Are You Digging Your Grave? by Dr Tony Vendryes

(Jamaica Gleaner) Wednesday July 29, 2015

Without even realising it, most of us are gravediggers! Yes, the average person in today’s world is working hard at digging their own grave with their teeth. The major causes of premature death are related to what you put in your mouth – what you eat. The American Medical Association has estimated that more than 70 per cent of all the visits to doctors in the US are for nutritionally-related disorders. Here in Jamaica, the major killers – heart disease, cancer, stroke, and diabetes are all diet-related problems and, as a society, we are busy eating our way to an early grave.

To make things worse, millions of dollars are spent by the food industry each year programming our people, especially our children to become even more active gravediggers. Then we spend millions more dollars treating the resulting illnesses. This is misguided and self-destructive behaviour of the worst kind. The harsh reality is that the typical modern diet of processed convenience foods promotes disease.

The cellular body

The human body is composed of trillions of tiny units called cells. Cells are the building blocks of the body. Your wellness depends on your cells. When you are healthy, it is because your cells are healthy and when you get ill, your cells have become sick. Amazingly, your body is never static or stuck in its present state. Each and every moment of every day, millions of the cells in your body die and at the same time millions of new ones are created to replace them. By the time you are finished reading this article, your body will be different to the body that began reading it. It is estimated that in any given year, your body will replace more than 90 per cent of its cells.

You are what you eat.

The new cells that your body is creating right now are made from what you eat. If we simply provide the human body with all the nutrients it needs, it has the wisdom to heal, repair, and balance itself while preventing many diseases. Your body was designed to maintain optimal health and wellness, but you need to give it what it needs by proper nutrition.

The scripture puts it this way:

“You are fearfully and wonderfully made”. There is a healer within you capable of incredible things if you provide your cells with what is called “cellular nutrition”. Simply put, this is a way to provide the more than 70 trillion cells in your body with all the nutrients they need.

More than 22 years ago, I heard about the concept of cellular nutrition for the first time even though I had been practising medicine for more than two decades. The idea had never been mentioned in medical school. I had been having my own health challenges at the time and I decided to try the approach myself. The experience changed my health and my approach to medicine forever. I discovered that the body actually could repair itself when nourished appropriately.

The Cellular Nutrition Programme

About 35 years ago, experts in the modern sciences of nutrition, vitamins and minerals supplements along with specialists in herbs created a simple programme, which provides the human body with all the nutrients it needs. It is simple and convenient and I consider it the ultimate healthy fast food.

Today, millions of people worldwide use this approach every day with incredible health benefits. It is a precise plan to supplement your diet so as to optimally nourish the cells of your body. There are three elements to this programme:

A liquid meal: a protein shake that can replace or supplement one or more meals each day. The shake is a nutritionally perfect meal in a drink that is delicious and easy to prepare.

Technically, it supplies your cells with all their macronutrients – protein, carbohydrates and good fats. It is also a powerful weight management tool.

A tablet: containing a combination of vitamins, mineral and micronutrients to be taken with each meal.

A capsule: with a blend of herbs and nutrients that protects the cells, strengthens the immune system and facilitates the absorption and use of all the nutrients by the cells.

The simple discipline of consistently supplementing your diet with these nutrients can dramatically benefit your health and well-being. There is actually nothing magical about the supplements themselves. The real magic is in your body with its incredible God-given potential. This concept and this nutritional programme is unique. It is patented, trademarked and owned by a US-based company and is available here in Jamaica. So, stop digging your grave with your teeth and start building a better body with cellular nutrition.

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Aids, HIV It Could Be You…………..If……………….

Are you not tired of the diatribe that you continuously espouse to cover up the blatant reality that you just choose to live a promiscuous life?  It is really that simple. Continue to have what you call fun, or attempt to justify the life of the ‘man’ stemming from biblical days.  Read this piece below which for me is heartfelt and ask yourself a couple of questions;

  1. a) Do you have a child or children?
  2. b) Are you in a committed relationship and love your spouse?
  3. c)  If you were to get tested and found out that you were HIV positive, how would you be affected emotionally?
  4. d)  Are you one of those persons that easily become overwhelmed with the pace of life and our economy?
  5. e)  Do you manage your own stress effectively?  Are you a balanced person emotionally?
  6. f)  How do you manage disappointments in general?
  7. g) Do you self medicate either by drowning your sorrows in alcohol, engage in sex with multiple partners, inflict harm to your own self or find other avenues in which to inject physical pain on your person?
  8. h)  If you were diagnosed with Aids, would you harm yourself, quit your job; continue to have unprotected sex, become angry at the World and resentful of your peers and those you encounter?

HIV/Aids do not inflict the uneducated, the poor and persons who we consider to be of a particular social standing.  It is a possibility for ALL those who continue to sow their seeds.  Those who believe they were not created to have sex with only one person for as long as they live.  I truly believe that life is a series of poor and good choices.  Consequences always follow both.  Make your choice knowing that whichever you choose, it was yours to ‘ride or die’.  If the outcome becomes an embarrassment to you and a health risk to those who you deem to love, I still maintain it was your choice so continue to ‘ride or die’.

For my own life, I say to myself, ‘I am xxxxxxx years old and have a clean bill of health meaning HIV/Aids free.  If I make a poor choice and contract this disease, God help me and the one that gave it to me’.  You see, the consequence will definitely be the same as the poor choice I made.  With that said, I need not think with my private parts, I quickly revert to maintaining the high standard which I have set for myself. 

Keeping it real as always.  I ask you only to think with your brain and not your ‘tool’.


I caught AIDS, but all is not over

(Jamaica Observer) Monday, July 27, 2015     32 Comments


I caught AIDS, but all is not over

ON June 25, my entire world crumbled down as I was diagnosed with HIV. After being in a monogamous relationship for almost a year and testing negative multiple times throughout the relationship, I was tested positive for HIV. So I began to do some self-searching and introspection: I’m not a whore. I don’t do drugs. How did this happen to me? Then I realised it can happen to anyone. I just needed to know how to bring my world back down to earth and stay strong.

To be honest, it’s a stressful situation. I told my ex-partner — whom I had broken up with after finding out he had cheated multiple times. His response was that I “live a disgusting life”, and that he was going to out me to my friends and family. Knowing the society that I’m living in, and that people living with HIV and AIDS are discriminated and stigmatised, I thought my life was over. I attempted suicide by overdosing. Thanks to the support of my close friends, who came to my rescue, I’m alive today and is able to face the circumstances.

What was funny was that, two years ago, when my close friend told me that he found out that he had HIV and he wanted to harm himself, I was there counselling him. I encouraged him, telling him that everything was okay and that I understood what he was going through and HIV is not a death sentence. But I have come to realise that we will never understand what people living with HIV and AIDS in our society are going through, with the constant stigma and discrimination against them until we are in that position. I have come to realise that for people living with HIV and AIDS, this hostile environment has a negative impact on their physical and psychological health. Some hide their HIV status and experience stress and social isolation. Many of those who are open about their HIV status experience flagrant and explicit discrimination.

For example, I was told to go by the Comprehensive Health Clinic, Slipe Pen Road, to see a doctor and to do further check-up. When I went there, there was a section that is called Section 3 that was only for STIs. While in the waiting area, I could overhear people gossiping about the patients that was being seen, saying that they were there for treatment for HIV. In fact, I soon realised that some people in the waiting area where not there for treatment. They were there to see all the people who had come for HIV treatment. Things like these have led to individuals living with HIV and AIDS not to seek (or may not seek early enough) the treatment they need.

Thanks to organisations like Jamaica AIDS Support for Life I am now able to get the necessary health care needed in a discreet and comfortable environment with friendly staff.

Today, I want to speak to people living with HIV, as well as those who are HIV negative. To those who are HIV negative, I implore you to protect yourself, please! Use the necessary things that are out there. Don’t have unprotected sex. Get tested, and keep yourself in the ‘know zone’ so that you will be able to protect yourself and others that you are involved with.

And for those who are HIV-positive, I believe that God is going to work a miracle for us. All of your problems, your pain and heartache, guilt and shame, lay them down on Jesus. He said cast your cares upon him and he will hear your call. If you feel it’s necessary to be sexually involved with someone, use a condom. Don’t ruin that person’s life just because someone else has done that to you. It’s not fair to you, but it’s also not fair for you to ruin another person’s life because of your own selfish ways.

At the beginning of the fourth decade of the HIV epidemic, profound stigma and discrimination is a fact of life for those with the disease, not only socially, but within our legal system. But until the day we’ll be able to say, “I used to have HIV”, let us all work together to fight against the spread of HIV and AIDS in our society.

My aim is to encourage us to stop the discrimination and stigmatising of people living with HIV and AIDS, and instead unite to stop HIV and AIDS. We can beat this together.


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Know Your Culture To Fight Crime – PC Killed By Masked Man

Where is the outcry from the human rights group?  Or is it that they only protest when it is in the reverse?   We have become scared to fight crime in this Country and you must point the blame where it belongs.  ALL of us are in prime position to become victims of crime anytime, anywhere and any how.  We have allowed others to intimidate us by threats of law suits as if they live on Planet Mars overlooking the jungle style ‘livity’ on the Roc.

We have to work with what we have and sad to say our JCF is not as lean as it should be.  Nevertheless this is but a small country and we must stop pretending as if we do not know who the criminals are, where they are and how deadly they are.  They are fearless, persons living in the community knows this and so cooperation as the JCF is waiting for, they will continue to wait in vain.  Unless the JCF ‘tune out’ the noises from a section of this society, ‘dog shall certainly do more dan eat wi supper’. 

Commish, I suggest you stop listen and speak to the news media, or read the papers.  Shut out the public at large, and do what needs to be done as the rate of murders on the Roc is beyond alarming.  It appears to be a suicide mission just living here.  Calling Reneto Adams, where art thou, calling Shandokan, calling Trinity, are they alive or living on the Roc?


Police Constable Lynden Barrett shot dead by gunman wearing mask — eyewitness says

The Real Cop Killer


Sunday, July 26, 2015     26 Comments


THE Jamaica Observer has been given critical information that one of three men who were standing along Wellington Street in Denham Town, West Kingston shot and killed Police Constable Lynden Barrett last Tuesday night.

An impeccable source, who revealed that he was at the scene, also brushed aside claims by people of the area that the policeman was shot by his colleagues.

Constable Barrett is known to frequent the area and is well known by residents, many of whom he had developed close relations with.

“Indian (as Constable Barrett is known) was in the area to drop off a package to a woman when he saw three men standing on a corner. He knew all three of them, and from a short distance away he saw a bulge in the side of one of them … the one that was wearing a mask,” the eyewitness said, beseeching the Sunday Observer that his identity be kept confidential.

“Indian walked up to the man with the bulge, lifted his shirt and said: A wa you a do wid this ya gun ina you side….”

The cop, according to the eyewitness, tried to disarm the gunmen and a struggle developed, resulting in Constable Barrett being shot in the upper body and head.

“The gunman and the two other men run off same time,” the eyewitness said. “Indian stumbled towards his car and collapsed. At the same time, a police team that was on patrol heard the shot and rushed to the area fast, fast, fast, so that’s how some of the people in the community say that its the police who shoot him, but its not police who shoot him … is the boy wearing the mask,” the eyewitness said.

The Police High Command maintained that the killing was done by gunmen, with Commissioner Dr Carl Williams, under fire for rating himself highly in the fight to reduce crime, insisting that Constable Barrett was not killed by friendly fire.

“I know for sure that the criminals are responsible for it,” Dr Williams said last week.

“We are going to find them and bring them to justice. We checked it out and they (killers) were not police. I know for sure that the criminals are responsible,” he said.

Yesterday, head of the Criminal Investigation Branch, Assistant Commissioner of Police Ealan Powell told the Sunday Observer that the police had received similar information to that given to this tabloid.

“That’s the information that we received too that three men were involved, and we have even got three names,” Powell stated.

“He had gone into Denham Town to check somebody and had the altercation with the three men, so this talk by the residents that he was killed by police is nonsense. There was a police team in Denham Town at the time that had stopped near to a lotto shop and heard the gunshots. They rushed to the scene and found him on the ground, alive and bleeding. It was when they took him to the hospital (Kingston Public) that he was pronounced dead,” Powell said, emphasising that law enforcers were continuing their search for the three men.

Barrett’s family and other members of the constabulary force were comforted by the Acting Minister of National Security Phillip Paulwell and Member of Parliament for Western Kingston Desmond McKenzie, as they gathered last Wednesday at the Denham Town Police Station following the incident.

The death of Constable Barrett followed that of another Constable, Crystal Thomas, who, like Barrett was based at the Denham Town Police Station.

She was murdered a week before after she was taken from a Toyota Coaster minibus by gunmen, who hijacked the vehicle and shot her several times.

Members of the police force joined hands in prayer at the station last week following the double tragedy. The station has over the years lost several members of its staff to violent action by gunmen.

It is in the police record books that the station has been shot up by gunmen on many occasions, even while then Commissioner of Police Trevor MacMillan, now deceased, went on a tour there in 1994.

Police sources said at the time that Macmillan was forced to hide under a desk for several hours, as men with high-powered weapons, believed to be from the nearby Tivoli Gardens, pelted the building with bullets.

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WorldVentures – Legit in JA Or Not? – Be Forewarned!!!!

Can we talk on this one?  We all know that when the prospects of ‘sweet’ deals come along, many of us will jump at the opportunity.  After all, nothing tried nothing gained.  I am all for seeking out opportunities and taking the plunge at times.  I am not one to sit on the sidelines, watching and waiting for the wagonists, then say ‘yeah mon, best ting since slice bread’.  If it makes sense to me in the moment, I usually can make a decision within 48hrs and then proceed to whatever the next process is, using my excitement and energy to ensure that I can ‘get in’.  It is not within my nature, to procrastinate, ask a bunch of people for their advice, ‘diddley daddley, with one foot in and one foot out’.  No sireeeeeee I am not that kind of person.  Give me some facts, answer my questions, tell me your story, guide me to where I can do some reading and homework on the idea, then BAM, I will give you an answer which is either yes or no.  Rarely I say, ‘I’ll think about it’.  So you better be in a position to make a presentation to me solid.  I like it solid, not ‘wishy washy’.  To each is own, they say.

WorldVentures is one of the latest ‘lick’ on the Roc and I will say this.  People if you are hell bent on continuing in this scheme, then it is your choice.  If for whatever reason, it collapses, ‘nobadda bawl out to Government fi come bail oono out.  Nuff a wi affi wi tek wi lick with Cash Plus and Olint and all di odders.  So mi jus a try mek u get u head space sort out pon a level wey if u lose u monie, know sey government caan help u.  Dem did help whole heap a wi wey lose all manner of tings ina di odda scheme dem? NOOOOO’.  That is my take on it all.  The responsibility will be on you if you reap gold or if you reap dust.

There is always a price when one seeks out opportunities and chooses not to play it safe.  It is called the risks of life, and we who charter on that course shall surely live it.



Lady Luck delivers – WorldVentures to refund woman duped into pumping $45,000 into fraudulent scheme 

(Jamaica Gleaner)  Sunday 26 July 2015

A Corporate Area-based woman who was the first person to admit that she was scammed by someone who claimed to be an agent of the United States-based WorldVentures Holding is to get her money back.

Having made contact with WorldVentures following the publication of two stories in The Sunday Gleaner, the woman, Pauline*, who was afraid that she had been duped out of almost $45,000, received the good news, but other Jamaicans in her position might not be so lucky.

“As a one-time courtesy, we have requested a refund on your behalf of your fees paid to WorldVentures. Please allow our Billing Department to process the refund back into your original method of payment in approximately five to seven business days,” said the company, which has repeatedly declared that it is not operating locally, in an email last week.

In outlining her story, Pauline told The Sunday Gleaner that she was hoping a meeting with an online business consultant would have led to her expanding her part-time business, instead it led to her being conned into paying thousands of dollars to ‘invest in WorldVentures’, with nothing to show for it.

“When she told me about WorldVentures and said I could earn at minimum US$100 per month, and go on these luxurious trips, I told her this would really be a dream come true, but it worked out more to be a nightmare for me,” said Pauline, as she explained her experience with Tina*, who claimed to be a representative of the US-based travel club.

Newspaper Article
Pauline said she initially came in contact with Tina through a newspaper article regarding working online.

“I contacted her because I read an article she wrote, which discussed the potential to earn extra money online. Because I supplement my salary by baking fruitcakes for sale during the Christmas holidays, I was thinking maybe I can earn a little extra from this business if I set up something online, but instead she introduced me to WorldVentures,” said Pauline.

According to Pauline, she was hooked by the claim that her returns from investing in the travel club would dwarf her part-time earnings from her fruitcakes.

“She (Tina) said all I needed was an international credit card, from which the payments would come, a ship-me account which would serve as my United States address from where WorldVentures would be able to contact me and send my earnings, and a business name.”

Pauline admitted that these clandestine measures to hide her true address did seem suspicious; however, her fears were allayed when Tina told her that this was only necessary because the company did not yet have a local office.

“She told me that the company was legitimate and showed me the company’s web page with all different levels of memberships to both recruit other people to the club and earn your monthly commission, as well as to go on these luxury trips and get discounts on travel, but before I could access anything I had to pay my membership fee of J$27,800,” explained a dejected Pauline.

“She was the one who set up everything for me from the credit card withdrawals for monthly membership fee to the ship-me account, but what really made me suspicious was her telling me that now I needed to give her the contact details for at least 200 of my friends, associates and family members, who she said could be targeted to join as well.”

Pauline said she refused this request, arguing that she would not give out the contacts of family members without their permission. This refusal, she felt, may have irked the alleged representative, who discontinued communicating with her soon after.

“She used to call me every day before I joined, but when I signed up that was where it stopped, and I could hardly get in contact with her either, even though she had promised to guide me through the process,” said Pauline.

“I remember I tried to get two of my friends to join with me and initially she did speak to them, but they were sceptical of the scheme so they wouldn’t come on board. After that, the only place I could reach her was on Facebook.”

 No ‘Dream’ Trips
According to Pauline, after months of being a member of the travel club she earned no dividend and did not go on any ‘dream’ trips.

“There was no vacation nor commission, only the US$35.98 (J$4,210) that was being withdrawn from my credit card monthly. I remember seeing a post from Tina on social media that there was to be a trip to some hotel in Jamaica, but that it was conveniently all booked out already,” explained Pauline, who said it was her teenage son who eventually convinced her to discontinue these withdrawals.

Pauline said after losing a little under J$45,000 to the scheme, The Sunday Gleaner’s report which quoted Laura Wards, director of global marketing and public relations for WorldVentures Holdings, stating that the company was not operating in the island was shocking.

* Name changed on request

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‘No Sah, Dah One Yah A Scarface’ – Ex Lover Kills 26 Year Old Woman and Injures Others

If you allow your mind to drift for a few seconds, based on reporting’s in the last 48 hours you would want to think these ‘nutters’ intend to make the headlines.  It appears that in this Century, people that get into a relationship, do so believing that it is meant for life.  Nothing lasts forever we only hope it does.  Whilst there are those that are unmarried, it seems as if they are taking wedding vows way too serious; ’till death do us part’. 

I suggest upcoming brides and grooms start writing their own marriage vows and omit, ’till death do us part’ as the interpretation for some is mind boggling.  On a more serious note, there is a fundamental breakdown in the understanding of what it means to be a ‘free agent’, when it pertains to affairs of the heart. Oh yes, it is often said that love and insanity are closely linked and while I love the whole feeling and process of ‘love’, a little insanity sweetens the pot and begs for the ultimate excitement.  Still yet, there comes a time when you must realise that you are going ‘stark staring’ mad when you set upon a course to end the person’s life.  Now ‘disya fool head start to tek him, from him begin to stark ar’.  If you decide to stalk or trail your significant other, spouse or ex, you know you are not intending to have a casual conversation about the weather.  You and I both know you are prepared to ‘draw blood’.  So he proceeds down this path of total insanity……….yes it is my belief that you can have a ‘touch’ of insanity and function quite well, as opposed to full fledged ‘insanity’ where you need to be committed never to be released.  ‘Wen di head gaan proper, it well gaan and nuh doctor caan bring u back’.  It is what it is.

Let us get back to reality.   You do not need a reason to end or quit a relationship.  If you are not feeling it anymore, rather than ‘tek people mek prekey’, walk away.  It is called life, it happens.  Rarely two persons agree at the same time for the relationship to end, and that will not change.  However, we have got to realise that no matter the length of time in the union, children or the investment; if someone wants to go, LET THEM GO.  We do not own anyone and it is better to mourn the end of a relationship however long it takes you.  The path of revenge, anger, cussing back and forth only leads to someone’s death or as we have seen on the Roc murder/suicide.

Now you have two innocent people in the hospital due to this psychopath unleashing a barrage of gunshots as if he was acting in a movie, killing his ex in the process on her turf.  I mean this is sheer madness.  The madness well ‘up pon di’ Roc.  One final thing I will say, Funeral Homes definitely not feeling the austerity on the Island.


Cops seeking ‘jealous man’ for death of spouse

(Jamaica Observer) Saturday, July 25, 2015    


DEESIDE, Tralawny — The Trelawny police are seeking a “jealous man” who allegedly shot and killed a woman and injured two other members of the Deeside community where he trailed his lover Monday afternoon.

The dead woman has been identified as 26-year-old Natalie Brooks, a resident of Clarendon.

Police said about 2:30 Monday afternoon, Brooks was driving in the community when she was trailed by a man believed to be her estranged lover. Police said the man followed the woman into a yard in Deeside, and allegedly became enraged when occupants of the premises asked him to leave.

Police further allege that the upset man rushed to his motor vehicle and returned with a pistol he took from the trunk, then began to fire wildly, hitting two women and a male who were in the yard.

The three were taken to the Falmouth Public Hospital where Brooks was pronounced dead and the two others admitted in serious, but stable, condition.

According to a senior police source, the Trelawny police are aware of the identity of the killer who is reportedly from outside the parish, and are actively pursuing him.

Brooks’s death pushed to nine the number of persons who have been reported murdered in the parish up to Monday.

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‘Si Boops Deh Go Run Go Nyaam Him Out’ – J$15m Wipe Out – Entertainer versus Firstcaribbean Bank

I commented on this apparent fraud when it first broke. Finally a follow up report with names of all parties.  I say story come to bump.

Initially when the story broke there were many questions on my part and a few of them now make sense. It appears Mr Nooks and this lady were intimately involved at least that is her story.

Would you have your money in a financial institution where your ‘matey’ worked in ‘poll position’?  Isn’t your money separate from your relationship with your ‘matey’, or shouldn’t it be?  Do you automatically trust your ‘matey’ with your bank account details when you have more than J$1,000.00 saved?

Mr Nooks is alledging his J$15 million ie over US$112,000.00 was wiped out from his account by the bank staff who it appears may have been his ‘matey’. Was he foolish? Is the Bank culpable? Who is responsible for compensating him? The lady is no longer employed by the Bank as is customary and has been duly charged. However, Mr Nooks is also taking Firstcaribbean to task but has now met upon a roadblock.

Irrespective of where this story has now reached, there was a beginning as we often times forget.  I opine ‘ if a nuh u wife, an u ave 2 shilling a Bank an a play wid smaddie wey work wey u money deh. Draw brakes an mov ur account, or gibber ur trap shut an nuh mek ar deal wid any a u transactions’.

Money is the God to many and greed follows close behind.  Man and woman are ‘hooking’ up in relationships for monetary gain so if you can  ‘ease off a u ego an’ play down what you may have or not have monetary, the relationship will unfold as it should be.  My charge goes out to both women and men.  If the relationship lasts great, if not, chances are you will not lose too much financially. Man/woman bangarang is flooding the media space on the Roc.


George Nooks suffers blow in lawsuit against bank

(Jamaica Observer) Saturday, July 25, 2015     20 Comments

 NOOKS… wanted court to strike out bank’s defence against his lawsuit

ENTERTAINER George Nooks has suffered a blow in his lawsuit which he brought against FirstCaribbean International after an employee there reportedly drained his account of $15 million.

Nooks’ setback came as Supreme Court judge Justice Bryan Sykes recently denied his application to strike out the bank’s defence against his lawsuit.

Had Nooks been successful in having the defence struck out, he would have won the case by default.

The entertainer had filed the suit after the money, which was deposited in the account in 2013, went missing.

The bank employee — Abbey-Gaye Thompson from the Half-Way-Tree Branch of the bank — has since been charged with larceny as a servant, forgery, uttering forged documents and falsification of accounts and is currently before the court.
Nooks tried to have the bank’s defence struck out on the following grounds:

* That there are no reasonable grounds for defending the claim;
* That the defence is an abuse of the process of the court; and
* That the mere denial that an employee of the defendant was not acting as servant and/or agent of the defendant does not amount to a defence.

The bank had said in its defence that Nooks and the employee were involved in an intimate relationship and that any money she drew from the account was within the context of this relationship, making it a personal matter. Nooks has, however, denied this.

With Nooks’ application been denied, the matter will proceed to trial.

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Another One Bites The Dust – Spouse Kills The Other Woman

Have we lost count on the Roc since the start of the year between man/woman affair ‘murderation’?

This is not a soap opera, real people living real lives filled with trauma, deceit, disrespect and insanity. I ask again, ‘How Do You Know When To Quit A Relationship?’.

Emotions are a set of peculiar responses that have the potential to be lethal depending on ones mental capacity.  I always maintain, ‘to thine own self be true’. ‘Nuh watch nuh face, an listen to people wey a tell u sey man mus gi bun. If u know sey u can’t tek bun an it will mad u an caas u fi en up in a Ward 21 or wuss prison, tek wey uself from di situation. Bun a bun weda in a u bed or outa Rd.  From u can’t tek it, it ago mad u. Flee from di ting I tell u’.

Clearly this woman could not handle the situation at hand and will now face a life of imprisonment in a 2 x 4. Chances are her spouse had been ‘giving her ‘bun’ yet the final straw has left one woman dead, a man in a daze I presume, an fi ar ‘head well gaan unroute to the wok house’.  That I call a bloody waste.

I remain true to myself and know exactly what I would have done from ‘Day 1’, what say you?


Woman reportedly kills another after finding her at home with spouse

Thursday, July 23, 2015 | 10:25 AM     92 Comments 

(Jamaica Observer) Thursday, July 23, 2015

ST CATHERINE, Jamaica – A woman was stabbed to death this morning after the lover of her male companion allegedly found the two at her home.

The deceased has been identified as Dianne Brackenridge.

Police have confirmed that the incident happened around midnight but the Corporate Communications Unit (CCU) was unable to provide details at this time.

However, reports reaching OBSERVER ONLINE are that the woman, who is said to be in her early 40s, was with a male companion at his home in the community when they were surprised by the return of the man’s spouse.

An argument reportedly developed between both women, during which a knife was used, allegedly by the spouse, to stab the deceased several times.

She reportedly died at hospital.


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Are You Trustworthy???? – 83 Year Old Victim By Her Own Cousin

Trust…………not that difficult for me to process or handle.  I automatically trust those I encounter until proven otherwise.  Oh don’t get me wrong, I am an extremely aware individual as I refuse to become unaware of my surroundings and those who I encounter on a daily basis.  It can be challenging as there are times when situations occur simply because you allowed certain cracks to widen.  Now I have heard persons vehemently say, ‘It betta mi family tief from mi dan stranger’.  I beg to differ as for me blood line or not, if you rob, cheat, defame me; I will take the necessary and appropriate steps to protect my person.

There are times when we say our people are not trusting, and many who have relatives who are getting on in life are the cheapest of the lot, as they hide their monies away, and no one has access but them alone.  All that is true, but as we see from this case, this elderly woman who has lived to a ripe old age chose to entrust her cousin with J$7 million.  For that, she is now left with J$120.00.  This is my take, as you hear other people’s real life story, you begin to appreciate that our belief system is often times based on domestication, and personal experience.  You know the saying ‘who knows it feels it’, ‘until you walk in my shoes u will know’.  With that said, how can I blame this elderly if her trust has been shattered?  It is one thing to rob your blood line, but to leave them with J$120.00 that can barely buy a Jamaican patty on the Roc, borders on sheer evil; she is no ‘spring chicken’.  Do you not agree that this woman needs to sell whatever she has accumulated and make some form of cash payment to her Aunt, then face the minimum of 10 years in  the ‘wok house’?

Wait a minute, to those sanctimonious readers out there, ask yourself two questions, if you were left with J$120.00 which is roughly US$1.00 and change after having all your savings which amounted to US$6,000.00 was cleaned out by your sweet cousin, how would you react?  Would you let the law take its course, after all you are now penniless?


83-y-o left with $120 as cousin ‘drains’ millions from account

(Jamaica Observer) Tuesday, July 21, 2015 | 12:30 PM      

 NCB (file photo)

KINGSTON, Jamaica — A St Ann woman is to be tried in the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate’s Court on August 25 on allegations that she withdrew $7.4 million from her octogenarian cousin’s bank account, leaving only $120.

The trial date was scheduled last Friday in court after accused Sharon Gordon pleaded not guilty to a charge of simple larceny.

“That is my cousin and I am not guilty,” Gordon said when she was questioned about the allegations by Senior Magistrate Judith Pusey.

The magistrate before extending the Gordon’s bail then added a condition for her to report on Mondays at St Ann’s Bay Police Station.

The complainant, who is an 83-year-old retired dressmaker, reportedly took the accused to the Duke Street branch of the National Commercial Bank in downtown Kingston last year January and added her name to her bank account so that she could conduct business on her behalf.

The accused was also reportedly issued with a debit card for the account, but the complainant reportedly made it clear that she was only granting the accused authority to make withdrawals in the case of serious circumstances.

It is further alleged that between February 2014 and February 20 this year, the accused withdrew all of the complainant’s money leaving only $120 and nothing serious had happened for her to make those withdrawals.


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Rapists, That Is What They Are!! – 17 Year Old Girl Raped On Video Tape

Ahhhhhh, why don’t we call it for what it is, RAPE!!!!!!

These are rapists and the law must deal with them accordingly.  Have you not heard of child killers, natural born killers?  Also exists, teenage rapists.  They ALL must be put away for 15 years and if they can be reformed so be it, if not which is a possibility, face it.  We live in a society where evil prevails, and we must stop treating or commenting on these heinous acts by teenage deviants as if it is an act they can give up just like that.  There are usually signs but many fail to take heed in the family home.  I notice no mention has been made with reference to the guardians or parents of these deviants.

This was not sex for money; it was rape being video taped.  What next?  Murder for social media?  What if it was your daughter?  What kind of punishment would be acceptable to you if it were your child?  I would like our people to start personalising each atrocity, and then honestly speak on what course of action would be acceptable to them by Law Enforcement.  Way too often our speech differs until it reaches our door steps.  I say don’t wait for it to get there, act now, callous as it be sound.


UPDATE: 5 in police custody after 17-y-o sexually assaulted on camera

(Jamaica Observer) Monday, July 20, 2015 | 7:38 PM       

 TRELAWNY, Jamaica — Five males are now in police custody in relation to the incident in which a 17-year-old girl was videoed being sexually assaulted in bushes in Trelawny.

Head of the Centre for Investigation of Sexual Offences and Child Abuse Superintendent Enid Ross-Stewart told OBSERVER ONLINE a short while ago that of the five males, all but one, are younger than 18 years old.

She appealed to men to leave young girls alone, adding that preying on young women is “unacceptable”. The superintendent said, if it continues, the future will be filled with several traumatised women.

“We are coming after them,” Superintendent Ross-Stewart charged.

Following the incident, which saw the video being circulated on social media, the teen was placed in residential care by the Child Development Agency.

The CDA has also been facilitating care and protection as well as medical and psycho-social support to aid in the child’s recovery.


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NWC – Entitlement ‘Ago Sen Wi Ova Di Precipice’ – I Can See Greece Clearly!!!!

When I tell you that this Minister really irks me, I am being extremely mild in the emotion I am describing.  If I fail to pay my water bill, I will fail to receive any water and the NWC will take pleasure in disconnecting me.  Reading this piece below, it appears the Minister is ‘begging’ the people all of 24,000 to make some kind of payment.  Is this ‘real life’ or is it a comedic ‘play’?

The Island of St Kitts and Nevis has fewer than 60,000 habitants and here we have almost half of that amount living on free water.  ‘Freeness’ mentality ‘tun up an jus ago up up up’.  Did you not recall NWC’s proposal to the OUR in which they were seeking to increase their rates?  I wonder how many other Parishes are in the same boat as St Elizabeth?   What kind of ‘dolly house’ governorship is taking place on the Roc?

We have heard it repeatedly and it is a saying I quote regularly as it is the absolute truth; ‘those who play by the rules get shafted’.  I am totally disgusted as I abhor the entitlement, freeness and eat a food mentality with zero contribution that is being sanctioned in this Country.


24,000 delinquent NWC customers in St Elizabeth — Pickersgill

(Jamaica Observer) Sunday, July 19, 2015 | 9:57 AM    

Minister of Water, Land, Environment and Climate Change Robert Pickersgill (file photo)

ST JAMES, Jamaica (JIS) — Minister of Water, Land, Environment and Climate Change Robert Pickersgill is appealing to residents in St Elizabeth to bring their outstanding accounts up-to-date, under the National Water Commission’s (NWC) new debt forgiveness programme.

Speaking to journalists during a tour of improvement works on the Santa Cruz Water Supply System, on Thursday, Pickersgill said payments of outstanding water bills would guarantee better water supply for all persons.

“I would like to take this opportunity to remind you that it costs the NWC money to put in the necessary infrastructure to collect, treat, pump and distribute the water to you. It is not a cheap process and so I am urging all customers in St Elizabeth who receive service from the NWC, to pay your water bills promptly,” Pickersgill said.

He informed that approximately 24,000 customers/accounts from within the South East, South West, North East and North West constituencies of St Elizabeth are now outstanding totalling $870 million.

“I remind you all that if each one pays your outstanding water bills, then we all could receive better service resulting in each of us carrying lighter burdens. I therefore ask that you encourage your friends and neighbours to pay their bills as well, as it is the right thing to do,” he said.

Improvement works are presently being carried out on the Santa Cruz Water Supply System at a cost of over $38 million, which on completion, would provide improved water supply service for an additional 23,000 residents.

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