Stress Kills – Dig Deep In Order To Cope

You never truly know how it feels unless you have walked in those very same shoes…………………What we know, however, is that high levels of stress do kill and that is why we must dig deep in order to cope.  At the end of the day the trials may be insurmountable for some, even seem futile to others, but rest assured victory can be achieved if we are able to ‘hold on’.

In this very  moment, whatever you are doing, let it go for a minute and say ‘thank you’, take a deep breadth and resume.  Life is unpredictable……………..cherish each day and find the time to strive for eternal peace.


‘She gave up’

Shock grips St Thomas communities as mother of 14-yr-old tumour child dies

Thursday, March 19, 2015

 Andrea Williams cries as she relates her daughter’s situation in mid- February. Williams died on Sunday after her lungs collapsed as a result of severe stress. (PHOTO: GARFIELD ROBINSON)

SHOCK and disbelief rocked the communities of Port Morant and Airy Castle in St Thomas Sunday, following the unexpected death of Andrea Williams — the mother of 14-year-old Leslie-Ann Goulbourne who was diagnosed with brain tumour.

Williams, who sought financial help for radiation treatment for her daughter through a Sunday Observer story published on February 15, died at the Princess Margaret Hospital where she was admitted for a week and three days from what her mother said was a collapsed lung resulting from stress.

Williams had spent close to $5 million for treatment and daily care of her daughter, who had to undergo four brain surgeries and radiation treatment for the tumour in her head before it was discovered that the non-malignant tumour — known as germinoma — had spread to the child’s spine.

“She gave up,” Syble Williams, the deceased woman’s mother told the Observer at their Airy Castle home on Monday. “The doctor said she was stressed from head to toe and that she was drained out to nothing because she was fretting on the little girl. She was there for her from the beginning to the last breath.”

“The relationship that they have is very unique,” the elder Williams added. “She had a little cough and shortness of breath and because she had to go up and down with Leslie-Ann, she didn’t have the time to eat much or take care of herself. She visited the doctor twice three weeks ago and was nebulised, but they did not understand why she was still breathing short.”

A follow up X-ray revealed that the lungs of the 40-year-old mother of four were collapsing. As a result, she was sent off to the hospital where she was immediately admitted.

Days before her admission to hospital two Thursdays ago, Andrea told the Observer that things had taken a toll on her physically and that she was not feeling well, while also explaining that her next move was a visit to the hospital for a check-up.

During her time in the hospital, her sick daughter — who was advanced into her radiation treatment — was prevented from visiting her for her own safety. However, on Sunday, after numerous requests from the ailing mom, the staff agreed for the child to visit.

After mother and child hugged that evening, Andrea took her last breath in front of her daughter.

“She died right in front her eyes,” Howard Williams, one of the child’s uncle said. “That’s really hard on her, really hard for any child to see.”

The family explained that since then, Leslie-Ann has not been doing well.

“She sleeps a lot now,” Howard said. “She cries a lot. She will wake up and just cry that she wanted her mommy and miss her mommy and then just break down in tears, then go back to sleep.”

The family said since her mother’s passing, the child has also started coughing and complaining of sore throat, despite the significant improvement she experienced from the radiotherapy for the last four weeks.

Leslie-Ann — who had gone completely blind in one eye; partially blind in the other; crippled in one arm and partially crippled in the other; unable to move her neck; and suffered severe pains — had regained the use of both her arms, vision in both eyes and was moving her neck.

Today the family is unsure what will become of the child.

When visited, a sombre mood rested over the Ministry of Labour and Social Security office in Morant Bay where Andrea worked as a secretary for 20 years. She was described by manager Dorrett Grant as a kind person, who got along well with all the staff members. She said the situation has impacted staff members who had to be counselled.

“When I came in this morning (Monday), there was a lot of crying and the staff was really mourning the loss. We had some grief counsellors who came in this morning to assist us with some counselling,” Grant said.

Grant explained that the young mother went on sick leave on February 24, and it was evident she was not well as her breathing was laboured. However, they did not quite understand extent of her illness.

“Her death took us all by surprise,” Grant remarked.

Meanwhile, Eunice Beckford, public relations officer for the Port Morant Community Development Committee who recently staged a walkathon to raise funds for Leslie-Ann, said more than ever the team will continue to raise funds for the child’s treatment.

“We ask that you keep Leslie-Ann, her siblings and the rest of the family who have been devastated by the untimely passing in your prayers,” Beckford said.


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Our Children – Who Speaks For Them???

Not every woman MUST become a mother and not every man MUST become a ‘baby daddy’/father.  We are experts at hustling about after the tragedy continues to befall with pronouncements of new implementations as it relates to ‘child welfare’.  I opine it is about time we take BOLD and RADICAL steps of bringing to halt pregnancies amongst those who are not equipped financially, emotionally, socially nor spiritually to raise themselves much less children.

How much more should the Nation’s children suffer just to appease a set of mentally displaced people who are totally out of sync with what family life, responsibility and obligation means?  Until you get to the root cause of any issue, your apparent band-aid solution is ineffective long term.



Clarendon woman accused of stabbing her 18-month old child to death

Residents of the Lesterfield community in North Clarendon are baffled as to why a 24-year-old woman accused of killing her baby would have done so. 

The woman is alleged to have taken the 18-month-old toddler, Jay Nelson, into a nearby coffee field, stabbed her several times, then took the body home and left it in the kitchen.

The child’s grandmother was distraught.

She said she only learnt of the incident when she saw police and a crowd of residents gathering in her yard.

“She (the mother) loved the child, and I don’t know what happen why she did that,” the grandmother said.

According to the grandmother, her daughter had some challenges but she did not elaborate.

Clive Mundle, councillor/caretaker for the Frankfield division said the community is also puzzled.

“It means maybe her (the mother’s) state of mind is not stable so we need to just rally around the family so that we can overcome this,” he said.

The police said the accused woman has since been admitted to hospital.



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I Concur With JMA President’s View On The Medical Marijuana Issue

There is no denying that medical marijuana has a place in the Jamaican economy not only local but certainly global.  We need a commodity that can be deemed fully ‘made in Jamaica’ and be exported world-wide.  One cannot escape the many series aired on CNN by Dr Sanjay Gupta on the benefits of medical marijuana.  Jamaica is known for its high quality ‘weed’ which has been in demand for many moons. 

Out of Obama’s visit, my main interest would be placed on America’s support and in fact becoming one of our largest buyers of the Jamaican marijuana for medical purposes.  We need foreign exchange desperately and this product is ripe for the export market.  Let us not pussy foot around this issue when the United States President arrives on our shores………


Quiz Obama on medical marijuana, says Pengelley

Published:Wednesday | March 18, 2015 

United States President Barack Obama

When United States (US) President Barack Obama visits Jamaica on April 9 to hold talks with Jamaican officials and other Caribbean leaders, one of the issues that Brian Pengelley, president of the Jamaica Manufacturers’ Association, would want the American president to comment on is whether the US would welcome the island’s push to export medical marijuana to the large US market.

The Jamaican legislature recently passed legislation that amended the Dangerous Drugs Act, which, among other things, will pave the way for a medical marijuana industry locally.

“I would certainly want to know what’s his (Obama’s) position on (exporting medical marijuana to the US) because certainly, to a country like Jamaica, it is a resource that we definitely could do well in,” Pengelley told The Gleaner yesterday.

William Mahfood, president of the Private Sector Organisation of Jamaica (PSOJ), indicated that he would want Jamaican leadership to seek additional support from the US government in relation to security matters.

According to the PSOJ head, the high crime levels could negatively affect investors’ decisions to start new businesses in Jamaica.

Yesterday, Prime Minister Portia Simpson announced that the US president would pay a state visit to the island on the eve of the Summit of the Americas, to be held in Panama on April 10 and 11.


fruitful dialogue


She told her parliamentary colleagues that Obama would depart Jamaica for the hemispheric meeting, which will welcome, for the first time, the Republic of Cuba.

“We are confident that the visit will be marked by fruitful dialogue and exchanges that will serve to strengthen the close relations that exist at the bilateral level between Jamaica and the USA and between the USA and CARICOM,” said Simpson Miller.

While in Jamaica, the US president will also meet with Caribbean Community heads for talks on the CARICOM – US agenda, including security and trade.

The CARICOM – US Summit will be co-chaired by the US president and CARICOM chairman and Prime Minister of the Bahamas Perry Christie.

In his comments, Opposition Leader Andrew Holness welcomed the visit of the American president.

He noted that Obama’s visit would place the attention of the largest economy in the world on Jamaica.

Holness also applauded the move for Cuba to participate in the hemispheric summit.

He said this signalled a shift in the geopolitical arrangements of the Caribbean region, which could only augur well for the future of the Caribbean.

“I hope that much will come of it. The Opposition stands ready to play our part and to participate and to help in advancing the conversation.”

In 1982, Ronald Reagan became the first serving US president to visit Jamaica two years after the Jamaica Labour Party, led by Edward Seaga, won a landslide victory in a general election against the Michael Manley-led People’s National Party.




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Obama – Jamaica – Why??

Is ganga/ medical marijuana on the Agenda??????



Why Obama is coming to Jamaica?

United States President Barack Obama.

Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller has confirmed that President of the United States, Barack Obama will be heading to Jamaica for a short visit.

The Prime Minister made this disclosure in Parliament a short while ago followed by a release from the Office of the Prime Minister (OPM) outlining the nature of the visit.

See release from OPM below:

Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller Announces
State Visit By United States President Barack Obama

The Prime Minister, the Most Hon. Portia Simpson Miller is pleased to announce that His Excellency Barack Obama, President of the United States of America, will pay a State Visit to Jamaica on 9th April 2015.

President Obama and Prime Minister Simpson Miller will hold bilateral discussions on a range of issues of mutual interest.

During the visit, Jamaica will host an encounter between President Obama and the Heads of Government of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) for discussions on issues on the CARICOM-USA agenda, including security and trade. They will also exchange views on regional and international issues of mutual interest.

The CARICOM-US encounter will be co-chaired by Honourable Perry Christie, Prime Minister of the Bahamas and current Chairman of CARICOM, and President Obama.

In welcoming the visit, Prime Minister Simpson Miller noted:

“The Government of Jamaica is delighted that President Obama will be visiting Jamaica at this time.

It will mark the second time since our Independence that a sitting US President will be visiting Jamaica.

We view the President’s upcoming visit as an affirmation of the strong ties of friendship and cooperation that have united our two peoples for centuries.

We are confident that through fruitful dialogue and exchanges during the visit we will succeed in further strengthening the close relations that exist at the bilateral level between Jamaica and the USA, and between the USA and CARICOM.”

President Obama and the CARICOM Heads of Government are expected to proceed from the high-level encounter in Jamaica to Panama City for the Sixth Summit of the Americas to be held 10th to 11th April 2015.



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Winter Season – JA Still One Of the Best Places To Be!!

JA still holds it down in the tourist industry.  I am yet to experience a slow winter season on the resort town.  The Rock is still the place to be for warmth, sun, sea and relaxation.

We had American socialite, Paris Hilton and super model Naomi Campbell on the Rock a few weeks ago.


Jamaica enjoying strong winter tourist season

Stopover arrivals up 6.3 per cent so far

BY VERNON DAVIDSON Executive Editor — Publications

Sunday, March 15, 2015    


Tourists enjoyng Jamaica’s warm sunshine on Negril’s famous seven-mile-long white sand beach last month. (PHOTO: PHILLIP LEMONTE)

Stopover arrivals to Jamaica continue to climb as the winter tourist season enters its third month with forward bookings indicating that the industry should improve on last year’s record performance.

“From January 1 through to the first week of March our stopover arrivals are up 6.3 per cent over last year,” Jamaica Tourist Board (JTB) Chairman Dennis Morrison told the Jamaica Observer last Thursday.

“The winter so far has been very strong,” Morrison added. “The first week of March was up over 10 per cent. This is coming behind a very, very strong second half of last year.”

In 2014, Jamaica welcomed 2,080,181 stopover visitors, an increase of 3.6 per cent over the 2,008,004 recorded for 2013.

Cruise arrivals totalled 1,423,979, an increase of 12.5 per cent over 2013.

At the start of this year, Tourism Minister Dr Wykeham McNeill reported that among the major contributors to the industry’s growth last year were increased arrivals from Europe, 10.7 per cent; Canada, 5.2 per cent; the United States, two per cent, with the western US showing a 5.4 per cent increase and an additional 5.6 per cent from the southern US; while Asia grew by 9.2 per cent.

Last week, Morrison said that by the end of last year, arrivals were up nearly four per cent over 2013.

He said that in January this year, arrivals from the United States were up double digits, “no doubt reflecting the strong labour market there where new jobs are being created every month, running over 200,000“.

He pointed out that as people feel more secure in their jobs and as more jobs are created, the environment improves for tourism and travel.

Last week, a random check by the Sunday Observer of a few of the larger resort properties revealed that they were all experiencing high occupancies.

For instance, Half Moon in Montego Bay reported occupancies at over 85 per cent, while Jewel Resorts Group in St Ann said its occupancy levels averaged in the high 80s.

Grand Palladium Jamaica Sales Manager Chevonne Palmer said her average occupancy for both last week and the week before was 80 per cent, while occupancy for the last week in February was 92.4 per cent.

Five hotels in the Sandals chain reported occupancies in the high 90s, with a sixth — Sandals Grande Riviera in Ocho Rios — reporting 100 per cent occupancy.

The three Iberostar properties in Montego Bay were experiencing occupancies of 84 per cent, 87 per cent and 91 per cent.

“Forward bookings are also looking very good and attention should be placed on the United States market,” Morrison said. “So we are looking ahead to having a better year than last year, which was an improvement over the year before.

“It’s very difficult nowadays to get a room in Jamaica. Luckily, we have a pipeline which is filling up in terms of plans for new rooms, so the industry is well-positioned,” he added.

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Know Your Rights – Public Defender Speaks – An Update!!!!

I sent an email to my Attorney on this very matter, as I too am concerned about my own health.  I was affected by this and I do not take it lightly at all……………..


NSWMA must pay – Public Defender wants to speed up trial over Riverton fires

Recently appointed Public Defender Arlene Harrison-Henry is pushing for an early date to try the case brought against the National Solid Waste Management Authority (NSWMA) in the Supreme Court on behalf of persons affected by fires at the Riverton Dump.

The case, which was filed last year on behalf of citizens by then Acting Public Defender Matondo Mukulu, is scheduled to be heard on December 20, but based on the latest fire at the dump that has disrupted schools, businesses, and domestic activities, while leaving scores of persons with respiratory problems, Harrison-Henry is pushing to have the matter heard earlier.

“In light of what has currently happened, I am certainly going to be consulting with the registrar and my colleagues on the other side (Attorney General’s Department) to see whether or not we can’t get an earlier date or whether or not the court can accommodate us earlier, because this is an untenable situation,” Harrison-Henry told The Sunday Gleaner.

The lawsuit was filed under the Charter of Fundamental Rights and Freedoms, which protects, “the right to enjoy a healthy and productive environment free from the threat of injury or damage from environmental abuse and degradation of the ecological heritage”.

“And it is not only that, as that provision in the Charter is very comprehensive … so you don’t have to actually drop sick, you can have a threat of injury and seek to invoke that right,” said Harrison-Henry.

“In addition, when they elevated the right to a healthy environment to a human right, it means that state agencies acting under ordinary legislation have a higher standard to meet.

“Also, remember the second aspect. When we talk about freedom from degradation of the ecological heritage it also has implications for conservation and protective measures, so it is not just air quality,” added Harrison-Henry.

This will be a landmark case locally, as nobody has previously tested the provision, but the Public Defender is confident that there is enough to stand on in court, as persons who were affected by previous fires at the dump are willing to stand up in court.

“I am confident that our courts are very sensible and they will offer us protection,” said Harrison-Henry.

“Like any other case, we will have legal challenges along the way that will have to be taken care of.



Jamaica:  Published:Sunday | March 15, 2015

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Even The Dead Can Be Scammed…….

It is high time due care be placed whilst alive on your death.  Stop the hocus-pocus and this fool hardy superstition that if you make preparations for your death you are going to die……………….Face it and face it now, it will happen, many of us just do not know when.    Faith is a word that we cherry pick when it suits but in matters of ‘Will’ writing we ‘lock shop’.

If you cannot afford a casket, cremation is the best option. 

Funerals for many have become the next ‘session’.  At what stage does grieving take place?  On the Island, funerals and all that comes along with the affair is ripe for the scammers, so take heed.




FUNERAL scamming may not be as pronounced as lotto scamming, but some community folks are becoming increasingly aware of crooks who go around and fleece grieving friends of the deceased, of thousands of dollars.

Among the sly ways of scraping money from victims is one that was used up to two weeks ago in St Mary, which raised over $20,000 for the conmen.

It sees so-called friends of a deceased person going around soliciting money to do various things in preparation for the burial, all the while giving the impression that they are assisting the bereaved family.

What seems to be the main area of emphasis is for the scammers to make their move collecting money to clear barrels purportedly shipped by friends and relatives of the deceased to help out with items for the wake and the repast, the Jamaica Observer was told by one of those who was tricked.

“A friend of ours from Islington (Central St Mary) died and a couple men whom we know were going around collecting money from her friends, telling them that two barrels were shipped from America and the family needed money to clear them at the wharf,” one member of the community told the Sunday Observer.

Based upon an informal head count of those who were asked to contribute to the wharf fund and did, it appears that approximately $23,000 was collected to supposedly clear the two barrels.

And the matter is not a one-off issue. Since that incident was brought to the attention of the Sunday Observer, others who have been deceived have confirmed that they, too, were taken for a ride.

The same tale was related by family members of a deceased man in St Catherine.

“In that case, he got about $13,000 before the whistle was blown. He has now fled the community, but what a price to pay — $13,000 to sell your freedom and your dignity? That cannot be good,” one family member said.

The trickster had apparently told people that he was collecting money to buy food and liquor for a grave digging activity which, based on current-day occurrences, is one of the latest crazes in the usually comprehensive exercise to bid loved ones farewell. It is now the norm for elaborate grave-digging to occur, with some locations — public cemeteries, or private burial sites — blaring with music from sound system speaker boxes, and food and liquor flowing smoother than the River Nile.

“It was one of those times when the funeral scammer started walking the community to collect money, but the member of our family who was responsible for the grave-digging was surprised when one of his friends told him that he had just given (name withheld) money that would go into a gravedigging ‘fund’.

“That was a big shock, because the family did not plan anything that big in the form of a grave-digging. In fact, money was set aside for that, so there was no need for us to go on the road and beg money.

In any case, we didn’t want a lot of people to turn out in the churchyard, because the family does not subscribe to that kind of vulgar celebration.

We really wanted something private and we even said that instead of asking some of the masons in the community to give their services and we would provide them with food and drink, we would just get one mason, he gets some workmen and we pay them,” the family member said.

In yet another incident, liquor was taken on credit in the name of a member of a dead woman, by a man known to a grocery retailer, supposedly to be used at another wake, commonly known as ‘dead yard’, but did not reach the intended destination.

“The liquor was given out because the man who went to collect it said that it was for the dead yard.

The owner of the shop gave him the liquor because everybody knew and loved her (the deceased), and so once they called her name, he just gave the liquor,” said a member of a community near the north coast tourist town of Ocho Rios.

The Sunday Observer tried without success to get a comment from Assistant Commissioner of Police Devon Watkiss. However, a police source, while stating that he was not familiar with any of the cases highlighted in this story, noted that such incidents were within the scope of unscrupulous people who would want to rip off people, notwithstanding the fact that they were mourning.

“We have some heartless people in Jamaica who don’t give a damn if you have a family member to bury. In fact, we have seen in many of our police cases, that these criminals even appear to be rougher on those with soft hearts and suffering family tragedies, than people who are not,” the senior officer said.


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Deviants and Perverts Within The Family

What do you do when the paedophile is from your own blood line?  An 11 year old girl sexually assaulted by her 52 year old relative and another man.  To top off this horric ordeal, she is about to give birth.  Her own mother is 28 years old, (teenage mother, 16 years old at the time of her  daughter’s birth). 

Imagine the family structure and the quality of life that is going to be in store for this unborn child.  Pain, anger, resentment, hatred are not qualities that a newborn needs to ‘feel’.  All those emotions are in order for many reasons.  Let us ask ourselves, why are the persons guilty of this crime not arrested as yet?


My baby’s baby! – Eleven-year-old pregnant after sexually assaulted by two adult men

Jamaica Gleaner -Published:Sunday | March 15, 2015Nadine Wilson-Harris

Mother Janet Fearon* (right) and daughter Alicia*.
Mother Janet Fearon* (left) and daughter Alicia*.
At a time when most students her age are getting ready to sit the Grade Six Achievement Test, 12-year-old Alicia*, is preparing to give birth to a baby that is allegedly fathered by her 52-year-old relative.
The child is now seven months pregnant and her 28-year-old mother is upset that the man she believes is responsible is yet to be arrested.

Janet Fearon* told The Sunday Gleaner her daughter was sexually assaulted by her cousin and another man in their rural Clarendon community last year, but she was unaware of this until she took the child to the doctor for a check-up. The doctor contacted the police after confirming the pregnancy and questioning the little girl.

“She said she is afraid to talk to me. I don’t know why she is afraid to talk to me as a mother. I don’t know if it’s because I am strict. If she come home and say anything to me, I would rough her,” admitted Fearon.

“The other day she come from school and I see that she was crying and I said ‘Alicia, what’s the matter’ and she said ‘mommy, I am okay’, that’s it, she said nothing more to me,” she said.

But Alicia told The Sunday Gleaner that she could not tell her mother because she was threatened. She said the incident took place as she was coming home from extra lessons one day.

According to Alicia, it was not uncommon for her to visit her cousin’s house, since his 12-year-old daughter is her best friend. That day, however, two adult men took her into a bedroom and told her that they wanted to have sex with her.

“They said if I go home go tell my mother, they gonna kill me,” the little girl recounted.

Alicia and her mother have since been questioned by the police regarding the incident, however, to date, no charges have been filed against the accused men. While one of the men have been keeping a low profile and only visits the community in the wee hours of the morning, police say they have refrained from arresting Alicia’s cousin because his foot was amputated a few weeks ago.

Police personnel from the Frankfield Police Station told The Sunday Gleaner that they were advised by the clerk of courts for the Clarendon Resident Magistrate’s Court to hold off on arresting the accused until his foot is healed. However, they insisted that they visit Alicia on occasions.

The cops said they are currently investigating other carnal abuse cases in that area. One of the most recent cases the investigators are working on is that of a 14-year-old girl who said she was raped while taking a shower at an outside bathroom. She, too, is now pregnant.

“We have a grave challenge here when it comes to the young girls, especially when it comes to the fathers,” said one senior cop at the station.

But the hurt is not going away for Alicia’s mother, who is overwhelmed by the prospect of raising another child. She already has four of her own with the last one still in diapers.

“It has shaken up the family to know that you have a 12-year-old girl and you are trying with her with no father. Her father left Jamaica from she is one year old until now,” lamented Fearon.

“He is 52-year old and I didn’t expect that from him, because me and him a family by my father’s side” she said of the man accused of molesting her child.

As a small farmer, the young mother said things are tight and her daughter is yet to secure some of the items she needs to prepare for childbirth.


 “She will be doing a surgery to have the baby, because the doctor said she is too young and cannot have it off her own,” she explained.

Alicia, a little older than a baby herself, however, believes she is prepared to deal with a baby, and briefly lost her shy demeanour as she informed our news team that her daughter will be named Tashay. Digging her toes into the ground while placing furtive glances at her mom, the adolescent outlined how she intends to take care of her baby.

“Like when him urinate, you wipe off him bottom and change him pampas and put on another one and him clothes. And like when him puke, you clean him and bathe him,” explained the child.

Fearon said she is constantly accused of being careless and her daughter, who hopes to become a judge, is often teased by her peers.

“They say a lot of things (and) that I should get locked up because I am careless,” the mother said.

“Her friends them see her and laugh at her and mock her and jeer her,” she said.

It has not gone unnoticed, too, that at least two pregnant teenage girls have been brutally killed in recent times in what was suspected to be efforts to protect the identity of their abusers. One man has already confessed to killing one of the teenagers while investigations continue into the death of the other. Fearon said she fears for the safety of her daughter.


 “At nights when we are in our house, we have to fear, because I hear foot(steps) outside of the house. We have three dogs down there at the house, and last night somebody lick one of the dogs with a stone. So you have to say we are kind of fearful because we don’t know what people would do. The man dem name calling and so we have to be fearful,” she said.

Community members told The Sunday Gleaner that they, too, are concerned about the safety of the little girl and are upset that her suspected abusers have not been arrested.

A teacher at Alicia’s primary school told our news team that the Centre for Investigation of Sexual Offences and Child Abuse (CISOCA) was contacted as soon as school officials realised she was pregnant. One school official also showed us a text message that was sent to an officer at CISOCA to follow up on her case last December.

According to officials at the school, meals are prepared by the school’s chef and regularly taken to Alicia to ensure that she is properly nourished. However, there are concerns about how the turn of events might be affecting Alicia’s best friend, whose father is at the centre of the controversy.

Individuals who have migrated from the community over the years, have also come together to start a Facebook page with the intention of raising awareness about incest and carnal abuse, which they say is very common in the area. A group member said they also contacted the Child Development Agency (CDA) and the Office of the Children’s Registry (OCR) to inform them about Alicia’s situation.

“It seems to be quite an accepted norm,” she said.

“We met at a physical location sometime last month and we called CDA and OCR and they said that we need to write a letter so they can have a meeting in the community,” she explained.

Alicia’s mother cautioned other mothers to observe their children carefully, in order to protect them.

“As a mother, I would advise parents to take a closer look on their child, because they are not going to come and tell you that man molest them. If the man threaten them, they are not going to come home and talk,” she warned.

*Names changed to protect the identities.

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I born ina de ghetto……………so a mi dat………….the

world no straight ana different system………………

Uptown no know wah a gwan………….


Sick and tired of the mental enslavement of the mind

where ghetto resides………..Uptown, downtown, the

circumstance, the family, the daddy, the mommy

creates the ghettorisation of the mind…….


Recognise that things no run you, you run 

things……………with the help of the

ALMIGHTY………… can free the ghetto mind.


Elevate yourself to higher ground and be part of the

change. It might be slow………but it can be done.!!!


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My passion, thrill, excitement and joy of the wonders I believe is  to be between man and woman has often led me into an ecliptic state of euphoria that has nullified me in the past………..but still I believe that is what I deserve.


 I can lay my plans for the direction my life should take in fulfilling my dreams financially, but I am afraid I have no control over my mental being in matters of the heart because I am a dreamer…………I have struggled with being practical in choosing who is best for me believing that such a prospect identifies with stability. It can only be identified as stability if I believe my role as a woman is to be the follower of my man…..or the belief that I need to settle, neither are options  I can live with long term.


I see you in more ways than I had imagined possible…………ways that you might not be able to comprehend unless you have explored the premise of connection to the level where you feel you have to see the beginning through even though many challenges are going to be faced and the possibility of overcoming may prove forceful…………


You are to me right now…….a sweet sensation…… sweet I defy myself to slow my thoughts down.   What have you done to entice me this way?……… is not what you have done, rather what you have not done………..The sweetest feeling I get from you now, I so want it to always be………and if I have to lengthen the inevitable for this feeling to continue, I most certainly will.


Very few persons can understand such a feeling like the one I have right now for you………….but very few persons have truly felt for the opposite sex without touch, smell, taste and all that comes along with intimacy.


Lifetime for me with you is knowing that always I can have you to talk to,  share thoughts, opinions, meaningful friendship and laughter whether we are in the same country or not.

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