’cause PNP headquarters is for every PNP,” a Pryce supporter told The Gleaner. (In photo – Firemen remove a tree that was used to block a section of the Georges Valley main road in North East St Elizabeth where persons loyal to Member of Parliament Raymond Pryce attempted to put pressure on the People’s National Party to reinstate him as the standard-bearer for the upcoming election.)


January 10, 2016

Busloads of Pryce supporters descend on PNP headquarters

A contingent of supporters of North East St Elizabeth Member of Parliament Raymond Pryce is now meeting with officers of the People’s National Party (PNP) after busloads of them descended on the party’s headquarters.

Turmoil at PNP HQ – Pryce supporters flock Old Hope Road, demand Redman’s removal

January 11, 2016

Redman remains! PNP keeps aspirant despite protest by Pryce supporters
Numerous People’s National Party (PNP) supporters from North East St Elizabeth have left a meeting with senior party officials upset after the hierarchy insisted that it would be keeping Evon Redman as the candidate for the constituency in the upcoming general election.


January 13, 2016

Raymond Pryce resigns as PNP Deputy General Secretary

Raymond Pryce has resigned as Deputy General Secretary of the People’s National Party (PNP).

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Tony Vendryes: A New Year – A New You

 (Jamaica Gleaner) Tuesday | January 12, 2016 | 12:00 AM
3D renders of two female skeletons one slim and one overweight
New Year is always an opportunity for new beginnings. Do you know that you are a work in progress? You are a remarkable combination of body, mind, and spirit. You are never stuck in any given situation. You are designed with the amazing ability to heal and change yourself. In a recent article, I described ways for using your mind for healing. Today, let’s look at other ways that your body can repair itself.

The human body is composed of tiny units called cells. Cells are the body’s building blocks and the actual units of life. Medical science understands that health and disease occur at a cellular level: When your cells are healthy, you are healthy; and if they are sick, you get sick.

It is estimated that the average human body is composed of 70 trillion cells or more; however, your body is never ever stuck in one state. Every moment of every day, old, damaged, unhealthy cells in your body die, and immediately, new ones are created to replace them. In other words, your body is designed by its creator with its own intrinsic capacity to repair, heal, and renew itself. It is estimated that in any one year, your body replaces over 90 per cent of its cells.

But the quality and integrity of the new cells your body creates depend on the nutrients they are provided on a daily basis. You are indeed what you eat. A concept called cellular nutrition is a simple strategy to provide cells with all the nutrients they need for healing and wellness. It puts the wisdom of the body to work. With this approach, the body performs its magic, and you feel the difference.

Medical science has worked out what key nutrients the body needs: protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals, trace elements, botanical factors (herbs), fibre, and water. Nutritional science has the technology to create a simple programme of supplements that delivers cellular nutrition. I am fully convinced that in today’s world, taking nutritional supplements is necessary for optimal health, and even conservative authorities like the American Medical Association now agree with me.

Based on ongoing research directed by Dr David Heber at UCLA’s Mark Hughes Cellular and Molecular Laboratory, a patented programme of nutritional supplements was successfully used by tens of millions of people all over the world. This is the programme I use myself and recommend to all my patients.



This supplement programme includes three basic items:

– A nutritional shake drink that replaces a meal. This provides the body’s cells with all the macronutrients it needs: proteins, carbohydrates, healthy fats, and fibre. Although there are now many shakes on the market, very few can be designated “a meal replacement shake” as it must first fulfil very stringent nutritional guidelines set by the FDA. The cellular nutrition shake I recommend satisfies those requirements and is a real meal in a convenient drink.

– A multivitamin/mineral tablet that supplies the cells with the full spectrum of micronutrients: vitamins, minerals, trace elements, and vegetable extracts.

– A herbal capsule called Cell Activator that promotes optimal cellular function while protecting the cell from damage. It contains ingredients like aloe vera, medicinal reishi mushrooms, pycnogenol, pomegranate, resveratrol, and alpha lipoic acid. These help the cells absorb and utilise the ingredients in the shake and the multivitamin tablet.



How you take supplements is very important for optimal cellular nutrition. Replacing one regular meal with the shake each day can profoundly affect how your body functions and makes a convenient and nutritious breakfast. It can also be used to lose weight by replacing two meals with two shakes daily. The impact of the shake can be further amplified with a patented herbal tea blend.

Take your multivitamin and cell activator supplements with each meal three times per day to ensure that your cells get optimal nutrition all the time. The popular one-a-day multivitamin approach, though convenient, is inadequate as the body cannot absorb all the nutrients it requires for the day at one sitting.

People often experience a great shift in energy and well-being soon after starting this programme, but the real long-term benefits are derived from consistent use over several months, so be patient.



As the term ‘supplements’ implies, they are designed to complement your regular food intake. It is important to eat a nutritious and balanced diet. Pay particular attention to your intake of healthy protein (plant protein, fish, and organic poultry) along with seven to nine servings of vegetables and fruit daily. Set aside time to relax, eat slowly, chew your food well, and eat consciously.

What you drink is also vital for cellular nutrition as about two-thirds of the cell is composed of water. While clean water is the best choice of liquids, other healthy beverages include herbal teas (especially green tea), coconut water, fresh vegetables, and fruit juices. Additional water is supplied from water-rich foods like soups, salads and vegetables, and fruit.

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‘Every Weh U Go Macca Juke U’ – Wanted Man Flee From USA Now In JA

With all the technology that America has, the rigorous scrutiny one goes through at their airports, how did this man ‘cross it’?What happened to the finger printing machine? Even if he travelled under another identity, explain the finger printing device? With all that is going on, I would expect that Homeland Security would cover those bases that involve anyone who is out on bail for serious offenses. Sex crimes are as serious as they come. Now this deviant, oops sorry, they say innocent until proven guilty is on our soil. So why flee?

We are now lumbered with this and who knows how many others. Our resources are limited, no need to expound on that. Bottom line is.   We can barely cope with our criminal element living on the Roc, much less to spread what we do not have neither in manpower or otherwise; dealing with Jamaicans by birth who have ran foul of the law in the US. Uncle Sam, they are your responsibility and I hope you send the manpower along with the resources to recapture the likes of these. It sounds unreasonable, ‘but wi caan manage. Wey it mek sense preten like wi can deal, wen right now a dwag a eat wi supper. Wi is but a small island, yet the amount a wi Police dat a di living criminal mek it impassible fi hide di truth any longer’.

‘Who waan vex a suh’……………….


Police searching for man on the run from US authorities 

(Jamaica Gleaner) Saturday | January 9, 2016 | 5:57 PM

The police are now searching for a man who is alleged to have absconded bail in the United States and fled to Jamaica.

He has been identified as 33-year-old Moseh Dunn, who was born in Jamaica before migrating to the US.

It’s alleged that Dunn has been charged with several sexual offences in the State of Pennsylvania and released on $250,000 bail.

However, it’s reported that while awaiting trial Dunn fled to Jamaica in December last year and was reported missing several days later after he rented a motor vehicle from a St James car rental company.

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12 Family Members And Veteran Singer Stuck In Morgue For 2 Months Now – Give Me A Break!!!!

One (1) Wife, 1 brother and 10 picknies and together they cannot come up with US$4,000.00 to bury their blood.

For Petes sake some 15 year old cars on the Roc is worth more than that TODAY.  People, each of you are an individual, one person.   Make preparations for yourself when you are alive once you have all your faculties and stop leaving everything up to your HUSBAND, WIFE, COMMON-LAW, CHILDREN ETC.  You have the RING, you birth them but you will never have an individual’s  MIND.

We are in an era now where our educated and non educated believe they know it all so continue to think otherwise.  I have no contributions to give on this one.

Now your business ‘gaan’ abroad.  There is a lesson to be learnt here for those who are open.


Singer Jackie Brown yet to be buried

(Jamaica Observer) Wednesday, January 06, 2016 | 4:40 PM    


Jackie Brown

KINGSTON, Jamaica — Veteran singer Jackie Brown is yet to be buried, nearly two months after his death.

His daughter, Odette Brown, spoke to OBSERVER ONLINE a short while ago from the United States and explained the situation.

“I came to New York from Jamaica two weeks ago to attend his funeral,” said the 44-year-old Brown.

“I don’t know what is going on… He’s still in the morgue… There’s no money to bury him.”

 She said her father’s body is at David Williams Funeral Home in Queens, New York and donations can be made to there on her father’s behalf.

“I was told it’s US$4,000 to bury him. I’m crying out … Me jus’ waan some help to bury me father,” she said.

Singer Jackie Brown had a successful career in 1970s. He died in New York on November 15 at age 69.

He migrated to the US in 1981 and was known for songs including Send Me The Pillow, Little Miss Hard to Get, and Fat Girl.

He is survived by a wife, brother and 10 children.

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Young Girls – Expired At Age 25, Garbage Bin At Age 35, Full Blown Depression At Age 40 Until !!!!!!

The delusional parent/parents/guardian say…………….’Di dutty teacher dem a mess wid mi lickle girl.  Lock dem up di ole pervert.  Every Sunday wi deh a Church, fi mi daughter nuh ina dem deh sinting’.  

‘Get this very clear. We are not of that sort. My child is privileged and is being raised from a privileged background. How dare you make such allegations!  Call the Police and have this poverty stricken piece of gutty snipe called Teacher arrested immediately. Do you know who I am? Come on Sade, we do not have to subject ourselves to this. Where is your Father?   Let me call him right now.  Marqui honey, tell QC Johnny Boy to come fix this at once? You think being an elite in this Country does not entitle us to open access anywhere and at any time that we demand it.  Sade, come on and put away those gadgets I say, put them away!  Stop the blasted pinging!!  You know something you are striking grounded!!!  Marqui honey,  I CANNOT COPE WITH ALL OF THIS,  PLEASE COME HOME NOW’!!!!

‘Tandeh’……….Continue believing your beauty queens are fragile and are as innocent as you profess. I was born in the 1960’s and I can tell you the ability to lie is in born. Deception on the other hand is learnt, crafted and honed into a skill that is mind boggling especially to the ones being deceived. You do not have to be a Parent to know the ‘runnings’. We were all ‘pickininies’ at one point. Whether or not you were shy, fool fool, or just plain well behaved, the opposite of all those existed. Needless to say I fit the opposite descriptive. Nothing to be proud of just saying I am not easily fooled by the young and am well aware that ones background does not necessarily negate to a squeaky clean behaviour from our girls or boys; however, this article is all about our GIRLS!!!!!!


Schoolgirl stalkers! – Male teachers flee the classroom to escape female student predators 

(Jamaica Gleaner) Sunday | January 3, 2016 | 12:00 AM

“The risks are great for a young male teacher.”
Clayton Hall
Ruel Reid

Across the island, several schoolgirls, some as young as 14, have been setting their sights on the few male teachers left in the system, sending explicit photographs and aggressively trying to entice the authority figures into sexual relationships with them.

“The risks are great for a young male teacher,” admitted Clayton Hall, former president of the Jamaica Teachers’ Association (JTA).

“I had to come to the defence of a teacher recently after he received sexually explicit photos from a student. The child’s parents saw the photos and called in the police, and officers from CISOCA (the Centre for Investigation of Sexual Offences and Child Abuse) came in,” said Hall.

“The parents believed he was soliciting their child. Luckily for him, a series of reprimands were part of the messaging thread and those proved to be his get-out-of-jail card. Without it, he would have been arrested,” added Hall.

But the woes of the young male teacher did not end there, as the police threatened him with prosecution under the Cybercrimes Act, which provides criminal sanction for the misuse of computer systems or data and the abuse of electronic means of completing transactions.

He was also warned for prosecution under the Child Care and Protection Act, which requires adults to report to the relevant authorities children in need of care and protection.

“In this dispensation, I have had male teachers complain to me about the situation. It becomes very problematic for the teacher when you look at the Child Care and Protection Act, which considers you guilty until you can prove otherwise,” said Hall.

He noted that if the teacher had shown the photographs to his head of department, that might not have been considered as making a report, while keeping the photographs on his cellular phone could cause him to be charged.

According to Hall, he was also relentlessly sexually harassed via letters from students while he taught at an all-girl school in the Corporate Area a decade ago.

After seeking advice on how to deal with the matter, he said he began correcting the girls’ grammar and spelling while telling them to do better.

“It didn’t stop, but it reduced the frequency of the letters,” said Hall.

So aggressive is the campaign by some female secondary-school students that three male teachers recently resigned at the end of the just-concluded school term.

One of the teachers told The Sunday Gleaner that he had to walk away from the Corporate Area-based co-educational school because the girls were sending him lewd images and suggestive text messages, and when he failed to respond favourably, he was accused of being a homosexual.

In the meantime, another former JTA president, Ruel Reid, the principal of Jamaica College, said the issue of male sexual harassment was not unique to teachers.

With the male teachers indicating that some of the girls sourced their contact information through communication groups on platforms such as WhatsApp Messenger, which were set up to help with the teaching and learning process, Reid said he did not support teachers being involved in these groups with their students.

“I do not encourage staff members being part of students’ WhatsApp groups and all that. There is no guideline sent out by the ministry and I would not encourage it,” said Reid.

“A teacher should not be part of such an arrangement without the consent of the parents. This is a conversation that the association (JTA), the schools and their parent-teacher associations must have. The ministry (of education) must also be part of the discourse as there are no provisions to protect the teachers when something goes wrong,” added Reid.

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‘Money Did A Flow’ – Or Was It Feast Today, Famine Tomorrow!!!

Wow – on December 18th, J$1 billion was spent via multi link network on the Roc.   Does that sound like ‘nutten nah gwaan’?  A whopping 27% increase to that of 2014.

The average spending was roughly J$8,000.00 on the highest hit of that day. Now I am not a finance analyst, barely can add without the help of a calculator so bear with me please. We know that Jamaicans love last minute experience for most things. So this does not appear to be the sole expenditure for the average person for the month of December.  There was still  6 days left before Christmas Eve and 12 days leading up to New Years Eve. ‘Wey di money come from?’

Are things really that bad considering our insatiable appetite as a Country that has caused us to be in debt for over 4 decades? The stringent measures that are being undertaken called austerity to get us on a path of exponential growth, when, only God knows, still apparently can afford many to do more than get by.  Don’t these figures prove just that?

I’m simply saying. Stop jump on a wagon that you have no business riding. Deal with issues as you see fit, but creating unnecessary hysteria when there is no other way out is irresponsible. You cannot run up a credit card, max it out, then turn to the financial institution and say, ‘I only want to pay this as I must be able to do what I used to do regardless of my debt to you’. ‘Nutten nuh go so. If u want good, u nose affi run, and run it shall’.

If it is feast today and famine tomorrow, then that was your choice so enjoy it both ways.



MultiLink withdrawals skyrocket to $125 billion

27% growth over 2014

(Jamaica Observer) Friday, January 01, 2016    

ABM cash withdrawals via the MultiLink network grew by more than nine per cent in 2015

Approximately $14 billion flowed on Multi-Link during December 2015, with top spending on December 18 when nearly one billion dollars was withdrawn on the network.

Edmundo Jenez, general manager of JETS Limited, which operates the Multilink network, said Tuesday that demand for money on the network is up 27 per cent year over year for January to December 28, 2015.

MultiLink, he said, is nearing the trillion-dollar mark by value of transactions over its 18 years of existence.

For the Jan 1 – Dec 28, 2015 period, more than $125.949 billion was withdrawn, an increase of 27.4 per cent over 2014 . The total withdrawals for 2014 was $98.6 billion.

For 2015, the number of transactions was 21,726 million, an increase of 21.43 per cent over the 17,110 million transactions in 2014.

During December, which is characterised as the most cash-intensive month of the year, more than $13.1 billion was withdrawn via ABM and point of sale (POS) terminals for the period Dec 1 to 28, 2015 – via 2,046,584 withdrawal transactions.

Notably, MultiLink only handles about 20 to 25 per cent of all debit payments (network interbank activity). The rest is at the individual bank level servicing their own customers at their own terminal.

Jenez said JETS was expecting a total of $14 billion for the month by year end.

The network’s island wide pool of shared terminals saw an increase to 713 ABM and 11,197 POS units across all parishes and towns in 2015. Since official start up on June 1, 1997, MultiLink has delivered nearly $1 trillion dollars ($921.4 billion) via more than 206 million withdrawals, Jenez stated.

“MultiLink’s social and econometric impacts have been great, expanding access to low cost electronic payments to within reach of every Jamaican, helping to save large amounts of man hours for more productive us,” the general manager boasted.

During 2015, new milestones reached by the company included more than one million active card holders in the past 12 months; and 479,547 card users online in the month of December as of Dec 28, 2015.

Friday, December 18th, also saw a new MultiLink record of $943 million dispensed via 118,820 withdrawals in one day — for an average withdrawl of about $8,000. Christmas Eve, December 24, produced a demand of $871 Million but with a larger 126,994 withdrawals, Jenez disclosed.

Comparatively, in 2014 the peak day was Friday Dec 19th with $760 Million (104,231 withdrawals), or an average withdrawal of about $7,300. Christmas Eve 2014 produced a demand for $720 Million (111,448 withdrawal)

Jenez said point of sale (POS) demand grew by more than 65.57 per cent while ABM cash withdrawals grew by 9.25 per cent overall during 2015.

Reflecting on the year, Jenez said, “2015 has been a great year for business performance and customer service. JETS has maintained the MultiLink network at international levels of high reliability, customer access and inclusion via the economies of scale achieved by its members working together.”

The members organisations participating in the MultiLink Network are the seven owners of JETS Ltd: Scotiabank, CIBC FirstCaribbean, Jamaica Cooperative Credit Union League, Jamaica National Building Society, National Commercial Bank, Sagicor, and Victoria Mutual Building Society, along with licensees First Global Bank and JMMB Merchant.


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Stop Pussy Footing Around! – Get the Military On Our Streets

‘U nuh si wha a gwaan.  Stop di mickey mouse game oono seem to a play an deal wid di ting.  U dun know sey is a different kine a criminal element wi a deal wid pon di Roc’.

Where are the psychologists? Do you not recognise that evil people exists?  The world does, what says Jamaica?   Yessssss, we have terrorists!!!!!

The JCF is not feared and no amount of threats is going to make those you seek fear you. Frankly speaking it is too late for that. What you can attempt to do is to clean up our Streets in what ever manner that will reap results. At the present moment any strides you make are quickly eroded by reports like these.

This is a small island and while the Community needs to be a willing participant in combating crime when it is sown within their midst, the reality is, ‘it nah happen’. Our reality is we are crippled by fear for good reasons. Too many members of the JCF are not trustworthy. It is felt that they too are too close to many of the elements that wreak havoc on the Island. This is not unique to Jamaica, however, we do not have an abundance of Officers and so the good ones seem few in our eyes.

Until we face the harsh realities that our system in dealing with wrong doers needs to go back to Parliament where a legislature can be implemented to reflect the new generation of criminals, ‘wi corner will remain forever dark’. Frustration is bound to set in amongst those Officers who are committed leaving depressed and hopeless ones who are charged with protecting the people of this Land. What is the solution?

The powers of be knows exactly what needs to be done. There are born Jamaicans and know the culture and who they are dealing with. So while they dialogue and enquire, the rest of us sooner or later will be left to fend for ourselves.


Gunmen attack firefighters at burning Retirement dump

(Jamaica Gleaner)  Saturday | January 2, 2016 | 8:30 AM 

The National Solid Waste and Management Authority last night had to call in the police after armed men stormed the burning Retirement landfill in St James seeking to thwart the efforts of firefighters trying to put out the blaze.

Percy Stewart, the Director of Operations at the NSWMA told The Gleaner that he received word that the firefighters had come under gun fire.

Arsonists are suspected to have set the landfill ablaze two days ago and strong winds have made it difficult to put it out.

The attack by armed hoodlums came hours after Jamaica Labour Party supporters demonstrated in the area about the smoke nuisance.

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