Respect – We Command So Much Of It…….Yet Not Deserving Of Such……Look Within

The Oxford dictionary defines as such,  ‘A feeling of deep admiration for someone or something elicited by their abilities, qualities, or achievements‘.  It goes on to give an example, aptly so;

‘the director had a lot of respect for Douglas as an actor‘.  Let us replace actor with the Police.

I implore upon the hierarchy of the JCF to pay particular attention to what the Minister has said………….‘also appealed to the police to respect the law of the land, learn the law and serve and protect, work with the population and use your discretion wisely.’  Long gone are the days where good manners ‘run tings’ in this society and too many of our police are lacking in that etiquette.  I am one if stopped readily greets the police politely and always willing to get right to the point as to purpose of my being stopped.  I have found on enough occasions that they have absolutely no manners.  Purely because I know better, I take command of the dialogue ensuring always to address them as sir or maam.  Since I have personally witnessed poor behaviour coming from them, I can only imagine and do have sympathy for those who have suffered unnecessarily so at the hands of the police.

When you have personal experience, and are privy to the experiences of others close to you and their encounters with the police, it becomes extremely challenging to ‘respect’ those who wear the uniform that once carried such honour.  I posit the onus is on the police to practice restraint and display that they are on a higher platform and as such should command respect by virtue of their own stance, conduct and language.  ‘Ooman, bwoy, kum out, move, gwaan dehso’, cannot engender respect.  Many officers are even classified as ‘legal gun men’ based on their decorum.  So as we appeal to the public at large, the message and strong one too must be sent to the JCF as the Minister rightly stated, they are here to know the law, serve and protect. 

With reference to our now new found freedom of possessing the under 2 ounce of ganja spliff; that will bring its own challenges.  There are fools who will interpret 2 ounces to mean 2lbs and quite possibly 200lbs.   Again the police are commissioned to handle those confused souls. Proper family life we hope should take care of those children who would want to indulge before their brain has developed somewhat.



Justice Minister urges citizens to respect the police

(Jamaica Observer Monday, May 11 2015)


Minister of Justice, Senator Mark Golding

ST JAMES, Jamaica (JIS) – Minister of Justice, Senator Mark Golding, has called on citizens to respect the police, particularly in relation to the recent amendments to the Dangerous Drugs Act, which have introduced several important changes in respect to ganja.

“As Government, we are not encouraging anybody to smoke ganja, especially the youth at school. In fact, we are coming up with a public education programme to say to the youth, yes the law has changed and some of the harsh penalties have been removed, but this is not something for kids as kids should not be smoking and they should not be drinking alcohol,” the Minister emphasised.

Senator Golding said the public education programme is necessary as the situation must be dealt with responsibly.

Addressing a large group of citizens at a community sensitization meeting for farmers and hoteliers on the new legislation on ganja, in Orange Hill, Western Westmoreland, on May 8, the Minister urged citizens not to “exalt” themselves and disrespect hardworking law enforcement officers.

“The Police have had to deal with the law for a long time as it was, so there are certain types of behaviour and understanding that have developed over many, many years around ganja. It is not an easy thing to transition from one set of understanding to the new dimension…this will take time. What I would say to everybody is this, deal with the police with respect,” he said.

The Bill to amend the Dangerous Drugs Act to decriminalize ganja for medicinal, religious, scientific and therapeutic purposes, was passedby Parliament earlier this year.

The law makes the possession of small quantities of ganja a non-arrestable offence, instead it makes it a ticketable infraction that does not result in a criminal record; it permits the use of ganja for religious, medical, scientific, and therapeutic purposes; and it provides for regulation through the granting of licences to permit the development of a lawful industry for medical ganja and industrial hemp.

Senator Golding also appealed to the police to “respect the law of the land, learn the law and serve and protect, work with the population and use your discretion wisely.”

“I encourage you farmers to organize around the Association. I think this is a good system because when you are dealing with the government agency, it’s better than every little man doing it on his own,” Senator Golding urged.


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No Terrorists Here – US Embassy Scare Update – Part 11

J$4,000.00 fine paid in full by the American who apparently suffers from mental illness. What a raucous he caused the week prior to President Obama’s visit to the Island. However, I fail to see in this report any mention of deportation.

We already have a more than strained health sector and I wonder what the cost and duration of his stay was. He is a foreigner, not a National and mention in earlier reports stated that he was scheduled to attend the US Embassy to finalise or initiate his departure from the Island.

The Judge has made no mention of his legal status in this country and if it were a Jamaican national in the US found guilty of a similar act, I dare say he would be deported in short order.


(Jamaica Gleaner, Mon 11 May 2015)
Elliot Caine, the man who threw a bag over the perimeter wall of the United States Embassy in Kingston, triggering a security scare last month, has been fined a total of $4,000 or 20 days imprisonment.

Caine pleaded guilty when he appeared in the Corporate Area Magistrate’s Court today.

He was fined $2,000 or 10 days on the charge of assault and $2,000 or 10 days on the charge of public nuisance.

The fined was paid.

Sentencing was handed down by Senior Resident Magistrate Judith Pusey.

Caine was released from the Bellevue Hospital, a mental health facility, on Friday and was brought before court today.

The American man was being held at the facility as the court had previously ordered that he undergo a psychiatric evaluation.

Caine caused a security scare at the US Embassy, almost a week before US President Barack Obama was scheduled to arrive in Jamaica.

He was accosted by Embassy security officers and later turned over to the police.

The police later said the bag was examined and no threats were uncovered.

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Health Ministry – You Are Taking The ‘Piss’

I am not quite sure if this is an ‘age’ or a ‘lack of stamina’ issue.  We seem to have too many ‘fat cats’ lacking in physical and mental energy to get the job done in this ‘backward’ style of governance on the Island.  Are our Ministers too ‘out of shape’ and we all know that if you are not nourishing your body optimally, it will ‘pop down’ on you. By the performances we have seen something is telling.  They have absolutely no vigor.  You are now going to sell to the Jamaican people that the Ministry is not cognizant of the amount of pathologists in their own sector?  How big is this country?  We have a ‘fat’ Parliament, in every sense of the word, and yet it is ‘not aware’ are words used frequently when inefficiencies are brought to the public fore.

As some of our nurses choose to migrate which they have every right to do, we bemoan that reality.  Our memories are too short; migration of Jamaican workers is nothing new.  This has been going on before I was born and I am a 60’s child.  My own maternal grand father was a farm worker.  Jamaica is still on the map and brain drain or not, will forever be on this map until such times.  We should be looking to fill the gap, and we can do so by importing labour.  It is said we have good relations with Cuba and China.  ‘Wi caan sort out a ting, and fill di holes in di system?  Why, tell me why that is not a possibility?

The Minister of Health is one of the ministers and there are a few, that I cannot muster even three (3) minutes to listen to their rhetoric once they hit the news broadcast in the evenings.  I rely on the written press for content on life in JA.  Autopsies are necessary; without them investigation halts.  The field of pathology is a noble profession.  Can we not look at professions that are lacking in human resource and ‘sell’ them to the students from the secondary and high school stage?  Everybody wants to become lawyer, doctor, accountant and thief.  We have an abundance of all four (4).  It is time to seek an alternative approach to career options and possibilities if we intend to grow this country beyond a snails pace.

At the rate we are going, dead bodies may soon be stored on the ground, backlog upon backlog as overcrowding looms.  Maybe the Ministry of Health needs to have some personal ‘shame’.  There is too much pride and ego floating around in that sector, ‘shame’ is lacking.


Health authority unaware of pathology backlog in Southern region

BY GARFIELD MYERS Editor-at-Large South/Central Bureau

Monday, May 11, 2015    


SANTA CRUZ, St Elizabeth — Jamaica’s chronic shortage of pathologists is badly affecting police investigations in south central Jamaica.

Authoritative police sources say investigators often have to wait weeks before getting the results of autopsies, leaving them virtually helpless as they seek to probe suspicious deaths.

Police say a classic case involves the death of 23-month-old Jaydeen Myers of Grosmond, Braes River, three miles north-east of Santa Cruz.

Jaydeen’s lifeless body was found stuffed head first in a barrel containing food and clothes on April 18.

Reports at the time said the toddler had gone missing earlier when her mother, who was preparing to give her a bath, was distracted by other children.

Persistent efforts by the Jamaica Observer to get word from the police on the latest involving the mysterious death have proven futile since investigators say they have to await the autopsy report before determining their next step.

Sources say that the backlog of delayed autopsies goes back even further. Apparently, the root of the problem is that there is currently only one pathologist serving St Elizabeth, Manchester and Clarendon.

Checks with the Southern Regional Health Authority (SRHA), brought the surprising response that the agency which has responsibility for the three south central parishes was unaware the police had a problem.

Two directors with whom the Observer spoke by telephone said they had received no complaints while noting that shortage of pathologists was a longstanding problem.

In a formal e-mailed response to the Observer’s queries on Friday, the SRHA’s public relations department said the situation was being investigated but that there had been no “confirmations”.

The e-mailed release noted that “this situation has occurred in the past because of limited human resources, however, SRHA has not received this complaint recently. The authority is now doing further investigations based on your query”.

The release added that “One of the major challenges has been inadequate pathologists. The current pathologist operates out of parish, which causes additional limitation. In the past, the SRHA has sought external support through the assistance of the pathologist in Montego Bay to come in and assist with the backlog. SRHA is investigating to find out if this is something that is necessary”.

Medical experts say that over the long term, a modern pathology laboratory being planned as part of an upgrade for Mandeville Regional Hospital will help considerably to ease the situation. Health Minister Fenton Ferguson has pledged to ensure the project is done — possibly with funding from the National Health Fund. The Lions Club of Mandeville has also pledged its support.

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Lawyer Arrested and Charged – Another One Bites The Dust

Sometimes when you are too bright, you can end up playing and becoming the fool.  I do not know if this is ‘greed’ alone in itself, or is it some insane notion that ‘nuh worry uself, mi caan tek care a anyting’.  When an individual believes they are above the law, or smarter than everyone else around them, they actually convince themselves into their own ‘godlike’ status.

What you have here at play are two (2) idiots and fools.  One is certified and highly paid; the other by virtue of his actions is just plain ‘fool fool’.  When you want to achieve the unachievable by any means necessary, seek counsel from those who know legally, right from wrong; you know ‘u corner dark wen dem tell u dem can sort u out’.  If this was not a real life saga, it would make for good comedy hour.  If there is one thing I abhor, are an idiot and a fool masquerading as ‘smaddie’.


Another lawyer arrested, charged 

(Jamaica Gleaner) Published:Sunday | May 10, 2015

Another attorney has found himself in trouble with the law.

The 77-year-old lawyer, Leeland Playfair, will face the Corporate Area Magistrates Court on Tuesday to answer charges of forgery.

The Counter Terrorism and Organised Crime Division (C-TOC) says in July 2013, Playfair allegedly forged divorce papers for a man to serve on his wife. His wife, however, became suspicious and made checks with the Supreme Court, which confirmed that the papers had been forged.

Her husband was arrested and charged on November 19, 2013, but further investigations by the police led to the discovery of Playfair’s role.

He was arrested and charged on May 4 in Vineyard Town, St Andrew for forgery.


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Shocked I Am Not – Depravity Is The Order Of The Day On the Rock


Mothers Day, Easter Sunday, shoot out inside of the Church we have already witnessed.   Regardless of the event or venue, criminals deviant, depraved mindsets have been established.  What we need to focus on and push the government to do is to respond in like manner by swiftly sealing investigations with a purview to convictions of no mean order.  Let us put our focus and energy firmly there.  All we seem to do is to read a headline, moan, groan of its nature when we all know it can only get worst.

How about loudly declaring that enough is enough and our legislatures MUST institute severe methods of punishments and our law enforcement ought to be experienced in executing proper investigative work ensuring that no city slicker defense attorney can get these ‘animals’ off.  Is that too much to ask for?

Woman robbed at church entrance after delivering sermon

(Jamaica Gleaner) Published:Sunday | May 10, 2015


A woman who had just delivered a sermon at the Redeemer Moravian Church was robbed of her gold chain at the entrance to the church, located on North Street in downtown Kingston, this morning.

The robber escaped along John’s Lane.

The woman was not harmed, but like most parishioners who witnessed the incident, she was shocked by the brazeness of the robber.

“I still have life,” she whispered to one member of the congregation who gave her a long embrace.

Other members were angry.

“No me can’t believe this. She just done preach and di bwoy jus walk up and grab the chain from har neck. You can see the mark,” one woman said.

“Is the first me a see something ike this,” another woman added.


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Calm Yourselves – Keep Things Into Perspective!!


Is this the moral court at large?  I say look to sports in general, sports enthusiasts, those who are passionate about their favourite sports person.   Many countries world-wide suffer from this kind of behaviour and even worst.  The English, Europeans are known to take football to a different level in their passion.  From racists comments, to Eric Cantona, a (striker) who played for Manchester United  with his infamous karate/kung fo kick twenty (20) years ago that landed squarely on a Crystal Palace supporter.  Needless to say, I was a fan of the enigmatic French man and thought he brought alot of talent to the game.  I could go on, but I will draw brakes here.

Jamaica is not unique and the broader issue is, human beings display behaviours that are acceptable and unacceptable at best.  It has nothing to do with the ‘country’.  People’s nature automatically draws them to act defensive, aggressive when they feel disrespected especially when their emotions are based on passion.  I remember when bottle throwing was a common assault at Sabina Park and Stadium, so let us hold this down.  Many now resort to booing as a calmer expression of ones antiism.   The Americans are well aware of this kind of behaviour as many of them do the very same.  We are born to act the fool; many are not as controlled as we would want them to be.  A picture was defaced, not the athlete.  He suffered no karate kick, bottle throwing; he was all smiles on the podium.  After all, Americans burn their own flag when expressing whatever rage they deem necessary.

Let us stop the hypocritical pronouncements and call it for what it is.  Many are absolutely ‘crazy’ when it comes to their beloved athletes and all this does is garner more excitement for the next encounter.  Jamaica whilst a beautiful country is not unique in our populous response to such.  We bleed like every other human being world-wide; our passion is just like others when faced with those we can appear to hero worship in the sports arena.


PHOTO: Defaced!

(Jamaica Observer) Saturday, May 09, 2015 19 Comments


KINGSTON, Jamaica – A banner displaying some of the stars that have converged at the National Stadium today for the 12th staging of the Jamaica International Invitational (JII) Track and Field Meet has been defaced.

While the faces of Asafa Powell, Odayne Richards, Hansle Parchment, and Nesta Carter are still clearly displayed, the image of the United States’ Justin Gatlin has been defaced.

Gatlin was part of the men’s 4x100m team at the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) World Relays in Nassau, Bahamas, recently, that won the race ahead of Jamaica.

It was the first time Jamaica have been beaten in the event since the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, China.


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Teacher’s Suicide Update (Part 11)

It appears this woman was suffering from mental depression.  I made reference to the possibility of stress, depression and suicide having a link in my earlier commentary on this article.

Again, many questions as to the kind of aid one can render preventatively towards suicidal tendencies.  On this particular act of total loss of hope and the will to live, I believe not even our finest doctors in mental disease have the answer.  I say this because even people of ’faith’ have chosen to leave Planet Earth in this manner.  Whilst there are those who will say you could not have faith and commit suicide, my own mind has more questions than conviction as to ones overall state in the moments leading one to that final act of ‘self harm’.

I somehow no longer feel or see the judgement of such an act, rather the absolute pain such an individual must be experiencing that they lose all consciousness at that point when they take their own lives.  It could be an out of body experience, a daze, a dream, despair of the worst kind that all they see in front of them is total darkness with not even a flicker of light.  The living can only imagine, but until you walk in those shoes, I am coming into a belief that we must reserve judgement and offer solace to those left behind to pick up the pieces.  What is done is done, and cannot be undone by mere mortals. 


Teacher suicide

STETHS teacher found hanging, suicide suspected

BY GARFIELD MYERS Editor-at-Large South/Central Bureau

(Jamaica Observer) Sunday, May 10, 2015    

 Diane Vassell

SANTA CRUZ, St Elizabeth — Staff and students of St Elizabeth Technical High School (STETHS) in Santa Cruz and residents of Malvern 10 miles away were in shock and mourning yesterday following the suspected suicide of a respected teacher and neighbour.

Police named the victim as Diane Vassell. She was said to be about 38 years old. Married with an eight-year-old son, Vassell taught mathematics and social studies at STETHS.

Police report that they were called to the home in Malvern yesterday morning and upon arrival, about 9:45 am, found Vassell’s lifeless body hanging in the bathroom.

Yesterday, STETHS Principal Keith Wellington described Vassell as a “very quiet person, humble; somebody who was very approachable”.

Wellington recalled that Vassell, who joined the staff “about 10 years ago”, was a social studies specialist until it was discovered following a teacher-training upgrade three years ago that she was also “an excellent Math teacher”. She taught students ranging from Grade 7 to Grade 10.

“She was a competent and dedicated teacher who got along well with her students and colleagues,” Wellington said. “She was well respected.”

Reliable sources told the Jamaica Observer that Vassell had been showing signs of mental depression in recent months and was receiving counselling. There was speculation that her difficulties may have been related to traumatising, life-changing surgery some time ago.

Wellington said counselling sessions organised by the school with the help of the Ministry of Education would be in place for students and staff when school resumes tomorrow.


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Love……..So Many Definitions

Love is a beautiful thing, no doubt about it.  Once you have experienced love in your life between the sexes you know it well and can never compromise on such. I opine ‘love’ is not conditioned, neither can you fake, force or will it into being.  Love is reactionary, it is unquestionable and it is clearly seen between two people that both love equally. Quite frankly it is an extremely powerful emotion and for some can be mind altering to say the least.

I likened it to being constantly intoxicated with a beat and tempo that is pure excitement. ‘Boi oh boi’ I love this thing called love. As we flow through life that kind of love does not dissipate. We have heard of couples whose love was of such a powerful connection that as soon as one ‘dies’, the other follows suit naturally. I make no apologies that’s my kind of love.

With that said far too often we confuse lust for love. The sooner we address the truth about both passions/emotions; we can define love or ones expectation of love more clearly. Oh, for those who sing this sankey, ‘ a nuh who u luv but a who luv u time a run out an u a get ole’. I say simply this………’a settle u a tell ppl fi settle. An wen dem eye start wonder u ready fi come chop up and kill’.

Nothing is more sweet, blissful than loving someone that loves you in return equally. Love triumphs yes, as long as you are in truth!!!



(Jamaica Observer) Sunday, May 10, 2015

When love speaks,

Love triumphs


The voice of all the Gods

Makes heaven drowsy,

With the harmony.

— Shakespeare, Love’s Labour Lost, IV,3

SO many words have been spoken about love throughout the centuries and up to modern time. There have been books, plays, poems, movies, songs and now Internet stuff all extolling the power of this force, which is still a mystery to us all.

Yes, it is a mystery, for even now science cannot truly explain what love really is or how it works. Why do you love one person but not the other?

Some say it’s caused by chemical reactions in our brains, while others say that it’s merely a conversion of emotions. There are those cynics who say that it’s only heightened lust. They say, they say, and they say, but the definition of love still eludes them.

What is not elusive is the fact that love is real, and not only real but triumphs over everything else. The Good Book said, ‘of faith, hope, and love, the greatest of all is love’.

‘How do I love thee, let me count the ways,’ said the romantic poets.

Many have felt its power, while others have experienced the pain of not being loved

in return. Whatever the experience, the fact is love always triumphs, even though it might not be to your liking.

We’ll see how, right after these responses to ‘Nobody nuh want yuh’.

Hi Tony,

I read your article and trust me, it’s like you were talking to me. I am in and out of relationships because I don’t like men who are mean, but only want sex. I put my cards on the table and tell them that love can’t pay my bills. These men don’t want to mind or support me with my bills, clothes, you name it. Here I am in America dating a Jamaican man who is mean, so I cut him off and have nobody now. It’s like these men only want one thing but not giving anything in return. They are all the same and don’t seem to want me at all but only what I can give them.



White Plains, NY

Hey Tony,

Regarding your footnote where you said that it’s time to evaluate the relationship if your partner answers the phone during lovemaking. You are being generous. I say if you’re having a romantic dinner in a restaurant and your partner answers their phone or texts, get up and walk out. I have been teased by my friends about me not having my phone on when they’re trying to reach me. My phone is merely a tool and I will not be enslaved by it. Maybe I’m old school, but I have been called worse.

Alexander G Bell

Now, I’m not being mushy or overly romantic because I write about love and its effects on people. But just recently I heard this man on one of those radio call-in shows appealing to his wife for forgiveness. He was calling from Portland I think, and with his quivering voice, he begged the host if he could publicly apologise to his wife for what he did.

Apparently they had an argument and he said things that he ought not to have said, he explained, so he wanted her, and indeed the entire Jamaica, to know that he was truly sorry for his indiscretions.

Bear in mind that this was not a counsellor advice show like Dear Pastor, but a middle-of-the-day hot topic programme where issues from politics to current affairs hold sway, yet this man felt obliged to call and apologise to his wife of 25 years. Not only was he a real man to do that, but it also showed the power of love, which triumphed.

Many men with their bravado, macho image and cynicism would never do that. But true love overrides all those and always triumphs.

Another man on the Suzanne Show on TV expressed that he would climb a macca tree stark naked to show his love for his woman. Do I have to explain that ‘macca’ means thorns in our vernacular? I hope not, for everywhere you turn, macca juk you.

Anyway, in all those instances, love is the overarching, overriding factor that lets people do things that they wouldn’t normally do. Of course, there are many types of love, as in the love of parents for their children, brotherly and sisterly love, love of friends and love of family.

But I’m referring to the romantic love that almost every human being craves, so much so that some people will even attempt to buy it. But that’s one thing that money cannot buy, although some people really think so. Money may buy affection or sex, but it cannot buy true love.

Oh sure, there are some people who will say, “I don’t want to be in love or have anybody love me.” But they lie. That’s because they were perhaps hurt once by a false love and never want to experience that pain again. What they really mean is, “I don’t want to be hurt again.”

But if they could be sure that true love could come their way, they would certainly welcome it. Remember the words from the Beatles song, “Do you need anybody, I just want someone to love… could it be anybody, I just want someone to love…”

Even the great writers asked the question, “Is it better to have loved and lost or never to have loved at all?” To me, that’s a no-brainer, for a life bereft of love is no life at all. At least even if you lost at love you could still say, “I loved once, and someone loved me in return.” You can live off the memories.

True love will always triumph even through the most difficult times. I know this lady whose husband got very sick about 10 years ago. She’s still in her prime, but throughout his illness she never once left his side. Her friends and family implored her to put him in an institution and get on with her life along with her son and young daughter. But she still sticks to that man who was once strong, hale and hearty, but sadly no more, as he hardly even recognises her or anybody else. That is love triumphing. ‘Through sickness and health, till death do us part’ is taken seriously by her.

I have seen young women take up with older married men, and as soon as the man got sick he’s deposited back to his wife. “Here, take him back, he’s not my problem.” Some wives do take them back, as the love is still there on their part.

Love will triumph through all adversity and will always rise to the top. Many people profess love and like to hear the words spoken.

“Tell me you love me.”

“I love you, I love you, I love you.”

But it’s the action that counts, and the proof of the pudding is always in the eating.

So many women have been told those words, but were left at the altar. Some never even got a whiff of the church. So many men thought that women loved them, only to catch them in the arms of another man… or woman. There was no love in the first place, so no triumph.

But how can you know if love is there? I always tell my wife that the true test of love is to do this experiment: lock your dog and your wife in two car trunks for one hour. When you eventually open them, compare who is happier to see you. Luckily we don’t own a dog or I know that I’d be in the dog house for pulling a stunt like that. But if any of you wish to try it, please let me know the result of your findings.

Love should be forgiving, right? Plus there was this famous line from the movie Love Story, ‘Love means never having to say you’re sorry.’

But seriously folks, people who live without love are usually angry, bitter, sad, cynics with a negative outlook on life. With love in your heart, those feelings are vanquished.

People who love and are loved have something and someone to live for, someone to go home to.

I’m not preaching, but history can corroborate the fact that true love triumphs, always.

More time.

Footnote: Have you noticed that shame no longer exists? There was a time when people would say, “Shame on you for doing that, shame on you.” Now, many folks have no idea what this means. People will rob, plunder, embezzle, lie and tief milk outa coffee without shame. As the saying goes, ‘Yu shame tree dead.’

In some Eastern countries, even now, people will commit ritual suicide because of shame, as they just couldn’t live with the guilt of what they had done. “I have brought great shame to my family, I will commit seppuku at once.” Not here, as prominent people flout the law, yet still want to hold on to their positions as they have no shame.

Others will lie to your face with no shame. These words you will never hear nowadays, “I am ashamed for what I did.” I guess shame went the same way as honour and integrity did. What a shame. To all the mothers and especially my wonderful better half, have a blessed Mother’s Day. Mothers are special.


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Jamaica’s Lotto Scam Punishment – Harsh Or Not? – You Be The Judge!!!

With punishment rendered as below, do you think lotto scamming will become a deterrent?  I commented on the comparison between the USA and JA in rendering punishment.  We really must be living in a fool’s paradise when we publicly speak about progress in bringing those guilty of lotto scamming to justice on the Rock.

If you sit down from a business perspective and look at the risks versus the sentence, the amount of money to be made by the scammers; it becomes clear why fighting lotto scam the way we do is futile in our disciplinary execution.  The scammers are ahead of the game.  As long as they are caught in JA, they will continue to take the risks as it is simply too easy not to.

Oh how we grandstand on our accomplishments in fighting crime in this country.


Woman sentenced to 3 years for lottery scam

(Jamaica Observer) Saturday, May 09, 2015 |



KINGSTON, Jamaica – A judge in the Spanish Town Circuit Court yesterday sentenced a 29-year-old woman to three years imprisonment after she pleaded guilty to lottery scam charges.

Tanisha Jackson of Cow Pen, Frankfield in Clarendon was charged with conspiracy to obtain property by false pretence under the Law Reform (Fraudulent Transactions) (Special Provisions) Act 2013.

She was arrested earlier this year after investigations into lottery scamming activities she allegedly carried out between 2012 and 2013, in which she defrauded citizens of the United States of America approximately US$18000.


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Spanish Town JA – Extortion – Why Allowed For Decades?????/

Geronimo………………….when you read the initiatives to be implemented, you cannot help but to ask was this rocket science?

The bigger question to ask, is why has this been allowed to foster for decades?  Business in and around the bus park have suffered  tremendously from this kind of racketeering with many having no choice but to close down their operations.  Small business people, ‘di lickle man’ out of sheer fear have had to move out.   Yet we only seem to have semblance of order in that town for short spates of time.  When those charged to protect are part of the facilitators to crime, we always make 5 steps forward and 100 steps backwards.

Jamaica is a small Island and it behooves me to accept how we allow a few degenerates to wreak havoc on those willing to strive for the best and to be the best in life.  Our battle is not only on the foot soldiers, but there is a battle to get to the generals and put them away.  The truth is what we must face, and should deal with; only then will long lasting restoration be achieved in Spanish Town.


Bunting hopes to stamp out extortion with police post in Spainsh Town bus park

(Jamaica Observer) Saturday, May 09, 2015 |

Minister of National Security Peter Bunting (centre)leads a walk through the March Pen community, during a tour of the St. Catherine North police division on May 7.

KINGSTON, Jamaica (JIS) – A police post will be established at the Spanish Town bus park as part of long-term measures to address crime in the area, including extortion by criminal gangs.

National Security Minister Peter Bunting made the disclosure yesterday (May 7), during a tour of the St Catherine North Police Division. 

He said the move came out of a meeting with key stakeholders in the town, prior to the tour, including the Parish Council, operators of the bus park, the police, members of the Chamber of Commerce, and the church.

At the meeting, the strategies to be implemented were discussed and a working group was established under the chairmanship of Deputy Commissioner of Police, Clifford Blake.

The police post, the Minister said, will ensure a permanent police/military presence in the bus park, which has been losing funds due to extortion by criminal gangs.

He said the operation of the bus park will also be overhauled to bring it under the strict control of the Parish Council.

This, he said, will ensure that the revenues it generates go back to the council and into the communities in a legitimate way, and not to support criminal activity.

“We do not want any of the factions (or) criminal enterprises to have access to these funds. We have to establish a lawful system under the supervision of the police and military and ensure that we totally stamp out criminal activity,” the Security Minister said.

“We believe that part of this long-term solution has to be to eliminate the source of funds for these criminal gangs. “As long as there is funding, they will be able to keep recruiting additional persons,” he stressed.

Installation of closed-circuit television (CCTV), to provide additional security in areas in proximity to the bus park, will also be explored.

Residents of St Catherine North will be engaged in social intervention programmes with the Peace Management Initiative (PMI), Citizen Security and Justice Programme (CSJP), the church, and other non-governmental organisations (NGOs) to change the culture of gang leadership in communities.

It is proposed that the measures will be implemented by early July, with short-term strategies employed until then. 

President of the Jamaica Association of Full Gospel Churches, Bishop Rowan Edwards, welcomed the efforts of the Security Ministry to bring order to St Catherine North.

“I know it is a challenge… but the church is standing with him and several interest groups across St Catherine are working with the Minister to tame this giant (of crime),” he said.

The Bishop also urged residents to join the fight to “confront those in the minority, who are trying to control the majority.”

The touring party, which included members of the security forces and community stakeholders, visited areas such as New Nursery, Greendale and Thompson Pen, and met with residents, including victims recently affected by crime in the division.

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