‘If U Tink Wah Reach Greece Can’t Reach Jamaica – Oono Is A Bigger Fool’ Than I Thought!!!!!

While you (and you know who you are) continue on this trajectory of wage increase, I suggest you take a look at what is going on globally, in particular those countries that are undergoing austerity measures.   We on the Roc like to minimise our predicament to fancy cars and houses.  I suggest you take a look at Greece, population of over 11 million, and ask yourself what would you do if all Banks in JA were closed for one day much less one week? Such measures would affect EVERYBODY who has a bank account.  To top that, when you are able to withdraw you are given a measly amount that will be available to you, regardless of your bank balance.

I suggest when you deliberate and berate, you slip out of your myopic sphere, and try and transition to being in Greece for a period of two (2) weeks in its current dilemma.  I for one, hope that the government does not allow a Greece to take place in Jamaica for fear of losing votes.  I can tell you; whoever governs this country will not be able to renegotiate any ‘sweet deals’.  Whether you think the prescribed ‘bitter medicine’ is now ‘toxic’, no amount of ‘obeah’, ‘3 card’, ‘voodoo’, will get us out of this any less painful.  All those groups, should be able to reason, and possess understanding above basic.  On that note, and that assumption I just made, ‘watch foreign press, and read wey deh gwaan outside a u yard’.

‘Nutten woss dan wen a idiaat a talk pan u behalf’. To the government if you relent, then thousands of civil servants will loose their jobs, choose!!!!!


Greek banks lock for a week, capital controls in place

(Jamaica Gleaner) Published:Monday | June 29, 2015

Anxious Greek pensioners swarmed closed bank branches Monday in the hope of getting their pensions, while queues formed at ATMs as they gradually began dispensing cash again following the imposition of strict controls on capital.

As global markets plunged following one of the most dramatic weekends in Greece’s five-year financial saga, the country woke up to a changed financial landscape that many in the markets fear could be a prelude to a messy debt default and a damaging Greek exit from the euro.

The banks and the country’s stock market have been closed for the week after Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras’ surprise call for a referendum next Sunday on budget and reform proposals creditors are demanding Greece should take to gain access to blocked bailout funds.

Tsipras is advocating Greeks reject the proposals in the popular vote, which increasingly has the look of a vote on euro membership itself.

The sense of unease was evident in the number of pensioners lining up at bank branches hoping they might open. Many elderly Greeks don’t have bank cards and make withdrawals in person at the till, and so find themselves completely cut off from their money. One of the most onerous controls is a daily limit of €60 (US$67) on cash withdrawals from ATMs.

“I came here at 4 a.m. because I have to get my pension,” said 74-year-old Anastasios Gevelidis, one of about 100 retirees waiting outside the main branch of National Bank of Greece in the country’s second largest city of Thessaloniki.

“I don’t have a card, I don’t know what’s going on, we don’t even have enough money to buy bread,” he said. “Nobody knows anything. A bank employee came out at 8 a.m. and told us ‘you’re not going to get any money’, but we’re hearing that 70 branches will open.”

The finance ministry said the manner in which pensions would be paid would be announced later Monday afternoon.

Deputy Minister of State Terence Quick said special arrangements would be made for pensions, telling private Antenna television that pensions would be dispensed in full as many pensioners don’t have bank cards.

The daily withdrawal limit wouldn’t be enough to cover many basic necessities. “What can I do first with €60? I owe €150 just to the pharmacy,” Gevelidis said.

The capital controls are meant to staunch the flow of money out of Greek banks and spur the country’s creditors to offer concessions before Greece’s international bailout program expires Tuesday.

Without a deal to extend the bailout programme, Greece will lose access to the remaining €7.2 billion (US$8.1 billion) of rescue loans, and is unlikely to be able to meet a 1.6 billion-euro debt repayment to the International Monetary Fund due the same day.

The accelerating crisis has thrown into question Greece’s financial future and continued membership in the 19-nation shared euro currency – and even the 28-country European Union.

Investors around the world are worried that should Greece leave the euro and say it can’t pay its debts, which stand at more than €300 billion, the global economic recovery could be derailed and questions would grow over the long-term viability of the euro currency itself.

“The images of queues at ATMs in Greece are stripping traders of what little confidence they have left in the nation, and the financial earthquake that happened in the eurozone over the weekend can be felt around the world,” said David Madden, market analyst at IG.

Among the major markets in Europe, the CAC-40 stock index in France was down 3.6 per cent at 4,877 while Germany’s DAX fell 3.5 per cent to 11,088.

Aside from developments at the banks in Greece, massive queues formed at gas stations, with worried motorists seeking to fill up their tanks and pay with credit cards while they were still being accepted.

Although credit and cash card transactions have not been restricted, many retailers were not accepting card transactions Monday morning.

Electronic transfers and bill payments are allowed, but only within the country. The government also stressed the controls would not affect foreign tourists, who would have no limits on cash withdrawals with foreign bank cards.

For emergency needs, such as importing medicines or sending remittances abroad, the Greek Treasury was creating a Banking Transactions Approval Committee to examine requests on a case-by-case basis.

Tsipras announced the capital controls in a televised address Sunday night, blaming the eurogroup, the gathering of the eurozone’s finance ministers, and its decision to reject an extension request for the bailout program. He has asked again for the extension to allow for the referendum.

French Finance Minister Michel Sapin said talks with Greece could resume at any time, while Pierre Moscovici, the European commissioner for economic affairs, said negotiations were cut off when an agreement seemed within reach.

The situation now largely rests on a ‘yes’ vote in Greece, Moscovici said.

The referendum decision, ratified by Parliament after a marathon 13-hour session that ended in the early hours of Sunday, shocked and angered Greece’s European partners.

Greece’s negotiations with its European creditors have been suspended, with both sides accusing each other of being responsible for talks breaking off.

Greece is dividing into two camps ahead of the referendum. A demonstration is planned in Athens later Monday by those against the proposals from the creditors. Another one is planned for Tuesday by those who want to make sure that Greece’s position in Europe is not threatened.

Tsipras also blamed the European Central Bank’s Sunday decision not to increase the amount of emergency liquidity the lenders could access from the central bank – meaning Greece has no way to replenish fast-diminishing deposits.

“It is now more than clear that this decision has no other aim than to blackmail the will of the Greek people and prevent the smooth democratic process of the referendum,” Tsipras said. “They will not succeed.”


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PNP Counsellor, Former Mayor Shernet Haughton Barred – Update

A welcoming decision and we can now move on I hope.  I opined in earlier commentary that nepotism is synonymous to both government and private sector organisations.  To say otherwise is a blatant lie.  As the article states, nepotism is not illegal, so the action taken was based primarily on moral and ethical grounds; both that weighs and should weigh heavily on any group or entity that wants to engender trust amongst its people.

For the government’s part, we cannot and should not go back in time but purely by our actions swift they must be journey on a path that speaks to our ‘will’ in wanting change from the old.  A paradigm shift will always be a theory in a lesson well taught, however, our measures, actions, demonstrate that the theory has now become a ‘practical’.  Until we practice what we preach, trust will always be a sore point, sore enough that will and can lead us into political suicide as opposed to recovery followed by exponential growth.  Again, the government’s decision was the correct one and Ms Haughton will decide on principle if she chooses to sit out her tenure or not.  With all that has taken place, her indiscretion which she must accept responsibility for having no need to bring down the house, is her right if she wants to remain a member of the PNP.  That is called democracy which we so relish.


PNP bars Haughton from representing party in local government polls

(Jamaica Observer) Tuesday, June 30, 2015 

 Shernet Haughton, former mayor of Lucea. (OBSERVER FILE PHOTO)

THE People’s National Party’s (PNP) National Executive Council (NEC) has ratified an internal decision to bar former Lucea Mayor Shernet Haughton from representing the party at the next local government elections.

The ratification on Sunday follows her appearance before the party’s Integrity Commission.

However, the party pointed out that Haughton’s current membership of the Hanover Parish Council is not affected by the decision, neither is her membership of the PNP.

In a report tabled in the House of Representatives on March 24, Contractor General Dirk Harrison had recommended that Haughton relinquish her position as councillor for the Green Island Division of the Hanover Parish Council, following her resignation as mayor on the basis of unethical behaviour.

The report said that investigations by the Office of the Contractor General (OCG) had shown that Haughton was involved in the award of more than $3.7 million worth of contracts to family members and close friends during her two years as mayor of the rural town.

It called for her resignation as a councillor and forwarded its recommendations to Director of Public Prosecutions Paula Llewellyn for criminal action against her.

But Llewellyn advised against criminal proceedings, stating that, although the evidence of nepotism against Haughton was overwhelming, “that by itself is not an offence known to criminal law”.

The PNP executive said that its decision follows its acceptance that “there are moral principles and issues of ethical conduct which are central to the findings contained in those reports”.

“The executive of the PNP contends that, as a result of the seriousness of the issues contained in the OCG Report, and notwithstanding an apology by Councillor Haughton to be made public at the next meeting of the Hanover Parish Council, she will not be eligible to contest the next local government election on a PNP ticket, but will be allowed to complete her current term as a councillor and a member of the party,” a release from the party said.

The party also noted that it had no legal authority to remove Councillor Haughton as an elected representative.

The NEC said that it had accepted from the onset of the release of the OCG’s report that strong disciplinary action would be taken once the matter had been reviewed in detail and the process of natural justice completed.

“The banning of Mrs Haughton from the next local government election as a candidate of the party is an appropriate sanction,” it said.

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Cocaine In Rectum – 62 Year Old Man The Culprit

This must be Sunday classics and the joke of the day.  Are you  reporting that this senior citizen had cocaine in his rectum attempting to export to England yet in Court he could barely stand up due to his kidney problems.  By all accounts he will get no jail time even though he has been convicted for the same offence prior.  Ofcourse he will ‘cough out’ the J$25,000.00, not pound sterling to avoid prison time.

This is bordered on the ridiculousness by our Courts!!!!!!


62-y-o attempts to export cocaine in rectum

(Jamaica Observer) Sunday, June 28, 2015 | 1:05 PM     

 KINGSTON, Jamaica – An elderly man who was caught attempting to export two ounces of cocaine in his rectum was fined J$25,000 recently, when he appeared in the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate’s Court.

Luther McKenzie, 62, through his attorney, pleaded guilty to possession of cocaine, dealing in cocaine and taking steps to export cocaine, and not guilty to conspiracy.

McKenzie, a dual citizen of Jamaica and England, was nabbed at the Norman Manley International Airport in Kingston, attempting to board a flight to England.

The court heard that he had previously been convicted for the same offence.

However, McKenzie, who suffers from kidney problems, could barely stand in court to receive his sentencing.

He was subsequently fined J$5,000 or six months for possession of cocaine, J$10,000 or six months for dealing in cocaine, J$10,000 or six moths for taking steps preparatory to export cocaine.

No evidence was offered

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Banned For Life – 50 Attorneys – Bad or Not So Bad???

I don’t know about you, but 50 give and take disbarred lawyers is not that much considering the whole.  We both know that ‘greed’ is a life source for many on the Roc, so again I opine if the figures are correct, this is not bad at all, and we can say our legal fraternity is still in good order.

Considering the headlines over the past three (3) months of Attorneys who have been charged and are before the Courts, many of us were wondering if a ‘crash’ was forthcoming in the noble profession.  The rate at which the names were featured in the media, even I thought to myself, ‘a who fi call if trouble tek’.  I can now be rest assured and so should the Diaspora and locals that we are intact so to speak.  This article is most welcoming and comforting, don’t you think?  ‘Nuh even gwaan like sey sum a oono neva did a drop word to’.


Bad lawyers banned for Life!

(Jamaica Gleaner) Published:Sunday | June 28, 2015
Haughton Cardenas
Almost 50 of the country’s more than 4,000 attorneys-at-law have been banned for life from practising law in Jamaica.

The list of banned lawyers includes some multiple repeat offenders of various infractions unbecoming of the legal profession.

Last updated on April 1, 2015, the website of the General Legal Council (GLC) lists the names of the attorneys and the date(s) on which disciplinary action was taken and the reason for the action taken.

Disciplinary action is taken after “extensive” investigation and adjudication by the Disciplinary Committee of the GLC of the Jamaican Bar Association, according to the chair of the Disciplinary Committee, Walter Scott.

He said less than five per cent of the lawyers who have been subjected to disciplinary action involves clients money.

“Most of the cases involved professional negligence, failure to communicate with the clients, failing to deal with matters expeditiously, delays, things like that,” Scott told The Sunday Gleaner.

“A disbarred attorney is barred for life, and a struck-off attorney is struck off for life. There is no difference in the terminology of disbarred or struck off. The terminology used in the legal profession is struck off.

“Americans like to use disbarred, but it amounts to the same thing. It simply means that the person is no longer entered on the roll and is, therefore, not entitled (to practise),” said Scott.

“To all intents and purposes, that person is a civilian once they have been struck off,” he clarified.

Struck off multiple times

He explained that in the cases where lawyers have been struck off multiple times, cases brought against an attorney must be heard even if the person is already barred.

“If someone had multiple offences and you were first struck off on March 30, and the other offences came up for trial after that, we would still make a striking-off order. So you could then be struck off on the several dates after that initial struck-off dates.

“The first struck off is it, but if subsequent cases warrant a strike-off order, it is really of no effect, because the first one stands,” added Scott.

Among the repeat offenders are former talk-show host Antoinette Haughton Cardenas, who had matters before the committee 10 times between December 2007 and December 2012.

She was struck off four times and she also faced fines, and ordered to repay funds. She exercised her right to appeal in at least one instance.

Another repeat offender is Derrick Darby, who faced the committee eight times between 2003 and 2005. He was struck off four times between April 2003 and July 2005. There were orders also for repayment of funds as well as a fine.

Leeland Playfair faced the committee six times and was struck off twice between 1995 and 2012. He was fined twice.

Shaun Reynolds also faced the committee six times, and was first struck off in March 2007.

Former Deputy Police Commissioner Owen Clunie was struck off twice between September 2013 and January 2015.

Scott does not believe that “multiple offenders” have any chance of redemption, and he was careful to point out that many lawyers’ names are not on the list of those permitted to practise, because they have stopped practising, and not because of any wrongdoing.

Lawyers who work in the government service are not required to present financial reports or make accounting declarations to the GLC as they are under the purview of public sector monitoring and subject to those rules.

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Oppostion Leader’s House/Compound/Estate Makes News Again – Part 11

 Once again, ‘oono draw mi out on dis foolishness’.   Some say perception is key, and I say perception is relevant but not in this case.

 Can we try to be honest here?  The vast majority of Jamaicans do not look like what our balance sheet says austerity measures and all.  When it comes to houses and cars, Jamaica is on par with its 1st World counterparts.  We have dinners that cost J$25,000.00 to attend hoping to eliminate minimum wagers, and with such costs it still ‘tun up til it tun ova’.  It is no secret that a few politicians have second homes in ‘fareign’ quarters.  It is also quite evident that within twelve (12) months of being in government many politicians who looked like ‘meager canine’ begin to get ‘fat and fluffy’ and dress code is not exactly $20,000.00 in value, much higher. 

Who exactly are the politicians appealing to?  Those who simply want $5,000.00 to cast a vote could not care less about houses on the hills.   They are unable to see further than their noses and mouths.  That leaves his fellow colleagues, the 1% rich and many in the corporate sector.  I say to you all, if you have proof that he is corrupt and received monies to the tune of $$$$$$$$$$$, then do what you must.  If not, the more you blast this; we see how badmind, jealousy, envious, classism mixed with shadeism is at play here. There was one colleague who vehemently stated that he was not accustomed to living in squalor.  I wonder if he had chosen to build as the Holinesses’, he would suffer such scrutiny.  As a matter of fact, if those colleagues who broke rank and formed the NDM political party built a compound, how would it play out?  I’m soooooo curious as I can’t see what the fuss is all about. 

Most Jamaican people do not live within their means.  We have a ‘fat’ parliament, equally ‘fat’ opposition whose voices collectively sound like bees buzzing.  So whether this house costs $300 million or more, it makes not one difference to the state of Jamaica’s affairs.  The majority of the electorate doesn’t give a damn as long as they get their $5,000.00, curry goat and rum.  The rest of the populous who profess to be middle and upper middle class, who do not vote, are just jealous.  In their eyes, ‘wey disya boy from nutten an him wife come from fi en up a live ina disya palatial palace.  Dem nuh even look like a wi.  A wah dis now another Barack and Michelle Obama pon wi.  No sah watch wey wi ago do’.

Welcome to Jamroc!!!!!!!!!!


Andrew’s house fuels unease

JLP worried: donors reportedly want explanation

(Jamaica Observer) Sunday, June 28, 2015      

 Aerial and stret-level views of the house being constructed by Opposition Leader Andrew Holness and his wife.
Aerial and stret-level views of the house being constructed by Opposition Leader Andrew Holness and his wife.
OPPOSITION Leader Andrew Holness’s defence of the house that he and his wife Juliet are building in Beverly Hills, St Andrew has created more unease inside the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) and appears to have placed the political organisation on a collision course with some of its more affluent donors.

According to JLP insiders, questions about Holness’s judgement for building the massive house at this time have re-emerged in the party, which is bracing itself for the property being used by the governing People’s National Party (PNP) in the campaign for general elections due for 2016, but widely expected later this year.

“The party knows that it will be one of the biggest advertising tools against us in the next election,” one JLP insider told the Jamaica Observer.

“It has been a major concern for the party over the last two years. It hasn’t been dealt with openly until last week in the Sunday Observer,” added the insider, who spoke on condition of anonymity.

From as far back as mid-2014 PNP insiders had admitted to the Sunday Observer that Holness’s house would be considered fair game in their election campaign.

Last week, Holness, in response to critics on both sides of the divide, pointed out that he and his wife — who is a real estate developer — have been building the house for the past three years and that they have been frugal in their spending.

“About seven years ago I purchased an undeveloped piece of land which I originally intended to hold and develop sometime in the future. However, considering my family needs, my age, and the likely greater future demands on my time and attention, I decided that now was the right time to build,” Holness said in a statement to the Sunday Observer.

“We started construction in September 2012. The terrain was steep and rocky, so we spent the first six months hammering rocks to create useable space for building and amenities. We ended up having so much stones that it made practical sense to use them to build all our walls rather than using conventional block and steel. And using the stones saved us the cost of trucking them away,” Holness explained.

He said that he and his wife project-manage the construction themselves, which allows them to go at their own pace and within their budget. The result is that the work has been going longer than they expected, but given the calls on their time, they don’t make it a priority or their current focus.

“I know it has attracted much attention, and rightly so. Public figures must get used to the fact that the public will be interested in what we do, how we live, where we get our money, and to whom we are obligated. Though I am an intensely private person by nature, I have learned to live in the public’s attention,” Holness said.

“It is also particularly important that there is transparency to assure the public and donors that politicians are not enriching themselves off the public purse or peddling influence. I have always taken a tough stance against corruption and influence peddling, and have kept far from even the suggestion of any such thing. This is why I am a strong supporter of regulating political party registration and financing,” the opposition leader added.

“We are well aware that, aside from the legitimate questions of the public, much of the talk is politically motivated. From my certain knowledge there are other public officials, including ministers of Government, mayors and others who are also building. Like me, they are required to make yearly declarations to the Integrity Commission,” Holness said.

He said that the public’s comments are not always informed by facts, and in the gap between the facts and what detractors try to manipulate is a lot of room for mischief.

“We have heard some ridiculous figures being bandied about cost. If I had that magnitude of funds I would be finished building long ago,” he said. “Juliet and I often laugh to ourselves when we hear the things people speculate. If they only knew the hard work we put in.”

But after last Sunday’s publication, word from within the JLP was that some of the party’s donors have said that they need details of the source of funding for the house before assisting the party.

While Holness did not state the costs associated with the building, construction experts have given the Sunday Observer conservative estimates of $250 million, without the furnishings.

One contractor estimated the cost of the cut-stone perimeter wall at “easily at least $20 million”, while another valued it at approximately $50 million, which, he said, would include the cost of labour.

Last week, Holness said that while he celebrated the success and achievement of hard-working people, he was disappointed that there are those who make success and achievement a bad thing. “It is a way of thinking that makes us poorer,” he argued.

“I would want every hardworking Jamaican to be successful. I preach shared prosperity, not shared poverty. So for every Jamaican who

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Freeness Is Guaranteed To Cause ‘Crowd Block’

Marketing strategy at its finest, knowing the Jamaican culture, Digicel by this very move will undoubtedly gain more customers than their competitor Lime when it’s all over.

I for one am unlikely to benefit from such an enticing gimmick and wonder as to the demographics of those who ensure that Digicel and Lime continue to monopolise and earn billions and billions of dollars despite what they may want us to believe.  On the other hand I could benefit from the follow;

a) how about $500 worth of free credit applied or free calls between the hours of 7.00am-10.00am, Monday & Wednesday between networks, land or mobile phones?

b) how about free calls between digicel to digicel on Sat & Sun between the hours of 9.00am-2.00pm?

c) how about free land or mobile calls Mon-Fri between the hours of 7.00pm-9.00pm?


PHOTOS: Free phone, SIM card and $6,000 credit promises draw crowds to phone outlets

(Jamaica Gleaner) Published:Saturday | June 27, 2015
 Member of the police spent a big portion of this morning trying to control large crowds that gathered at various Digicel outlets in the corporate area.

With the telecommunications company sending text messages informing customers that they would be able to access free phone, SIM card and $6,000 credit if they make the switch to Digicel under the number portability scheme introduced at the start of this week.

Number portability allows persons to switch their networks but keep their telephone numbers.

Meanwhile, Telecommunications company LIME this morning reported that it has had more than 700 requests from persons wanting to switch from the Digicel network.

At the same time, LIME says 50 of its customers have asked be switched to Digicel.

On Monday, number portability was introduced to Jamaica.

Both fixed line and mobile phone customers can benefit under the number portability system.

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Alarming Certainly So – How Toxic – RGD Scare

This is rather serious, yet not much seems to be forthcoming in terms of information.  In February 2014, it was reported that an offensive smell emanated from the building of Postal Telegraph offices causing evacuation of the building.  Employees sought refuge on the streets of South Camp Road. They said it was déjà vu as it was in February 2103 that a similar occurrence unfolded.  To this day, I can’t recall any update as to the source or substance that caused such hysteria.

Déjà vu or not, the RGD now has suffered a similar fate, big difference being, the source is known, however, we await findings of the substance if we can muster that.  Are we capable of closing an investigation or are we just excellent at the opening remarks, with the sole intent is hoping that the public forgets.  Clearly the strategy seems to work, as we hear virtually nothing from the NEPA’s or Environmental groups.  By the way, do we have any agency that deals with terrorism or espionage?  After all, our Island is flooded with illegal’s from varying countries, and due to our lax laws, the Roc can be an ideal place for unscrupulous agents.   Haha…………….I guess you think this is far fetched.  Continue to traverse on the narrow lane we have been accustomed to until something grave happens, then the wagonists come out in full force and open the door for the conspiracy theories.

Born ‘idiaat’ we are way too often.  Until then, I will not hold my breadth for the findings on the RGD mystery.


RGD mystery

Odour from strange package sickens staff

(Jamaica Observer) Friday, June 26, 2015      


RGD office in Central Village, St Catherine

Health officials are trying to determine the contents of a strange package that resulted in a number of workers seeking medical attention after it was opened at the Registrar General’s Department (RGD) in Twickenham Park, St Catherine earlier this week.

A source close to the RGD, the only repository of births, marriages, and death records, told Jamaica Observer last night that the package, which was transported to Jamaica from overseas, was collected from a post office in Spanish Town on Tuesday and taken to the RGD.

“When the package was opened, mysterious fumes emanated from the package. Several workers fell ill because of the fumes,” the source said, adding that there was a powdery substance in the package.

Last night, Postmaster General Michael Gentles confirmed receiving a report about the incident.

“The report that I have received is that the package was sent to Spanish Town and retrieved from the Spanish Town Post Office by RGD,” Gentles told the Observer in a brief telephone interview.

“That’s all I can say on the matter at this time,” Gentles said. “I am now awaiting a report from the Ministry of Health.”

Last night, our source said that staff members at the RGD were worried, given events taking place internationally.

Another source said that after the package was opened, initially some workers speculated that the substance was anthrax powder, which carries the potentially fatal infectious disease caused by gram-positive, rod-shaped bacteria known as Bacillus anthracis.

That fear appeared to have subsided after none of the affected workers died. However, one young woman was reported to have returned from the doctor with chest pains.

“Right now, it could be anything. We are hoping that the authorities will be able to bring some closure to this case and provide some answers any time soon,” said one staff member.


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Where Is Jungle Justice When You Need It???

Quote all the scriptures that you wish.  I strongly opine not all killings are murders and each case must be dealt with accordingly.  I ask the question again…………where was jungle justice in this matter??

I would like you to read this piece slowly and try to visualise the series of events.  While you are doing so, envision also you being the female being chopped to death with your teenage daughter if you have one, friend, family member or church sister being raped by this evil freak called man. You tell me that at 9.30am, sun hot like ‘whoa’ and this freak of nature decided to ‘go pon im bicycle’ and terrorize decent people.  ‘Mek mi tell oon summen, stop waste tax payers money wid court house.  Fine disya beast an deal wid im propa an sen a message to all di odder freak of natures wey it seem like sey duppy tan up ina dem, or whatever blood dem a drink or evil dem a mess wid; wi di people ago skin dem alive suh dem betta go a sea an bathe aff demself and relax dem brain’. 

We must deal with these kind of crimes with the same vicious and callousness as executed by the perpetrators.  We are too bloody soft in rendering punishment. 


St Ann teen raped, woman chopped to death 

(Jamaica Observer)Wednesday, June 24, 2015 | 8:43 AM      

 ST ANN, Jamaica – A machete-wielding attacker chopped a woman to death Tuesday then raped the teen she was travelling with.

Reports reaching OBSERVER ONLINE are that 27-year-old Melika Smith and a 17-year-old girl were walking along the Barrett Hall parochial road in St Ann about 9:30 am when they were attacked by a man on a bicycle.

The 17-year-old reportedly ran and hid in bushes while the man chopped Smith several times.

He then went in search of the teen and allegedly raped her before fleeing the scene. 

Both females were taken to hospital where Smith succumbed to her injuries.

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We Are Just Plain Nasty – Absolutely No Pride Outside Of Our Flossing!!!!

Whether it is the Range Rover, Morris Minot or better still Lada, straight through the car window the driver or passenger rubbish goes.  I have seen it with my own eyes.  I cannot even throw a piece of cotton ball through my car window regardless of how minute the article is.  There is something in my belly bottom that travels right up to my chest area that says ‘don’t even think about it’.  Yet it is a common assault for others from varying social and economic background to do so.

In the States I marvel how garbage is not only separated between plastics and non plastics by the householder, but the consistent schedule of collection by the relevant authorities.  In my own country on the Roc, neither can we have our garbage disposed of by any kind of schedule much less consistently, toppled with a people whose behaviour is no different from the trash they dispose.

How do we resolve this on both sides of the coin?  Firstly, are litter laws enforced and who is watching in order to enforce such?  Maybe we need to start there.  NSWMA……………singing the same sankey no recourses.   If management cannot come up with creative ways to fund this ‘pop down’ sector, then send every personnel home and outsource the organisation to a private firm and let them do proper disposals and all that comes along with it.  While they are it, they can begin to get some garbage trucks similar to the ones I saw on my travel to NYC (New York City) a few months ago along with drivers and side men who are clean, attired in uniform with an appearance that bares no resemblance to the rubbish they are collecting. 

Our pride is misplaced!!!!!!


Take personal responsibility, keep Jamaica clean – NSWMA head begs

(Jamaica Gleaner)Published:Wednesday | June 24, 2015
Colonel Daniel Pryce … while the NSWMA is to roll out an islandwide clean up programme in a matter of weeks, individuals have a role to play as well.

Head of the National Solid Waste Management Authority (NSWMA) Colonel Daniel Pryce is appealing to Jamaicans to take personal responsibility for the environment.

The NSWMA interim boss says persons must play their part in keeping the island clean.

Speaking on Power 106’s Independent Talk this morning, Colonel Pryce said while the NSWMA is to roll out an islandwide clean up programme in a matter of weeks, individuals have a role to play as well.

He says persons can help keep gullies and drains clean by properly disposing of plastic bottles and styrofoam containers.

 NSWMA boss, Colonel Daniel Pryce

Pryce says the NSWMA is currently spreading this message in schools and communities across the island.


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Is Bread Bad? by Dr Tony Vendryes

(Jamaica Gleaner) Wednesday | June 17, 2015

THE BIBLICAL instruction – ‘Man shall not live by bread alone’ may actually contain sound nutritional advice, especially with today’s bread.

Not all breads are created equal and some are considerably less healthy than others. Modern technology has transformed bread, once considered the staff of life, into a weak unhealthy crutch.

Originally, bread was made from wheat ground between large stones to make a flour that contained everything in the original grain, including the germ, the fibre, the starch, and a wide array of vitamins and minerals. The final whole wheat product was a blend of all the naturally occurring nutrients.

Modern Bread

Without refrigeration, stone-ground flour spoils quickly so modern food manufacturers remove the outer coat of the grain to increase the shelf life of flour-based foods. The outer coat contains healthy wheatgerm oil that rapidly becomes rancid when exposed to heat and light, so by removing it, a longerlasting flour is created. This produces financial profits for the food industry, but nutritional disaster for the consumer.

White bread is made from white flour which was once wholewheat flour stripped of most of its nutrients. This happens when the bran and the germ of the grain is removed.

And then to make bread an even brighter white, with scant regard to consumer health, flour is treated with a chemical bleach similar to Clorox. The bleaching process leaves residues of several toxic chemicals in the bread. This mass-produced bread is lily white, soft, spongy, devitalised, laced with added chemicals and nutritionally deficient.

The mighty Food and Drug Administration has actually approved more than 30 different chemicals for addition to bread.

Do not be misled, if the product claims to be enriched. Up to 30 nutrients, including fibre have been removed from the flour, while only a few (iron and some B vitamins) are replaced.

Research reported in the British Medical Journal, The Lancet, revealed that dogs fed only white bread died of malnutrition within two months. However, dogs fed a diet of only bread made with stone-ground, whole-wheat flour lived in good health for an extended lifespan.

Choosing Your Bread

Unfortunately, slick advertising and fancy claims make it difficult to distinguish a real healthy bread from the ‘not so healthy’ variety. To determine which bread is best, read the label carefully.

Regardless of the name of the bread, the first ingredient listed on the label should be ‘wholewheat’ flour or ‘wholegrain’ flour. Not ‘wheat’ flour, ‘bleached’ or ‘unbleached wheat’ flour or ‘enriched wheat’ flour. The terms ‘stone-ground’ and ‘wholegrain’ flour indicate a healthier bread.

Choose a product that is brown in colour from natural flour without any colouring agents added. Look for a bread with a minimum of chemicals listed on the label. Wholegrain bread does not rise as much and thus contains more wheat and less air. It will be heavier to lift and firmer to squeeze. If you squeeze it and your fingers sink in easily and the bread springs back, that’s not a very nutritious loaf. When eaten, the chewier the bread, the better.

Limit Your Bread

According to research from Tufts University in Boston, and published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, people who eat too much white bread have larger waistlines than those who eat whole grains. The investigators found that calories from white flour settle at the waistline and result in a half-inch increase per year for people who regularly eat white bread. By the end of the study, those who ate white bread gained three times more belly fat than those who ate whole grains.

In fact, white bread, or bread of any colour if it is made with finely processed wheat flour, raised one’s blood sugar about the same as an equal number of calories of ordinary sugar. That applies even to wholewheat bread, if made with finely milled flour.

Thus for the many individuals with blood sugar imbalance or frank diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol or triglyceride disorders, obesity, cancers or inflammatory disorders, eliminate or reduce to a minimum your consumption of foods made from flour, especially white flour. To make matters worse, most baked flour products have added sugar and unhealthy fats. That includes not just bread, but the vast array of biscuits, crackers, rolls, cakes, puddings, dumplings, buns, pastries, pastas and pizzas that are an ever-present part of our modern diet. And by the way, don’t be misled into thinking that toasting bread makes it any more nutritious. It doesn’t.

Bread Addiction

Are you addicted to bread? Some experts have identified some specific chemical substances in wheat that creates pleasurable feelings in much the same way that the drug morphine does. That may explain why some people seem addicted to bread.

And then there is the question of gluten, another protein found in wheat. But that’s the subject for another article.

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