‘Arms House Is Arms House’ and Women I Will Not Support This Practise!!!!

I am a firm believer that what is hidden will eventually come out.  If you ‘ina di closet ana hide summen, one day, one day it ago buss out’.  I suggest you find a way to get it out in short order especially when it involves affairs of the heart.

A lover at heart, I cannot deny that I am a ‘rosemantic’.  Love is the essence of life, and if you choose to suppress this beautiful act, your loss.  Please do not confuse lust with love. I know both and love surpasses and lasts every time while lust will fade in a minute. For some reason, ‘love’ has become a buzz word for many, and so we tend to hear, ‘oh I love you’.  Let me straighten you out and inform you that it is not the norm to say, ‘I lust you’, so you better have your head on your body and know the difference when the man or woman tells you, ‘I love you’.  

Ladies, with love  find it extremely difficult not challenging to accept any explanation that would cause you to pass of a child on another man without his knowledge.    Clearly you are a ‘slapper’……….yes I am going to go there.  If it is you like to engage in ‘sexcapades’ with more than one man, I would like to think that at some point you would not risk having unprotected sex.  Be that as it may, there is always an explanation to the story.  I will say this nonetheless; it is a wicked act, and shame on you, plain and simple.  Call me a fool, but I do believe if a man loves you, and you made a mistake where pregnancy follows, if you tell him the truth, he will stand by you and the child.  I honestly believe so. If he chooses not to stand by you, and packs his bag and go, then so be it.  You should have the faith to believe that you will meet someone else who will love you and your child.  I much rather you take that risk, than the ‘jacket draw’.  That is a game that when ‘story come to bump, all hell will bruk loose’. 

Deception is a dangerous route to take, one that can lead to death; we have seen it on the Roc far too often.   Instead of taking paternity tests ‘a u yard’, why not ‘lock up u legs an stop romp from man to man’.  If for some reason, you think you will die if you were to stop ‘romping’, then I suggest both you and the ‘man dem boot it up’.  I do not support this practice by women.  The percentages support that this is a common assault.


Jamaica Gleaner

(Jamaica Gleaner)  Sunday 18 July 2015

Gadstone Taylor
DNA analyst at Caribbean Genetics (CARIGEN), Compton Beecher.

With the summer months always seeing an increase in demand for paternity testing, one regional DNA testing facility is contemplating stocking local pharmacy shelves with paternity kits for the benefit of suspicious parents with something to prove.

According to chief DNA analyst at Caribbean Genetics (CARIGEN), Compton Beecher, while this will be a change from their policy of supplying only medical labs, a recent decision to stock one of the major pharmacies in the Corporate Area is already generating encouraging results, despite the $32,000 price tag per kit.

“You basically just go in and you buy a kit off the shelf,” Beecher told The Sunday Gleaner.

“You can get the same kit at any lab or any one of our lab partners that we are associated with, but the pharmacy is just another way of reaching to the client,” added Beecher.

Now the forensic expert says that discussions are under way with other locations, so that the answer to the question that continues to plague several Jamaican men and women can be found in more pharmacy aisles.

“We are actually looking at a couple more pharmacies to see how that works. We have approached a couple more, but we haven’t yet signed up any contract with them.”

Misattributed Fatherhood
Headquartered at the University of the West Indies, Mona, CARIGEN supplies DNA testing services to at least nine countries in the region, whose citizens often visit partnering labs to have their samples collected and then sent off to be processed.

For Jamaica, Barbados, St Lucia, and Grenada, most of the cases have been referred through the courts.

While Beecher would not confirm or deny claims that misattributed fatherhood is common in the region, based on the results generated at the facility, he said the increase in the number of fathers seeking paternity tests over the years suggests that a significant number of men are convinced that they might have been given the colloquial ‘jacket’.

“People are just not sure, and with the whole economic situation, a father doesn’t want to be supporting a child, knowing that he can put his money elsewhere,” said Beecher, who sees the majority of requests in summer and December.

A client can either purchase a do-it-yourself paternity kit, which would allow him to test his child at home without his partner’s knowledge, or he can have a test done at the lab or at the pharmacy.

While the personal test costs around $36,500 when purchased at CARIGEN, the test which is required by embassies and the courts costs $38,500.

The sale of do-it-yourself paternity kits at pharmacies has led to concerns in some countries, given their potential to complicate or alter family bonds. However, Beecher argued that the company is merely providing genetic and biological clarity for those who have their suspicions.

“There must have been some questions; that’s the only reason why you are doing a test,” he asserted.

Dr Wayne West, chairman of the Jamaica Coalition for a Healthy Society, is not opposed to the availability of quick and easy paternity testing either, although he feels it can create challenges.

“I think truth is always a good thing to know and to be aware of. I think there are consequences to truth, some of which may be negative, but a society that is founded on truth and that is free of lies is always a better society than one that is not,” argued West.

Chairperson of the National Family Planning Board, Dr Sandra Knight, would much rather that paternity tests be done at a doctor’s office, but she believes the accessibility of these products could possibly encourage women to be more truthful about their child’s paternity.

“Men have emotions, too, and men have rights, too, and one of the rights they have is to not be deceived,” she said.

A study conducted by Dr Sonia King in the Pathology Department at the University of the West Indies in 2002 revealed that about one in three, or 33 per cent, of all men tested were not the biological fathers of the children in their families.

Information gleaned from a diplomatic cable sent from the US Embassy in Kingston to its headquarters in Washington in 2009 showed that at least 10 per cent of Jamaican men who filed for children between March 2009 and August 2010.


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Parenting Is A Right? Still Think So With These ‘Wortliss’ Sperm Donors and Baby Carriers???

Until we have the back bone to adopt some of what China did re child welfare, ‘dog ago eat wi supper’.  I do not care about democracy when it comes on to the ‘breeding machine’ that is evident in our culture.  The Ward of The State is not a bottom less pit.  Whose money is supporting the unwanted children?  Things must change, we cannot continue like this.

You cannot be allowed to have the right to ‘breed’ like animals when you are not fit to be parents while at the same time expect others to foot the bill.   The very same people who are making choices to allow themselves to make the best out of life are to be burdened due to the blatant irresponsibility of the ‘wortliss’. The Government is weak and children from those ‘lot’ will only turn out to be criminals.  Lack of education, lack of  morals and I could go on is a recipe for disaster.  If you think I am delusional, look at the ages of those now involved in lottery scamming.  Look at the ages of our girls getting pregnant as if having a baby is the latest ‘accessory’.

The Government does not have the resources to facilitate, enhance ongoing systems they have in place.  If the systems implemented continue to fail, and you keep speaking to the ‘wortliss’ as if you can change them, that is insanity.  A country that cannot educate its people, unable to feed itself, unable to provide decent health-care is incapable of prosperity to say the least.


21 children in custody after police raid dance

(Jamaica Observer) Saturday, July 18, 2015 | 6:02 PM     

 File photo

KINGSTON, Jamaica — ‎Twenty-one children were detained by the police during a series of operations in the St Andrew South Police Division between late Friday and early Saturday.

Police said the children were removed from sessions that were held in the Duhaney Park and Seaview Gardens areas.

In one case, a mother and her underaged daughter were held and charged.

Several other children were also removed and are to be charged as children in need of care and protection, Deputy Superintendent Aaron Fletcher of the Hunts Bay Police reported‎.

At the same time, a search has been launched for parents of the youngsters, as they too will be charged for endangering the life of their children.

Police said the individuals were held during a series of operations, which were part of the Police High Command’s aggressive campaign to clamp down on criminal elements wreaking havoc across the island.

Three firearms were also seized during the operations.

In one of the operations, a woman tried to hide an illegal firearm in a pot of soup.

She has since been arrested along with three other men.

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Greece Or Jamaica ??? – Update

There are so many small business operators on the Roc as well as our usual macro enterprises.  Imagine, living under withdrawal restrictions from the Bank, knowing that it is ‘your money (US$65.00 daily).  The way it is unfolding in Greece, it clearly is your own, but it is not controlled by you rather the State.  How bad is Jamaica when you line up both countries?

I can tell you one thing, if Jamaica fails to honour its debt to the IMF and others in this season, while we may not fully become a Greece, there is much more pain that can be inflicted upon us.  We better start looking at the kitty and if we want to be able to honour our debts while at the same time experience exponential growth, there are some events, and some traditions that may need to take a back burner.  Hey, that is just my view point.  We are not ‘doers’ we are a Nation of ‘talkers’.  What we should have implemented already we are still ‘talking’ on.  We move at a fast pace of ‘talking’ and a slower pace of 20, 30, 40 years of ‘doing’.  As a result, our hope is to play ‘ketch up’ versus ‘booming’ in our economy.  Might as well we sell out ‘every lock stock an barrel’ in my estimation.  I much rather an outsider owns every morsel and make this country a ‘trillionaire’ rather than continue on this downward spiral with a pinch of growth.

At some point in time we must be honest enough to say, we are a set of time wasters who enjoy the idea of productivity by speech rather than my action. If it is the comparison is always going to be between government and the opposition, then we are surely close to ‘doomsday’.



Greek banks to reopen Monday but cash restrictions remain

(Jamaica Observer) Saturday, July 18, 2015 | 12:28 PM     


Greece’s Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras attends the swearing in ceremony of his new ministers at the Presidential Palace in Athens, Saturday. (Photo: AP)

ATHENS, Greece (AP) — Greek banks are reopening Monday after a forced 3-week closure but restrictions on cash withdrawals will remain.

In a decree Saturday, the Greek Government kept the daily cash withdrawal limit at 60 euros ($65) but added a weekly limit. For example, a depositor who doesn’t withdraw cash on Monday can withdraw 120 euros ($130) on Tuesday, and so on, up to 420 euros ($455) a week.

Bank customers will still not be able to cash checks, only deposit them into their accounts, and will not be able to get cash abroad with their credit or cash cards, only make purchases. There are also restrictions on opening new accounts or activating dormant ones.

The decree also pushes back by a month, to August 26, the deadline for filing income tax returns.

The degree came on the same day as Greece’s coalition Government swore in its new, reshuffled cabinet. Five prominent dissidents from the radical left Syriza party, the senior coalition party, were replaced. Four of them had voted against an agreement with Greece’s creditors Thursday and the fifth had resigned before the vote.

Greece closed its banks beginning June 29 to prevent a bank run after the European Central Bank did not increase emergency funding as Greece’s second bailout expired. After the Greek Parliament passed an agreement Thursday to seek a third bailout and related austerity measures demanded by creditors, the ECB raised its emergency funding to the cash-strapped Greek banks.

On Friday, German lawmakers voted 439-119 in favour of opening discussions on Greece’s third bailout and the EU decided to release a short-term loan of 7.16 billion ($7.75 billion) to help Greece pay back a loan due Monday to the ECB.

The Greek Parliament will vote on further austerity measures Wednesday.





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Lottery Scamming The Next Crack Cocaine On The Roc – It Ain’t Ending Any Time Soon!!

I believe Assistant Commissioner of Police Ealon Powell (hope I got the title right) made a statement a few weeks ago on a segment aired on the television as to the eradication of lottery scamming.  From what I gathered, he basically opined that it will not be eradicated due to the nature of the crime.  He pointed out that Communities benefitted financially and so citizens were reluctant to assist in investigations.  However, their best option was to make it more difficult for the culprits to thrive and render punishments through the courts when they are caught.

My questions are simply this, do you think the punishment rendered thus far is a deterrent?  How many arrests with imprisonment of culprits on the Roc and in the USA have there been and what are the ranges of age?  It appears that lottery scamming on the Roc is in high gear, and many of the deaths reported are as a result of that ‘game’.  It’s big money, high stakes and if there is foul play, death is the punishment for those who partake.  The plan in place does not seem to be working, so how is the Minister of National Security and Law Enforcement going to handle this? 


Be careful collecting remittances for others – Police

(Jamaica Gleaner) Published:Saturday | July 18, 2015

The police are warning Jamaicans not to offer to collect money from persons overseas on behalf of others without careful assessment of the motive of the person making the request.

The warning follows the arrest and charge of five people in St Catherine by detectives attached to the Counter-Terrorism and Organized Crime Investigation Branch (C-TOC).

The accused were picked up by lawmen, after the arrest of Alicia Haughton of Granville, St James on, March 10 for several offences related to lottery scamming, including obtaining property by false pretense.

Reports are that Haughton allegedly tricked two United States citizens into sending her approximately US$175,000 through remittance agencies between 2012 and 2014.

She then reportedly engaged the services of the five now in custody to collect the cash, which was then handed over to her.

Those arrested are Alga Logan, Ian Vassell, Colin Clarke, Simone Fraser and Crystal Watson.

They are scheduled to appear before the Spanish Town Resident Magistrate’s Court on July 31.


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How Do You Know When To Quit A Relationship?

How far is too far when one is dissatisfied with the turn of events in the man/woman affair dilemma?  I say dilemma as on the Roc we face some of the worst atrocities between people who were supposedly once in love that it leaves you almost breathless. Why is it that people refuse to move on?  Why is it that the majority believes that when you ‘quit’ a relationship, something is wrong with you if you choose not to have absolutely any contact with your ‘ex’?  Why is it that those who are incapable of accepting that no contact between exes can simply mean that one person has made the decision to allow absolutely no interference in the moving on of both lives?  How many persons when they meet a new partner often bemoans the relationship that some still have with their exes when there are no children involved?  Do you not think it is a blessing that if you have truly moved on you are able to be true and honest to the next person who steps into your life if you have put your ex to pasture?  Why continue to play silly games and send mix signals?  If the relationship was that great you would not be exes, so learn to move on and allow yourself the opportunity to receive into your life what could be the very best without unnecessary interference. The details obviously have not been provided in this latest atrocity.  However, a twenty two year old young lady was brutally burnt by someone who at one time or another professed that he loved her.  We could counsel, lecture, guide until we are blue. Male and female irrespective of their ages are prone to make terrible choices in the person they ‘hook’ up with.  Maybe, just maybe if we stop believing that we ‘own’ each other, then ‘freedom’ will be more acceptable.  Freedom to ‘quit’ a relationship without actual death regardless of who claim they added more value, whether it be financial or otherwise to the table.  Somehow I hardly think a 22 and a 27 year old could have invested that much, but strongly opine that ‘ownership’ on the part of the bloke was the issue; I could be wrong.

I personally live by this philosophy, every blessed thing has its season, and when your season is up in whatever facet of your life, know when to pack your grip and move on……………..!!!!  I refer to that as ‘no drama’.  There must be no drama when you quit especially when no children are involved. If children are involved, and you profess to be intelligent, independent and desire what is best for the said children, be wise and take the legal approach. The ‘passa passa’ is way too ordinary, tacky and classless.


Clarendon man charged with girlfriend’s murder


(Jamaica Gleaner) Published:Saturday | July 18, 2015

Nardia Jackson’s body was found burning in bushes off the Mocho main road on July 7

The Clarendon police have charged the suspect who was held last week in connection to the death of a young woman in the parish.

Oneil Duffus, a 27-year-old taxi driver, was yesterday charged for the murder of his girlfriend, 22-year-old Nardia Jackson, whose burnt body was found in bushes off the Mocho Main Road on Wednesday July 7.

The police had reported that residents called them to the scene in Sheckles after discovering what appeared to be a human body being burnt with tires.

Investigators theorized she was killed elsewhere and the body brought to the location and set on fire.

A cell phone was found on the burning body.

Two persons believed to be the parents of the deceased submitted DNA samples to assist the police in confirming the identity, as the body was burnt beyond recognition.

Duffus is to make his first court appearance next Thursday to answer to the charge.

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Strength And Courage of A Woman – Slain Off Duty Policewoman

She was in plain clothes, and chose to still serve and protect.  After all these years of living on the Roc, it is only now that I was made aware that the JCF are not afforded transportation to and from work.  This I find to be a crying shame.  I don’t care about other countries, I care about Jamaica and it amazes me to say the least that knowing our culture, we did not see it fit in all our political discussions to think of providing transportation for all essential services personnel.  The JUTC is government owned and they should be transporting those personnel.

Excuse me if I do not want to hear a flipping word from the Minister of National Security and the Commissioner about what they intend to do NOW.  Once again, we are extremely ‘fast’ at going nowhere.  Did what I just say make any sense to you?  If it does not, then the same applies to the gibberish that is being espoused by the two leaders of the ‘crime portfolio’. It is a disgrace and about time you both shut up your bloody mouths and just make the changes immediately and offer no condolences as it appears you all have ‘scripts’, stacked up in a file.  Based on the type of atrocity, you extract from the filing cabinet and ‘bam’ ‘speech’ comes along.  I am sick and tired of this mediocre performance that is experienced at what I would consider to be a 101 initiative.

To be perfectly honest, the less I hear from both the Minister of National Security and Commish, the better it will be.  Five (5) more months left before the close of 2015, can you two (2) keep your mouths shut and offer words of progress made on implementation and enactment come January 2016 with due respect?



‘She fought to the end’ 

(Jamaica Gleaner) Thursday 16 July 2015

The shattered glass littering the backseat of a passenger bus parked at the Hunt’s Bay Police Station in St Andrew yesterday told the story of the brave struggle woman Constable Crystal Thomas waged against three robbers before she was eventually killed on Tuesday night, police investigators have revealed.

“She fight to the last,” one senior investigator told The Gleaner.

“She never roll over and die; she fight to the end,” said another

In the end though, they said the three male robbers were too strong for the 24-year-old constable and overpowered her before shooting her three times in the face.

Weapon Recovered

But within hours of the gruesome slaying, the St Andrew South Police revealed that two suspects had been taken into custody and a firearm seized.

By late afternoon yesterday, Senior Superintendent Dean Taylor, who heads the Major Investigation Task Force (MIT), revealed that a firearm, believed to be Thomas’ service weapon, had been recovered.

Taylor said both weapons would be turned over to the Government Forensic Laboratory for testing.

Senior Superintendent Cornwall ‘Bigga’ Ford, who heads the West Kingston Police Division where Thomas worked for the past four years, praised residents for assisting investigators and appealed for their continued cooperation.

Ford said he expected that the probe would be wrapped up within a “very short time”.

Retracing Thomas’ final steps, Superintendent Lennox Harper, who is attached to the St Andrew South Police Division, said she boarded the Mandeville-bound Toyota Coaster outside the Denham Town Police Station shortly after completing her shift.

Harper said investigations revealed that shortly after the bus crossed the intersection of Maxfield Avenue and Spanish Town Road one of three men who boarded the bus after the constable put a gun to the driver’s head and ordered him to make a left turn off the main thoroughfare.

He said the driver and conductor managed to flee the bus loaded with about 15 passengers, and it was then that Constable Thomas decided to challenge the robbers.

Still Unclear

Harper said what transpired next was still unclear, but that passengers reported hearing several shots being fired inside the vehicle.

For some members of the Police Federation, the death of the young constable reignited the issue of transportation for off-duty police personnel. They pointed to the dangers of travelling on public passenger vehicles with persons they may have prosecuted.

“For years we have been clamouring for a bus system to transport police officers when they finish their shift,” an executive member of the Federation told grieving police personnel at the Denham Town Police Station yesterday.

Responding to the concerns, National Security Minister Peter Bunting revealed that the Government is now in the process of purchasing a number of buses and indicated that some could be made available to the Jamaica Constabulary Force.

“In discussion with the Commissioner [of Police], in terms of deployment, I’m sure that’s one of the things he is going to look at,” Bunting told journalists after a visit with grieving police personnel at the Denham Town Police Station.

The Police High Command is appealing to anyone with information in connection to the slaying of woman Constable Crystal Thomas to come forward

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Greece Update – NO Vote – Tighter Austerity Measures, Politricks!!!!

So Greece declared vehemently that after five (5) years, they had enough of austerity and were not prepared to continue on the same trajectory for a further three (3) years.  Reality………………….

PM has agreed to even more austere measures and the creditors made their demands and Greece has bowed.  What is the learning lesson in the most simplistic of approaches?  ‘Bruk people/country may have talk, but who fi listen nah go listen’.  It matters naught why you got to the point of bankruptcy but how you plan to get out and maintain the commitments to get out is what counts.  The ‘whys’ tend to become less important to that of the ‘hows and whens’.  Jamaica must learn the Greece lesson and the times now call for draconian measures in the face of collapse.



Greek Parliament passes austerity bill

(Jamaica Observer) Wednesday, July 15, 2015 | 6:50 PM     

 Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras

ATHENS, Greece (AFP) – Greece’s Parliament early on Thursday strongly approved a bill of tough reforms demanded by the country’s creditors in return for a new bailout, according to official results.

A final count showed 229 lawmakers voted in favour of the measures, with 64 voting against and six abstaining.

The ruling radical Syriza party passed the bill thanks to support from pro-European opposition parties as a large group of government lawmakers – including former finance minister Yanis Varoufakis, the head of Parliament Zoe Constantopoulou and Energy Minister Panagiotis Lafazanis – voted against the measures.

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, who has nearly split his party in the process, insisted he did not agree with the bulk of the draconian deal, that demands tax hikes, a pensions overhaul and privatisation pledges.

But he said the country had no other choice if it wanted to stay in the euro.

“We will not back down from our pledge to fight to the end for the right of the working people,” he told the chamber ahead of the vote.

“There is no other option but for all of us to share the weight of this responsibility,” Tsipras said.

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I’m In Stitches Here, DWL – Once A John Crow Always A John Crow – From The Mouth of Opposition Member Desmond McKenzie!!!

Point taken Mr Holness kindly move on.  The Minister apologised and you are now going over board in your demand or request.  None of us are able to state with truth how we will respond when faced in certain situations.  The most we can do is hope for a mature response once in the political arena.

We are not an easy set to say the least.  The vast majority are indiscipline and disrespectful and many of our leaders fit this characterisation.  With that said, on both sides of the table, you do more than ‘draw one’s tongue’.  It is as if you deliberately make a declaration that you are going to ‘pitch down’ on a given day.  Depending on how ones equilibrium is on that day, ‘any card can draw’.  I too like the Minister have called for ‘Divine Intervention’, and whilst we wait for that, it is challenging to say the least to maintain ones decorum in the face of those who should know better and whose sole purpose is to annoy and perplex you; sounds asinine, ‘same way suh it is’.

Whether the comments are ‘jezebel, john crow, solid waste of time, draw tongue etc, it tends to pass over my head.  I, however, draw the line at profanities.  If our leaders were to start ‘chipping the badword dem’, then I daresay the house may collapse.  Maybe I am becoming less sensitive. Or it could be that my expectations of leadership in Jamaican politics to be at a higher level are impossible through my eyes.  Hmmmmmmm that right there could be the problem. 


John crow-like comments must never happen again, says Holness


(Jamaica Gleaner) Published:Wednesday | July 15, 2015


Opposition Leader Andrew Holness wants National Security Minister Peter Bunting to go beyond the apology he made for likening members of the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) to john crows, saying the minister should pledge not to make such utterances in future.

“While we received in Parliament the statement from the minister of national security, which acknowledges the error of his statement, we must have a commitment that such statements will never be made again,” Holness declared in the House of Representatives yesterday.

Bunting, who in the past has called for divine intervention in tackling the serious crime problem locally, yesterday backpedalled on his ‘john crow’ comment, which was made at a constituency conference in Eastern St Andrew last Sunday.

The national security minister admitted that his remark was unnecessarily harsh “and seemed to have caused a fair amount of discomfort”.

He said the offensive comment was not in keeping with his approach to handling his portfolio.

“I have been focused on Unite for Change and my remarks were contrary to that objective. I would like to apologise for those remarks,” Bunting said.

public utterances

Chiding Bunting, the opposition leader said the minister, who presides over the Unite for Change programme, should be more careful about his public utterances.

“Ministers of government have a general duty to ensure that they conduct public affairs with a level of decorum and standard of behaviour that is becoming of the office. The minister of national security in particular, since he espouses a programme called Unite for Change, must be very careful in his utterances,” he charged.

According to Holness, the fight against crime should not just be a reliance on policing strategies, but also building the social fabric of the society.

“Every statement that is so loaded as the statement made by the minister of national security unravels that social fabric.”

Earlier during Bunting’s retraction, West Kingston Member of Parliament Desmond McKenzie threw cold water on the minister’s apology, saying he read from a prepared text when he insulted the Opposition.

“It was written! It was written!” shouted McKenzie across the parliamentary divide.

“Once a john crow, always a john crow,” McKenzie charged sotto voce, with government members responding: “Yuh seh suh! Yuh seh suh!” as a large number of government members erupted in laughter.

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‘A Going To Touch Pon It, Caan Ease Off’- Bisexuals Account For 40% HIV ers On The Roc

I want you to listen to me loud and clear, Jamaica is a population of fewer than 3 million.  There has always been ’nuff’ talk that the women out number the men. Right now we are fully heading into a secular society/world.  I am going to break this down for you, as I am a reasonable person.

If you choose to have sex with animals, your choice, consequence will follow.  If a man chooses to have sex with another man, the choice is his.  If a woman chooses to have sex with another woman, the choice is hers.  If you choose to dress up like Tom today, and tomorrow you dress up like Tammie, your choice.  If a man chooses to have sex with a woman and said woman knows that man is only having sex with women,  ‘it criss’.  On the other hand if the man chooses to have sex with a woman, and then said man chooses to have sex with a man, and returns to said woman or another woman, and the women have no idea that said man is having sex with man/men, consequences will follow.

What kind of man must we refer to you as?  Do you think you are honourable?  Do you think you are deserving of respect or disdain?  Do you think you must be treated as a man who is trustworthy and could you be trusted in any area of your life?

There are many vile human beings on Planet Earth and one group I opine are men who have sex with women deceiving them into believing that they are ‘straight’, putting the woman at an obvious risk.  If it were not so the figures as quoted by the Ministry of Health would indeed be false.  People can choose to live the life they desire, but when that choice endangers another without mutual consent there can be no justification. Our women need to be extremely careful and do what they must to protect themselves.  Our young girls are oh so vulnerable and fathers, mothers, guardians, social workers, must educate them accordingly.

In closing I say this read my commentary clearly.  If the woman has no problem with her man sleeping with another man and her, the choice is mutual.  The opposite I maintain is an evil and wicked act that seems to be prevalent on the Roc where our population is but a small one.  No good can result from deception!!!!!!


Bisexuals accounted for 40 per cent of new HIV infections in 2012

(Jamaica Observer) Tuesday, July 14, 2015     54 Comments 

inister of Health Dr Fenton Ferguson (second right) shares a light moment with the Global Fund’s Fund Portfolio Manager Giulia Perrone (right), USAID Mission Director Denise Herbol (second left) and National HIV/STI Programme Director Dr Nicola Skyers after an announcement that more than US$20 million will be pumped into the country’s HIV/STI programme. (PHOTO: GARFIELD ROBINSON)

MINISTER of Health Dr Fenton Ferguson yesterday disclosed that men who have sex with both men and women accounted for almost 40 per cent of new HIV infections in 2012.

Speaking at a press conference to announce the approval of funds for the National HIV/STI Programme at the Terra Nova Hotel in Kingston, Dr Ferguson said although the HIV/STI programme has made significant strides in achieving a decline in new infections and is on track to halt and reverse the spread of HIV/AIDS, it continues to face challenges with respect to the prevalence rate among vulnerable groups.

“While we have a prevalence rate of 1.8 per cent among the general population, female sex workers have a prevalence of 4.2 per cent, young men under 25 years who have sex with men are at 24.3 per cent as at 2013, and adult men who have sex with men (MSM) have a prevalence rate of 32 per cent,” the health minister explained.

In addition, men who have sex with men and their female partners accounted for almost 40 per cent of new infections in 2012,” he said.

“I want to further note that MSM who reported being involved in sex work, reported an HIV prevalence of 41 per cent, transgender women 45 per cent, and transgender populations in sex work reaching as high as 56 per cent.”

Insisting that the prevalence rate among these groups are “way too high”, Dr Ferguson said that much of the efforts must be concentrated on these vulnerable groups, adding that there is the ever present challenge of implementing mechanisms to effectively deal with the issue of stigma and discrimination.

The approved funds include US$14.9 million from the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria, to be used from January 2016 to December 2018; US$5 million from the US President’s Emergency Plan for AIDs Relief (PEPFAR)/United States Agency for International Development (USAID) for the 2015/2016 financial year, and increased budgetary allocation from the Jamaican Government.

The funds, according to the minister, will facilitate support geared at reaching those most at risk of becoming HIV infected, as well as those who are already infected through the provision of treatment, care and support services.

Dr Ferguson said the PEPFAR grant has already been approved and that they are now in the final stages of completing the ministry’s work plan, while a mission from the Global Fund is now in the island working through funding requirements and guidelines with stakeholders to develop an integrated plan.

He told the Jamaica Observer that the additional funds being pumped into the programme will enable them to focus on vulnerable groups, instead of just the prevalence of HIV/AIDS among the general population.

“I think we have done extremely well to get to 1.8 per cent, but you would’ve heard the startling statistics I spoke to and unless you are able to target those groups and while targeting them, increasing your public education component that’s going to be important because even as you [set] targets, people must know what they should do, what puts them at risk, etc,” the minister said.

“And I think this funding during this period would really help us to break the back to get Jamaica to be, undoubtedly, the leader within the Caribbean relative to HIV/AIDS.”

The minister admitted that for some the identified vulnerable groups is a controversial topic, but he remained committed to ensuring the stigma and discrimination that is often demonstrated is removed, even as public education is boosted.

“You would have noted [the figure of] men who have sex with men but also with women, you are talking about 40 per cent, that’s extremely high,” the minister reiterated, while speaking to the Observer.

“You know sometimes you are focusing on the MSM alone, and not realising that our women are also at risk in those situations.

“So, we will just have to continue the public education, even as we continue to deal with those issues that mitigate treatment of these specific vulnerable groups,” Dr Ferguson insisted.

Meanwhile, in calling for continued partnerships to multiply the gains, the minister thanked both the mission from the Global Fund and USAID for their “consistent support of the national effort to fight the prevalence of HIV and AIDS among the Jamaican population”.

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‘Oono Tink Oono Own Political Party’ – Joan Gordon-Webley Still On Front Page?????

All you disgruntled PNP members and ministers alike, ensure you are honouring your mandate and doing your part so that when you go to the Podium seeking votes, you can back it up.  Thankfully the PNP Executive does not include you lot and if you feel that grieved about the inclusion of Ms Gordon-Webley, then ‘pack your bags and go’.  Bag a foolishness, ‘wen sum people luv run up dem mouth as if dem ave ownership ova party’.  Clap your self; you have been a faithful member of the PNP from ‘whoppy kill fillop u get gold star a dat u want, tek it’.  Get this very clear, your focus is misplaced.  A few weeks ago I heard Minister Lisa Hanna stating that the PNP is a Christian party.  If that is ‘truth’ then ‘gibber u mouth’ and stand firm and trust and hope that you will be victorious at the polls in the Generals.

If Ms Gordon-Webley can add value to the Party, who made some of you God to determine otherwise?  As for the jezebel comment, some a ‘oono same Comrades call the Prime Minister wuss dan dat, and still dehdeh; ole hypocrite some a oono’.  Again I say, if you have no trust in the Executives of your Party, then ‘pack your bags and go’.


Comrades split as party leadership embraces former Labourites

(Jamaica Gleaner)Published:Sunday | July 12, 2015


In this 2011 file photo Joan Gordon-Webley embraces the man she replaced as the JLP standard bearer in East Rural St Andrew, Joseph Hibbert, who has since died.
PNP president, Prime Minister Portia Simpson entertains a child in the lead-up to the 2011 general elections.

Over the past decade or so, the leadership of the People’s National Party (PNP) has opened the door of its Old Hope Road headquarters to approximately 15 Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) refugees.

Although wary, the Comrades have kept quiet in the face of decisions to embrace the former political adversaries since 2006.

But for many Comrades, the welcome mat laid out for political firebrand Joan Gordon-Webley is taking things too far.

“Joan is really hard to ingest,” declared Terrence Gibson, a PNP activist from South West Clarendon. “But we are the People’s National Party so I guess that’s what the ‘people’s’ stands for.”

The concerns of the Comrades are many and varied, influenced by the different periods since Gordon-Webley first ran on the JLP ticket in the tumultuous 1980 general elections.

There have been whispers of unease in the past as JLP diehards began the trek from Belmont Road to Old Hope Road, but these have, since last week, been transformed into trumpets of protests.

Veteran politician Delano Franklyn is one of those protesting loudly. He referred The Sunday Gleaner to his position on the social network Facebook.

“I disagree with the decision of the executive of the PNP to admit Mrs Joan Gordon-Webley as a member of the party. Among others, I do so for two primary reasons: the bloody campaign of 1980 and the labelling of the current party president as a ‘Jezebel’. I rest my case,” said Franklyn.

“That is my position and what I stand for. The reason that I can state my position in no uncertain terms is because I have been inundated with calls from persons wishing to know my position, and by stating it, I hope there is no one who is now not clear on my position.”

The PNP Youth Organisation has also expressed concern. “… we believe that this move will not advance the PNP’s public image, but on the contrary, cause many Comrades to contemplate their continued membership in and support for the People’s National Party.

“We have made a formal appeal to the party’s general secretary and we anticipate that this matter will be reviewed by the party’s National Executive Council at the next meeting later this month,” said Alric Campbell, president of the youth group.

 Understands the concerns

 Gordon-Webley fully understands the concerns of the Comrades and has moved to calm the waters.

“I am … mindful of those Comrades who have expressed some consternation about my membership. This is totally understandable and acceptable. It was never my expectation that after serving as long as I have in another political party this move was going to be without criticisms, from both sides,” said Gordon-Webley late last week.

“Politics in Jamaica, like anywhere else, requires patience and fortitude; it is not for the faint-hearted. I, therefore, do not intend to be thin-skinned or dismissive of any views, but rather will make myself available to discuss and clarify matters of concern to any member of the party.”

For political historian Troy Caine, Gordon-Webley is a good catch for the PNP and bad for the JLP. “I have always been impressed with her politics and charisma, which may be a little too much for some PNP supporters,” said Caine.

He noted that several “prominent and unusual” political personalities have defected, including Rose Leon and Ken Hill of a past era. “So this is something that we must keep in mind.”

While Caine is of the view that there is a numerical balance in persons defecting from either of the two political parties, present-day Comrades have raised the red flag on what they characterise as the “greening” or “labourisation” of the PNP.

The Comrades point to Lisa Hanna, one-time spouse of David Panton, the founding president of JLP’s young professional group, G2K; Ian Hayles, who was mentored by former JLP leader Edward Seaga and ex-JLP stalwart Abe Dabdoub.

Hanna succeeded PNP member Aloun Assamba in the PNP’s political stronghold of South East St Ann, despite efforts by some diehard Comrades to keep her out. She has since assumed the chairmanship of the PNP Region One.

After defecting from the JLP, Hayles ran on the PNP ticket in Western Hanover and is gunning for the position of chairman of the party’s Region Six.

It was Dabdoub who, as a “converted” Comrade, set his former party in a tailspin when he hauled Daryl Vaz before the court in the first of a series of dual-citizenship battles in the aftermath of the 2007 general election.

Political neophytes, including Verna Parchment, who sent the PNP stalwart Arnold ‘Scree’ Bertram into retirement, also fled the JLP to a new home among the Comrades.

In a similar fashion, former G2K member, Ashley-Ann Foster, has turned away from the JLP and seems set to take on Edmund Bartlett in East Central St James.

Then there are Norman Horne, Patrick Atkinson and Benny White, who have etched marks for themselves in the PNP.

Some Comrades believe that this is at the expense of party workers who have carried the torch late at nights into the ‘Rising Sun’.

As a JLP candidate, Horne wrestled unsuccessfully with John Junor for Central Manchester before turning PNP to challenge the JLP’s Franklyn Witter in South East St Elizabeth.

This also turned out to be another futile attempt by Horne, who got the blessing of the PNP leadership to assume the influential party position of treasurer before his recent resignation.

 Atkinson’s switch

 A former member of the JLP, Atkinson, a lawyer by profession, turned away from his first political love to help bring down then Prime Minister Bruce Golding in the Manatt, Phelps & Phillips fiasco that was the catalyst for the JLP’s electoral demise in 2011.

He was rewarded with a candidacy in Northern Trelawny and emerged as the member of parliament, and that parachuted him to the vaunted position of attorney general.

Comrades have also not forgotten that publisher Lloyd B. Smith challenged pure-bred Comrade Derrick Kellier for the South St James seat before switching sides, successfully contesting the Central St James seat for the PNP in 2011. He is now the deputy speaker of the House of Representatives.

Former Morant Bay mayor in the JLP, Rosemarie Shaw, who was active in PNP presidential election, ran in 2007 against James Robertson.

Also at the local government level, White defected to the PNP to emerge mayor of Port Antonio, while councillor for the Riverside division in Western Hanover, Lester Crooks, jumped ship and joined the ranks of the PNP.

Councillor for the Southfield division in South East St Elizabeth, Gregory Myers, also switched sides, and Esworth Frankson, a former JLP councillor for the Old Harbour Central division in South West St Catherine, traded his green shirts for orange.

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