Government Permits Illegal Operations By Cable Operators For a Further Three (3) Months? – Update – Part 111

If you are found in breech, or unable to comply with whatever the government or relative sectors deem necessary; are you afforded three (3) months in which to get your affairs in order?  Oh I am being broad in my observations and commentaries you say.  Forget all that, if you fail to pay your cable bill and fall into arrears, will you be given a further three (3) months service allowing you to comply?  Now you are going to say it is not as simple as that.

What exactly will the consumers face after the three (3) months ie increase or decrease in cable costs?  Is the Fair Trading Commission taking note or should we conclude that this saga does not fall under their purview?  Why are we not given the names of those cable operators who are operating illegal channels?  Why are the cable operators given so much latitude by the government?  By the way, the Opposition’s voice is deafening.  Am I the only one struggling from the loud noise of ’silence’ coming from them?

I almost forgot, our leaders are in preparation for elections, and the mighty dollar is what ensures a victory.  With that said they must be able to fund the massive that need no less than J$5,000.00 to procure a vote.  Where do you think or who do you think their benefactors are?   We are so tight ass and constricted by the IMF that they have to ensure that they take care of those whose money matters.  Nothing in politics is as it appears to be, yet those of us who love our country will observe, take note and do what we must hoping that change will come.


Cable companies get three-month extension to remove illegal channels

(Jamaica Gleaner) Published:Tuesday | May 26, 2015

The Broadcasting Commission has extended by three months, the deadline for cable companies to remove illegal channels from their listing.

On April 24, cable operators were given until May 31 to remove 19 channels in the first instance.

But the Commission says following consultations with stakeholders and the Office of the Prime Minister today, a decision was made to extend the deadline.


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Usain Bolt – Get Anxious, Nervous But Never Doubt

You prepare yourself and expect the WIN, I’m talking about us the spectators.  When it comes you exhale, hi fives, jump, prance and enjoy the show of it all.  Your anxiety is at peak performance with your own personal internal jitters, are you about to run?  Your adrenalin has been pumping and there is no rest, calming until you go through every stride with Usain Bolt.  Your exhaustion is internal yet your external being shows confidence in your jubilation at the end of it all.

Bolt needs no doubters from his country men.  Let them surface from beyond as those can only propel him to excellence in his mental preparation and ultimate performance.  He has already told us of his plans for these upcoming events and his last performance at the 2016 Olympics.  Let us who wait for the finales do so in anticipation knowing that the WIN will occur.  There will be no discussions from us until after the performance.  From now until then, what a performance we will see from Usain Bolt.


ATHLETICS: Bolt wins, clocks 20.13 in Ostrava


Published:Tuesday | May 26, 2015

Usain Bolt crosses the finish line winning the 200 meters men event at the Golden Spike Athletic meeting in Ostrava, Czech Republic today.
Usain Bolt in a historical car greets spectators during the opening ceremony of the Golden Spike athletic meeting in Ostrava, Czech Republic today.

It was cold and wet in Ostrava but Usian Bolt got what he went for, a win and a healthy outing at the Ostrava Golden Spikes meet.

Bolt showed signs that he was regaining his strength with a powerful first 100m in pouring rain and 12°C conditions, before easing away and comfortably winning the 200m in 20.13 in what was his first race in Europe this season.

Isaiah Young took second place in 20.35 with Stefanos Tsarinas, 20.62 finishing third.

“I’m always happy to be in Ostrava, its one of my favourite places to run although it always rains,” said Bolt immediately after the race. “It was difficult, a little colder than I thought it would be. It was all about working on my technique and getting in shape but we will see what happens in the next one.”

Bolt’s is next expected to feature at the New York Diamond League on June 13.

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Both Political Parties Of Jamaica Created This Disease Called ‘Entitlement’!!!!

The name of the Community is now called ‘Windsor Heights previously known as Sufferers Heights’; I welcome the name change.  Habitation rests at 15,000 residents and has been in existence since the 1960’s.  What would have been devoid of sensationalism is a notation by the writer of the senior citizen’s age photographed, and also how long she has been a resident of that community.

Let us read this piece and if you are part of the 69% of Jamaicans who pay to live regardless of the economic challenges then be honest in your assessment and conclusion to this apparent debacle.  Governments allow squatters to live off and on the land free of cost with no vision that all the majority of them do is ‘breed’ without a care in the World.  For them the government is their mommy and daddy and will always take care of them.  Well thinking people of this country know that if they do not pay to live, they will loose every solitary thing they own.  If they are unable to pay their rent, mortgage, transportation, electricity and water bills just to name the basics and priorities, they will indeed suffer.  The government will not come to their aid because they are not ‘squatters’.

We know what has been the root cause, the dependence on votes.  Now we are not only financially and morally bankrupt but a few that are reaching the ripe old age of ‘conscience’ wants to attempt to ‘clean up’ the filth that has been born and bred by our Politicians over the decades.  The unfortunate reality is the mindset of those who ‘live free’, will never be able to adapt to this fact that life owes you nothing.  You are on this Earth to labour and provide for your family; you must sow in order to reap.  It is set and while you have escaped from this reality for most of your youthful life someone will eventually pay the price.  Whether the price is going to be paid if you are alive and are 80 years of age, or through your dependents who are toddlers, youths, or adults; one way or the other it will be paid. 

The Government is just now realising that the 69% of Jamaicans will not carry the burden for those strong back ‘wortliss’ people living off this Land for free any longer.  The 1% upper echelons of this country will only observe and advise our Politicians that they have a choice to pump their wealth elsewhere so clean up your mess and take heed.

My charge to the 69% is that they must make it their duty to cast a vote on Election day and as long as they have life.  It is time you show governments that you represent the building blocks of this country and thus you should be heard.  No longer must you sit by idly complaining, yet leaving those ‘free loaders’ whose sole purpose is to line up to vote.  Collecting a stipend to do so obviously while queuing up for political rallies bumping, gyrating and grinding to the noise called music that is often played, is a pleasure fete they will never miss.  The choice is simple 69%, sit by and cast no vote or run the risk of ending up a ‘sufferer’ if you manage to live to become a pensioner.


‘Sufferers’ to pay – Windsor Heights residents beg for time to regularise land ownership

(Jamaica Gleaner, 25 May 2015)

Occupiers of 1,250 lots in Windsor Heights, St Catherine, now face eviction from the properties many of them have called home for years because of their failure to agree to a payment schedule in order to remain on the lands.

The Ministry of Transport, Works and Housing, by way of a letter dated April 7, 2015, gave residents in the community until May 22, 2015, to either take up the offer to complete payments or complete documentation for the lots individually assigned to them.

“Once the May 22, 2015 date passes, an executive management decision will have to be taken on how to treat with the occupants who have not responded positively,” the ministry told The Gleaner.

Windsor Heights, formerly known as Sufferers Heights, is situated on the outskirts of Spanish Town, St Catherine.

The property, which is owned by the ministry, is approximately 280 acres comprising of approximately 1,500 lots. The lots are valued as low as $90,000 and as high as $2 million. The ministry said that 30 lots have been fully paid for; 350 lots have been partially paid for, and 900 have had no payments made on them.

The ministry said a portion of the land has been captured by squatters who began to occupy the hilly section of the property in the late 1960s.

“Efforts were made to remove the informal settlers, but on each occasion, the area cleared was resettled,” the ministry said.

It said further that during the mid-1970s, the ministry took the decision not to remove the informal settlers, preferring instead to provide infrastructure and security of tenure.

“At about the same time, violence in the Corporate Area and the resettlement of approximately 200 families from Majesty Pen, Kingston, caused a significant increase in the number of persons migrating to and occupying the property,” the ministry said.

In an emailed response to questions posed by The Gleaner, the ministry said that as part of efforts to regularise the occupants, an occupancy audit was undertaken in 1996.

It said that despite the residents’ seeming desire to regularise their status, the ministry has “experienced tremendous challenges in having them comply”.

When a Gleaner team visited the community yesterday, residents indicated that they are willing to pay for the lots as they are keen to obtain titles.

While some residents are yet to receive a letter from the ministry, several indicated that they have been making attempts to make good on payments with the ministry, but would want more time to produce the funds.

Gillian Forbes, director of the Windsor Meadows Youth Club, told The Gleaner that a meeting was held with members of the community last year where they were told that they will have six months to make payment to the ministry for the lands.

“We had a general meeting with the minister and they told us that we will have to come in with our money in six months and they won’t put on the interest,” she said.

She went on to explain that most of the 15,000 residents in the community want to make payment on the lands, but the austere conditions make it difficult for them to do so.

“Most people will pay for it, but they are saying ‘Where was the ministry five years ago when things were better?’ We nuh have any money now and things really hard,” she added.

Forbes also indicated that the distance to travel into Kingston to make payment is another inhibiting factor.

“People are less likely to go to housing trust because it so far and them really no have the money to go to town. What they need to do is come into the community and have a one-on-one with the people … .We want to pay, but we just need more time,” she said.

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Treasurer on Criminal Charges Suspended From Jamaica Women’s Group In Florida – Update – Part 11


The article below provides detailed information as to the charges this woman faces.  With these investigations taking place from as early as 2014, I still question why Ms Watson was ever considered for the position.  Should I deduce that this organisation was not aware of these impending charges or was her selection was due to nepotism?


J’can busted in US for ‘defrauding’ gov’t, clients

(Jamaica Observer) Friday, May 22, 2015 | 11:36 AM     97 Comments

 Pamella Watson

KINGSTON, Jamaica – Pamella Watson, Treasurer of the Jamaican Women of Florida (JWOF) organisation was on Wednesday arrested on several federal charges.

The charges included mail fraud, wire fraud, money laundering, submitting false and fraudulent claims and aggravated identity theft.

Prosecutors, according to the SunSentinel newspaper, said the 60-year-old used her Miami tax preparation firm, Watson & Associates Business Services Inc, to run a tax refund scheme that defrauded many of her long-term clients and the government.

SunSentinel reported that Watson also transferred more than US$1 million to an account in Jamaica, according to court records.

The investigation began in 2014 after at least one of Watson’s clients became suspicious and noticed something was awry with his return.

Investigators provided a cooperating witness with what looked like an IRS audit letter, and Watson agreed to represent the client.

She later submitted what prosecutors said were fraudulent medical bills that appeared to show the client had undergone medical treatment in Jamaica.

The client later confirmed to investigators that the medical expenses were falsified by Watson and the client had received no such treatment.


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Queens High School – Nothing Queenly About The Bad Breeds That Pitch Down!!!

I say to Parents, where do you stand on this?  When and where do we draw the lines?  Rehabilitation is possible, but it must not be done in the school system when the behaviour is tantamount to criminal and gross acts of violence.  We have been here before and we need to face our reality and find a viable solution.

For starters, the Ministry of Education must recognise that a ‘Compound’ should be built that can facilitate and house up to 3,000 minors/students at a time.  This compound must bear resemblance to a prison.  Correctional officers should comprise of young soldiers who serve as security and enforcement for those wishing to take on the establishment.  There will be emphasis placed on their education, counseling, grooming and purpose in life.  Punishment will certainly be rendered for those hell bent on creating havoc.  The experience should form the basis of a deterrent as the facility’s reputation will be deemed as ‘worst than hell’.  All priviledges they are accustomed to, television, radios, cell phones, electronic devices will be confiscated and their newest found addiction will become the library where they will be forced to read. 

Lastly, a Church will be built on the compound as I daresay many will seek solace in praying and bawling wishing for their sentence to end.  At the end of the day, we have to think of forcing ‘good’ as freedom of choice, must be revoked when crisis is upon us.  If you do not think this is a crisis, then we suffer as only fools do.


(Jamaica Gleaner, Sunday 24 May 2015)

Officials of the top-ranked Corporate Area girls’ high school, The Queen’s School, are refusing to comment, but The Sunday Gleaner has been told that the parents of at least eight students have been instructed to find new schools for them immediately.

The decision was made following a probe into a bloody battle which started on the school compound and continued on the road almost two weeks ago and left two alleged members of a gang, including the reputed leader, hospitalised with knife wounds.

The all-girl gang, which has been dubbed the Mafia Gang by a teacher at the Anglican Diocese of Jamaica-owned institution, is said to have been perpetually disruptive.

Allegations levelled against the gang include involvement in acts of intimidation both in and outside of classes; issuing threats; taking knives to school; colluding with others off the school compound to steal electronic devices, including laptops and cell phones; and getting involved in violent fights.

The school was forced to take strong action against the girls after the latest fight involving the gang members almost turned deadly on May 12.

It is reported that just prior to the end of the school day, one member of the gang was accosted by another and prevented from leaving the compound, allowing others to join. An argument ensued and knives were pulled. At the end of the fracas, two girls were left suffering from stab wounds.

According to phone records, reportedly obtained by the police, including text messages and voice notes, the clash was premeditated, with one of the girls having messaged a student of a nearby boys’ school earlier in the day to say she was going to fight a fellow student after school.

When the schoolboy asked why she had decided to fight, the girl reportedly responded, “because she diss the programme”.

Following the fight, all eight girls were suspended for 10 days. Seven of the eight girls, along with their parents, were summoned last Wednesday to meet with a representative body of the school board.

That meeting was reportedly to “look into matters related to gross misbehaviour and incidents which are considered inappropriate behaviour of students of The Queen’s School”. Six of the seven girls turned up for the meeting.

Two board members were present at the meeting, along with principal Jennifer Williams; the school’s bursar, who is also the secretary of the school board; the students’ council president; the school’s dean of discipline; and a police detective sergeant.

The Sunday Gleaner understands that the parents were allowed to listen to voice notes of some of the girls discussing issues surrounding the stabbing incidents and shown selfies taken by one of the girls while in hospital and posted on social media with a dire warning that the matter was not finished.

It is further understood that the parents were informed of a long history of inappropriate behaviour on the part of the gangster girls. There are unconfirmed allegations that some took part in robberies in the Half-Way Tree Transport Centre.

The gangsters were also linked to the recent theft of a laptop and cell phone on the school’s premises, with allegations that they either took them or conspired with schoolboys they had invited over for a social event.

Sources say during the meeting one of the girls admitted to being a member of the gang and having had prior knowledge of the fight, but said she was not present at the scene.

It is also reported that while most parents expressed disgust at the actions of their daughters, they appealed to the school not to give up on them and kick them out of the prestigious institution, which ranks highly in all external examination results.

“But that was rejected as school officials argued that there comes a time when you have to put the interest of the school and the other 1,600 students over the interest of a few,” said a Sunday Gleaner source.

The parents were dismissed with the final word being that the school board would discuss the matter and contact them individually. Since then, one parent has reportedly been contacted and told that his daughter had been expelled. He said his daughter had told him that all the other girls have also been expelled.

However, during a meeting at the education ministry last Thursday, some parents were told that while their daughters had not been expelled, they should look for other schools to place them.

“The ministry told the parents that it would assist in any way it could to find new schools for the girls,” said the source.

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Can You Really Handle The Truth? – It Deyah If You Want To Know!!!

Lolololololol,  I find this extremely hilarious.  We are so behind time as for the life of me why would you not check upon and ensure your investment is continuing to yield high returns?

Let us face it, if you are in a marriage, and have invested more than five (5) years with your spouse accumulating varying assets; why would you not want to protect yourself and those assets? Or at least know the facts so a determination can be made as to liquidation if deemed necessary?  That’s only reasonable is it not?  Oh let me define assets, child/children, joint bank accounts, insurance policies, business holdings, house, rentals, you get the general idea.  No need for both sexes, to go through the rumour mill, visits to the obeah extortionist, ‘bun a candle, examine the cell phone, ‘cuss and gwaan bad’.  We are in the 21st century; the approach should be one of intelligence, calm, precision, focus, preparedness and finally action. 

I am a firm believer that consequence always follows choice, so fear not; if it is not in your nature to handle the ‘truth’, learn to do so as either way you ‘cut’ it, only the truth will give you some semblance of peace.  Hopefully with peace, you will not be left a pauper if the entire investment is liquidated.  For those who the fear may exist of them having breakdowns or committing serious acts of violence; rest assured the end result for them will be the same as not having the facts or details.  Keeping it real and jiggey, the spouse already suspects infidelity; all they want are the facts. 

I say give them every solitary detail.  If you wish to have your cake and eat it, then enjoy every bit of icing as the consequence may be even sweeter or bitter depending on which side you are on.


(Jamaica Gleaner, Sunday, 24 May 2015)

While catching a cheater can be difficult, a booming private investigation industry and the availability of infidelity testing services locally are helping more persons determine if their partners are giving them ‘bun’.

One certified private investigator told The Sunday Gleaner that he has seen a steady increase in the number of clients wanting him to investigate their spouse who they suspect might be cheating.

His clients are not just based locally. In recent times, a few have been men living in Canada who have secured his services to keep tabs on females they are planning to marry from Jamaica.

Most of his local clients are, however, women who just want evidence, such as photos and videos, that document their partner’s acts of cheating. In at least one case, the private investigator, who goes by the name ‘Archangel’, said a wife paid for his plane fare and his hotel stay so he could follow her husband to Miami to gather proof of his cheating.

“Not every information that we uncover we actually release, because sometimes it is not about the money or anything like that; but we have to consider people in terms of their psychological weakness or strength, having spoken to them and see what type of person they are,” said Archangel, who was a member of the police force for 13 years before starting his private investigation company four years ago.

“Some persons, you cannot tell them certain news, because you know they are going to have a psychological breakdown,” he said.

Archangel said he and the members of his team are trained in the use of the latest technology and use a variety of gadgets to aid in their surveillance.

He said they sometimes give the women these gadgets to install in their house, so that their husband’s infidelity can be recorded when they are away. Oftentimes, the suspicion is that their husband is cheating with a close friend or a co-worker.

“They would like to know what type of job the person is in, if the female comes to the house, or if they actually go to the place that the husband rents for this female,” he said.



The private investigator said that the surveillance of a cheating spouse can go on for weeks and, at times, he even builds a relationship with the individual who would have no clue that they are being investigated. His longest assignment was seven weeks.

“That particular person had work and apparently he had some deadline trying to meet, and so he tried to avoid the whole heap of social meetings and was more focused. He was at the office most of the time and not engaged with the female, but as soon as there was a break from that, you saw some activities,” he explained.

According to Archangel, some persons are willing to spend big in order to satisfy their curiosity or “have peace of mind”, and his organisation is often sought out because the private investigators employed are discreet.

“It’s just like having a sickness and you are fretting because you are not sure, and when you actually find out that it’s cancer, you actually do one of two things; you resolve to deal with it, or you just fret and die,” he said.

The private investigators said travelling cost is one of the things that push up the charge, as well as the type of gadget used to secure evidence. Travelling to Montego Bay, for example, to track a spouse would cost an individual more than trailing an individual in Kingston or St Andrew.

But for those who just want confirmation of their spouse’s infidelity and not necessarily details of their extramarital affair, there is also the option of having an infidelity test conducted at Caribbean Genetics (CARIGEN), which is based at the University of the West Indies, Mona campus.

Chief DNA analyst at the facility, Compton Beecher, noted that while their infidelity testing service is just a minor part of its operation and is not publicised, both men and women have brought in items of clothing, such as undergarments, which they want to be tested for semen.

“It (infidelity testing) is really just designed for those individuals that may think something is going on and you are just not sure, and they just want to find out themselves,” Beecher told The Sunday Gleaner.

“So they may find like underwear that has something looking like semen on it, that they know they didn’t put there; or they see something on the men’s clothing like vaginal fluid,” he said.

“If, for example, they know that they were not there; maybe they went away for a weekend and they came back and found some stain on the couch that looks like a fresh semen stain that wasn’t there before, then they bring that.

“They don’t bring the couch, but they may bring a swab of the area. We will guide them in terms of what they need to do to collect the sample,” he explained.

If the test confirms that it is semen on the underwear, then a DNA profile can be done by the lab to exclude the concerned individual. A standard semen test costs $4,500. However, if the individual needs a DNA profile to be done, that will cost an additional $18,000.

Beecher explained that individuals can carry in the item they wish to have tested, or they can be given a kit to take home and collect the semen and take back to the lab.

“For the most part, they bring in something. They bring in clothing or some other material,” he said.

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Suicide Again – Is This One Tragic or Weird???

Ahhah innocent until proven guilty, we know that, we get it.  Question, I have never heard of a criminal charge called ‘sexual grooming’, have you?  Is it fair to say this man was his own judge, jury and executioner?

Do some suicides warrant us evoking sadness, empathy, horror or a sense of ‘good riddance’ in our hearts?  Do we believe there are those if they choose to commit suicide; it was the best option for them?  I revert to ‘innocent until proven guilty’; on the other hand if you have determined your own guilt, who am I, or who do I think I am to question your final act upon your own fate?


Man commits suicide in public restroom

(Jamaica Observer) Saturday, May 23, 2015 | 23 Comments


KINGSTON, Jamaica — OBSERVER ONLINE understands that a man is suspected to have committed suicide early Saturday in Annotto Bay, St Mary.

His identity has not yet been released.

Reports are that shortly after six o’clock, the deceased was discovered in a public restroom where he is believed to have ingested a poisonous substance.

OBSERVER ONLINE sources say the deceased was a suspect in a case of sexual grooming.

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Dead Bodies Soon Line The Streets – Ambulance Shortage

If ever there was a cry for change, I would say take the Ministry of Health out of the government hands. A dream it can only be as I see quite clearly that health-care is the responsibility of any ‘civil’ government.  I say ‘civil’ because the state of affairs of healthcare in JA borders on egregious violation of our basic human rights to fair and decent care.

This is an indictment on the government and as long as the media continues to report on the hole that is being dug that will see those culpable be thrown into their own graves, we will have a case history documented for reference when the inevitable unfolds.


Ambulance shortage delays hospital emergencies

 (Jamaica Observer) Sunday, 24 May 2015

DUE to the shortage of ambulances at public hospitals, emergency processes are being delayed, an issue the Jamaica Observer has uncovered.

Health care workers have told the Sunday Observer that, because of the shortage of units and some defective ones, emergency processes get shunted for four to five hours.

One worker at the Spanish Town General Hospital said a typical scenario is when crash victims come in — something quite common due to the hospital’s location.

“We see many crash victims because of the bypass and highway. There is only one ambulance, which can only accomodate one stretcher patient, therefore the other has to wait four to five hours for it to return before they can go anywhere. It is ridiculous,” the worker said.

The worker said that, to make matters worse, when private ambulances are contacted, issues of insurance coverage surface.

“The nurses will not go into non-hospital ambulances as there is no insurance coverage,” he said.

The health care worker explained that, as a result, the intern on call at nights has to journey with the private ambulance, which further delays ward work.

The solution, according to the worker, would be to get the equipment needed to assess victims instead of transfering them for tests.

“The Government would save so much more money just by having a CT scanner at Spanish Town Hospital, which sees more accident victims because of its location than any other hospital,” the worker said.

He further explained that the CT scan allows the doctors to see inside the body without cutting, in order to detect where the problem is and address it immediately.

At the May Pen Hospital the situation is no different, as there is only one functioning ambulance, with two defective ones on the compound.

Like Spanish Town, a health worker at May Pen explained that the hospital also sees a lot of accident victims because of its proximity to Highway 2000, but with only one working ambulance, delays are like a recurring decimal.

“The ambulance can only hold one stretcher patient, two wheelchair patients. When there are emergencies it causes a delay in the transporting of patients for transfers to other hospitals and getting investigations done that aren’t available at hospitals, such as CT scans and echocardiograms,” the worker stated.

Moreover, on the north-eastern side of the island, the situation is alarming, and on top of the ambulance shortage, the Port Antonio Hospital has no ambulance driver, a situation highlighted recently.

In a press release sent on April 30, Free Winnifred Beach Benevolent Society Coordinator, Maria Carla Gulotta outlined that at approximately 4:35 pm a group of visitors were enjoying themselves on the beach when a woman entered the shallow part of the water and started vomiting, after which she collapsed into the water and was rescued by the lifeguard and onlookers.

Gulotta further stated that the woman complained of feeling sick and as a result, the lifeguard on duty called the Port Antonio Hospital, requesting that an ambulance be sent to transport the woman to the hospital.

In the meantime, Gulotta said a medical doctor present at the beach offered her services, and the marine and local police personnel came to lend support.

But, amidst the emergency, Gulotta said that after numerous calls were made to the hospital, an official at the institution informed the lifeguard and residents that there was no one available to drive the ambulance. After an hour and five minutes wait, there was still no ambulance.

Gulotta said that the doctor became worried, as the woman’s condition started to deteriorate significantly and attempts were made to transport her to the hospital with a private motor vehicle, but she died. Even up to that point, there was still no sign of the ambulance.

“The Benevolent Society and residents are extremely disappointed by the lack of response of the Port Antonio Hospital to provide an ambulance during an emergency. The loss of a life is most regrettable and such a poor response by the Port Antonio Hospital must never happen again,” Gulotta said.

She added that the benevolent society will be seeking all available legal options to ascertain how the Port Antonio Hospital can be held accountable for this “gross negligence which resulted in a loved one’s life being lost”.

At the Princess Margaret Hospital things are no different and Jamaica Labour Party caretaker for St Thomas Eastern Delano Seiveright said that, while there is only one working ambulance in the parish, it is always being utilised.

“The ambulance is always in use taking patients to and from Kingston,” Seiveright said.

As a result, he said that the hospital has to borrow the ambulance from the St Thomas Sugar Company in Duckenfield or the ambulance from another private sector company, Serge Island Dairies, to carry out duties.

“The demand is high and the hospital has to rely on the private sector for help. It is extremely difficult for people in rural areas to receive help,” Seiveright said.

In the meantime, Minister of Health Dr Fenton Ferguson recently announced that between 2012 and 2014, the Government purchased 19 new ambulances which were deployed to the public health system, and with support from the CHASE Fund, another 16 will soon be purchased.

However, regarding the procurement process, repeated calls to the minister’s phone went unanswered.

When the permanent secretary in the health ministry was contacted, he said that he was travelling to the World Health Assembly in Geneva, Switzerland, suggested that queries be directed to the acting chief medical officer Dr Marion Bullock-Ducasse.

Dr Bullock Ducasse did not provide the Sunday Observer with the information, despite a promise to do so.


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Born Fi Tief – We Have No Pride And The Judge Says It Is Okay!!!

There are those amongst us who were born to steal, plain and simple.  No use prettying up the obvious.  We can pray and pray as it is our duty, but the ‘tief’ inside will rear its ugly head eventually.  I am not surprised by it all, in fact I expect it.  From all walks of life the ‘tief’ is rampant.  ‘Tief and red-eye’ are close relations from the same gene pool/blood line, so once I spot either, I am in a state of awareness hence no surprise.

I expect though when they are caught a ‘proper’ example is set just so a deterrent can be an option of choice.  As it stands, our punishments by and large serve as no deterrent so as they say ‘tief will forever prosper’ on Planet Earth that is.  Twelve months (12) at hard labour I would have thought the goodly Judge should have rendered.  Once again, it all seems a joke as the ‘slick’ lawyer got his client off; yes suspended sentence without jail time is ‘off’ I opine.   Let us not forget the very same Judge rendered a custodial sentence on a man for stealing ackees.

Now if the cell phones were laced with a device which would have ignited upon the touch of unfamiliar finger prints, what would be the judgement and outcry?  A mockery is what I call the outcome of this case.  The Jamaica Pegasus did its part, and our judicial system as usual failed at doing their part for the people.


Theft after Obama’s visit

(Jamaica  Observer) Sunday, May 24, 2015     

 He should go to prison for stupidity,RM says of phone thief

AFTER successfully hosting President Barack Obama and his team during their official visit to the island last month, the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel in New Kingston was left embarrassed when one of its employees stole more than a dozen phones used by the US Secret Service.

The Secret Service is the security agency tasked with protecting United States presidents and is renowned the world over for efficiency and zeal with which its agents go about their duty.

Reports of the theft, which occurred a day after Obama left the island on April 9, and the subsequent arrest of 28-year-old Christopher Green, were kept out of the public until he appeared in court last Monday.

Green was kept behind bars from the day he was arrested until Monday when he was sentenced in the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate’s Court to nine months’ imprisonment.

The sentence was, however, suspended for two years, meaning that Green will not serve the time unless he commits a crime within the two years, for which he could be imprisoned.

“He didn’t know what he was doing,” attorney CJ Mitchell said in asking the court’s mercy for his client.

“In my heart he should go to prison for stupidity,” said Senior Magistrate Judith Pusey before imposing the non-custodial sentence.

Obama arrived in the island April 8 on a two-day working trip during which he visited the Bob Marley Museum, had bilateral talks with Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller and some of her Cabinet ministers, met with Caricom leaders, spoke at a town hall meeting at the University of the West Indies, and laid a wreath at the shrine of World War I and World War II veterans.

He also committed nearly US$70 million to help young entrepreneurs in Latin America and the Caribbean develop their businesses through fellowships and incubators in the US.

He left Jamaica on April 9 for the seventh summit of the Americas in Panama.

Green, an electrician of a Kingston 14 address, was charged with simple larceny after admitting to police that on April 10 he stole 15 Nokia 106 cellphones from a room on the 12th floor of the hotel that was supposed to have been secured.

A number of phones were purchased for Obama’s security personnel for the visit.

At the end of their duties in Jamaica, the Secret Service agents left the phones on a table in the room which was locked up. The room was supposed to have remained off bounds and the phones kept secured until April 11 when US Embassy workers would collect them.

The phones were picked up, but an inventory later discovered that 15 of them were missing.

The matter was reported to the police, whose investigation led them to Green on April 21.

“Bwoy, officer, mi find the phones at mi workplace. Mi work a Pegasus,” he reportedly told investigators.

He then took the police to his home where he turned over three of the phones and four SIM cards.

About 3:00 pm the same day, he was interviewed by detectives whom he reportedly told under caution that he gave phones to some of his colleagues. He gave aliases for the men.

“Mi sell one to ah youth name Teddy. Mi give mi likkle bredda one, mi baby mother and har bredda one,” he continued.

Eight of the 15 phones were recovered, three from Green’s mother and five from his co-workers, police said.


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Know Your Place – Teacher Bruk Out, Student Escape!!!!

What would have compelled this student to walk under the teacher’s arm? I am in no way condoning the teacher’s response to the act, but before arriving to the current destination, we need to look at the start of the journey.

As a people we have forgotten some good ‘ole fashion’ principles. One of them is to ‘know your place’. A term likened to mean by those who don’t know their place, that one thinks they are better than. Unfortunately the beauty and clothes do not make a person and so standards, decorum falls on deaf ears to those ‘massive’.

Everybody thinks they are your friend because they have an encounter with you daily. Colleagues, bosses, associates, co-workers, students, labourers all believe they are friends. So boss cannot reprimand staff out of fear of losing the friendship or links and the cycle continues. I explain in no clearer terms that I develop friendships separately so never make the mistake of assuming you are my friend because you have encounters with me. We have a good laugh, shoot the breeze.  Hopefully we learn from each other by the art of communication and sharing but never confuse those encounters with friendship. A friend for me is closer than my ‘pocket book’ and is much more valuable than the contents of my ‘pocket book’.

Familiarity I was raised to believe breeds contempt and it holds true today. It is wonderful to smile with all and sundry in keeping with the idea of pleasantry. I am also well aware that for some a smile and simple greeting is an invitation to the ‘bedroom’ or ‘back road’ depending on how ‘dem money a run’.

Personally a screw face with no eye contact only showing my pearly whites based on my intuition is how I float through the day on the Rock. I still believe that familiarity breeds contempt, I have experienced such and I would not want to be placed in a position where I might be tested. I can safely say I would not use the expletives as this Teacher did, however, for the rest how sure am I?   Hmmmmmmmmm 

Teacher accused of pulling knife, using expletives at student

(Jamaica Observer) Sunday, May 24, 2015    

MONTEGO BAY, St James — A teacher assigned to a high school in western Jamaica is under probe by school officials after she was accused of using expletives to a student and subsequently pulling a knife from her waist in a flex of power and might.

The incident was said to have occurred a week ago.

The Jamaica Observer understands that written reports have been submitted to the school’s management by the accused teacher, and by another teacher named as an eyewitness. A statement has also been taken from the student by the school’s hierarchy.

It is unclear whether or not the Ministry of Education has been officially notified of the matter.

Director of Communication in the ministry Byron Buckley could not be reached yesterday for a comment.

Reports that reached the Sunday Observer said that the student walked under the teacher’s arm along a corridor, which triggered a round of expletives from the adult professional.

Despite being urged to calm down and take things easy by colleagues, the teacher continued her rant and slipped a knife from the region of her waist, threatening to use it if the youth ever tried something like that again.

Cases of irregular conduct by teachers against students are rare, but there have been several reports of improper behaviour by students against teachers, some of whom have been verbally and physically attacked.

Student-to-student violence has also been a challenge that the Ministry of Education has been grappling with for several years.

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