Chikungunya Not A One Hit Wonder – It Will Be Back

As usual we are reactors and not preventers so I can only implore on our locals to strive for a healthy immune system.  If you believe the source/causation of this virus, then it is rather foolish not to take care of your cellular nutrition.  For those who contracted the virus I am told it was and is debilitating; not to mention the cost to our economy with loss of production due to absenteeism resulting from ‘pop down’.  Sad to say, we also lost quite a few persons to death as many who had underlying health issues could not battle with this vicious virus.  Some persons likened  chic-v to the person with HIV who was doing well until pneumonia was contracted and they quickly deteriorated leading to death.

I am fortunate not to have contracted Chic-V and intend to remain so by doing my very best to build an effective immune system.  Let us hope that our citizens will pay extreme attention to this narrative and take heed.  Prevention is better than cure.


Clarendon cautioned for a possible re-emergence of chic-V

(Jamaica Gleaner) Published:Friday | May 15, 2015

A senior Clarendon health official is cautioning people to be on the lookout for a possible re-emergence of the Chikungunya virus later this year.

The Medical Officer of Health for Clarendon, Dr. Vitillius Reid-Holder, says the virus could resurface sometime during the months of August and September.

According to Reid-Holder, there are some diseases like dengue fever and leptospirosis which are seasonal to Jamaica.

She says there tends to be increases in these cases during the rainy months of August and September and there is a possibility that the same thing may happen with chic-V in light of trends with the disease.

Jamaica experienced an outbreak of the virus last year.

Like dengue, the Chikungunya virus is spread by an infected aedes aegypti mosquito.

Symptoms of the chikungunya virus include high fever, headache, muscle pain, joint pain and a rash.

Reid-Holder says if chic-V resurfaces, it will do so in smaller numbers given that the virus has already been in circulation and some people may have developed immunity.

Nevertheless she is appealing to residents to protect themselves.

The doctor has also called for the authorities to take the necessary preparatory steps.


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Murder/Suicide & The Child Is Left To Face Reality

We keep going around the merry go round with never a lesson to be learnt.  Our domestication leads us to believe that every broken relationship can be fixed if only we try.  My question has always been how long must one try?  How long must one wait for the other to change and at what personal cost?  The Pastors do their best to quote the scriptures and implore you to pray and tolerate the abuse, disrespect, infidelity.  The counselors do their best if both parties are willing to be counseled, yet often time’s one party quits alleging it is all a conspiracy.   I am often told man/woman affair is not as simple as I tend to make it out to be.

My response will be, I guess it is much simpler to be murdered.  The very same excuse used why packing up and moving on is not on the table, we see where in death the child or children are left without parents.  The sooner we understand that not every broken ornament can be fixed the better it will be.  You try to use the crazy glue, yet no sooner it falls apart, you go back at it again, until eventually  you realise it is time for the dust bin.  In real life many in today’s world are not even getting to the dust bin stage, however, the funeral parlor is more fitting.  My sympathies will always be for the children of such brokenness.

In life, no matter how you try to justify your situation, you always, always have a choice, and what you choose will either be a victory or lead to your demise.   Just imagine if this were your son, daughter and grandchild, what would your advice have been if you got the chance?  Some how 21 years and 23 is a tad too young for this type of livity.


UPDATE: Love triangle blamed for Manchester murder-suicide


(Jamaica Gleaner ) Published:Friday | May 15, 2015


The police in Manchester are investigating an alleged murder-suicide in Melrose Mews in the parish.

Dead are 21-year-old Shaba Smith and her boyfriend, 23-year-old Terence Reid, who was employed to security company Hawkeye.

According to police reports, approximately 10:30 last night Smith and Reid, who have a child together, had a dispute about the man’s infidelity.

It is further reported that during the argument a woman who was allegedly having an affair with the man turned up at the couple’s house.

A fight reportedly then ensued between the women.

Following the incident, Smith was allegedly shot and killed by Reid who reportedly later used the gun on himself.

The police say the other woman is cooperating with the investigation.



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119 Emergency Number = Death Trap!!!

Is it just me, but this is not a dilemma rather ‘involuntary suicide’.   Have you ever heard anything like this before?  Calling the country you live in emergency number and being directed to a call centre that could be routed abroad?  Have we totally lost it?  This in itself is a crisis, and it appears I am the only one distraught about this revelation.  119 number being routed to a call centre? 

The issues we seem to blast then draw brakes, then blast again pales in comparison to this reality.  If it is you are unable to serve and protect in a timely manner, I suggest you allow every citizen to be able to own a license fire arm at a cost of $20,000.00 and tell them to defend themselves.  I would prefer to take my chance and shoot any living creature that appears suspicious heading in my direction and close proximity versus having to call 119 and wait to be slaughtered at best.  I cannot even characterise this as a disgrace, it is plain tragic and sad. 

Unfortunately, those in authority will somehow mumble their way out of this fiasco.  Incompetent is too mild  to attach to those certified aged seniors whose pay check is not deserving of the output given to the citizens of this country.  I’m sure the criminals are laughing with this new found information.


119 dilemma

(Jamaica Gleaner )Published:Friday | May 15, 2015

EMERGENCY CALLS to the police 119 number are sometimes redirected to a separate call centre, the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) has revealed.

Superintendent William Kesler, who heads the Police Control Centre, said it has not been determined whether the call centre is in Jamaica or overseas.

In addition, Kesler revealed that the issue was brought to the attention of telecommunications company LIME, but said the company has not provided an explanation.

“We have instances where persons call 119 and the call is answered at some call centre somewhere Ö other than the police,” he told The Gleaner yesterday.

“They are not professional … . Sometimes they are even rude to you because I have experienced it myself,” Kesler underscored.

His disclosure comes in the wake of claims by a St Andrew man that he got no response when he called 119 more than 20 times during an attempted robbery at his home last weekend.

Patrick Panton was counting his blessing yesterday as he reflected on his ordeal.

“I could have been killed,” he said.

Panton recounted that he was about to leave his home shortly after 3 a.m. last Friday, when he noticed that his gate was opened and one of the windows to his car had been smashed.

He said attempts to contact a private security company to which he is contracted were unsuccessful and that’s when he turned to the police.


“I was calling from the time I noticed the thing straight until about 4:30 [a.m.] non-stop,” Panton told The Gleaner.

He said a friend who came to his assistance also tried calling 119, as well as the Constant Spring Police Station, but he, too, got no answer.

While admitting that Panton’s story was “cause for concern”, Kesler said he found the St Andrew man’s claim “most unusual”.

He said a check of the system at police controls yesterday revealed that calls to 119 were being answered during the same time period Panton said he was trying to get assistance.

“And there was not a high volume of calls,” Kesler noted.

Seeking to explain why he characterised Panton’s claim as unusual, the senior cop revealed that the “greatest volume of call” to police controls usually come between the hours of 3 p.m., and midnight each day.

“So, if the incident took place during that time, then I would understand, but when I heard that it happened after 3 a.m., that is cause for concern,” Kesler said.





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Attorneys And Fraud – We Are Now At Six (6)


It is time for a mini series so one can get some clarity for the future as to the timeframe acceptable for handing over monies to clients.  The story thus far seems to be the same for all, ‘insufficient time’.  In my ignorance, I somehow find it strange or peculiar, that a client would choose to resort to the Court house as opposed to waiting for their money in a reasonable time frame.  I guess the operative word is ‘reasonable’.

This current case affecting the prominent Don Foote who has ‘lawyered up’ with one of best QC’s on the Island, has already intimated to banking hours as a possibly cause.  Notwithstanding Mr Foote is out on station bail of J$1million.  Why go through all the hassle if the money is where it should be?  Are clients that unreasonable, ignorant or are the Attorneys egotistical, operating on their own time and as masters, the slaves ie clients, should ‘ole a corner’.  Well, court house seems to be the ‘hot spot’ these days for the ‘esteemed professionals’ with their colleagues in a reverse roll that many of us are not accustomed to seeing.


Attorney Don Foote charged with fraudulent conversion

(Jamaica Gleaner, Thursday 14 May 2015)


 Prominent attorney Don Foote has been charged with fraudulent conversion involving $12 million.

The charge reportedly relates to a trust fund for a minor who is now 17 years old.

However, attorney-at-law Bert Samuels, who is representing Foote, claims that having looked at the allegations and documents provided by his client, there is absolutely no wrong-doing on Foote’s part.

The lawyer says the minor and his mother had given written instructions to Foote in relation to the fund, and this was witnessed by a Justice of the Peace.

He says Foote acted on those written instructions.

Samuels further alleges that Foote was called in by the police yesterday but was not given the opportunity to produce documentation to prove that he had the funds.

The lawyer says his client was charged this morning, hours before the bank was open so that he could obtain proof.

Foot was granted $1 million bail after being charged this morning.

He is to appear in court on May 26.

In recent times five attorneys have been arrested on fraud charges.

They are Miguel Lorne, Harold Brady, Patrick Bailey, Jade Hollis and Debbie-Ann Samuels.

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Here We Go Again – Ensuring Things Remain The Same

The more you hear the voices from seniors in the Constabulary, you become resolved that ‘man’ is mere ‘man’ and as such your trust and belief in them should be zero.  We need to have a ‘zero tolerance’ approach to those who say they can protect and serve, failure to do so, should result in them losing their comfortable pensionable job.

If you are hell bent on waiting for citizens to provide information, our corner is pretty much dark.  As a matter of fact we have been in a perpetual state of darkness for decades now.  You have provided sufficient data yet you say you have no proof making arrests difficult.  Maybe a course by way of watching some crime programmes on cable, ie Law and Order, 48 Hours, Forensic Files to name a few, can give our Constabulary some insight into investigative work with a view to ‘locking down’ racketeering and restoring law and order in one of the Island’s major capital’s. 

Have you ever received a call from any citizen providing valuable information in solving crime?  Maybe the hierarchy needs to contact those retired officers who had a successful record in convictions of criminals as consultants who would be ‘hands on’.  Presently, we are making absolutely no progress and the jargon and pronouncements are the same as the years go by.   It takes a big man to publicly ask for help and not help from the people who you are unable to provide confidentiality and security for.  From where I am standing,  I fail to see any at this moment.

I know where and to whom my faith and trust lies.


Extortion capital … Criminals rake in more than $1 million a day in Spanish Town

(Jamaica Gleaner, 15 May 2015)

Taxis inside the Spanish Town bus park in St Catherine.
DSP Meveral Smith, head of the St Catherine North Criminal Investigation Branch.
Dennis Robotham, president of the St Catherine Chamber of Commerce.
Criminals are raking in an estimated $1.5 million per day from a major extortion racket in the commercial district of Spanish Town, St Catherine, and the business community is warning that there could be hundreds of job losses if the relevant authorities do not fix the problem once and for all.
Dennis Robotham, president of the St Catherine Chamber of Commerce, said the main target is the Chinese community.

“Thousands of jobs are at stake if the relevant authorities fail this time,” Robotham told The Gleaner on Wednesday.

“Extortion exists, and it is happening in Spanish Town, but the culprits are hard to catch because people are fearful of coming forward, and without evidence, nothing happens,” he added.

The St Catherine businessman said a recent closed-door meeting with National Security Minister Peter Bunting, along with members of the business community and senior police officers, ended with a glimmer of hope. While business operators were encouraged to install CCTV cameras, Bunting, he said, gave his word that a police post would be reopened at the bus park in July.

“Preliminary investigation is suggesting that buses at the bus park in Spanish Town are mandated to pay $1,100 a day by the extortionists. We are not sure how much the taxi operators are asked to pay,” head of the St Catherine North Criminal Investigation Branch, Deputy Superintendent (DSP) Meveral Smith, told The Gleaner on Wednesday.

The police say based on the number of busses that use the park, the illegal haul in the Spanish Town park is estimated at $1.5 million a day.

At least 30 persons believed to be involved in the multimillion-dollar extortion racket are now on a watch list. In addition, DSP Smith said six wealthy, popular, high-profile persons, who, the police suspect, are providing financial support to the gang of extortionists, are being probed under the Proceeds of Crime Act, with a view to seizing whatever assets they acquired illegally.

When a Gleaner news team visited the bus park on Wednesday, dozens of buses and taxis were observed being loaded. The park was buzzing with activities, vendors peddling their wares, and men were seen surreptitiously going from one vehicle to another.

According to Smith, the extortion racket is run by members of the notorious Clansman gang, which is now divided by a bloody feud over spoils. Police intelligence has suggested that the leaders of both sides of the divided gang are incarcerated – one in the United States and the other locally. The police believe that the side loyal to the leader incarcerated overseas has the strength of firepower, but not much persons to fire the weapons. The other side has more manpower, but not many guns.

In their assessment, the police have reasons to believe that the Clansman gang is one of the largest and most organised criminal enterprises in the island. Its extortion racket stretches from Half-Way Tree, St Andrew, to sections of Portmore and elsewhere in St Catherine, they said.

DSP Smith is asking persons with information relating to the extortion racket to call him at 824-0964.

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From The Lips Of The Commissioner Of Police

With this revelation Commish, is it not fair to say the superiors may be inefficient too?  After all, one automatically follows the leader.  Where exactly does this now leave the Jamaican people?  A significant amount of the Police are ‘hustlers’, plain ‘ole’ dirty cops involved in criminal activities, then the efficient.  What percentage can you rely on to do what they are commissioned to do?

What we may need is an adjustment to the wage package, so the Force can be an attractive one where the best of the best are lining up to be enlisted.  We need a certain amount of intelligence above grade 4 at inception.  We cannot continue on this path, it makes absolutely no sense.  Austerity measures or not, you will attract and get exactly what you pay for.


Commish blames ‘inefficient officers’ for many crime problems

(Jamaica Observer) Thursday, May 14, 2015 | 3:24 PM    

Police Commissioner and his team visits the hundred man station in Portmore as part of his tour of Area 5. (Photo: Kimmo Matthews)

ST CATHERINE, Jamaica —‎ Police Commissioner Dr Carl Williams said today that inefficiency on the part of some ground officers is to be blamed for many of the country’s unresolved crime problems.

Williams on Thursday said he was concerned about reports of crime ‎in various divisions and felt that many of the problems could be solved if officers on the ground were operating more efficiently.

The commissioner said efficiency could be achieved with greater level of monitoring of ground officers by their superiors.

He made the call during a tour of several police divisions in the Area 5 area.

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Legislate, Change The Laws…..That Is Why You Are In Government………Do What Is Required And Stop ‘Chat’

Our eloquence is astounding yet we seem to run this country with ‘sweet’ talk when it relates to cruel acts suffered by our minors, women and the elderly.  In fact, we have no ‘balls’ plain and simple.  I remember not so long ago the Prime Minister spoke specifically to those women who chose to ‘have out dem lot’ with such emotion that it touched every cord in ones being. Here we are with new found promises yet nothing in the law.

Why is it so difficult to do the deal?  Let me break it down for you step by step and see if you can put this into being before the next General Elections;

  1. 5 years imprisonment at hard labour (we have sufficient land to toil) if your minor runs away from home.
  2. 10 years imprisonment if it is proven that your minor has been sexually molested by a family friend or relative ie under your watch.
  3. life imprisonment with the prospects of parole after serving 20 years at hard labour if you abandon, or murder your child under 14 years of age; whether mental facility or not, you will need the exercise, so you must labour.
  4. life imprisonment with the prospects of parole after serving 15 years at hard labour if you murder your child over 14 years of age. There will be exception if self defense is proven.
  5. 12 months imprisonment at hard labour if your child is a truant.  It must be mandatory that your child/children attend school during the relevant period.
  6. 10 years imprisonment at hard labour for prostituting your child.  (we are well aware of those who have their children for the sole purpose of using them for their own pay check).

To the man who says ‘mi affi ave a yute’, to the woman who says ‘mi affi ave out mi lot’ or ‘mi deh wid a different man now suh mi affi gi him a pickney’; just maybe they will use the brain they were born with to do this simple math.  Child = responsibility and finances for at least 20 years.  No work, no education, no money + child = ‘prison work’.


Negligent parents of abused children being targeted

 (Jamaica Gleaner) Published:Thursday | May 14, 2015
Negligent parents of abused children are being targeted in a new-look legislation that proposes to put more bite in the battle against cruelty to the young and vulnerable.

While dire warnings have come from the Government that errant parents will not be spared, Information Minister Sandrea Falconer served notice that the wrath of the justice system is to be visited more ferociously on perpetrators of aggravated assault on children.

“Of deep concern (to the Cabinet) are the instances of parental neglect, which expose many of our children to violence and sexual abuse,” said Falconer.

She added: “Cabinet has approved proposals to amend the Child Care and Protection Act and the Criminal Justice Administration Act.

Falconer told journalists yesterday that the Cabinet has approved amendments to the Child Care and Protection Act, to tighten the grip on rampant brutality to youngsters, with special features being, mandatory training and counselling of parents.

As such, Falconer disclosed that the Child Care and Protection Act will be amended to insert new offences of parental neglect and failure of an adult to report suspected exposure of a child to sexual or other abuse.

Falconer’s announcement which coincides with Child Month celebrations, serves as the fulfilment of a vow by Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller that her administrations would spare no effort in bringing down the legal axe on sexual predators and child murderers.

“Since the start of this year, we have seen the abuse and murder of a number of children in Jamaica,” said Falconer. “The circumstances under which these children have been killed are disturbing,” she added.

Stiffer penalties

Addressing journalists at this week’s post-Cabinet press briefing, Falconer noted that the public had raised concerns and the matter had occupied the attention of the Cabinet.

“Cabinet has also asked that the necessary administrative steps be taken to institute stiffer penalties for persons who murder, rape or commit other serious violent offences against children,” she said.

Said Falconer: “The victim’s status, as a child, will be targeted as an aggravating feature, resulting in a substantial uplift in the sentence on conviction.”

In keeping with the new strictures, efforts are being made to ensure that cases related to violence against children will be given priority attention, scheduling and disposal in the courts.

Maurice Bailey, director of Legal Reforms in the justice ministry, stressed that prioritising cases related to children will be emphasised. “Discussions are being held with the Chief Justice to see how this can be effectively done,” said Bailey.

He said the laws will be amended to facilitate reporting of offences against children directly to the Office of the Children’s Advocate, to the Child Development Agency (CDA) and the Centre for Investigation of Sexual Offences and Child Abuse (CISOCA).

“There will be a wider spread in all of the communities of Jamaica in terms of having access to points where suspected abuse of children

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To Catch A Thief – Office Attendant High Roller

Sad to say it is a known fact on the Island  many seeking employment will only accept if they see the opportunity where the ‘hustle’ for themself can take place.   There are rarely simpletons regardless of their job title in today’s game.  Do not let the poor grammar, humble look, story upon story about family life and hardship fool you.  Yes it may sound cynical, but we are surrounded by ‘Oscar’ winners, and I tell you the ‘stage’ is where many belong.  With that out in the open, if you can afford to trust until proven otherwise, do so, if not; take full control of your finances and find the time to manage accordingly.  Paranoid not so, just being aware to the amount of ‘scammers’ we have roaming about both male and female as decent Christian people or secular.

We live in a mindset of ’flossing’ at all cost.  The ‘entitlement’ crown is worn by many of all ages and gender so be on the alert.  Often times the longer the employee is around you, while you get comfortable and trusting of them, it is at that stage that some decide to pounce, and when they do you are left in a state of shock.  Try to live by this simple philosophy………..expect the unexpected and you are not able to save anyone from themselves.  A good deed by you does not automatically guarantee you the same in return. It is going to be the higher authority that pays you what you believe you deserve for all good deeds.    In my book of life, ‘di humbler and nicey nicey some a dem gwaan towards mi, dat a wen mi antenna tun up.  Every mouse as far as mi concern tun to some big helava rat, so as far as mi see, nuh dummy nuh deh bout no more.  What wi have is di living ginnal a play fool fi ketch wise so  mi ever ready fi dem’.


Office attendant forges cheques, steals millions from dental centre

(Jamaica Observer Wednesday, May 13, 2015) | 3:36 PM    



KINGSTON, Jamaica – Detectives from the Major Organized Crime and Anti-Corruption Agency (MOCA) today arrested a St Andrew woman for suspected breaches of the Forgery Act.

The woman was picked up during an operation in the Corporate Area.

The woman, who was employed as an office attendant at a prominent dental centre in the Corporate Area, allegedly stole and fraudulently prepared cheques amounting to millions of dollars which she later cashed.

A report was made to MOCA and an investigation launched.

She will be interviewed in the presence of her attorney after which charges will be proffered, the police say.

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Jamaica Land We Love – There Are Worst Places To Live If You Are Ignorant To That Reality

If you were to ask me I would without hesitation say in my country Jamaica, we have far too many liberties.  So much so that we take them for granted and love to ‘talk bout’ rights violation.  This country is one of the freest if the truth be told, however, we love hysteria and are ever ready and available to become ‘waggonists’ for any cause or ramblings that seem to be in fad especially when it resonates in foreign land. 

As I read this piece below, I quickly let my mind wander through our parliament and without calling names; the ‘fat’ would be quickly trimmed on both sides of the isle if we had laws such as North Korea.    Oh I am positive our politicians recognise that reality and relish in their abundant freedom to ‘dis’ each other publicly while at the same time, the citizens who choose sides do the very same.  I am not even going to pretend as if I myself do not get caught up and use some choice words when making reference to many of our leaders and politicians.  I thank God everyday that in the country I live ‘run up mout’ is not a crime much less a capital offense.  One has to work extremely hard ‘wen u tongue draw’, to keep things in perspective and remain respectful of ones position if not for the person.

The fate that has reached this one time politician should be a lesson to us all that there are countries who do not take kindly to the ease at which one allows the ‘tongue’ to shoot the hierarchy and if you are hell bent on shooting it off, then you will have hell to pay.  To our elected politicians and leaders, often times it is best to ‘kibber u mouth’ a lesson I intend to master myself.  It shall be my work in progress and I hope the same for you too.


North Korea executes defence minister

(Jamaica Observer Tuesday, May 12, 2015 )

 North Korean Defence Minister Hyon Yong-Chol (Photo: AFP)

SEOUL, South Korea (AFP) — North Korean Defence Minister Hyon Yong-Chol has been executed by anti-aircraft fire for disloyalty and showing disrespect to leader Kim Jong-Un, South Korea’s intelligence agency said Wednesday.

Hundreds of officials watched Hyon’s execution on April 30, Han Ki-Beom, the deputy director of the National Intelligence Agency (NIS), told a parliamentary committee, the Yonhap news agency reported.

Hyon, who was appointed to the post of Minister of the People’s Armed Forces less than a year ago, was apparently caught dozing off during formal military events and also talked back to Kim Jong-Un on several occasions, Yonhap said.

The Yonhap report was based on a briefing by a ruling Saenuri party lawmaker who attended the parliamentary committee meeting.

Han told the committee that Hyon was executed with anti-aircraft fire — a method cited in various unconfirmed reports as being reserved for senior officials who the leadership wishes to make examples of.

In North Korea, the defence minister is mainly in charge of logistics and international exchanges. Policy-making is handled by the powerful National Defence Commission and the party Central Military Commission.

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Finally – CCJ Final Appellant Court for Jamaica

I really have no issues with the results here.  Jamaica and the Caribbean have some of the most brilliant minds in the legal system. If it is we are saying we are so corrupt at that level our sole faith relies in the UK Privy Council, then surely we should beg to relinquish our acclaimed Independence.

We must learn to see ourselves outside the slave master, field slave, bucky, massa mentality.  Despite our accomplishments, we somehow are automatically mistrusting of anything ‘black’.  This notion leaves us to believe that as long as it is not Jamaican it is surely paradise.  We must unequivocally want to chart the same course for betterment for ALL people and in so doing despite party lines, take the draconian steps needed to make our justice system one which we can be proud of.

Our diversity, yet our Caribbean vibe should endear us to understand our respective cultures, thus uniting us to do what is right.  The divisiveness we create due to politics only separates those who need the unity more than the suspecting few who make up the upper echelons of society.  It is time we use our intellect to work together, for the people, with a sole objective to elevate our less fortunate, the ignorant, and the hopeless amongst us and prescribe to the rest who are educated that there is no competition, but only with you.  Mentally engraving into our mindsets that our greatest enemy is ourselves, and until we see each other as being entitled to the same aspirations as long as honest work is the method of achieving such, we will forever possess the false belief that anything across the ocean is simpler, more honest and devoid of corruption.  Our myopic thinking and our ‘follow back a mi’, mentality only holds us down and keeps us in a perpetual state of darkness when it comes to our capabilities. 

People power, power to the people means YOU can dictate and change the obvious if you really want to be part of the solution and not the problem.  I truly believe the CCJ is a step in the right direction and if we have the ‘will’ we surely can hold our elected officials accountable. 




House approves CCJ Bills

(Jamaica Observer Tuesday, May 12, 2015) | 4:02 PM      

 KINGSTON, Jamaica – The House of Representatives voted strictly along party lines this afternoon on three bills seeking to replace the UK Privy Council with the Caribbean Court of Justine (CCJ) as Jamaica’s final appellate court.

The Opposition called for a divide on each Bill. The vote count on each occasion was 41 for and 21 against. 

All 63 MPs attended the sitting. Government members applauded the result.


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