You Are Speaking To the Deaf In Jamaican Politics and The Private Sector!!!

We do not like ‘black’ plain and simple.  We suffer from mental slavery and only during certain seasons we are told to celebrate and go down memory lane.  We give ‘status’ when ‘foreigners’ cheer.

Do we have any hotel on the Roc that has a suite named after ‘Usain Bolt’?  We tend to copy certain gimmicks all things American, so why can’t we copy say a ‘ Jamaican Star Walk of Fame’ where Usain Bolt and other accomplished athletes and entertainers can have an imprint of their hand in a star?  Athletes and Stars who have earned international status as Usain Bolt.

How about a waxed museum,  in Kingston like Madame Tussauds in London, England?  I remember visiting and seeing Brian Lara and Clive Richards and I was quick to have my photograph taken beside them.  To this day, whenever I show persons the photo they believe they were in the flesh.  Foreigners are ‘star crazy’ and they will pay good money to come to this country, and be photographed or stay in a room that represents their idol.  Why do you think their athletes, actors and entertainers can become so wealthy?  We do not see Usain Bolt in the light he should be seen therefore those who can will not invest up front and watch the pay back over time.  He is black and we still exist in mental slavery.  We give a good speech and lip service but mental slavery is still engrained into the minds of those who can capitalise on the likes of Usain Bolt with Brand Jamaica.

Sir, you are not telling us anything we do not know.  Simply put, the will is not there as we do not love our own people enough to spend millions on them.  Self hate is masked well on the Roc, and on this particular topic, we cannot blame the ‘white man’.


British politician says Bolt’s value must be exploited with urgency

(Jamaica Gleaner) Friday | August 28, 2015
Usain Bolt
The security bars in Half-Way Tree couldn’t contain her as Bolt lit up Beijing.
Jamaicans celebrating Bolt’s 200m win in Beijing in Half-Way Tree yesterday.

Clearly captivated by the spellbinding exploits of sprint sensation Usain Bolt, a senior political representative out of the United Kingdom (UK) is urging local interests to be more creative in exploiting the value of the famed Jamaican brand to enhance the country’s economic fortunes.

“It’s not for me to tell Jamaica what to do, but for all practical purposes, Bolt has just secured a magnificent victory in the 100 metres at the IAAF World Championships,” declared Grant Shapps, UK’s minister with responsibility for the Caribbean.

“You have some of the most instantly recognisable brands in sports, music and food, so I think that Jamaica has quite a lot going for it,” an animated Shapps told The Gleaner ahead of Bolt’s second showdown in Beijing, China.

In a one-on-one with The Gleaner hours after he landed on local shores, the British parliamentarian suggested that Bolt’s genius as a national asset must not be allowed to go to waste.

Shapps squeezed in half-hour of his one-day schedule for The Gleaner after meeting with Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller, National Security Minister Peter Bunting, and Foreign Affairs Minister A.J. Nicholson.

He contended that at present, Jamaica was not making adequate use of either its famed athlete or brand, both of which blend well.

Shapps pronounced Bolt as Jamaica’s most valued asset of its world-famed brand and insisted that should not be squandered in Jamaica’s quest for fresh opportunities.

“It is a very easy sell, particularly in Great Britain, because a lot of Brits believe that while Jamaica is a long way away geographically, it is very close to their hearts, so I think the basis is all there.”

Elected as the Conservative MP for Welwyn Hatfield in 2005, Shapps was appointed minister of state at Department for International Development on May 11, 2015.

The Brit, who is temporarily carrying out the ministerial portfolio of Foreign Office Minister James Duddridge, suggested that Jamaica is more blessed than it gives itself credit for.

“I really believe that in terms of the view that Brits have of Jamaica, you could not be in a better place with Brand Jamaica,” he asserted.

Added Shapps: “We are very keen to work with Jamaica, I have met with Prime Minister Simpson Miller … (about) things like making the justice system work faster.”

To make investment work both ways, Shapps suggested that every business person wants to know that he/she is working in a market where the rule of law is not corrupt and where people who do wrong are pursued.

“So those areas of criminal justice and lack of corruption are some of the areas that will make it all the more easy for these companies to invest,” said Shapps. “In the end, what business wants wherever it goes is stability, lower energy prices and good infrastructure. These are things that we can work together for for our mutual benefit.”

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‘U Tink It Easy a Yaard’ – Jamaicans in Walmart Stealing Ring

You notice the caption, once these goons serve their time, no doubt they will ship them right back to Jamaica.  How often has a Jamaican been charged and not found guilty?

We cannot handle our lawlessness on the Roc, and whether it is one or five deportees our ‘corner surely dark’.  If you have legal residence in the United States of America, I think it is unconscionable to deport the criminals.  Notice I said ‘legal residence’; deal with them as you have the resources. It is not reported but I daresay we might very well have hundreds being deported in total in any given month.  Any country that Jamaicans who are legal resident alien resides and they commit a felony, I am sure they deport them to JA.  The only way around that I would imagine is if they became citizens of the said country. 


Five Jamaicans charged in Walmart stealing ring

(Jamaica Gleaner) Friday | August 28, 2015

Five Jamaicans have been arrested and charged in Florida in relation to a shoplifting ring at a Walmart store to which they were employed.

They have been identified as 25-year-old Gillisa Hyde,  Rashid Cargill and Maurica Notice – both 21 years old, 23 year old Nashana Murray and 19-year-old Jennea Edwards.

The Walton County Sheriff’s Department says the five were arrested and charged with retail theft and conspiracy to commit fraud.

The department says on more than one occasion between August 11 and 22 the five stole or attempted to steal items from the Walmart store

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Take Heed When Usain Bolt Speaks – 2015 World Championships, Bejing

 This was the sweetest victory second to the 100 m finals.  I am always amused when the ‘talkers’ begin to back track about ‘Bolt’ forgetting conveniently their utterances. Once again he has silenced them.

There is a saying that many of us grew up on and it goes something like this ‘self praise is no recommendation’.  I say ‘self praise is necessary in certain battles’.   It goes to my unreservedly belief that developing self is the first step or stage to personal success.  The difference between the winner and the loser is not the loss, as it is the self belief that you can win and win again.  If you accept that you will always be second best to somebody and that is the most you can expect from your life, then I can tell you that is what will separate you from the greats of this world like a Usain Bolt.

It is imperative that while we develop the outward skills to get us to the next level, we must also work on the ‘head skills’, personal development, empowering the self, developing the mind to a higher level enabling you to see yourself where you want to be, and believing that you can get there as long as you put in the work.  Talent will get you inside the door.  It is going to be your self belief that will take you beyond the walls of the door.  Usain Bolt could have been affected by his slip in the Semis far longer than he allowed himself to be.  What were his Coach and Management support team able to do?  Reposition his mind which he quickly grasped into believing that he is No 1 and he could get the job done.  He is who he is, the greatest in his field and deserves the classification of being a ‘Legend’.



(Jamaica Gleaner) Thursday | August 27, 2015

Jamaica’s Usain Bolt competes in the men’s 200m semi-final yesterday.


Sprint titan Usain Bolt has levelled the crosshairs squarely on rival Justin Gatlin as he goes on the prowl for his third World Championships sprint double, while Jamaica’s history-making women’s 400 metres quartet will look to add medals after yesterday’s drought at the IAAF World Championships in Beijing, China.

Days after confirming his status as the top man of sprinting, Bolt was in a bullish mood as he looked ahead to what will be another mouth-watering clash against Gatlin – this time in the 200m final.

“My 200m is my best event. I live for this. I know I’m going to do well. It’s not even a question. I’m not going to lose my favourite event,” said Bolt after his semi-final. “I can tell you, Justin Gatlin is not going to beat me.”

Kaliese Spencer was largely expected to add to the country’s three medals yesterday, but things went inexplicably wrong for the hurdling standout, who finished at the back of the field in the 400m hurdles final in a time of 55.47.


Pesonal best for Russell


Her younger teammate, Janieve Russell, fared much better, placing fifth in a personal best 54.64 behind winner Zuzana Hejnova (Czech), 53.50, with the American pair of Shamier Little, 53.94, and Cassandra Tate, 54.02, taking the other podium positions.

It was a shocking end to a less-than-ideal day for the Jamaicans, who also saw protests filed by the Jamaica Athletics Administrative Association (JAAA) management team here on behalf of 5000-metre man, Kemoy Campbell, who finished 15th in his heat in 14:00.55 and Natoya Goule, who ended her 800m heat in fourth place in 2:02.37, rejected by the IAAF after claims of obstruction were denied.

Simoya Campbell, the other Jamaican competitor in the women’s 800m, also failed to advance from the heats, finishing fifth in 2:01.43.

In the men’s 110m hurdles heats, Olympic bronze medallist Hansle Parchment was slow out of the blocks, but it hardly mattered as he comfortably won his heat in 13.33, as all three Jamaicans advanced to today’s semi-final round.

National champion Omar McLeod had an early scare or two in his heat, but he recovered well to finish second in a time of 13.43, the same time registered by Andrew Riley in his heat.

Things were less dramatic in the women’s 200m qualifying, as all three booked their lanes in today’s semi-finals in relative ease. Elaine Thompson was impressive, running 120m before shutting off the engine and cruising to an easy 22.78 win, while Veronica Campbell-Brown, who laughably ran in the lane to her right – importantly, without impeding the athlete – also won her heat, posting 22.79 as she crossed the line. Sherone Simpson registered her best time of the season, running 22.52 in placing second in her heat.

Still, most eyes will be on Usain Bolt as he prepares for his sprinting sequel with American archrival Gatlin, who is eager to make up after losing out to the big Jamaican in Sunday’s much-publicised 100m blockbuster.

Bolt posted his first sub-20 seconds time in a World Championships or Olympic 200m semi-final and his first since the final of the last World Championships in Moscow two years ago, jogging the last 80m to stop the clock at 19.95.

Gatlin was also smooth and easy in qualifying, posting a qualifying leading 19.87 to win his heat as Nickel Ashmeade, the national champion, ensured that Bolt had some Jamaican company in the final, set for 7:55 a.m. today – running on strongly to take second place in 20.19 behind Great Britain’s Jamaican-based sprinter Zharnel Hughes, 20.14.


No final for Weir


Olympic and World Championships medallist Warren Weir’s miserable season continued as he had to settle for a seventh-placed finish in 20.43, missing out on the final, as did Julian Forte, who was eighth in his semi-final in 20.57.

Jamaica could win their first medal in the women’s 400m since Shericka Williams’ silver medal at the 2009 World Championships in Berlin, when Stephenie-Ann McPherson, Novlene Williams-Mills, Shericka Jackson and Christine Day line up in today’s final.

It’s the first time that a country has qualified four athletes to a 400m final at the Olympics or World Championships.


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Unnecessary Theatrics – Face Reality When You Are In Politics !!!!

Let us not fool ourselves into thinking and believing that ‘troubled’ kids are the ones being described here.  Stop it, stop pandering, stop manipulating those who you seek votes from.  Until your child has to coexist in the school system amongst those ‘leggo beasts’ and ‘bad breeds’, you have absolutely no moral or legal authority to chastise the Minister.

Are you not aware that criminal elements and those that cover for their criminal men are incapable of providing a stable environment much less social for those children they bring unto Planet Earth? Are you not aware of child killers?  Are you not aware that violence besets violence and as long as your nourishment comes from that background, then you will become that ‘leggo beast’.  Certainly, the ability is there for change, and that change has to come from the ‘family or, extended and they first should have a vested interest in their children/relatives.

As it relates to fees, we must never mistake those who choose not to pay for their children’s education with genuine cases.  The nails, the hair, the bleaching agent, the dances, the events are always paid for by the very same ones who ‘bawl’ about fees for school.  That is exactly why we are here in this Country.  Politicians with their hidden agendas, refuse to speak truthfully about our misplaced priorities coming from our supposedly greatest asset, ‘our people’.  Many of you politicians and a chosen few live in a flipping bubble, where your children have the right of passage due to your own diligence not to encounter or suffer the wrath, indiscipline and uncouth behaviour coming from the ‘leggo beasts’.   Then we have the audacity to talk about ‘eat a food mentality’ and ‘entitlement issues’. You the politicians have created those ills all for the sake of votes.

I am from the 1960’s generation and I can still remember when I chose to behave less than civil, my mother would bellow at me to stop behaving like a ‘leggo beast’.  I daresay many of my friends from that era heard those very same words.  The difference is we had a home life that would discipline the life out of us, so we had no choice but to recognise that certain behaviour when relating to adults or other children were totally unacceptable.  What you have now is a ‘leggo beast’ family structure ‘pushing out leggo beast pickney’ unto Society with no intention themselves as adults to develop the necessary skills that would auger well for both them and their children.  At times I pity our Educators that have to suffer through this type of behaviour daily.

Know your culture and do not introduce this ‘political correctness’ in speech especially when this Island is suffering from a total breakdown in family values.  The Minister knows what he is saying and level headed Jamaicans are well aware of the difference between ‘real troubled’ kids and the opposite.  Shame on you!!!!!


JLP demands that Thwaites withdraws ‘leggo beast’ statement

(Jamaica Observer) Sunday, August 23, 2015 |  


Kamina Johnson-Smith (file photo)

KINGSTON, Jamaica – Opposition Spokesperson on Education and Youth Senator Kamina Johnson Smith is chastising the Minister of Education for classifying some children as “leggo beasts” and pitting himself and the JTA against parents.  

She demanded in a release Sunday that he withdraw the comment.

According to Johnson Smith: “Labelling troubled children “Leggo Beasts”, does not contribute to the need for a collaborative and transformational approach to the building of a good education system.  It speaks to a further condemnation of children with anti-social behaviour from difficult circumstances, to being ostracized, and adds to the cycle of negative behaviour and experiences they suffer. ”

Smith added that: “Parents who have troubled children need help and the Minister of Education must recognize the role of the school system, his Ministry and himself as key tools in the re-socialisation of troubled children. Classifying children as “Leggo Beasts” has no place in the conversation about the challenges facing the system and its solutions. This disrespectful and divisive epitaph must be withdrawn”.

The Opposition Senator says she is also concerned about the minister’s handling of the issues of high auxiliary fees and punitive action being taken by some school on parents who are unable to pay.  

“We have seen examples where one thing is said by the minister but schools function in a totally different way, with parents and students caught in the middle. Parents who cannot afford to pay must not be turned away but there is evidence of registration and other packages being withheld, and even late fees being charged, preventing enrolment and increasing the burden on already stressed parents.  I am asking the Minister to take note of the current level of economic stress on parents, and to take such actions as necessary to see that his words are reflected on the ground, with children always at the centre,” Johnson

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The Chickens Have Come Home To Roost – ‘Hang Dem or Bow’

The Roc does not have a handle on this.  Kill or be killed what say you?  When you read this piece,  imagine yourself in the moment living there.   You can literally feel the absolute terror of the residents.  ‘Stress’ is not only attributed to money worries, relationship issues, greed or thinking you are less than.  Living in a country where you are surrounded by absolute mayhem morning, noon and night can create havoc on your nervous system which is the ‘killing stress’, I opine.

We are not living in a ‘rose garden’ and we must desist from speaking about our crime catastrophe as if it is a simple matter.  This calls for autocratic, draconian and barbarian initiatives to drive fear in the criminal element that are so ‘jacked’ up to KILL.  That mindset boggles those who operate on the ‘normal’.   Am I to conclude that our Military and the JCF are fearful of what has been unleashed on our Society?  Does INDECOM role take into consideration the hostile environment that permeates our ‘livity’ on the Roc?  Soon and very soon, we may well have to suit ourselves up with bullet proof vests as this war already have the innocent and the guilty all caught up together.

These are the words of the cop;

These criminals are brazen beyond belief … it is obvious that they are on a mission to terrorise,” added the cop.

My response is ‘dahhhhhh’!!!!!!!


MAYHEM! – Four killed and several injured as heavily armed criminals strike in Mobay and May Pen

(Jamaica Gleaner)Sunday | August 23, 2015Adrian Frater
Head of the St James Police Division, senior superintendet Steve McGregor, has implemented several measures in the parish but the murder rate continues to soar.
Leroy ‘Buju’ White, one of the two men killed when gunmen struck in May Pen, Clarendon, yesterday.

Terror reigned in several Montego Bay communities in the early hours of yesterday morning as marauding gunmen went on a rampage, killing two persons and damaging several cars while hundreds of residents cowered in fear in their homes.

When the mayhem subsided at daybreak, it was discovered that an elderly street sweeper, who was out doing his early-morning rounds in downtown Montego Bay, was shot and killed in proximity to the Calvary Baptist Church, while a taxi operator was killed along the Montego Bay to Granville main road. Up to press time their identities had not been released.

“I heard some guns that I did not know exist outside of the army,” a policeman, who was among a team which responded to the shooting, told The Sunday Gleaner.

“These criminals are brazen beyond belief … it is obvious that they are on a mission to terrorise,” added the cop.

An elderly resident of the Canterbury community told The Sunday Gleaner she became aware of the night of terror shortly after 4 a.m. when she was awoken by heavy gunfire coming from the direction of the footbridge leading into her community.

“I have never heard so much gunshots in my life … I was so scared that I began to cry and pray at the same time,” said the elderly woman, as she pointed out that she was living in the community in 2003 when the infamous nine-hour shoot-out between thugs and the police occurred.

“It is clear that these gunmen are not afraid of the police … they are fearless and heartless,” the edlderly woman said.

At daybreak yesterday, it was discovered that several cars that were parked alongside the roadway outside the Canterbury community, which is accessible only by a footbridge, was shot up by the marauding thugs, who also fired several shots into the community.

“When we went there this morning, we saw several damaged vehicles and spent shells were scattered far and wide … it must be a miracle that nobody in the community got killed,” one policeman told our news team. “When I see things like these, it tells me that these criminals are heavily armed and very dangerous.”

In addition to the shootings in the Canterbury area, which resulted in the roadway being closed for several hours as crime scene investigators processed the scene, there were reports of heavy and sustained gunfire in the Bottom Pen community and sections of Rose Heights and Flankers.

Since the start of the year, St James has been a hotbed of criminality, with the number of murders nearing the 150 mark. Despite several policing initiatives, including the reassigning of Senior Superintendent of Police Steve McGregor to the parish, the parish remains the epicentre of crime in Jamaica.

Prior to the deployment of an additional 150 police officers to St James just under two months ago, a frustrated Montego Bay Mayor Glendon Harris told The Gleaner that unless residents decide to fully support the effort of the police to identify and remove criminals from the various communities, “even if a police is placed in every yard, it will not stop the violence”.

In the meantime, over in Clarendon, gunmen struck at a social event, leaving two dead and two injured in one incident, and another man nursing gunshot wounds from another incident.

The police report that 22-year-old Leroy ‘Sanjay’ Hitchman of Woodside, and Leroy ‘Buju’ White, a 21-year-old labourer of Cardage Avenue, died from gunshots they received after gunmen invaded a fish fry they had attended.

According to the police, about 9 p.m. the men were at a fish fry on Howard Avenue when a white motor car drove up and several men alighted and opened fire before making a get-away in the waiting car.

Hitchman was later found with several gunshot wounds and died on the spot. White died at hospital while undergoing treatment. Two other men were also taken to hospital where they were treated and released.

Before that shooting a man, whose name is being withheld, narrowly escaped death when he was attacked.

It is reported that the man went to visit a friend in Bucks Common and while sitting on his motorcycle he heard several explosions and sped off.

He later realised he had been shot in the knee and leg.

– Additional reporting by Shanique Samuels.

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Shot Put – ‘Wi Deh Deh’ – On The Podium – O’Dayne Richards, ‘Wi Si U’

This is a sweet Sunday as our Athletes continue to shine in Beijing.  Let our flag reign high, we should be proud of our accomplishments thus far.  We are in fourth place with medals, and I truly believe as a Country we can increase that standing. 

We have the raw talent, all we need are the finances, the right coaching, and a ‘killer drive’ from our ‘talent pool’, and we will be a force to be reckoned with in field events in years to come.


#BEIJING2015: Richards wins Ja’s 1st World Champs shot put medal

(Jamaica Observer) Sunday, August 23, 2015 | 7:29 AM     


BEIJING, China – O’Dayne Richards has won Jamaica’s first medal at a World Championships after copping bronze with an established national record of 21.69m.

Richards threw the 21.69-m distance on his third attempt at the IAAF World Championships now under way in Beijing, China.

American Joe Kovacs won the gold with a throw of 21.93m and David Storl of Germany walked away with the silver medal after throwing 21.74m.




Howard Walker

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Murder/Suicide – Police Constable Kills Girlfriend Then Shoots Himself

We have resumed this insanity once again.  I take you down memory lane to my piece on ‘How to Know When to Quit A Relationship’.  Yes there is extreme sadness and trauma being experienced by those loved ones left behind from this latest death.

I choose to be the voice of reason.  Do you get into a relationship and within three (3) months or two (2) years realise that you are involved with someone who displays extreme violence towards you?  Has the person threatened to remove you from ‘Planet Earth’ in the event of what they deem to be unacceptable behaviour?

If you are one of those persons that love to declare, ‘a run she or im a run up dem mout.  Dem nah do mi nutten, mout gi fi run’.  I say this to you.   ‘Tandeh an preten sey u can read dem mind.  Madness a madness and if u luv mad, den put u house in arder as anything caan go down’.  Everybody has their own definition of love and is prepared to fight for it, defend their ‘insane’ relationship to their hearts content.  I tell you this straight up, ‘nuh bring u ongoing drama bordered on madness wen u hell bent on staying wid di crosses man or ooman to mi.  Fi mi head nuh tolerate dem deh kind a trauma, an mi nah go tell u fi tan ina madness, so nuh tell mi nutten’.

If it is you have reached a stage where you the woman feel you will kill the man, and you the man feel you will kill the woman, I beg you please to FLEE from each other.  Trust me the ocean is an extremely large one and in time you will catch another ‘fish’, no pun intended.

One last thing, God does not wish for you to stay in any relationship if your life is threatened, so please do not tell me ‘sey Pastor sey dis and dat, an to forgive di madness’.  From all accounts ‘oono a en up dead before oono time, so fi di life of mi, how di prayer an forgiveness help dehso’?


UPDATE: Constable succumbs after killing girlfriend, shooting self

(Jamaica Gleaner) Sunday | August 23, 2015

Constable Stephens and his girlfriend, Kayden Hunter.

The police constable who is alleged to have shot and killed his girlfriend at her St Andrew home early this morning before shooting himself has now died.

He has only been identified as Constable Stephens, a detective attached to the Hunt’s Bay Police Station in St Andrew.

His girlfriend was Kayden Hunter of Duhaney Park, St Andrew.

According to police sources, the constable went to his girlfriend’s home in Duhaney Park this morning, called her to the gate and shot her to death.

It’s reported that he then travelled to his home in St Mary where he shot himself.

The cop was rushed to hospital where he later died.

Stephens’ young daughter was living with Hunter in Duhaney Park

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Usain Bolt – The Absolute Finest – At His Best!!!!!

Enjoy these photos of how ‘greatness’ in a field can and should celebrate.  I have always maintained with ‘Bolt’, never mistake confidence for arrogance. 

Confidence, self belief, determination, hard work all combined, is a recipe that will separate you from the pack.  He is a cut above the rest and whether you like it or not, makes no difference to him as his mind is programmed otherwise.  His Coach and his team ensure his mind is repositioned quickly so that he can become all that is required of him when it really matters.

Oh no I am not a ‘fan’ of Usain Bolt, I am a ‘believer’ in the man, and there is a stark difference!!!!!!


(Jamaica Gleaner) Sunday | August 23, 2015


Sprint super star Usain Bolt silenced his doubters inside the Bird’s Nest Stadium in Beijing, China today clocking 9.79 seconds to beat America’s Justin Gatlin and a field of seven other athletes.

“Bolt celebrates and Gatlin has to yield for the first time in a couple years,” said one television commentator.

Gleaner photographer Ricardo Makyn captured the moment that mattered and Bolt’s celebration afterwards


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Usain Bolt – Driven To Remain No 1 – ‘Test But Don’t Dis Di Man Whose Record Speaks’!!!!

It takes someone who does not suffer from guilt and can truly move on by bringing their best at a ‘game’ where ridicule, shame, disrepute, criticisms are rife when you have erred.  Justin Gatlin is that ‘someone’.  I will give him credit for recognising that Usain Bolt is no ‘fly by night’ champion, ‘no one hit wonder’.  Therefore, he is not ‘someone’ to discount regardless of his performances at any given season.  Gatlin understands that if ‘Bolt’ says he is ready for the big stage; you better have your ‘A’ game on, as he will take no prisoners. 

Mentally, Bolt I opine is ahead of his time for his age, and Justin Gatlin is now on a path of ‘mental toughness’ while at the same time can afford with ease to announce to the World that Usain Bolt is indeed a ‘great champion’.  Above your fellow compatriots, I give you that much ‘Gatlin’.

Calling Carl Lewis, you usually have so much to say about ‘Bolt’, ‘where art though’?



Gatlin, Powell gracious in defeat

(Jamaica Gleaner) Sunday | August 23, 2015
Usain Bolt celebrates as he crosses the line. Justin Gatlin (left) was placed second

Justin Gatlin and Asafa Powell gracious in their defeat after Usain Bolt beat them to retain the 100m world championships title in Beijing, China today.

Gatlin hailed Bolt as a “great champion” after the world recorder holder clocked 9.79 seconds, that 100th of a second better than his 9.80 in the final.

“I told him before the race that win or lose he’s a great champion so let’s make it a good race,” said Gatlin, who many people had picked to get the better of Bolt.

“It was a great race against a great guy and I’m happy that I represented my country. The race got away from me in the last five meters but he’s a gamer,” said Gatlin. “He’s a showman and you know everyone that lines up against him have to bring it.”

Powell, who finished seventh with a time of 10.00 seconds, was disappointed.

“I thought I was going to get on the podium tonight. I really have to go back and work on this. I’m extremely disappointed,” Powell said.

“I just didn’t have the legs today. The gun went and everyone was ahead of me.”

Powell went on to say in the near future, he hopes to shake the reputation of not delivering on the big stage.

He also said he was not surprised that Bolt triumphed.

“He told me during warm up that he has a bullet and he’s going to unleash it tonight,” Powell shared.

Two young men who represent the future of men’s sprinting – Canada’s Andre De Grasse and America’s Trayvon Bromell were each clocked at 9.92 for the bronze.

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Usain Bolt – The King Of Track n Field – 2015 World Championships, Beijing

He is what he is, the greatest in his field.  The mind is a powerful tool and we often do not appreciate nor comprehend its power.   If developed correctly by self empowerment, personal development, then science can be left lacking at times.

Usain Bolt has a team spear headed by his Coach, Glen Mills who believes he is the greatest at his game.  Once he puts in the work and self belief is installed regardless of the circumstances he can only deliver.  He stumbled yes in the ‘semis’.   Self belief is only what could have made Bolt deliver as he did.   He knows he is ‘Number 1’.  He may get anxious at times as that is normal, however, with his team he will always be assured that he is the best so get the job done as you know how to.

You are the greatest when you deliver in spite of the jitters, emotions.  Usain Bolt does not allow a loss to affect his mind or a ‘better time’.  He knows it is all about him and his self belief that he can WIN again.  He will continue until he says it is over.   Carl Lewis, are you there?…..’where art though’ Carl Lewis?  The ‘Bolt’ has surpassed your medals.   ‘Dun talk’!!!!!!! 


Usain Bolt reigns supreme in 100m 

(Jamaica Gleaner) Sunday | August 23, 2015

Usain Bolt Reigns Supreme In 100m
The undisputed king of world sprinting, Usain St Leo Bolt, once again saved his best performance for when it mattered most to retain his IAAF World Championships men’s 100m crown.

The world record holder triumphed in a season best 9.79 seconds with America’s Justin Gatlin not too far behind in a time of 9.80.

The victory marked Bolt’s ninth World Championships gold medal, as he consolidated his status as the world’s greatest ever athlete.

Gatlin came into the final having dominated over the last two seasons and on the back of impressive outings in the heat and semi-finals, but for the second consecutive world championships, he had to settle for silver.

There was a tie for the  bronze between  Canada’s Andre De Grasse and America’s Trayvon Bromell with 9.92.

Jamaica’s other representative in the event, Asafa Powell, finished down the track in seventh with a time of 10.00 seconds.

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