Hold It Down…………..Keep It Clean

 There is no pleasant or nice way of saying ‘nasty’ is what STI’s are.  It is high time we desist from the foolish talk, ‘a nuh nutten, wi all ago dead one day’.

It is apparent that the more we progress, the more informed we are, the more socially advanced we have become, our carelessness and recklessness increases. Our health sector is bleeding. We cannot afford the over run when people choose not to put their health above their pleasures and practice safe and preventative measures.

Only a fool knowingly walks into the furnace.


New STI detected in Jamaica – Mycoplasma genitalium catching many Jamaicans off guard


Published:Sunday | June 14, 2015Nadine Wilson-Harris

Jamaicans are again being urged to protect themselves during sexual intercourse as DNA samples collected from medical labs across the island are showing a new sexually transmitted infection (STI) circulating locally.

Compton Beecher, who is the chief DNA analyst at the Caribbean Genetics (CARIGEN), has found that a number of Jamaican men and women have unknowingly contracted Mycoplasma genitalium, which often does not show any symptoms until later in life.

If left untreated, this STI can cause pelvic inflammatory disease, infertility, pain during sex, burning sensations while urinating and reoccurring infections.

“The frightening thing is that we are seeing so much of it and it is something that we don’t normally look for,” said Beecher, who has been a forensic scientist for more than 20 years.


Frightening Discovery

CARIGEN is owned by the University of the West Indies. It processes samples collected from a number of medical facilities across the island and is one of the few – if not the only one – private facilities in the region with the technology to do DNA testing.

It was while checking these samples for other STIs, such as gonorrhoea and chlamydia, that the centre detected Mycoplasma genitalium.

“Even for persons who don’t show any symptoms now, later on is when you feel it; when it comes to not being able to have a child; when it comes to pelvic inflammatory disease in the case of the women; when it comes to infections in the case of the men,” he said.

“It’s kind of frightening, to be honest with you. We tend not to think about these things. I mean, you get into something, then after a while you are comfortable and you throw off the condom and whatever protection you might be using and you think that everything is okay; it is not,” insisted the forensic scientist.

Chairperson of the National Family Planning Board (NFPB), Dr Sandra Knight, admits that Mycoplasma genitalium has not been a focus for her organisation which has responsibility for

the country’s HIV/STI control programme.

“We have not focused on it because the diagnostic tests are costly, and in the Jamaican public health system, it is not done. Nevertheless, any institution in the country that collects data like that, it is of extreme value, because you usually see Mycoplasma when you have a significant interaction via anal sex.

“Now, we are not talking about same sex anal sex only, we are talking about anal sex between man and woman also,” said Dr Knight.

Protect Yourself
What is Mycoplasma genitalium?

– This is a sexually transmissible infection caused by bacteria. Both men and women can become infected.

– In men, Mycoplasma can infect the inside lining of the penis (urethra).

– In women, Mycoplasma can infect the neck of the womb (cervix) and possibly the womb (uterus) itself and fallopian tubes.

– There is no evidence it can infect the throat of women or men.

How Is It Transmitted?
Mycoplasma can be passed from one person to another during vaginal sexual intercourse or foreplay (genital touching or rubbing). 

Are There Any Symptoms?

Men might notice

– Discharge from the penis

– Burning pain or irritation when urinating

Women Might Notice

– Unusual vaginal discharge

– Pain during sex

– Bleeding after sex and between periods

– Lower pelvic pain

Some women and men may have NO symptoms.

 How Is It Treated?
Mycoplasma should be treated with antibiotics. The antibiotics may be a single dose or a longer course. Repeat courses of treatment may be necessary.

It is important that you avoid sex for seven days after starting treatment. This is to prevent you infecting others or them reinfecting you.

When Can I Have Unprotected Sex Again?
– A negative test after 1 month indicates you have cleared the infection. Avoid unprotected sex until your repeat test is negative.

– Until this second test is negative, use condoms 100% of the time, or don’t have sex at all.

– If the repeat test is positive again, you will need more treatment.

– However, use condoms with all new and casual partners or you can be reinfected with Mycoplasma.

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Tourism – Crime, Poor Health Service, Cops On Sick Out Cannot Sell ‘Destination Jamaica’

At the end of the day, we are now over priced in what we have to offer on our Island.  Many of our beaches are not as pristine as decades ago, and real fear exists with security on the Roc.

This has been along time coming, and  new methodologies must be explored with a view to garner interest and excitement to our country.  Attractions are marred from the reality that it is beyond just haggling one has to encounter, rather mayhem that one can be caught up in while touring the Island.  Persons who have the money to spend want much more than a great looking resort, good food, sun and beach.  They want to see it all and explore.

A jewel that rests in a jungle that is over priced will face challenges standing the test of time.  Start selling Jamaica’s rich culture with a price tag that is comparative.  I hardly see how a niche market in a country with our crime rate can expect to hold on especially an industry that the government has relied on their revenue for decades.  If it is not Cuba, it will be some other country.  We are high risk in every sense of the word yet our price tag suggests we are oblivious to our own realities.   Having an accident is one thing, being rushed to a hospital that barely can provide you with a bed or linen are real causes for concern to that visitor.  The risk is high, you spend less and that is why informal B&BS and Cuba will be a force to reckon with.

It is time to stop moaning, revamp your Industry and sell packages that would be hard to refuse despite our high risk status.


JHTA concerned about the rise of informal B&Bs and Cuba

(Jamaica Observer)Friday, June 12, 2015     24 Comments

 MADDEN-GREIG… A real focus must be put on formalising a sub-sector that is growing. At right: HAVANA, Cuba — This May 14, 2015 photo shows the view from the window of an Airbnb apartment in Havana. In the two months since Airbnb started doing business in Cuba, listings have ballooned to about 2,000, compared to about 800 in Jamaica. The website makes it relatively easy to find lodging in a country that has largely been cut off from the online booking systems most travelers take for granted. On the plus side: Airbnb is a great way to connect with locals and see daily life up close. (PHOTO: AP)

THE Jamaica Hotel and Tourist Association (JHTA) has expressed concern about the disruptive course that accommodations website Airbnb and the reopening of the Cuban market could have on Jamaica’s tourism sector.

President of the JHTA Nicole Madden-Greig stated that the accommodation website — which links international guests to various accommodations around the world — is dominated by listings for unlicenced rental agencies. A recent search of the website revealed a total of 746 rental spaces in Jamaica priced between US$10 (J$1,160) and US$1000 (J$116,000) per night, the majority of which were entire homes, apartments and private rooms.

“As of spring 2014, the platform had 10 million guests and 550,000 properties listed worldwide, along with a US$10-billion valuation — making Airbnb worth more than legacy players like Wyndham and Hyatt,” she said. “A real focus must be put on formalising a subsector that is growing.”

Speaking at the recently held JHTA Annual General Meeting, Madden-Greig stated Jamaica’s tourism appeal is also in limbo as more international guests look to Cuba as the preferred Caribbean destination. She added that it is vital for the country to reinvent itself as travel agents seek destinations where the culture is different, exotic and mysterious.

Her remarks were based on a report published by popular travel trade newspaper Travel Weekly, which stated that “Caribbean travellers want to do more than sit in the sun and drink rum punch.” The report focused on 100 agents at a travel seminar during the Caribbean Tourism Organisation’s annual Caribbean Week event, half of which indicated that they had clients who wanted to visit Cuba.

“It focused on the opportunities presented by the evolution of consumers’ desires for new and authentic experiences in the areas of Caribbean food, culture and nature,” Madden-Greig stated.

“Back in the day, the goal for most visitors was to stay in as nice a resort as they could afford, and in aggregate; the islands had properties that could accommodate people at any price point. People were satisfied with local colour rather than authenticity — according to the report, a limbo show often seemed to do the trick.”

Recently, President of the United States Barack Obama re-established diplomatic relations with Cuba, after ties were severed in 1961. Since then there have been discussions with Cuba and the US to re-establish an embassy in Havana.

The US plans on addressing matters of mutual concern that advance its national interests with Cuba including migration, counternarcotics, environmental protection, and trafficking in persons, among other issues.

Last month Miami-based Baja Ferries, which operates a passenger service based in Mexico, was issued a licence from the US Treasury Department to operate ferry services between the United States of America and Cuba. Another licence to operate a ferry service was also granted to the Puerto Rico-based American Cruise Ferries.

“Jamaica has all the elements but we must learn to present ourselves in the strongest possible way while continuing to reinvent ourselves. The new millennial traveller is seeking more than sun, sea and sand, or an all-inclusive experience,” Madden-Greig stated.

She added that more focus should be placed on high-end boutique hotels and European Plan (all-inclusive) hotels and resorts as demands grow for alternate accommodation choices, the country’s iconic attractions, music and entertainment.

“The meteoric rise of one major online travel site is testament to the demand for alternate European Plan accommodation choices,” she said.

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Right Or Wrong – Jungle Justice When You Know That You Know!!!

It is all good and well to speak of a ‘civil’ society as if you reside elsewhere devoid of the traumas faced day to day on a small Island.  The Police who are commissioned to serve and protect themselves are indeed of ‘service’.  Where does that leave you?  When it comes to crime on the Roc, we are so far gone in our ‘willy nilly, toothless, out of touch laws’ that you seriously have to consider ‘helping uself’ if you are in the position to do so.

With this particular case below, I am not even going to take the moral code much less toothless law into consideration.  Yes, I will admit I fall way short at times, but I literally put myself in some of these cases reported and I say ‘enough is enough’.  On that note, ‘di 3 lickle tief lucky sey dem see daylight fi tan up in front of lady judgeship fi start to spin dem lie.  U can jus imagine di tale wey dem ago spin pretending to be di 3 lickle mice’.  I am going to follow this case as the outcome should be unpredictable with Lady Judgeship.


Alleged phone thieves mowed down by victim in Half-Way-Tree

Saturday, June 13, 2015 | 10:12 AM     7 Comments

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KINGSTON, Jamaica — Three men implicated in the theft of a high-end cellular phone and $2,000 are to stand trial next month, after they were reportedly mowed down by their victim in the Corporate Area.

The trio, 18-year-old Quashawn Harris, otherwise called ‘Bigga’, of Central Road in Kingston, Daveian Lewis, 21, also of a Central Road address and Luke Wright, 21, a resident of Comfort, Clarendon, pleaded not guilty to robbery with aggravation.

Allegations are that one of the men, who was reportedly armed with a knife, robbed the complainant of his Iphone 4 and $2,000.

It is further alleged that the complainant later went in search of the men, during which they were seen along South Avenue in the vicinity of Lane Plaza.

It is reported that the complainant, who was said to have been in fear of his life after being attacked, used his motor car to hit all three accused.

The police were summoned and the men arrested.

The men appeared in the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate’s Court with bruises to their bodies.

“How you so chip up?” Senior Magistrate Judith Pusey asked one of the men.

“The car lick us down. We were walking in Half-Way-Tree and the car hit us down for nothing at all,” he answered.

“The man mowed you down with the car?” Pusey inquired before setting a July 2 trial date for the accused.

They were ordered to give their fingerprints to the police and were also told to seek medical attention.

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Police On Strike – Hot Water Boiler Tank Theft

What can you say about this?  The owners, Bogues Brothers are puzzled; J$3million value gone with the wind.  Is that really so???

I would waste no energy on the ‘how’ rather the ‘where’. The size of this water tank in itself is your ‘break’. You have two (2) choices, offer a reward in the amount of J$1 million for the safe return of the equipment or lose the entire $3 million. The Police I doubt can and will offer you any better result.

Do not forget their interests lies elsewhere and nationalism is now taking a back burner. God help us on the Roc.


Theft of 3-ton tank puzzles victim

(Jamaica Gleaner) Published:Saturday | June 13, 2015

Thieves Make Off With 3-Ton Tank As Cops Strike; Owner Puzzled

How thieves made off with a hot-water boiler tank, estimated to weigh between two and three tons, 12 feet high, and about six to seven feet in diameter remains a puzzle for Bogues Brothers Industry Limited. The company is still clueless as to how and why the $3-million asset was stolen.

What is known is that the theft occurred on the night of Sunday, May 31, at a seaside property in Nine Miles, Bull Bay, while members of the Jamaica Constabulary Force were taking industrial action.

“We called the police several times. Of course, the police were on strike and they couldn’t come,” Managing Director Horace Bogues told The Gleaner on Thursday.

He explained that the tank, which was lying on its side, was seen up to 2 o’clock on Sunday afternoon and was reported missing at 7 o’clock the next morning after it was observed that the back gate of the property had been cut off and stolen. Bogues can only theorise as to what might have happened.

“Apparently, they got in a crew of people. God only knows what they did and rolled the tank across on to the seaside from off the property. I also heard that a tug boat was out there (offshore) and, quite possibly, must have towed it because it didn’t show any sign of going up seaside or down seaside,” Bogues told The Gleaner.

Describing the tank as “heavy, heavy”, he is still puzzled that thieves could have organised so many persons with the requisite specialised equipment to pull off such a feat.

“It’s actually a hot-water boiler tank and it’s heavy. A few weeks ago, we were trying to roll it to put it on a truck – six of us were out there – and we could not do it, and we realised that it was going to need a truck with a crane to lift it and put it on it,” he said.

With little help from the police up to last week Friday, the company placed an advertisement with a picture of the missing tank in The Gleaner under the caption ‘Stolen Water Tank’, appealing for information leading to recovery of the 1,500-gallon stainless steel water tank. On Monday, it repeated the advertisement with a larger picture, spurred in part by what appeared to be the lack of interest by the police.

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No Offence Taken – I Mess Up Too!!!!

Over twenty (20) odd years ago, my ignorance really showed up in London, England.  I grew up and up until decades later used to refer to people with a particular look as being all ‘Indians’.  The only other term to those having some kind of resemblance to ‘Indians’ was ‘coolie’.  During that period, even the ‘coolie’ referred to themselves as such and some ‘Indians’ made similar reference.  So it was, that I met someone and in a conversation I blurted out ‘you are Indian’.  To my shock and embarrassment I was told in no uncertain terms that they were not an ‘Indian’ but in fact ‘Pakistani’.  I took that lesson, but clearly did not fully comprehend as the next blunder would not have taken place at another time.  Again in dialogue, I said to another person who told me of her family visits to India, ‘oh so you are an Indian’; to which she said ‘no I am an African’.  I was born in Uganda and Idiamin kicked us out hence the connection to India.  I apologised, egg on my face once again; she smiled and said ‘I’m used to it’.

Ignorance abounds not intentional some of the times, so I tend to be less sensitive to matters as such.  I for one still tend to make blunders when it comes to ethnicity, so I say easy does it on this one.  The ‘yute’ is twenty eight (28) years old.  Without divulging my age, it is safe to say I was older when I made my blunders.


Uruguay striker refers to Reggae Boyz as Africans, apologises

(Jamaica Observer) Thursday, June 11, 2015 | 3:56 PM     53 Comments  

 Edinson Cavani

KINGSTON, Jamaica — Edinson Cavani, the Paris Saint-Germain striker, today apologised to Jamaica and Jamaicans after mistakenly saying that the Reggae Boyz are an African team.

Jamaica are Uruguay’s first opponents in the Copa America football competition to kick off this Saturday

Cavani was asked what he thought of Uruguay’s opponents. He replied saying: “As any other African team, Jamaica are going to be strong.”

Realising the error an apology was quickly tweeted from his official Twitter account.

“First I want to apologise to Jamaica and its people,” he wrote.

“I wanted to make a comparison between similar styles and playing characteristics between Jamaican national team and those of African sides, but honestly I only put across half that thought and it came out sounding awful.

“In any case, I’d like to publicly ask for forgiveness, and I hope my mistake will be taken with humour rather than offence.”

The Copa America competition begins tonight.



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Dead At The Wheels – A Tragedy This Certainly Is

Death is a topic many stay clear of.  I for one speak about it frequently as due to the rapid rate of lives lost on the Roc, it becomes part of my conversations almost daily.  Just this morning I conversed on ‘lifestyle’ and the pace many charge around at.  I even went as far as to say ‘imagine passing out in your vehicle if you are not in good health’, making the correlation between ‘lifestyle’ habits, the workaholic syndrome, the constant rush trying to accomplish everything before the 24hrs is up.  The stress of trying to be all to everyone and not yourself, the inability to not say ‘no’ versus ‘no problem’, I can get it done.

There comes a time when we must stop making these comments in the moment ie. ‘sad eeeh, I know I need to slow down, I need to pace myself, boi it rough enuh, I am going to do better’.  How about making the declaration that ‘self health’ is a daily activity and not just a seasonal affair.  Let us designate an hour or two each day to just be.  Are you afraid to just be?  Too often we ignore the signs our body gives us with flippant excuses.

I truly believe that some of us due to the causation of ‘death’ leave Planet Earth before the intended time.   Take the time to reflect on ‘self health’ and optimize it to the fullest.


Tivoli Gardens football coach dies of suspected heart attack

(Jamaica Gleaner) Published:Friday | June 12, 2015

Tivoli Gardens football coach Alvin Shaw, died this morning. Shaw took over the head coaching job at Tivoli Gardens from Glendon ‘Admiral’ Bailey two seasons ago. 

Tivoli Gardens football coach, Alvin Shaw, this morning died of suspected heart attack.

The incident reportedly took place on a section of the Chancery Hall main road while Shaw was driving his car to a gym in St Andrew.  

Shaw’s car apparently came to a halt near an embankment after he fell ill.

Shaw took over the head coaching job at Tivoli Gardens from Glendon ‘Admiral’ Bailey two seasons ago.

He was also the coach of Campion College.

The Jamaica Football Federation has expressed sadness at the passing.

“Alvin, an Advanced Level 11 certified coach, was not only among the first set of coaches to do our courses at the JMMB/JFF/UTech Coaching School in 2009 but was also a top performer in his cohort,” said a JFF spokesperson in a release this afternoon.

“He always expressed a desire to learn more and develop his craft. He was a promising coach who had much to give the sport.”

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‘One Piece a Poppy Show’ – You Wonder If This Is Fiction or Real Life!!!!

Get out the bloody military.  The terrorists in this country have not one ounce of fear for the ‘popo’.  While they the JCF are on  ‘sick out’, who knows what, will unfold.  Our terrorists strike when they want, where they want, and that has been taking place for years.  Nothing new, so no need for hysterics, just action to face what is out there.  The action that is required is the brute force of the Military.

There is going to be a thin line between the rights of our citizens when we come up against terrorists.  Sooner of later we are going to realise that our rights cannot be absolute in the face of unceasing war.  This is real life occurrence and with living on planet earth and trying to manage stress and balance ones lives, ‘demya high tech drama day in day out, would have sent even Ghandi or any Buddhist over the flipping edge.  U coulda chant, meditate, yoga till u fool, living in a war zone nuh pretty’.  One needs a sedative or tranquilizer that will keep you bed ridden and in a permanent state of Zen to survive livity on the Roc!!.

I tell you one thing, it is imperative to find the excitement even in trauma just to remain afloat; at least that is what I attempt to do each day I have breadth.


Gunmen attack cops in east Kingston – SP Brown

(Jamaica Observer) Wednesday, June 10

  Superintendent of Police Arthur Brown

KINGSTON, Jamaica – Police are this morning maintaining a strong presence in the East Kingston area, following a shoot-out with gunmen a few hours ago.

Head of the division Superintendent of Police Arthur Brown is reporting that at about ‎7:30 am, police were travelling in the area close to Tower Street when they were confronted by three men carrying high-powered weapons.

‎”The men opened fire at the police team, the fire was returned, but the men managed to escape from the area,” he said.

The incident this morning triggered shock among residents.

Police are at this time carrying out a search in the area in an effort to locate the men.

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8 Year Old Committed Suicide – Talk To Me On This One

I am trying to process this incident and the more I try the more bewildered and dumbfounded I become.  What is my theory, not an assumption?  What the natural eyes cannot see, look outside of your earthly realm.  What happen you confused by that statement?  Let me ‘talk di tings’.  Demonic influence or someone killed the child.  Speak to the 10 year old brother and friend in great detail.  Get the physiologists, child therapists involved in the investigation. In fact roll out the PHDs on this case, there is more than meets the eye and some grown up folks must be held culpable.

We love to dabble in this country.  ‘Nuh worry uself, if u is a Jamaican u understand wha mi a talk bout’.  Our obsession with the supernatural will eventually become the downfall for us and our loved ones.  My emotions re the untimely death of this eight (8) year old are mixed.  I am clearly in a time warped, as I do not understand this era and its parenting skills.  It is evident there is no 7.00pm bed time regardless of your age Mon-Fridays.  Tuesday at 9.00 pm the whereabouts of the child is being queried.  No man we have got it twisted.  I don’t know, I honestly don’t know what else to say.


8-year-old boy found hanging in Gordon Town

Police promise to carry out full probe into death of boy

(Jamaica Observer,) Thursday, June 11, 2015

Chad Robinson’s mother Shelly-Ann Levy shows a detective (centre) where her son was found hanging Tuesday night, while her common-law husband Otis Reid listens. (PHOTO: LIONEL ROOKWOOD)
PIERCING screams from a despondent mother Tuesday night drew the attention of dozens of people in the sleepy farming community of Gordon Town, where the frail body of her eight-year-old child — Chad Michael Robinson — was found hanging by a shoelace.

The discovery rocked the rural St Andrew community and left several residents asking questions, even as allegations swirled that the case could have been a suicide.

Yesterday, police investigators who were still combing the area for clues, declined to comment on the claims, but this did nothing to quell the fury of irate residents who demanded answers as they speculated about the incident.

Residents reported that about 9:00 pm on Tuesday, eight-year-old Chad, his 10-year-old brother, and another childhood friend ventured over to their neighbour’s house, a location where they normally hang out and play.

The children, residents said, started arguing over a shoelace, which adults considered a trivial matter and did not bother to intervene.

Minutes later, two of the children returned without Chad.

Mother and stepfather of the child said that queries were made about the whereabouts of the boy and, when no word was forthcoming, they went over to the house to locate the child. That was when the frail and lifeless frame of the child was found dangling from the shoelace that was said to be the centre of the argument earlier.

“When I saw the body of Chad I ran over [and] tried to lift his body to take off the weight,” said Otis Reid, the child’s stepfather. He said that after several attempts he was unable to pull the cord and had to cut it.

Chad’s mother, Shelly-Ann Levy, said she tried everything to revive the child, who residents remembered as jovial and energetic youth. “Mi try everything; all CPR mi try to save mi son,” said Levy.

Yesterday, Levy tried hard to hold back the tears as she recounted the horrific ordeal when she found her child. With her voice trembling, at one time she held her stomach as she tried to regain composure.

Yesterday, as police continued their probe, residents gathered at the wooden gate to the concrete house perched on the hillside. “Right now, everybody in the area puzzled,” said one resident, who identified himself only as Mark.

He was among several residents who all whispered among themselves seemingly in a desperate attempt to make sense of what had happened.

The shock and grief would soon give way to superstition as some residents, not finding comfort in the attempts to come up with a logical explanation, claimed that there was more to the incident than meets the eye.

“What could make an eight-year-old act in that manner?” asked one woman, as others claimed that it could be the work of demons.

Police were, however, tight-lipped about their findings, but sought to assure residents that they would leave no stones unturned in their investigations.



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ZIK V – It is Inevitable We Are Told – ‘Tandeh Wait Till ……..’

What will always be amazing to me is to see the misplaced priorities of our citizens.  We spend less time on building our immune system and more time on our ‘fashionista’ external daily regiment.  When ‘di body pop down’, nervous disorder, and ‘fretration’ take over when one does not recover to ones original state.

It is what it is, and whether we are forewarned or not, the majority will always miss the mark.  Therefore prepare yourself for the onslaught, blame game, when ‘sickout’ begins to unfold.  I for one would not like a repetition of Chic-V and I will boast that I did not contract that virus, thankfully.  However, our economy just cannot afford the ongoing and after effects that such viruses bring.  For my own part, ‘I tek telling, an mi too vain.  Dat is why mi try mi best to sort out mi insides wey mi caan see.  Any weh mi fi fine it, mi a fine it caaas is a lifestyle ting fi me’.  

ZIKV will reach Jamaica – Health Ministry

(Jamaica Gleaner, 9 June 2015)

Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Health, Dr Kevin Harvey says will stop the arrival of the Zika virus in Jamaica.

Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Health, Dr Kevin Harvey says it is inevitable for the Zika virus popularly known as ZIKV to reach Jamaican shores.

The virus is spread by the aedis aegypti mosquito.

The first case of the virus in the Caribbean was detected yesterday in the Dominican Republic.

Harvey says the Health Ministry has been monitoring the case there.

Region warned to prepare for disease outbreak at least ‘every two years’

He says representatives from the Pan American Health Organization have informed the ministry that the case is suspected to be ZIKV, but has not been confirmed by laboratory tests.

The Permanent Secretary says the ministry is continuing to enhance its vector control response to reduce the mosquito population.

He says persons also have a responsibility to reduce mosquito breeding sites.


Harvey says persons should also protect themselves by placing mesh on windows and doors, using mosquito repellants, insecticides and protective clothing.

However, he notes that it is unlikely this will stop the arrival of the virus in Jamaica. 


Meanwhile, Harvey says he believes the government is better prepared to handle ZIKV. 

The government was heavily criticised last year after the introduction of the Chikungunya Virus to the island.

Thousands of Jamaicans came down with the virus and the health sector was largely unprepared to handle the cases.

According to the Permanent Secretary, this time public awareness is higher and major training workshops have been running with Senior physicians.

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‘A Wha Dis, No Sah’ – Are We So Invincible And Connected????

This is not road rage; let me put this out there immediately.  Bright Sunday afternoon, man breaks red light and slams into an innocent motorist.  This area is a hot spot and usually is quite busy.  The Jamaica Observer is located on said Avenue.  With that said, many believe that if you are the culprit or the cause of an accident in a volatile area, it is best not to stop and head straight to the Police Station; Lyndhurst Rd for many fits into that category.

Where I struggle with this story, however, is the ‘police and tief gun man’ scenario that unfolded.  This pulling out and discharging of firearm after a vehicle that is following you is beyond insane.  There is no mention that the driver, who was following the ‘escapee’, fired any shots.  Yes, I refer to the hit and run driver as an ‘escapee’.  This is where I draw the line.  If I gave you the benefit of the doubt and say you were scared to stop because you were right next to Lyndhurst Rd, so you sped away and was making your way to the Police Station; you erased that scenario when you decided to pull a ‘Scarface’ scene.  Thankfully, no one was hurt by stray bullets that do travel in case our readers are not aware of that fact.

Interestingly, why is it that the Police cannot provide the name of the Driver or the owner of the SUV as yet?  This one, I shall follow closely and hope the Observer does the same.  I keep playing the scene over in my head with my own visual.  ‘SUV bruk red light, mash up man car, leave him fi almost dead.  Flash di scene like lightning, but witness site the rake and put down one piece a chase.  Escapee back him piece and leggo some shot, lick up di SUV.  Jump out a di SUV pon foot an fire more shots.  Good Samaritan (driver) ketch him fraid and back off’.  Terrorism is in full swing on the Roc and all I can do is pray!!!!


One motorist shoots at another after collision on Lyndhurst Road

BY KIMBERLEY HIBBERT Observer staff reporter hibbertk@jamaicaobserver.com

Monday, June 08, 2015

 The shoes of the driver was left behind when he was pulled from the vehicle through the window. (PHOTOS: KENYON HEMANS)

THE usual tranquility of a Sunday afternoon was yesterday disturbed after a crash at the intersection of Beechwood Avenue and Lyndhurst Road later descended into an incident akin to Wild Wild West shooting and resulted in an unconscious motorist being rushed to the hospital.

According to people claiming to be eyewitnesses, one driver of a Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) was travelling north along Beechwood Avenue onto Lyndhurst Road, when he ran the red light at the intersection and collided into the driver’s side of a station wagon, rendering the driver unconscious.

“A wait a man a wait on di light to change enuh and as it change and him attempt to drive off mi only hear ‘blup’ and see when him (the SUV driver) hit the man, reverse and drive off. It look like him think the man musi did dead,” one woman claiming to have witnessed the entire fiasco told the Jamaica Observer.

The crowd of onlookers claimed that, instead of stopping at the scene of the accident, the driver of the SUV reversed and sped away, which led to him being chased by another motorist who was travelling along Lyndhurst Road towards Maxfield Avenue and witnessed what had happened.

According to the woman, the other motorist was chasing the driver of the SUV in a bid to have him return to the scene of the accident, but was immediately greeted with gunshots.

“When di man drive him down to tell him to stop, him start fire shot after di man and him have to slow down and pull off,” she said.

Other alleged eyewitnesses corroborated the series of events and added that the driver of the SUV later crashed in a wall on Lyndhurst Crescent, but this did not stop his determination to escape.

“When him hit up inna di wall, him jump out and fire some more shot,” she said.

However, police on the scene got an early lead into the incident, as part of the front bumper of the SUV fell off with the license plate still attached.

The police later conducted checks on the license plate to ascertain the whereabouts and name of the individual to whom the vehicle is registered. However, up to press time the Observer could not ascertain if an arrest was made.

The injured man, identified only as Delroy, according to onlookers, was pulled from the vehicle’s window and rushed to the Kingston Public Hospital for treatment as a result of the damage he sustained from the collision.

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