Choice – You Really Do Have One – Paymaster MD Keeps It Real!!!

The under 35ers, 30’s are not grounded enough in ‘self’ to appreciate the journey and not the sprint race.  Many as we say come from a ‘decent background’ meaning a level of ‘broughtupsey’ was instilled in them. Unfortunately despite their outward appearance, dressed immaculately and well groomed, for many their self esteem is so low, that constant affirmation and the sense of belonging to a group are of the utmost importance.   If the group, friends, or associates are going down a slippery slope/path, they opt to follow just to be part of.  They much rather be compared to others as being the ‘same’ rather than developing their own ‘self’ and make the choices that deep down they know are right.

Our consumption for the ‘get rich quick’, always in the best or the ‘expensive’ knowing full well that the pay check on its own cannot justify the acquisition has become an addiction.  An addiction that leads our youths and many young professionals into a lifestyle of pure debauchery and shame.  To mask this shame many become depressed and a feeling of unhappiness fills their soul daily.  They dance, sway, and pretend that all is well but as it is known ‘selling of the soul’, becomes more important than accepting their true self.  Life was not borne for the sprinters but actually for the marathoners; that fact escapes them.

Many will have to learn their own lesson as painful as it will be and for those who will listen and take heed, then speeches such as this one to graduating classes can have an impact if only for a few or even for one.  Twenty five (25) years ago, a youngster who got their first job would be elated and happy with the employment and felt comfortable with the salary small as it was with the intention of filling the basket ‘one cocoa at a time’.  Fast forward and you will see a under 30 or under 35er owning their first vehicle making monthly payments which undoubtedly cost more than what they earn a fortnight.  If not making monthly payments, you are told it was a gift from a benefactor; often times the deed to the vehicle is in the benefactor’s name.  

Until our people from an early age learn to develop a healthy self esteem and accept their beginnings poor, middle or affluent knowing that they can achieve and become all that life has to offer without illicit gains or immoral choices in life, the deadly choices made will be ever rampant.   Your life is even more exciting when you reflect on your beginnings comparing where you are now and where you intend to go, with the solid foundation set that you did not ‘sell your soul’ to achieve.  Only then will you truly rest well, attaining peace which is the optimal. 

A life without peace is only a ‘pretend’ one, leaving a gap, void, that when you are alone in the confines of your space only aches that causes you pain becomes your reality.


Audrey Marks’s drugs temptation

Marks would fly to various countries to buy and sell

(Jamaica Observer) Sunday, July 05, 2015      

 MARKS … it was a battle of the value system I was raised with, and the desire to have easy riches.

MANAGING Director of Paymaster Jamaica Ambassador Audrey Marks thought about what she could do with money earned from trafficking in drugs, but opted against the illegal activity, having realised that she was not born and raised to indulge in such a thing.

Ambassador Marks, who served as Ambassador to the United States between 2008 and 2012, was relating a story to members of the graduating class of St Mary High School recently, which left the audience in awe.

A daughter of Dressikie, western St Mary, who attended the nearby Marymount High School before finishing high school at Immaculate Conception, Marks said that while she worked with the then national airline Air Jamaica, the temptation arose following a discussion with a relative.

She would fly to the United States, the United Kingdom, the Caribbean and Canada to buy and sell commodities to supplement her income.

This came closer to the end of the 10 years she spent at Air Jamaica, starting out as a filing clerk, then accounting clerk, and assistant to the vice president for marketing and Sales, and during that time completing bachelor’s and master’s degrees part-time.

“As my weekend business grew, I expanded in the USA, UK, the Caribbean and finally Canada. I started taking boxes of rum to Toronto. After a year I had built up a thriving business. It was hard work, however, lugging two to three suitcases of rum, sometimes with a substantial amount of breakage if they were not packed properly. The only saving grace was that although the Canadian customs could charge for every bottle, most of the time they allowed free entry. These were the late 80s to early 90s before 9/11 when travel and security measures were far less restrictive.

“Hence, after a while, I had become such a regular Friday evening visitor, I was mostly just waved through customs. On one such occasion, a dear relative was picking me up. He noted my quick exit through customs and seemed very interested in my methodology.

“After answering his many questions, he finally came to the point and told me I could make thousands of dollars without lugging all those boxes, if I would just take an occasional package of drugs from Jamaica. While being initially shocked at the suggestion, on hearing the amount of money I would earn for doing far less work, I listened,” Ambassador Marks told the gathering at the St Mary High School auditorium in Highgate, Central St Mary.

What followed later for the woman who had set her sights on becoming President of Air Jamaica, was a decision that would change her life forever and set her conscience free.

“That night, I thought of what I could do with all that money, but I also started to think about what would happen if I got caught doing something that I knew was illegal.

“I could not sleep easily; it was a battle of the value system I was raised with and the desire to have easy riches. But as I thought about this opportunity, I felt a disconnect with the image of myself as the president of a company and someone who did illegal activities. And that was it; the decision became easy, my audacious plan of becoming President of Air Jamaica was far more important than quick money,” she related.

“Years later, I was asked to serve my country as the Ambassador to the United States. In my initial briefing, I was told that a very detailed due diligence on my background will be done and asked if there is anything that could be found that I would wish to disclose from now. I did not have to give it a second thought, the answer was an easy ‘no’ because I had asked myself that question many years ago,” she said.

She implored the graduating class to resist the temptation, like she did, to venture into drug trafficking or other illegal activities.

“Times are difficult and you may be approached, but getting involved in any form of illegality — stealing, scamming, drug-running, gun-running to even the simplest form of wrong activity — is contrary to giving yourself the opportunity to live out your most audacious self without fear or favour,” Ambassador Marks said.

The Paymaster managing director told the Jamaica Observer on Friday that she wanted to warn the young minds that

“the group that is being targeted is youth between 15 and 29. They are the real victims and it comes down to a lack of opportunities.”

“I was trying to share with them that it’s not where you are coming from, but how important it is to make the right choices. You can start small, but you must have a goal and take the opportunities to achieve your goal, and not get sidetracked.

“I am also frightened by the number of girls who are involved in drugs. Some of them are able to recover, but some never do,” Ambassador Marks told the Sunday Observer.

See text of Marks’ speech to the graduating class of St Mary High School on pages 26 and 27.

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Sweet – Jamaican/German Tennis Player Ousts Nadal

Wimbledon, Wimbledon, Wimbledon………….Grass court tennis at its finest.  There is no show like this event in London, England; they say it’s the poshest of all the tournaments and rightly so. 

We claim even 1/4 blood of any roots as ours once its mixed with Jamaican, so you know the viewership will be increased by the diaspora simply because of this talented beauty, dreadlocked and all, Dustin Brown. For my own part, Nadal was always my favourite outside of Pete Sampras, but ‘big up’ to the Ja/German and let us see how far he goes.   Anything, absolutely anything is possible especially when the pressure and expectations are not on you.


Jamaican-German sends Nadal crashing out of Wimbledon

Dreadlocked Brown rules

(Jamaica Observer) Friday, July 03, 2015    

Germany’s Dustin Brown returns against Spain’s Rafael Nadal during their men’s singles second-round match of the 2015 Wimbledon Championships at The All England Tennis Club in Wimbledon.

LONDON, England (AFP) — Rafael Nadal was sent crashing out of Wimbledon by dread-locked German qualifier Dustin Brown yesterday, his fourth successive humiliation at the All England Club.

Nadal, the 2008 and 2010 champion, slumped to a 7-5, 3-6, 6-4, 6-4 second-round defeat against the world number 102 who hit 13 aces and 58 winners.

It was the 29-year-old’s first ever defeat to a qualifier at a Grand Slam and came in the aftermath of losing his French Open crown where he had been champion nine times.

The loss followed his 2012 second-round exit to world 100 Lukas Rosol, a first round beating by the 135-ranked Steve Darcis in 2013 and last year’s fourth-round defeat to Nick Kyrgios, who was at 144.

Down at his lowest ranking for a decade — at 10 in the world — yesterday’s defeat was yet another symptom of the great Spaniard’s game being in a terminal state of decline.

For Brown, who once drove to tournaments in a camper van to save money and is of German and Jamaican descent, it was his second win against Nadal, having won on grass in Halle in 2014.

It also gave him a third-round clash against Serbia’s Viktor Troicki.

“I had actually never been on Centre Court before,” said Brown.

“They asked me before the match if I wanted to go on the court. I didn’t know what was going to happen, so I just said I’ll just go on when I play.

“I thought I would freak out a little bit but I don’t know if it was the match in Halle, it felt very familiar. It wasn’t obviously that big of a court but being on grass, being with him on the court and having won the last match it made me feel more comfortable.”

He added: “It’s easy for me to play my game against someone like him because I have nothing to lose.”

Nadal had the luxury of the first break for a 3-1 advantage in the opening set which was quickly cancelled out by Brown in the fifth game.

Brown, gambling his chances on serve and volley, broke in the 12th game to take the set.

Normal service was resumed in the second set with the 14-time major winner breaking in the third and ninth games to level the contest.

But Brown was far from disheartened, continuing to attack at every opportunity, and he gained the crucial break in the fifth game of the third set against an increasingly bamboozled and error-plagued Nadal.

Sensing victory was there for the taking, the 30-year-old Brown broke in the first game of the fourth set courtesy of a wild, mis-hit Nadal backhand which sailed wide.

Nadal saved two match points in the ninth game, but Brown sealed a memorable victory on his 13th ace.

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Good Result – Court House, Prepare To Go If No Justice Rendered

This is what you call ‘taking the piss’ by Crighton.  It wasn’t’ me, it was the Trade Board, Customs, Government; is a wonder they did not include the insurance company into the list of entities who also erred.  We practice ‘pass the buck’ in every facet of our lives that it becomes a common practice and very few have the balls to call ‘bluff’ and take legal action.

Often times, we are too lazy in following through with our complaints hence car dealers and others like them can take the same stance as they know rarely if ever the claimant takes the matter further. Credit must be given as the buyer decided to go all the way and this must be a lesson to all dealers who can claim, ‘oops honest mistake’ as their defense. The matter could have been settled out of court if Crighton chose to take full responsibility instead they believed they could win this matter.

Let this be an example especially to car dealers, and to buyers, exercise your rights and take the time to follow through once you have proof that you have been ‘ripped off’. No matter how you flip it, this was a con to the tune of J2 million.


Crichton fined for selling misdated car, court says honest error no defence

(Jamaica Gleaner) Published:Friday | July 3, 2015
Used cars on Crichton Automotive’s lot in Kingston as seen in 2009.
Car dealership Crichton Automotive Limited (CAL) has been fined $2 million for selling a 2005 car as a 2007 model, even though the court found that the company may have made an honest error.

Justice Brian Sykes ruled that while Crichton provided information to the customer it believed to be true, honesty in that belief was irrelevant to liability.

The car dealership, which trades in second-hand vehicles, was sued by the Fair Trading Commission for breaching the Fair Competition Act, based on a complaint filed by car buyer Lisbeth Mills.

Mills purchased a Nissan motor car for $1.44 million from Crichton, which she was told was a 2007 model by sales agent Percy Williams.

Williams gave her a pro forma invoice and a customs declaration form, both of which referred to the car as a 2007 model.

Justice Sykes noted that Mills’ suspicions were first aroused based on the reaction of a clerk at an auto parts store where she had gone to purchase a movable rain shield. Her intuition was confirmed when she visited authorised Nissan dealer Fidelity Motors Jamaica Limited, which told her the car was a 2005 model.

Mills went back to Crichton where another of its agent advised her to have the model verified by the Island Traffic Authority, which also confirmed that it was a 2005 model.

Mills proposed to Crichton that it either refund her the difference between the years 2005 and 2007 and alter the documents accordingly, or refund her the full sum in exchange for a return of the car, but the car dealer rejected her suggestions. It was then that she took her complaint to the FTC.

The FTC accused Crichton of false and misleading advertisement, but the dealership resisted the allegation on the ground that it believed that the information on the document it received from the Singaporean exporter was correct.

Crichton also argued that Jamaican government agencies, including the Trade Board and Customs, had acted on the same information, which meant they had satisfied themselves that the 2007 information was correct.

Chief Executive Officer Kirk Crichton, who provided affidavit evidence, said the Nissan was imported from Singapore and that before any used car can be imported into Jamaica the relevant documents from the exporting country are sent to his company and then sent on to the Trade Board, along with an application for an import licence.

motor policy

Justice Sykes noted that during the hearing Crichton’s attorney, Christopher Dunkley, referred to the ministry paper on motor vehicle import policy that came into effect on April 3, 2014, which deals with the determination of the age of vehicles. However, the judge said a 2014 policy was of no assistance in deciding what happened in 2011.

“In any event, as far as the court is concerned, the executive branch of government cannot alter a law enacted by the legislature; only the legislature can do that. The court cannot apply the views of the executive in a ministry paper to determine what the proper interpretation of a statute is,” said Sykes.

The judge added that even if the government agencies had taken it upon themselves to guarantee the accuracy of the year of manufacture, it still would not exonerate Crichton. The dealership is required by law to give accurate information to purchasers of its goods and services.

“There is no defence under the statute of, ‘it is not false if verified by a government agency’,” he said.

Sykes said the deregistration certificate from the Singaporean authorities, on which Crichton relied, expressly stated that the accuracy of the information on the document was not guaranteed and that was putting the company on alert that it may not be correct.

That should have meant that if the customer turned up with credible evidence that the information was incorrect, then Crichton was obligated to take it seriously.

Instead, Crichton took the position that “everyone else was to blame but itself. It tried to say that since the Trade Board, the customs department and the ITA accepted the information then all was well,” Justice Sykes said.

The other point which struck the court was the relative ease with which Mills, who does not appear to be mechanically inclined, was able to find out that the year of the car was incorrect.

“CAL has been in the business over a decade and one would think that it would be able to resolve a matter of this nature without litigation. Two solutions were put forward by Miss Mills. They were rejected. Even when CAL was presented with evidence from Fidelity, the only authorised dealer, that the year was incorrect, CAL refused to budge,” he said.

Crichton, based on the evidence to the court, also did not respond to overtures from the FTC to resolve the issue.

The FTC asked the court to impose the maximum fine of $5 million, but Sykes ruled that penalty should be $2 million, saying the infraction was not as egregious as a similar case in which the fine imposed was $2.5 million.

FTC Executive Director David Miller told the Financial Gleaner on Wednesday that the agency intends to take similar action against other used-car dealers, but those cases have not yet been filed with the court.

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‘Tek It Back’ – Don’t Be Too Quick To Believe ‘Caas USA Human Rights Sey a Suh’

I’m sure you have heard this and in case you haven’t I will tell you.  ‘Wen mi talk mi can back it up; wey mi can’t back up mi nuh run wid it’.

Trust is extremely difficult to reclaim once lost, however, caution must outweigh ones distrust whenever the situation warrants such.  Once the media broke the report on this matter, the excitement began.  While I am one for excitement I am by no means a wagonist and not everything that is blasted I am quick to jump on.  I tend to wait for a response followed by action.  If no action is forthcoming, then I will put my two (2) cents in.  With that said, I kissed my teeth when I heard the report on the subject matter below.  Usually when I do the distasteful and kiss my teeth, I usually get confirmation in short order that my initial response while in poor taste was with merit. 

If you have to search for a reason to oust someone or an organisation, it is my belief you are desperate and when desperation sets in, prepare for the insanity in measures.  Whilst invasion of citizen’s privacy takes place in foreign land, I daresay at this point in time.  Note I said ‘at this point in time’, I hardly think it necessary in JA.  I could be wrong, time will tell, but right now, the US has retracted their initial statements.


US corrects report on Jamaica

(Jamaica Observer) Thursday, July 02, 2015  

KINGSTON, Jamaica – The US State Department on Thursday corrected its 2014 Country Reports on Human Rights Practices, stating that it had no reason to believe that the Jamaican Government was monitoring citizens’ online conversations.

The department said that an error was published in the Internet Freedom subsection of the 2014 Jamaica Country Report on Human Rights Practices last Friday.

That report stated that “The Government did not restrict or disrupt access to the Internet or censor online content. There were credible reports, however, that the Government monitored private online communications without appropriate legal authority.”

State minister in the Ministry of Technology Julian Robinson then challenged US authorities to provide proof of the allegations laid against the Portia Simpson Miller-led Government.

Today, the department updated the report which now reads, “The Government did not restrict or disrupt access to the Internet or censor online content. There were no credible reports that the Government monitored private online communications without appropriate legal authority. According to the International Telecommunication Union, 38 per cent of citizens used the internet in 2013”.

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Rita Marley – Well Done!!!

Bob Marley passed away on 11 May 1981, some 34 years now.  Lest we forget his wife, Rita Marley played a vital role into the legendary profile of her husband.  Having three (3) children with Bob, and two prior to her marriage which he adopted and they carried the Marley’s name, Rita ensured that Bob’s legacy not only remained in tact but continues to strive and prosper. 

She has been an ambassador for reggae music globally and through her efforts and those of her children, Bob Marley’s legacy is truly just that.  Rita Marley has earned her place right alongside Bob Marley as a woman of strength who found her calling.  It is said ‘to whom much is given much is required’. She certainly is deserving of this accolade.


UWI to honour Rita Marley with doctorate

(Jamaica Gleaner) Wednesday 1 July 2015

Rita Marley 
Rita Marley, widow of legendary reggae singer Bob Marley, has been listed among 21 honourees by the University of the West Indies (UWI) at this year’s graduation ceremonies in October. She will receive a DLitt (Doctorate of Letters).

In a statement to The Gleaner, Marley expressed her gratitude. “It was unexpected,” she said. “I didn’t know I would be recognised for my work in that aspect. I’m very happy and honoured to receive this award and I’m happy to be an example to others. I thank UWI for this and I will continue my work.”

According to the UWI, “Rita Marley continues to make invaluable contributions to the Jamaican music industry as singer, producer, performer and entrepreneur. She has built a globally recognised empire with members of the Marley family, and, by extension, the spread and reach of Brand Jamaica as a related and intertwined category.”

In 1996, Marley was awarded the Order of Distinction by the Government of Jamaica, and in 2013, she received honorary Ghanaian citizenship.

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Oliver Samuels, King Of Comedy ‘Turned Upon’ By His Friend

Long gone are the days when you meet someone on the Road, offer them a lift and a budding friendship ensues without financial attachments.

It appears this 29 year old male was in search of a benefactor. On my.

Bail revoked for DJ who issued Samuels ‘death threat’

 (Jamaica Gleaner) Published:Wednesday | July 1, 2015

A Corporate Area resident magistrate has revoked bail for a disc jockey accused of threatening the life of 66-year-old actor and comedian Oliver Samuels.

Twenty-nine-year-old Junior Sommerville is charged with extortion, threatening to commit murder, and larceny in which Samuels is the complainant.

When Sommerville appeared in the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate’s Court yesterday, Senior Resident Magistrate Judith Pusey ordered that he be taken back into custody and return to court on July 29 when his case will again be mentioned.

Pusey revoked the $200,000 station bail after Samuels told the court that while he was off the island, Sommerville threatened members of his family.


When Sommerville appeared in the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate’s Court today, Senior Resident Magistrate Judith Pusey ordered that he should be taken back into custody and return to court on July 29 when his case will again be mentioned.

Pusey revoked the $200,000 station bail after Samuels told the court that while he was off the island, Sommerville threatened members of his family.

It is alleged that in March, Samuels met Sommerville in Red Hills, St  Andrew and offered him a lift and sometime after they became friends. 

In. April, Sommerville reportedly visited Samuels’ house and allegedly stole a Samsung Galaxy phone valued at $50,000.

It is further alleged that on another occasion Sommerville  stole another Samsung Galaxy phone valued at $100,000 from Samuels’ motorcar.

The Crown is alleging that on May 26, Sommerville threatened to kill Samuels if he refused to pay his monthly rent of $30,000.

Sommerville is also accused of extorting more than $130,000 from Samuels over a period.

He is accused of threatening to harm Samuels if the refused to pay.

On June 3, Samuels made a report to the police and Sommerville was arrested and charged.

It is alleged that the police recovered items belonging to Samuels at Sommerville’s house.

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Regular ‘Ting’, I Am Not Alarmed Nor Outraged!!!!!!

Family life, family life and the fear of God is non existent. What do you expect?

My outrage is if the justice system does not give the man 15 years at hard labour minimum. There is a belief among many that ‘di lickle gal dem fling or dash it pon u an dem nuh look dem age’. To that I say, no problem, choose; will it be freedom or 15 years in lock down with no parole until maximum sentence is served? I have no time for the lay, lay, choose. It is either or either!!!!!!!!!!!!

Deterrent must be where the length of time and the type of punishment makes the final decision of fleeing from minors the only viable option. Anything less will be worth the risk to those hell bent on having sex with minors. It is time to implement draconian laws and punishment on the Roc.

High school lab tech arrested, allegedly caught having sex with student in classroom

(Jamaica Gleaner) Published:Wednesday | July 1, 2015
A 45-year-old lab technician at a Portmore-based high school in St Catherine, is now in police custody after he was caught having sex with a 15-year-old grade-nine student at the school on Monday afternoon.

The lab technician, who is also a lay preacher, has been charged with having sexual intercourse with a person under 16 years old.

The Centre for the Investigation of Sexual Offences and Child Abuse says, since the start of the year, he is the third person responsible for the care and custody of children to be arrested in St Catherine south for having sex with a minor.

It is reported that shortly after an internal exam sitting at the school on Monday, the student told one of her friends that she was going to a classroom and would return soon.

However, some time after the girl failed to return, the friend, along with other students went in search of her.

They reportedly found the door to the classroom locked, so they climbed up to look through the window.

It was then that they saw the lab technician and the student having sex.

According to the police, witnesses reported that when the lay preacher realised that he had been caught in the act, he hid the student in a big blue bin, where paper is stored.

A report was made to teachers at the school, who called in the police.

The 45-year-old man was then arrested.

The Gleaner understands that a day later, the principal called senior teachers to an emergency meeting to discuss the matter.

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