Loveless Parent/s Do Exist…………….Face It………..

Through ‘domestication’ it is believed that every woman must be a mother and every man must become a father.    I would say look at child care, social behaviour and as ‘ole’ time people used  to say ‘u have nuh broughtupsey’………………..

We have been in shock on the Island with the recent murders of  two 14 year olds, however, our memories tend to be short as the frequency of cruelty cast upon our children causes you to focus on the latest.  So here we have this evil act perpetrated by the biological father.  I would not even mention the step mother as it is my belief that the biological parent sets the tone, creates the environment that will dictate how his ‘own’ is treated.  Too many of us love to cast blame on the ‘other person’.  So I am hearing conversations like this, ‘a di step madda mek di man treat him pickney suh’.  If is one thing I abhor is when grown folks deflect from themselves and announce ‘I was caught up’, ‘dem hook mi’, ‘a him, a she, a nuh mi’…………………………….Stop utter foolishness!!!!!!!

The father who was 19 years old at the time of her birth is a wicked, evil man who chose a partner to comfort his home comparable to him while is own flesh and blood was made to suffer…………………………………….



Couple charged with neglect of disabled woman denied bail on her birthday

Tuesday, March 10, 2015 (Jamaica Observer)

 The 20-year-old woman was found under the cellar of this house. (Photo: Renae Dixon)

ST ANN, Jamaica – The St Ann couple charged with the neglect of a 20-year-old disabled woman, who was found in conditions at her home which has been described as “inhumane”, was denied bail when they appeared before the St Ann’s Bay Resident Magistrate’s Court on Tuesday.

Jerold Campbell, a 39-year-old labourer of Windsor Height, and his common-law wife Melody Murphy, a 42-year-old shopkeeper, were charged on Sunday after Campbell’s daughter, who is celebrating her birthday today, was found under a cellar at their home in Windsor Height last Thursday.

Reports are that about 2:45 pm last Thursday, the Centre for the Investigation of Sexual Offences and Child Abuse (CISOCA) was alerted to a situation in Windsor Heights. The police travelled to the area where the disabled woman was found under a cellar in unhygienic condition. The woman was at first believed to be a child because of her small physique; however, later checks revealed she is an adult.

The investigating officer disclosed in court that when the young woman was found, she hid under the cellar in fear.

“She wasn’t responding to us,” the investigating officer told the court during her outline of the incident.

She said the woman was crouched under the cellar where it appeared she has been for some time. According to the officer, the woman was not chained, but was unable to walk. She said the woman was very dirty and appeared to have been in that condition for days.

The young woman remains in hospital and is said to be making significant progress.

The two are to return to court on Tuesday, March 17.


Renae Dixon

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As I look back, I travel in time to a place or era that should be a distant memory. Yet it is crystal clear, where I vividly see images of a toddler that was oh so care free…………

The ease at which I travel back in time with memories so sweet, so harsh, so painful……… yet I see laughter, love, joy and freeness; that leaves me so intoxicated……..Moving up and about, here, there and everywhere seemed my only purpose was to ‘BE’!!!!!!!!!!

What, when, where………….did I say that?? I can’t recall………..Time surely has gone by………………Its called ‘life’ and where I am in this very moment is where I should be.

I’m wiser, I’m quicker, I’m alive, I’m excited and back in time has prepared me for the ‘NOW’…………So as I reflect on the past 40 years………………my ever unending desire is to attain ‘a peace’ which resides within that will make me unshakeable in my resolve. PEACE is what it is…………..all other things/matters are accessories, dressed-up that make you look good on the outside that so easily can be stripped away………No siree I’m aiming for what gives you the ultimate power over self…………………PEACE!!!!!!!!!.

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Bad Breed From The Top to the Bottom………..‏

Long overdue response. I have said it over and over again, your good works will be rewarded in heaven not from man. Mere man cannot measure up and exactly what do you think you are owed? Get your house in order and prepare to die as it will reach us one way or the other. You do the best in taking care of your wellness needs but at the end of the day and in spite of your popularity and status, only YOU are responsible for your life while on Earth.

I find it distasteful to be discussing a dead man and his financial status during the time of his illness. By casting blame you are publicising the man’s financial standing and that is a bloody shame. We have become a class less society hell bent on feeding the insatiable appetite of those who cannot see anything outside of the ‘love of money’. The man’s death is now centered around who gave what and who gave nothing.

Vipers we are and I tell you all, whatever you do publicly for the church or for charity understand your reward is in heaven and stop look to ‘man’ to honour you. If you lived elements of your life privately then in sickness do so as the vultures are ready to continue to suck at you even in death.

Family of Glen Archer says thanks

KINGSTON, Jamaica – The following is a statement from the family of Rev Glen Archer submitted by Rev Dr Gene Archer.

The family of the late Rev Glen Archer wishes to thank those who gave and we are not blaming those who did not give. The family would like to disassociate itself from comments being circulated on mainstream and social media that the Government of Jamaica and Ardenne High School did not support and offer any assistance, to Rev Archer.

Both the Government and Ardenne High School have given support financially and in kind to Rev Archer during his illness.

The distortions and discussions in the mainstream and social media are regrettable and we ask those responsible to desist from spreading such misinformation which can only cause mischief and tarnish the good name and reputation of Rev Archer.

Glen was extremely private and these discussions can serve no useful purpose but to distract from his legacy.

These misrepresentations have also caused us the family, additional pain at a time when we want to mourn in private.

Rev Dr Gene Archer

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