‘Kiss Mi Teeth’ – Front Page??? – Warmington in USA For Healthcare Treatment

You really expect the people of this country to have any belief that health-care will improve much less be sustainable when the very same leaders wishing to govern have no faith in the system.  When our elected leaders and those wishing to govern can use our health-care system and facility to the fullest then some credence can be given to their rhetoric.

Hypocrites we are surrounded by who use politics and their influence to ‘hog’ the spot light and deceive the people of this country as to their love for ‘all things Jamaican’.  We talk about Brand Jamaica, where does health-care fit in?  If tourists/visitors have a health crisis, what facility do we have that will not cause us embarrassment?  It matters not to the powers of be because if they have a simple’toe ache’, they simply jet out to ‘fareign’ and have ‘all things non Jamaican’ come to their aide.  After all, you are not restricted nor affected by the devaluation of the Jamaican dollar, ‘as fi oono US$ tun up til it tun ova’. 

‘Mout deya fi run, an oono know how fi run it well’.  Not even the high end TT Wing is good enough it appears.


Warmington hospitalised in US

(Jamaica Observer) Wednesday, September 09, 2015     46 Comments  

St Catherine South Western Member of Parliament Everald Warmington

CONTROVERSIAL Member of Parliament for South West St Catherine Everald Warmington has been resting and receiving treatment in the United States for a degenerative disc disease for the past two weeks.

Warmington, who had been wearing a neck brace for several weeks, was ordered to rest, and received treatment for the so-called disease.

He travelled to the United States after his most recent conflict with the press at the Jamaica Labour Party’s (JLP’s) headquarters, Belmont Road, Kingston. He was accused then of cursing a newspaper intern, and a day after he flipped the middle finger to a crowd outside party headquarters after apologising for the earlier event.

However, the South-West St Catherine MP is considered a Gordon House livewire, whose presence has been missed over the past two weeks.

He told the Jamaica Observer via phone from the US yesterday that he has been diagnosed with “a narrowing of the sixth and seventh vertebrae and degeneration in the fifth”, which has been affecting both sides of his neck for several months now.

“It has been extremely painful and had been affecting the nerve to my right hand for some time,” Warmington told the Observer last night.

He said that earlier plans for major surgery have been dashed, due to the tremendous improvement in his condition over the past two weeks, and he is expected to return home by weekend.

A degenerative disc disease is a common cause of lower back and neck pain. It is also misunderstood as, despite the name, it is not considered a progressive, threatening disease and, in fact, is not really a disease nor is it strictly degenerative.

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This Is It – ‘Nastiness Tun Up’ – Rape????

They say innocent until proven guilty.  I refer to the Mayor’s comments re ‘bun out di rapists dem’, words to that effect and my subsequent post on ‘nuh tek back u chat’.  When you read this latest on the Roc, you will see ‘how di ting set up’.  I will say this, I was once 22 years old and never had it crossed my mind to ‘wrap up wid certain kine a people wey ooda mek mi wan bifren a 15 year ole.  In fact, at 22 years of age, did I know any 15 year olds?  Not at all, I was busy being an adult and mixing with children was not on my agenda at all.

I ask the question, which do you think is more shameful, being charged for fraud or rape?  The reality of the situation is there are those who do not think anything is wrong with having sexual intercourse with a fifteen (15) year old.  The easiest thing to claim is that the child lied about their age and told you they were sixteen (16) or seventeen (17) years old.  Is there a moral compass in our society today, or is deviancy the new ‘human right’?  Close attention I will certainly pay to this case.


UPDATE: Woman charged with aiding and abetting, Don Creary on rape rap 

(Jamaica Gleaner) Wednesday | September 9, 2015

Don Creary (left) and Shaneke Williams

Twenty-two year-old Shaneke Williams has been charged with aiding and abetting in connection with the rape charge against former Jamaica Labour Party councillor, Don Creary.

Williams and Creary were arrested and charged today after being questioned by the police.

The police report that in 2013, Creary and Williams took a 15-year-old girl to an apartment in St Mary where she was allegedly given alcoholic beverages and sexually assaulted.

The teen reportedly told her mother and a complaint was filed to the police.

Creary reported to the Kingston offices of the Centre for the Investigation of Sexual Offences and Child Abuse this morning after being asked to do so.

Creary was the councillor for the Castleton Division from 2003 to 2007.

The former councillor and Williams are to appear before the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate’s Court later this week.

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Usain Bolt – All About Rio – That’s Exactly What I Say

It is an established fact that Usain Bolt is my all time greats and favourite athlete.  At my place of business, I am often told to calm down when there is an opposing view as it is felt my responses are bordered on ‘hero worship’ of Usain Bolt.  For the record it is not ‘hero worship’, I simply believe in Bolt’s talents and accomplishments and do not suffer foolishly when the ‘technocrats’ come with their mumble jumble. I am not being arrogant, I am being factual.  Now the Bolts wagonists have surfaced once again after his ‘demolition’ performance in Beijing.

I have told my ‘peeps’ I am ‘dun’ talking about Usain Bolt for now as I am mentally preparing myself for his performance at the upcoming Olympics in Brazil.  Yessssss mentally preparing myself as I too have to be in peak condition both mentally and physically so as to avoid any form of ‘heart failure’ due to overt excitement, exhilaration, anxiety and panic attacks all of which I suffer when the ‘big man’ is on the track.  For those who believe that Rio is a far way off, I can only say they are the very same wagonists that chant the crap when the ‘big man’ has to ‘tek wey imself’ until the main event unfolds.  ‘Suh hear wey mi seh, later till Rio, talk to u den bout Bolt’.


Eyes on Rio… Bolt pulls out of Brussels Diamond League 

(Jamaica Gleaner) Tuesday | September 8, 2015 


With three more gold medals in the bag and his superiority proven beyond doubt, Usain Bolt declared his season over yesterday.

The Jamaican pulled out

of Friday’s Van Damme Memorial, unwilling to risk any injury problems that might compromise his preparations for next year’s Rio de Janeiro Games, where he will seek a third Olympic sprint treble in a row.

“I am already thinking about next year and the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio,” he said in a statement.

After winning three gold medals at the World Championships in Beijing, Bolt was supposed to focus on the season’s top time in the 200m at the Diamond League meet in Brussels. The King Baudouin Stadium has extra-wide curves that half-lap racers love, and Bolt has never profited fully from the track facilities. Friday would have been the ideal opportunity.

Bolt has the world record of 19.19 seconds, but his best time at the Van Damme only stands at 19.57. In comparison, his teammate, Yohan Blake, ran the second-fastest half lap there by clocking 19.26.

But after two seasons of injuries and a drawn-out recovery, Bolt now knows the preparations for a big event like the Olympics starts a year in advance. The 29-year-old Bolt said in a statement he was “happy to end the season without any injuries and ready to go for 2016”.

And Brussels meet organiser Wilfried Meert said in a statement that “Bolt felt tired after Beijing and also was troubled by his left leg, with a pain radiating from his hip”.

Bolt beat Justin Gatlin both in the 100 and 200 metres in Beijing, before anchoring Jamaica to gold in the 4x100m relay.

With Bolt a no-show, Gatlin will now run both sprints in Brussels.

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‘Same Way Suh, An Nuh Tek Back U Chat’ – Deviant Behaviour Exists In All Spheres!!!!

Uptown, downtown and midtown, the perverts and deviants roam the Island.  There are those that prey upon both girls and boys and no sooner do the very same kids become adults who are confused about ‘sex’.  If you have been raped or molested, how does one expect such a child to grow up with a healthy perspective on sexual interaction, healthy emotional connections between sexes?  Often times, it is known within the family and worst the perpetrator is  kept hidden.  Why?  For selfish gain obviously as I think fear in such a case should be unwarranted. 

You know the ‘snake’ that you carouse with but we have become so selfish, pretentious and consuming in our ‘high interest rate’ appetites that to hell with the girls and boys, ‘let dem tek it’.  I for one believe that all rapists, deviants and perverts should be castrated if they are men and mutilation of the female organ if they are women.  Yes, women also rape girls and boys and should suffer no less due to their gender.  The Mayor is spot on; however, I wish such a topic would be discussed at the National level. 

I will say it again our people know those ‘uptowners, downtowners and midtowners’ who commit heinous sexual acts upon their own children, and other people’s children.  What do they do?  Turn a blind eye, and drink a glass of rum. Deviancy is not a ‘class’ crisis, it is a National crisis!!!!


Kingston Mayor calls on comrades to ‘bun out di rapist dem’

(Jamaica Observer) Monday, September 07, 2015 | 7:59 PM     53 Comments 


Mayor of Kingston Senator Angela Brown Burke

KINGSTON, Jamaica — Mayor of Kingston Senator Angela Brown Burke on the weekend urged comrades to speak out against child molesters.

“… Bun out di rapist dem nuh matter weh dem deh,” Brown Burke said, while speaking at a conference put on by Member of Parliament Anthony Hylton in his West St Andrew constituency.

“All when dem deh inna yuh yard, yuh bun dem out. Yea?” Brown Burke charged. “And when yuh come a PNP (People’s National Party) meeting, yuh make sure they know seh there is no place here fa dem.”

“Too many of our young children are being raped,” Brown Burke argued.

The Kingston mayor also issued a challenge to all PNP councillors and members of Parliament to openly discuss the issue of child molestation, stating: “Every time we meet, make we talk about it because we have to protect our children.”

While other speakers focused on the impending general election and campaign strategies, the mayor used the platform to urge parents to be watchful of the men who interact with their children – not just the girls, but the boys as well.

“I want them to feel as if there is no space in the PNP for them,” Brown Burke added.

Molestation of boys and girls was not the only thing the mayor addressed. She also urged the comrades to be more vigilant parents and emphasized that they ought to pay close attention to homework in the new school year.

She encouraged parents to ensure that their presence is felt in the classroom.

“And any day your child come home and you have to explain the homework for them to understand the homework, the next morning you must go to school and tell the teacher that him never understand or she never understand,” Brown Burke insisted.

Brown Burke, who received her PhD in Adult Education Literacy at the National-Louis University in Chicago earlier this year, made mention that as an educator, she knows that sometimes those who are trained to teach, may teach the students using easier methods than the parents.

She went on to encourage parents to work alongside the teachers to ensure that interest is shown in their child’s education.


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Law And Order Must Prevail At All Cost – Unscrupulous Vendors Must Be Punished Accordingly!!!

The rule of law must be enforced and where those laws are ‘toothless’ they must then be amended.  For too long we have grown accustomed to indiscipline from all facets of our society; this must change.

We cannot attempt to become globalised much less refer to ourselves as westernised when we behave and conduct ourselves as ‘leggo beasts’.  For the politically correct, ‘wild beings’ I suppose would be acceptable to them.  Where there is no order, decay follows and we can see that daily on our Island.   Those charged to enforce are in need of enforcement. 

It matters not your race, culture, social background or environment, as long as you are on Planet Earth you MUST abide by the laws of the land or suffer dire consequences.   We put a label on everything imaginable when discipline is not respected.  I have news for you, focus more on punishing those who break the law and less time on psycho analysing ‘bad breed’ and lawlessness.  Too many experts exist who cannot fix a blessed thing and only add to the mounting decay which permeates our Land.


Traders, vendors face heavy fines for misusing scales

(Jamaica Observer) Tuesday, September 08, 2015 | 8:57 AM      

Vendors and buyers in the Linstead Market, St Catherine (file photo)

Traders, vendors face heavy fines for misusing scales

(Jamaica Observer) Tuesday, September 08, 2015

KINGSTON, Jamaica – Traders and vendors who misuse their weights and measures in dealing with customers are facing a huge increase in fines for breaching the Weights and Measures Act.

The Bill is down for debate when the House of Representatives resumes today at Gordon House, and will be piloted by Minister of Industry, Investment and Commerce, Anthony Hylton.

Traders and vendors who currently fall under the Act can be fined as much as $2,000, or face an imprisonment for up to 12 months in default of payment and, in the case of a continuing offence a further fine of $100 for every day the
offences continues.

Under the new provisions anyone who commits an offence under the Act shall be liable on summary conviction before a Resident Magistrate to a fine not exceeding J$1million or to imprisonment to a term not exceeding 12 months.

According to the Memorandum of Objectives of the Bill, the Weights and Measures Act was enacted to regulate the use of weighing and measuring equipment.

The Act, among other things, establishes mechanisms for the standardization of weighing and measuring equipment and imposes penalties for non-conformity with the provisions of the Act.

Currently, the fines imposed under the Act are not considered by the government to sufficiently punitive to act as a deterrent for offenders. These fines currently range from one hundred dollars to two thousand dollars.

This Act will also be amended to empower the Minister, by order, subject to affirmative resolution, to vary the monetary penalties specified in the Act.

Provision is also made for the Minister to vary, by order subject to affirmative resolution, the maximum fine which may be imposed for offences under the regulations.

Consequential amendments are also made in respect of regulations under the Act.

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‘A Dun Deal’ – We Must Support Our Caribbean Nation – Dominica

There are those who no matter how they beg, try to borrow, plead, they will never receive financial aide for an abundance of reasons. Jamaica definitely does not fit that profile and as we have seen despite our track record economically we are always given another chance and therefore receive financial aide.  Against that back drop, ‘to whom much is given, much is expected’, ought to be practiced by us and what better way than to help those disenfranchised people of Dominica through no fault of their own.

When I saw the international reporting’s on the devastation in Dominica due to Erika, tropical storm.  I said to myself, thankfully I live in Jamaica.  It was heart wrenching to watch and hear the cries from those who lost loved ones and all their possessions; homes being washed away, extremely sad.  It was mind boggling to say the least.  One minute you are doing well, and in a split second, all ‘hell pop loose’.  Regardless of our own issues, needs, we must never lose sight that each and every one of us blessings often times come not as a result of our own doing but has been in fact ‘trickling’ down on us from the efforts of others.

‘All who wan chant sey wi caan help wi self but wi ago a Dominica betta ole oono tongue.  Caas mi a tell u sey wi blessed til mos a wi nuh even kno it.  If u tink a joke mi a mek, galang ova to Greece or Germany wey refugee a tun up like wow, caas dem a run from war ina dem home lan a Syria an such likes even a risk death.  Gibber u mouth an sey a praya or two if u nuh a nutten betta fi sey’.


J’can delegation to visit storm-ravaged Dominica

(Jamaica Observer) Sunday, September 06, 2015 | 2:37 PM    

 A river overflows, affecting some homes along its banks, due to Tropical Storm Erika in Roseau, Dominica. (photo: AP)

KINGSTON, Jamaica – Minister of State in the Ministry of Transport, Works & Housing Richard Azan, will lead a Jamaican delegation to hurricane-ravaged Dominica. The delegation is expected to leave the island today.

Minister Azan will be accompanied by EG Hunter, CEO of the National Works Agency (NWA); Varden Downer, Director of Major Projects at the NWA; Roger Smith, NWA’s Technical Services Director; along with representatives of the Office of Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management (ODPEM) and Officers from the Jamaica Defence Force.

The delegation will undertake an assessment of infrastructural damage with a view to offering technical assistance in the recovery process and discuss how Jamaica can further assist with rehabilitation to ensure rapid recovery from the devastation.

The eastern Caribbean island of Dominica suffered loss of lives and major infrastructural damage to roads, homes, bridges, and buildings as a result of a most destructive impact from Tropical Storm Erika on August 27.

The Government of Jamaica has already pledged US$100,000, two bailey bridges, and technical expertise in the areas of health and engineering as part of its programme of assistance to Dominica.  Consultations are also ongoing between the Ministry of Health and the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) to outline Jamaica’s strategy for extending medical assistance to the country in keeping with identified needs.

While in Dominica, the Jamaican delegation will meet with Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit, the Minister of Transport Don Corritte, Director of the Office of Disaster Management, and other officials.

Azan and the other members of the delegation will return to Jamaica on September 12.

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‘Undercover Boss’ – Health Care in JA – Leave The Cameras Behind And Get Into The Trenches Leaders!!

What we need are our ‘fat cats’ to get up off their asses, out of their air conditioned offices and go and see what is going on first hand.  We seem to copy ‘all things crap’ American to aire on our local television, and what could be a ‘game changer’ to business practices on the Roc, we fail to copy.  I am talking about a programme called ‘Undercover Boss’.  Tune in to cable television and those who do not agree that such a programme would do well in JA are the root cause of why business is as is on the Roc.

Supervisors and managers have become sloppy caught up with their own self importance of the ‘job title/position’ resulting in them being clueless.  Relying heavily on emails and chit chat refusing to see first hand simply because they are ‘lazy’ and never held accountable.  I was always of the view that the buck stops with the ‘organ grinder’ and such a person is usually at the top of the food chain.  If leaders are serious about paradigm shift, then they must get off their laurels ever so often and witness first hand what is being passed on as acceptable governance when in fact what we have equates to an abomination of basic human right once you pay your fair share.

Why should you be paid if you fail miserably at the job you were employed or contracted to do? What should prevent one from firing/terminating such individuals if they fail to deliver? Surely, we have a serious crisis in this Country when we believe there is something fundamentally wrong in holding people accountable for the task they were commissioned to do and do so competently. If you can be hired, then you can be fired!!!! Incompetence must never be tolerated and should not be protected by ‘Unions’ under any circumstance.

From the sentiments of Mr Dawes, I can only hope that action takes place while you all are on a path of reconciliation on how you communicate between each other and the wider public at large.


Dawes happy with Government’s health approach

(Jamaica Observer) Sunday, September 06, 2015    

 DAWES… glad that something positive has emerged

PRESIDENT of the Jamaica Medical Doctor’s Association (JMDA), Dr Alfred Dawes, says he is pleased that following the public outcry over the crisis in the health sector, which the group brought to the fore earlier this year, the Government has decided to finally treat the situation with greater urgency.

“When we initially brought the findings of our own ‘audit’, there was a lot of backlash and it was turned into a circus, and we are happy that now something positive has come out of what we did. We hope that we have played out part in fixing health care in Jamaica,” he told the Jamaica Observer.

Dr Dawes said the audit, which was ordered by the health minister in May and the main findings released to the public on Wednesday, was a “good start” as “it does give a clearer picture of what is happening and it went beyond what the JMDA had brought to the forefront of the nation’s conscience. They looked at not just the wards and surgical areas, but also maternity, intensive care unit, and accident and emergency departments, and have identified the shortcoming and seen what percentage shortfalls there are in pharmaceuticals, etc, so that they can move forward with a comprehensive health reform that we have been advocating from day one”.

The JMDA president said he understands why the ministry is against making the full report available to the public, as the association itself, when it raised alarm about the frightening deficiencies in the sector, had purposefully not pinpointed any facility.

“I suspect this is a similar concern why the ministry is not releasing the report. We think a fullsome release would be ideal — however, the names of the institutions should be redacted if they are going to do that. What you don’t want to have are patients fleeing from one institution because they feel that the health care is inferior and overloading the resources that are available at another institution, which is what we are seeing happening now in the health sector, where clinics are looked at as not as effective in treating persons as the hospital,” Dawes said. He noted also that staff morale at the named facilities would plunge.

While he is satisfied that steps are being taken to rectify the problems, Dr Dawes said the entire supply chain management system needs to be fixed immediately. “From procurement to the actual delivery and the ordering and reordering, they tried to fix it will centralisation; it did not work. It failed miserably in that regard and right now we are still faced with that problem, and one of the major issues affecting the ability of the health care workers to adequately treat patients is the availability of supply. That is the key to addressing the results of the audit,” he stated.

Dr Dawes said it was his view that the ministry has been receiving “sterilised” reports that enabled the conditions at health facilities to persist for so long.

“It is clear now that there needs to be greater lines of communication between those who are in the trenches and those who are at the top who can ensure that the necessary changes are made; that they get the supplies that they need and whatever working conditions are on the ground, they can address them. What we are dealing with on the ground is completely different from what is being filtered up to the ministry. Somewhere along the line persons are whitewashing information,” he said.

Dr Dawes said that at a meeting with ministry officials it was decided that there would be more regular meetings between the association and the health ministry to see how the reforms are progressing, and the impact of the increase in its budgetary allocation on the ground, particularly the availability of supplies and equipment.

“I think monthly meetings are appropriate, and that was suggested,” Dr Dawes said.

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Family Feud – Bloodline On Bloodline Murders, Suprised??

From a Biblical perspective there was Cain and Able death squad; if you believe the Bible then there can be no surprises, trauma certainly.  I for one opine that ‘family’ should be more than just the bloodline, the name.  There has to be a sense of true belonging, comfort in knowing that ‘family’ will be there without a sense of duty, obligation rather genuine love that is a given.  The love may not be displayed in like manner by everyone ie affectionate, overtly excited by the prospect of being part of the ‘family’. However, it should be obvious that the bond is established and willingness to be there for each other is never in question. 

Does every family have that kind of union?  Noooooooooo.  What do you do if not?  I counter with another question, why should you do?   Really, not every reality can be psycho analyzed.  Forced unions never achieve much and can often times cause more hurt than what was intended to be unearthed.  Grown folks have a choice to make about how they wish to relate with the ‘family’.  If hostility exists, it is either diminished over time or enflamed.  If hatred is the root cause, then I suggest, ‘oono know oono place ina di family tree an if u can tek wey uself do suh.  If not den a war’.  Life is not as complicated as we would want to make it out to be.

The challenges for many is accepting what they are faced with whether it is the ‘family’ or something else.  We are not all guaranteed the ‘brady bunch’ or ‘cosby show’ experience of ‘family’.  What is unfortunate is when we believe we can fix all dysfunctions to create harmony.  While we hope for the best in those rocky ‘family’ lines, let us not lose sight of this reality.  Some ‘family’ hatred for each other is worse than they would ever have for a friend or total stranger who may have wronged them.  ‘A jus suh di ting set up.  Some a wi affi learn to flee from a ting, an stap try fix up fix up.  A nuh every brokin glass can fix back an tun out propa’. 

The bloodline is just the bloodline, and many of us did not choose to have life.  Those of us that have life must learn to make the best of it and chart our own course.


Murder of two, injury of three said linked to family feud

(Jamaica Observer) Friday, September 04, 2015     22 Comments 

Jason Daley, one of the murder victims. At right: Joseph Taylor, attacked while playing dominoes

SANTA CRUZ, St Elizabeth — Following the murder of two men and the injury of three other people in a shooting incident in North West St Elizabeth late Wednesday, the police have issued an appeal for a man identified as Omar Daley, otherwise called ‘Fireball’, to turn himself in.

“He (Omar Daley) is to report to us immediately. We believe he can assist us in this investigation,” Superintendent Lanford Salmon told the Jamaica Observer.

Police investigators believe Wednesday night’s shooting is the result of an ongoing feud among blood relatives dating back to 2008 when a member of the same extended family was killed. In fact, police investigators believe one of the murder victims, identified as Jason Daley, is the nephew of the alleged shooter.

Apart from Omar Daley, two others are said to be under investigation but they were not named by Salmon yesterday.

Reports are that at about 9:15 pm, a group of about eight people were playing dominoes at a shop in Bypass District, New Market when a gunman approached and opened fire.

The deceased were identified as Joseph Taylor, also known as ‘Kutchi’, a 24- year-old farmer of Bypass and Jason Daley, a 24-year-old farmer also of Bypass. Police say three others, a 50- year-old farmer who was shot in the right hand, a 23-year-old farmer with a gunshot to the neck and a 33-year-old woman, shot in her right shoulder, were admitted to hospital.

Police say the 50-year-old farmer was also shot in the hand in February 2014. They believe he was shot by the same man responsible for Wednesday night’s shooting.

Salmon yesterday urged residents of the New Market area to remain calm, while asking them to assist the police as much as possible with any information they may have. He urged residents to call police emergency numbers, the Black River Police Station as well as trusted police personnel — especially family members and friends.

“We are saying to the people to remain calm. We can understand that there will be fear and tension after an incident such as this, but please rely on the police,” said Salmon.

He pledged that “we (police) are not stopping until we catch and bring to trial those responsible for this terrible act”.

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Ounce of Prevention: How to eat properly by Dr Tony Vendryes

(Jamaica Gleaner) Tuesday | September 1, 2015
 MAJOR truth I have constantly reminded readers of is: you are what you eat. But that’s not all. You are also how you eat. Yes, the way you eat your food is also extremely important. Here are some useful tips on how to eat.


Eat primarily for nutrition


Learn to listen to the signals your body sends. A very simple rule is: Eat when you are hungry and stop when you are satisfied. Use food to feed your body, not just to satisfy your emotions.

From the time we were infants, we associated food with safety, security and love. The breast, or the bottle, was used to comfort us whenever we were distressed, physically or emotionally.

Offering something to eat has been a common technique used by women to silence children and men.

As adults, we still try to satisfy our need for love, or to relieve our stress, depression and anxiety with food.

Start listening to your body. Many people eat out of habit or for pleasure, not because their body needs food. This encourages overeating.


Eat consciously


Be present while eating and try to focus fully on the process of having your meal. Many of us have grown accustomed to eating while watching television, conducting business, using the phone or reading newspapers. This robs you of your awareness of what you are doing, so you will often unconsciously overeat because you have missed the satisfaction of eating and the signals when your body has had enough food.

– Eat in a relaxed environment with minimal distraction. Before you begin eating, take a few deep breaths, relax your body and give thanks for the gift of the meal provided for your body.

– Chew your food until it is liquid, or almost liquid, in your mouth before swallowing. Digestion begins in the mouth with the action of enzymes in your saliva on the food. ‘Cutting and swallowing’ impairs digestion. Become aware of the flavour, texture and sensations you experience from the food in your mouth. A useful exercise is to sometimes count how many times you chew a mouthful before you swallow.

– Do not put the next bite of food into your mouth until you have swallowed the previous one. Try setting down your utensils and relaxing between mouthfuls, instead of being busy piling food on to your fork or spoon. Take time to fully enjoy each bite.


Meal timing


When you eat is very important. Do not put the next meal into your stomach until you have digested the previous one. This period – at least three hours for most people- is called gastric-emptying time. However, this can vary greatly depending on digestive health and meal contents.

I, and many of my patients, have found the combination of green tea and a meal-replacement protein shake, with or without fresh fruit, an excellent choice for breakfast. At mid-day, when digestive power is greatest, have your heaviest meal. Your body secretes more stomach acid, bile and digestive enzymes at that time.

Earlier in our history, most people ate their main meal in the middle of the day and had a lighter meal in the evening. This practice can improve digestion and enhance sleep.

Acid reflux disease, labelled GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease) by doctors, has been greatly encouraged by late-night eating. Do not eat and lounge or lie down immediately after the meal. The time it takes for your stomach to empty after eating is called the gastric-emptying time. For most people, this period is more than three hours, but can vary according to the functioning of your stomach and the type of food consumed. Some light physical activity, such as going for a walk after your evening meal, also aids digestion. Allow at least two hours after your last meal before going to bed.


Digestive aids


Before a heavy meal, you can boost your digestive function with this simple blend: Mix equal parts of lemon or lime juice with water and honey (a pinch of black pepper is optional). Drink two ounces of this mixture before your meal. Useful digestive aids after your meal include an aloe vera drink (herbal aloe), herbal green tea, ginger and mint teas. More serious digestive problems may benefit from taking probiotics and digestive enzymes.

Remember: How you eat is as important as what you eat!

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‘A Wha Dis, Oono Mad? – Wi Too Beggey Beggey’ – Leave The Chinese Alone!!!!!

Now this is what I call an audacity.  As far as I know, ‘service’ is a two way Street.  Both parties benefit, the server and the customer.  If at any time you deem otherwise, you are free to take your business elsewhere.  We have this ‘niggerish’ mentality as black people that ‘a wi mek people’ when it comes to spending our money.  The Chinese dare to operatee businesses where many of us turn up our noses at.  Many of them are prepared to invest in their enterprises, wearing simple apparel, eating the same foods day in and day out as they have a vision.  What we assume to be over night success in fact is as a result of two or even three decades of labour intensive work.

Where many of us in business like to ‘floss’ from jump start driving the most expensive vehicles, living on overdraft and dressing as if we are perpetually on the fashion runway, the Chinese do the opposite.  How many of us see our small businesses in terms of being around for 10, 20, 30 or even 40 years?  How many of us vision goes beyond the ‘get rich or die trying’ mentality?  No one is obligated to engage in any social or community based activities.  Donating, volunteering, in fact philanthropic endeavours are purely choices the individual makes of their own free will.  They are never forced or negotiable. Instead of demanding support from the Chinese who are providing jobs for many of our unskilled labour force, I suggest you address the real causation of breakdown in the Community.  Lack of family values, and we must stop looking for the hand out and try to help and build up ourselves as black people.

Stop blaming other cultures and put the blame squarely on our own people.  We have no pride and believe that walking around and begging cash or kind is a right.  It is a crying shame, that as ‘pompous’ as many of us are, we are now going to curse and chastise another culture for not giving us handouts.  If you do not like the service the Chinese provide in their businesses, go find your own people to spend your money with.  As long as the Chinese pay their fair share to the Government, I say leave them alone and let us teach our people how to fish, so they can feed themselves and their families.  I am sure you have heard that principle before.  Begging begets begging and there is no growth in that.  ‘Out a arder’!!!!!!!!!!



Chinese businesses get support despite calls for boycott


(Jamaica Gleaner) Friday | September 4, 2015

Some Chinese business operators are in fact contributing to the economic and social well-being of the communities in which they operate. It is for this reason that the Hanover and St Catherine Chambers of Commerce are not lending their support to Wednesday’s call for a wide scale boycott and censorship of these businesses by the Montego Bay Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The call comes against the background of allegation that despite repeated entreaties, Chinese business operators in the western city continued to turn their backs on the communities in which they operate. The accusations include an unwillingness to provide any support for social upliftment or economic enhancement of the towns where the Chinese allegedly derive huge profits. But while the situation in Montego was said to be a reflection of what happens across all the parishes, Dennis Robotham, president of the St Catherine Chamber of Commerce says things are changing for the better, in Spanish Town, the parish capital.

He shared with The Gleaner their formula for engaging the new wave of Chinese immigrants and which is bearing fruit.

“The same view used to run rife in St Catherine, but we had a meeting some time ago with the police, along with them. We called them into a meeting and got their views on a number of things, and we were pleasantly surprised to see the number of Chinese that turned up for the meeting. They were willing to support our social programmes and, as a matter of fact, they did support a programme the police was doing with the youth at Inswood High School, and (helped) to nurture them – a camp,’ Robotham explained.

He said the chamber engaged the services of a well-respected Chinese businessman who was instrumental in bridging the cultural chasm, working along with the police under the leadership of head of the St Catherine North Division, Senior Superintendent Marlon Nesbeth.

Gloria Henry, president of the Montego Bay Chamber of Commerce and Industry told Wednesday’s Editors’ Forum that the Chinese used their inabi-lity to speak English fluently as a major excuse for not getting more involved in the Jamaican lifestyle. However, she dismissed it as implausible.


Language barrier


George Taylor president of the Black River Chamber of Commerce supports this view.

He told The Gleaner: “What I know these people do, they just come and learn enough language just to get through doing their business. They learn enough of our language to do their business, so we don’t have the cooperation from them.”

However, Kelvin Hall, chairman of the steering committee of the Hanover Chamber of Commerce, differs.

“What I found out, and I shared with the other business leaders is that some of them are not able to read English. So if you write a letter asking for assistance and deliver it to them, you’ll get no response, because they don’t know what is in it. So, what we do here is that we visit them; we would take the letter so they’ll have it on their files but when we take the letter, we also speak to them and tell them what it is that we want them to assist us with. Whether it’s a school needing something or it’s for JCDC (Jamaican Cultural Development Commission), and so on, we find that they are supportive and they help,” he disclosed.

He added: “I can tell you that what I’ve read of in The Gleaner, if it exists its in the minority, because over the past 18 months, the secretary/manager and the mayor have been in direct contact with the Chinese community in terms of the areas to be kept clean and so on. From the business side, in terms of the supporting of activities, we have been getting support whenever we request. What we find is that they will not go out and do it on their own, but once the request is made then they will assist.”

Meanwhile, Pixley Jones president of the St Ann Chamber of Commerce was scathing in his criticism of the Chinese business operators in that parish, voicing overwhelming support for the stance taken by the Montego Bay Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

“My view on this issue is that we don’t get no support from the Chinese, … at all, neither in business nor social activities, and they are not a part of anything in the community of Ocho Rios,” he declared.

“Nutten at all, they are not a part of the chamber, not a part of no service clubs – nothing at all; they don’t give. (If) you go to them for contribution, they don’t give anything and (yet) they are benefiting … . I’m involved in a couple of organisations and a lot of times I go to them and say we need fi stop supporting them.”

An incensed Jones cited a personal experience where he approached the owner of a Chinese business he had supported since startup.

“I had a function for my church and went and asked him for a contribution towards the function.

You know weh the man gi me?

“Two tin a bully (corned) beef.”


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