Prescription Scammers On The Lurk…….

There are going to be ambulance chasers representing major professions where fraud is easily carried out ie attorneys, doctors, insurance professionals, bankers etc.  I do not mean to be simplistic in my approach.  While I will agree that it must not be the pharmacist’s role to become an investigator, the onus should lie on the medical practitioner.   Whatever requirements are essential on a written prescription, any subsequent queries to that prescription should lead directly to the doctor.  Again, the heavier your burden/risk in the event of fraud, the more vigilant you will become when you write your own prescriptions.  The buck has to start somewhere and I say the doctor’s office.

The middle man cannot carry out his criminal activities without a complicit ‘boss’.  Often times, the risks fall solely on the middle and below and that ought to change.  If it is a doctor’s signature has been forged, then with proper investigation and the intent of criminal proceedings forthwith, a clear message will be sent to those whose chosen career path is to create ‘fraud’ wherever there is a loop hole.


Scammers turn to medicine! – Conmen filling prescriptions at a fraction of the cost

Sunday | April 12, 2015 (Jamaica Gleaner)
The patient holds the medication purchased at a fraction of the cost by the fraudsters.
On the left is the prescription issued to the patient by the doctor while on the right is the one created and filled by the scammers.
Dr Shane Alexis
A criminal gang operating out of downtown Kingston is offering to fill prescriptions at a fraction of the cost, with the only drawback being that the medications are not done in the name of the person they are prescribed to.

A Sunday Gleaner probe has found that the fraudsters will take the legitimate prescription, have it rewritten in another name and signed by a doctor, then use a health card to fill the prescription for up to 50 per cent less.

In one case last week, a visitor to downtown Kingston entered a pharmacy where he was told that the prescribed medicine would cost just over $9,000. Not having that amount of cash, the person left the pharmacy, where he was immediately approached by a man who offered to fill the prescription for him for under $6,000.

The prescription was then done over, allegedly by a prominent Corporate Area medical doctor, in a new name and filled by the fraudster, who claimed that he had to pay the doctor – an associate, take a cut for himself, and still delivered the prescribed medication in full, all for the $6,000.

When our news team contacted the doctor whose name appeared on the new prescription, he denied all knowledge of the document and said he would never have done such a thing.

“I know definitely I did not write that prescription. I would never write over a prescription in someone else’s name,” said the doctor who could face major criminal charges if he is found to be involved.

That was confirmed by Dr Shane Alexis, president of the Medical Association of Jamaica, who told The Sunday Gleaner that if a doctor was to engage in such an activity it would be fraudulent.

“That would be a case of insurance fraud, but it is not clear that the doctor in this case had anything to do with it. But nonetheless, we caution and warn our members that it is important to stick to the laws that govern the medical practice and the arrangements with the insurance companies,” said Alexis. 

Identity theft 

He argued that the way the system now operates, it is not difficult for prescription fraud to be committed, as information on doctors is public knowledge.

“The problem of identity theft is a major concern, and it is something that is an ongoing discussion point when we meet with health insurance companies and discuss these matters


“Our names being gazetted in terms of the Medical Registry makes us a relatively easy target. For example, it would be difficult to impersonate a police officer, because we don’t know all their names, but doctors must appear on a roll.”

Chairman of the Medical Council of Jamaica, Dr John Hall, agreed that the gazetting of doctors makes it easier for their identities to be stolen, and conceded that it is of great concern that the public is possibly being exposed to fake doctors.

“The fact that people know who the doctors are by name does help, so I am not surprised to learn that there are scams out there,” said Hall.

“The council, as a regulatory body, is even more concerned, because that is our role,

to ensure that ethical and

professional conduct is maintained and that John Public is protected from any pretending practitioner.” 

Red flags 

Acting registrar at the Pharmacy Council of Jamaica, Radcliffe Goulbourne, said its members sometimes come across questionable prescriptions, and red flags are raised when this happens.

“The Pharmacy Council has been informed in the past of prescriptions found in the trade that were of questionable nature. When this information is received a red flag is usually raised and the stakeholders alerted to be highly vigilant,” said Goulbourne.

By law, prescriptions must have the date, the name, age and address of the person for whom they are issued; the name, the generic name, and the quantity of the substance to be supplied; adequate directions for the use of the substance prescribed; the usual signature of the prescriber and his name in legible print form.

Also required is the address, telephone number and registration number of the prescriber, where the prescription is given by a registered dentist or registered veterinary surgeon or veterinary practitioner, the words “for dental treatment only” or “for treatment of animals only”, as the case may require.”

Goulbourne expressed that once all the required boxes have been checked, it would be difficult for a pharmacist to determine that a prescription is forged.

“It wouldn’t be the role of the pharmacist to go and find out if the name on it (prescription) is for the person who is going to be taking it, and those sort of things,” Goulbourne pointed out.

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LEPTOSPIROSIS – Rat Crisis – Lurking Always

We must once and for all attend to the proper disposal of waste in this modernised era.  Rat infestation is well known across the Island and Kingston does have its more than abundant share.

A few years ago there was a feature on our local television highlighting New Kingston as an area that was populated with the rodents which were often seen during day and night time.  Disposal of garbage in a country where food is prepared in outside environs have not been given the type of attention it needs.  Attention beyond ‘talk’ rather fines must be imposed on those whose waste is responsible for rat infestation. 

The possibility now of a leptospirosis breakout in one parish is not solely the result of ‘water storage’ as was alluded to in a news broadcast by a health inspector last evening.  The bigger issue lies in our lack to modernise the method used in the disposal of waste on the Island.  Heavily on that disposal method is each citizen’s responsibility to ensure that their garbage/waste is packaged properly before dispersion in drums, or garbage bins.  We must govern in a manner that will force citizens to comply.  We must do all we can to protect and preserve our personal health. It cannot be our sector (Health) which is already bleeding should be unnecessarily placed in a continuous state of burden for failure in not practicing or implementing preventative measures.



Public Health Dept monitors Clarendon community after Leptospirosis infection

Published:Sunday | April 12, 2015(Jamaica Gleaner)

The Public Health Department is now monitoring an area in Clarendon where two men are believed to have been infected with Leptospirosis.

Health Inspector for the parish Michael Ricketts declined to name the community, but says it’s believed that they contracted the disease from infected rats.

Ricketts says measures are already in place to control the rat population there.

According to the Centres for Disease Control (CDC) in the United States, Leptospirosis is an infectious disease caused by bacteria that could lead
to possible fatal infection of the kidney, liver, brain, lung or heart.

The CDC says it can be contracted through exposure to the urine or body fluid of infected animals.

Speaking to the Gleaner-Power 106 News Centre Ricketts said health officials are still awaiting the results of lab tests conducted on the two men to confirm whether they were infected with the disease.

However, he says both men have since been treated for Leptospirosis and are now doing well.







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Bordered On The Ridiculousness

What really can you say to this?  Let us take it one step further.  How about all those Jamaicans for whatever reason who have been denied entry into the USA ask President Obama ‘fi do a ting since him did deya.  You should have tried to gain entry into Up Park Camp……………..I shudder to think what the headline would have been.


Bounty Killer wants to ask Obama about his American visa

Thursday, April 09, 2015 | 3:25 PM  (Jamaica Observer)

 Entertainer Bounty Killer (file photo)

KINGSTON, Jamaica — Dancehall act Bounty Killer is hoping President Barack Obama will assist him in regaining entry to the United States.

Obama arrived in the island for a one-day visit yesterday.

Bounty Killer (given name Rodney Price) posted a video last night on the social networking site Instagram showing the arrival of Obama, the deejay wrote: “The world boss is here Jamaica”. Shortly after, he commented under the video saying: “Mi a guh up deh go ask him ’bout my visa [Up Park Camp].

The reference to Up Park Camp, the Jamaica Defence Force’s base, is where the President went via Marine One on his arrival.

In 2010, Bounty Killer’s American visa was cancelled. At the time, an e-mail advisory was sent to airlines travelling to the US not to board the artiste, along with three other deejays, as their visas were in the process of being revoked.

President Obama engaged in a number of activities earlier today, including bilateral talks with the Jamaican Government and with Caricom heads of government.

He is now hosting a youth forum at the University of the West Indies, Mona after which he is to participate in a wreath-laying ceremony at the Cenotaph in National Heroes Park in honour of the Jamaicans who fought and died in World War I and II.

He is expected to leave Jamaica this evening for Panama to attend the Seventh Summit of the Americas.

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It is clear in my mind amongst the confusion I face that the path has been laid……….


I can see the end, but the journey is the scariest of all……………Only because the forces that prevail only purpose is to destroy you…………But hold on, as you are not alone, so follow the course, travel the journey…………..through the narrow path as it closes in, as you are not alone!!


Make sure you know where you are going…….!!

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Is He Ingenious Or What? – Can You See Beyond This Incident??

Tell me how many hours elapsed before the truth was realised.  Something must be said about this youngster if he successfully conned Law and Enforcement for more than a minute.    Yes……………this lad could become an exceptional personality in the society if given the best opportunity to excel.  Why would a child constantly run away from a ‘home’?  Food for thought!!!!

Oh…………..did he have an American accent as part of his con?


Ward of the state tricks cops into believing he is a US citizen

 Friday, April 10, 2015 | 7:53 AM (Jamaic Observer)

Jevon Thompson

KINGSTON, Jamaica – An 11-year-old ward of the state managed to convince the police that he is a US citizen who was left at the Norman Manley International Airport (NMIA) by his parents on their way back to America.

Later that day the police reported that an eight-year-old US child by the name of Kevin Washington from Miami, was found wandering at the NMIA in Kingston.

However, a follow-up report last evening said the boy is Jevon Thompson, a ward of the state who resides at Reddie’s Place of Safety in Kingston, Jamaica.

Several OBSERVER ONLINE readers and Facebook fans on Wednesday blasted the report, saying the boy was no US citizen and was in fact a ward of the state that was constantly running away. They also argued that he was about 12 or 13 years old, and not eight as was reported.

The police say Jevon was found wandering at the Norman Manley International Airport in Kingston about 12:55 pm Wednesday. When checks were made, he said that his parents were waiting for their departure to Miami. He added that while there, he went to use the bathroom and upon his return, they were no longer there.

Checks were reportedly made since the report was published and the police say they found that Jevon has been reported missing from the place of safety on multiple occasions.

The police have since taken Thompson back to the home.

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Obama Is Familiar With Our Lingo – Had To Drop This One In

I enjoy using patois, my spelling is way off, but it is what it is.   I tend to write it more often than I speak it, but nonetheless I love it. 

President Obama, why he is so engaging, does what an eloquent speaker often does…………….know something about the Land and its people (culture) if you wish to succeed at capturing them on their soil.  He did just that from his opening remarks as you can see below.


‘Wah gwaan, Jamaica’ – Obama greets young leaders

Thursday, April 09, 2015 | 2:59 PM     (Jamaic Observer)

 KINGSTON, Jamaica – United States President Barack Obama a short while ago arrived at the Assembly Hall of the University of the West Indies, Mona campus in Kingston, to loud screams and cheers from students and young leaders.

He arrived at approximately 2:46 pm.

He greeted the more than 350 young leaders gathered Jamaican style with: “Greetings massive, wah gwaan Jamaica?”

“Big up,” he said.

This delighted them even further.

“He is here, he is here,” one student from the educational institution was overheard shouting.

“I can’t believe I am actually looking at Barack Obama, if this is possible anything is possible,” another student said.

He is expected to launch the Youth Leaders of the Americas Initiative.


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Cuba – We Have Known The Story

Lest we forget on the Island, many of our own have received further education in Cuba.  We have close ties with that country and I remembered years ago, receiving excellent care coupled with compassion from a Cuban nurse in JA.  One cannot help but pay close attention to what is taking place in our region with Obama’s timely visit and what is really on the Agenda. 

As a people whilst we cannot forget ills against us, we must have the capacity not to let our inability to forget blind us, keep us in perpetual darkness, stagnation of the worse kind that leaves the soul dead.  Hope, will to succeed, love and equality for all cannot blossom, spring forth from a ‘dead soul’.

Castro’s statement………”President Obama is an honest man.” Obama bears no responsibility for past aggressions against Cuba”.

Let us begin anew………We deserve leaders that can inspire and move us unto to a bigger and better future.


Cuba president says Obama is ‘an honest man’

Saturday, April 11, 2015 | 12:11 PM    (Jamaica Observer) 

 Cuba’s President Raul Castro adjusts his headsets during the opening ceremony of the Summit of the Americas at the ATLAPA Convention Center in Panama City on April 10, 2015. US President Barack Obama and Cuba’s Raul Castro shook hands and sat near each other Friday at a historic Summit of the Americas, a new milestone in efforts to end decades of animosity. (Photo: AFP)

PANAMA CITY, Panama (AP) – Cuba’s President is offering effusive praise for President Barack Obama and his decision to restore ties with the communist island even as he catalogues more than a century of grievances against the United States.

According to an AFP report he told the 35-nation summit in Panama City that “President Obama is an honest man.”

Raul Castro says Obama bears no responsibility for past aggressions against Cuba.

In a speech at the Summit of Americas he thanked Obama for his historic decision to try to overcome the past, beginning with his consideration to remove Cuba from a list of state sponsors of terrorism.

To the applause of hemispheric leaders, Castro drew attention to Obama’s modest origins, saying it was the source for his decision to turn a new page in relations with the former Cold War enemy.

Earlier Castro lightened the mood at the summit with a wry crack at his country’s long time absence from the gathering.

He noted that the leaders’ speeches were supposed to last around eight minutes. But he asked for special dispensation.

“Since you owe me six summits when you excluded me, six times eight is 48,” he said to laughter.

This is the first time Cuba has taken part in the summit.

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Lotto Scamming – Why Take The Risk??

Almost everyone has a take as to why this illicit act continues to strive or appear to strive on the Island.  I am particularly interested in this case as the person charged from all accounts should be ‘doing okay’ professionally.  Then again I pose the question what does ‘doing okay’ mean?   As a people our culture has developed increasingly where ‘flossing’ is as important as ‘breathing air’ amongst our ‘Millenials’ (those born between 1982-2002).  No longer talk of a 10, 20 or 30 year plan impresses them.  What are on the lips of many is ‘now, now, now’.  I must get my ‘tings an my dollars affi run, an mi nuh ina nuh lay lay wen mi a do mi ting’.   Fi mi life a fi mi life an mi nuh care bout dat, di system dun set an a money run di ting.  Suh u can tandeh go wok fi ppl wid dem change wey dem a gi.  No sah mi nuh deh pon dat, if mi get ketch a suh but mi ago live, you zee me’.

I will be following this case and subsequent outcome



Anju Blaxxx’s case for April 28

BY BRIAN BONITTO Associate Editor — Auto and Entertainment

Saturday, April 11, 2015    


Anju Blaxxx

THE trial of popular Jamaican record producer Anju Blaxxx is set to begin at the Federal District Court in Bismarck, North Dakota, on April 28.

The date was handed down when Blaxxx (given name Andrew Myrie) appeared before Magistrate Judge Charles S Miller Jr in Bismarck Courtroom 2, on March 23.

According to court documents, the dancehall producer’s bid to get bail was denied.

A court worker, who wished not to be identified, also dismissed claims that Blaxxx’s arrest had anything to do with a similar case involving Jamaican disc jock ZJ Wah Wa (Deon-ville O’Hara).

“They are two separate cases and not connected in any way,” the court worker told the Jamaica Observer.

Blaxxx was arrested by American law enforcement officers in Florida on lottery scam charges in February.

He is charged in North Dakota with mail and wire fraud in connection with telemarketing fraud. He has, however, declared his innocence.

The lottery scam involves inducing American victims, mostly the elderly, to send monies as processing fees for ‘lottery winnings’.

In response to complaints from the American government, Jamaica set up a task force in 2009 to stamp out the illegal activity.

Blaxxx, who is CEO and producer of UIM Records, is one of dancehall’s leading producers. He scored big in 2013 with Bugle’s chart-topping hit No Compatible.

The producer is credited for the 11-track Mildew Riddim released earlier this month. The set features dancehall acts, including Alkaline, Blak Diamon, Bugle, Chris Martin, Popcaan, and Mavado.




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Back To Business – Heroes Circle Vendors

Information put out swift and concise has the power to ease tensions.  Security concerns, main issue for removal of stalls it was.  Make no mistake, street vending has its place in our Country.  I will not say culture as this method of trade is not unique to Jamaica.  What must be enforced is the manner in which it is done.  Dues must be paid, as it should never be in our culture that ‘eat a food’, means ‘freeness’ at all cost.  Nothing in life is free and everybody should pay their fair share; operative word fair. 

Government must rule with an ‘iron fist’, on this particular issue so that the Streets of Jamaica do not continue to look like filth.  Legitimise street vending where vendors with viable trade can operate in an environment that is conducive to law and order.  Those who fail to comply must suffer the brunt of the law.  Far too long our leaders, weak in enforcing our rules, fall prey to the stories, empty promises of compliance by those bent on the ‘free ride’ in life.  You pay to live, or you will live to pay!!  The latter should have dire consequences.

If one thing Obama’s visit has brought to the fore, is Jamaicans from all strata of life can behave when they choose to.  Why??????????  I leave you to come to your own conclusion.    Irrespective of the why, if you are known to be a no nonsense leader, and your yes means yes, no means no, leaving little room or virtually no room for the grey areas then just maybe we can achieve some progress in the simplest forms of life.


A happy return – Heroes Circle crab vendors return to beloved spot 

Published:Saturday | April 11, 2015 (Jamaica Gleaner)

Makeisha ‘Munchie’ Walker, a crab, corn and yam vendor, is happily back at work selling at National Heroes Circle in Kingston yesterday. 

With the visit of United States President Barack Obama out of the way, crab vendors were yesterday back at their familiar location at the southern end of the National Heroes Park in Kingston.

Unlike Monday, when they were wearing frowns and scowls, the vendors were yesterday sporting broad smiles, although they were operating in intense heat, without the shade once provided by their stalls.

For them, yesterday’s return signalled a new beginning after their stalls were demolished by personnel from the Kingston and St Andrew Corporation (KSAC) on Monday.

Sandrea Falconer, minister with responsibility for information, said on Tuesday that the decision to remove the stalls was triggered by security concerns ahead of Obama’s visit.

But yesterday, the vendors were thanking both Mayor of Kingston Angella Brown Burke and Member of Parliament for West Kingston Desmond McKenzie for their interventions.

 Standing by us

 “We want to say thanks to the public and to Mr McKenzie for standing up for us, and thanks to the mayor for standing by us. She was really there for us,” said Racquel Walker.

Walker, a mother of five, lost her mother, a former crab vendor, on Wednesday.

“Out of bad comes good,” she said.

Walker said that she was looking to the future with great hope and optimism.

“We are really grateful and are looking forward to the stalls that will turn our area into a tourist attraction,” she chuckled. “We have been wanting that for many years.”

Walker described the feeling yesterday as a far cry from Monday when she and other vendors woke up to the demolished stalls.

“It’s really great to be back. We will be going home with two shillings in our pockets,” she smiled.

She told The Gleaner that not all vendors had returned, but she expected the full gamut to be out on Monday.

It was bustling when a Gleaner team stopped at the area that appeared different without the stalls.

With buyers out in their numbers, The Gleaner queried where they accessed crabs all year long. Another vendor disclosed that they had a stream of suppliers from Westmoreland, St Thomas, Portland and Clarendon.

“They are always there for us,” she said, pointing to one who had come on the scene to welcome the vendors’ return to the location that had become a fixture in that section of Kingston.

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Just A Little Bit More – The People Waited and They Saw The President

Evoking our emotions is part of ‘life’.  For just a brief moment, many experienced joy, excitement, euphoria and awe once Barack Obama, President of The United States of America landed on the Rock.

Traversing through the Streets of Kingston and being diverted through immense traffic for over 1 hour in commuting to my place of business on Thursday, left me with absolutely no frustration.  I was simply amazed at the security detail.  An Island as ours where we love to toot our horns in traffic, (I am no exception to that behaviour), can honestly say, we had it under wraps as we crawled in endless traffic due to road closures.  As a Jamaican, I can tell you that was RESPECT given to the ‘real big man’. 

I loved every minute of it!!!!!!  Until next time, ‘One Love’………


Obama honours war dead

Crowds give US president superstar welcome outside National Heroes Park

BY VERNON DAVIDSON Executive Editor — Publications

(Jamaica Observer, )Friday, April 10, 2015    


Jamaicans cheer as US President Barack Obama arrives at National Heroes Park yesterday. (PHOTO: NAPHTALI JUNIOR)

We could tell from the loud, sustained screams of delight that President Barack Obama’s motorcade was approaching the south gate to National Heroes Park yesterday afternoon.

The large crowd of Jamaicans — most of them residents of Allman Town — had waited patiently, for more than two hours, behind police barriers along the freshly asphalted Marescaux Road to get a glimpse of the first black man to be elected United States president.

At approximately 4:40 pm the motorcade, led by police motorcycle outriders, whizzed by to a crowd response reserved for superstars.

On entering the park, the presidential limousine, nicknamed ‘The Beast’, pulled up near to the receiving line of Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller, Opposition Leader Andrew Holness, National Security Minister Peter Bunting, Education Minister Ronald Thwaites, Custos of Kingston Steadman Fuller, Custos of St Andrew Donna Parchment, Colonel Daniel Pryce, Lieutenant Colonel Winston Walcott, Major General Robert Neish (retired), president of the Royal Air Forces Association Jamaica branch; Major Torrance Lewis (retired), chairman of the Jamaica Legion; as well as World War II veterans Major Victor Beek (retired) and Earl Beckford.

After being greeted by the party, President Obama took his place in front of the Cenotaph beside a US Marine officer who accepted a wreath from a Jamaican Regimental Police officer.

That done, the president and the Marine officer walked to the base of the Cenotaph where Obama placed the wreath in honour of the thousands of Jamaicans who fought and died in World Wars I and II.

With the obligatory moment of silence in respect for the fallen soldiers observed, the ceremony ended as quickly as it had started.

Obama, his final assignment in Jamaica completed, had a brief conversation with Prime Minister Simpson Miller, then got into his fortified limousine and headed to Up Park Camp from where he was airlifted to Norman Manley International where Air Force One sat overnight awaiting his return to fly him to Panama for the Seventh Summit of the Americas.

There, no doubt, the security detail that meticulously screened every journalist and guest at yesterday’s ceremony will do again what they are paid to do — protect the world’s most powerful leader.


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