Free Up The Weed – Long Overdue!!!!


Misinformation about ‘ganja’ throughout the decades formed the biases in our minds.  As a result many of us developed a belief system through domestication of our society on the ‘weed’.  Those of us who no longer smoke it, those who tried but would not admit to such may not like the product for our own personal consumption anymore.  However, with research and medical marijuana playing such a vital role in the lives of both children and adults across the USA, it would be total idiocy to ignore the new findings. 

Regardless of your religious beliefs, I will be bold enough to say, if certain ‘sickness tek u’ and you were told by your Doctor that a daily dose of the ‘weed’ would bring significant relief to your condition, I daresay you would not hesitate to try it.

Incarcerating citizens for such an amount was asinine and I look forward to Jamaica zoning in on medical facilities where ‘ganja’ can be sold as a top class product unique to Brand Jamaica and be exported also. 


GG gives assent, ‘Ganja law’ now in effect

Tuesday, March 31, 2015    


GOLDING… my understanding is that the signed Bill is now on its way back to Parliament
THE governor general has given his assent to the Bill amending the Dangerous Drugs Act, making possession of two or less ounces of ganja a ticketable offence.

Justice Minister Mark Golding made the disclosure yesterday, just over a month after the House of Representatives joined the Senate in passing the legislation now being called the Ganja law.

“My understanding is that the GG has now assented to the Bill and the signed Bill is now on its way back

to Parliament,” Golding informed advocates of decriminalisation or legalisation of marijuana, who were anxious that the amendments became law as soon as possible.

The House passed the Bill on Tuesday, February 24, 2015, following which it was expected to be signed into law about a week later. But Golding did not say what might have contributed to the apparent delay in the Bill returning to Parliament from King’s House to be gazetted.

During the month-long wait, there was speculation among some ganja advocates that Governor General Sir Patrick Allen, a member of the Seventh-Day Adventist faith, might have been having difficulties giving his assent to the amendments to the Dangerous Drugs Act.

The Act is highlighted by a provision making possession of two or less ounces of ganja a ticketable offence, among other provisions that could pave the way for establishment of a ganja industry that advocates believe would make a dent in poverty here.

“When they (Parliament) receive it, they will send it to the Printing Office for gazetting,” Golding assured.


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Fish Kill – Portmore – Do Not Purchase/Eat!!!!!!

A mate of mine made it our duty to visit a particular fishing village once per month to purchase our fresh fish from the seas.  I suddenly made the decision some 7 months ago that I would take a break as I really was not enjoying the fish.  From then I have not had fish locally from my own country.  Yes, when I am turned off, I am royally turned off.  With this latest report I can safely say, resumption of consumption of local fish (a mouthful I know) is no where near in sight for me.


Refrain from eating fish from Portmore, NEPA urges after major fish kill

Monday, March 30, 2015 | 7:46 PM    

 ST CATHERINE, Jamaica – The National Environment and Planning Agency (NEPA) has launched an investigation into the cause of major fish kill in Portmore, St Catherine. 

The agency issued a statement today, urging the public to refrain from collecting or eating fish from the area since the cause of death has not been ascertained. 

NEPA said that the cause of death of the fishes could be from ingestion of toxic substances or biological impacts.

The reports of the fish kill (mainly sprat) are from the canal behind Westchester community in the vicinity of Dawkins Pond in Portmore, the statement said.

NEPA is being supported by the Marine Police in its investigations.



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Akeem Bloomfield – Remember The Name – Sprint Star In The Making!!!

He says it best, ‘My race plan was just to get out and discourage everyone from the get-go……………………..’


‘I knew I’d do something great’

Bloomfield not surprised by record sub-45 run at Champs

 Kingston College’s Akeem Bloomfield (right) in his record-breaking run in the Class One 400m at the GraceKennedy/ISSA Boys’ and Girls’ Athletics Championships at the National Stadium yesterday. St Jago High’s Nathan Allen (left) was second. (PHOTO: BRYAN CUMMINGS)
His story is similar in some ways to that of Usain Bolt’s. Some say his long legs remind them of the legendary Arthur Wint. Most believe he is destined for greatness. He is Akeem Bloomfield — the rising star of the 400m.

Bloomfield, the 17-year-old Kingston College phenomenon, created history by becoming the first Jamaican schoolboy to run the 400m under 45 seconds with an astonishing 44.93 seconds to win the event in Class One at the GraceKennedy/ISSA Boys’ and Girls’ Athletics Championships at the National Stadium yesterday.

Just last year, the promising Javon Francis ran what was then an unbelievable 45.00 seconds to break Usain Bolt’s 400m record, just failing to dip below the 45-second mark. In fact, after Francis’ run, the clock flashed 44.98 before settling at 45.00 seconds.

A year on, Bloomfield, standing at 6ft 5in,crossed the line and the clock flashed 45.03 seconds before settling at 44.93 in an eye-popping, jaw-dropping display of speed and stamina.

In 2008, Bolt was working on his speed for the 200m and tested himself over 100m and ran 9.72 seconds in his third 100m event in new York and the rest is history. Five years on, Bloomfield, who runs 100m and 200m, last year at Champs was working on his stamina, and in his first 400m race he clocked an amazing 45.41 seconds at the Carifta Trials a few weeks ago.

“My 200 was good and I was just doing some strength work, but I was not sure what my coach had in store for me. I just knew I would do something great,” said Bloomfield, who has 10 CXC subjects.

Then, in only his third 400m run, Bloomfield broke the Class One record of 45.00 seconds and Davian Clarke’s National Junior record of 45.21 seconds and became the 11th fastest junior of all time in the world.

Bloomfield, who was drawn in lane five, was sandwiched between main rivals from St Jago High Martin Manley, the 2013 World Youth 400m champion, and Nathan Allen, while his teammate Twayne Crooks was in lane seven with the Class Two record holder Devaughn Baker of Jamaica College in lane eight.

Bloomfield, who is a sub-21 200m runner with 10.3 under his belt for the 100m, went out fast, swept past Allen and cleared the entire field at the 200m mark, and when Allen came with a renewed challenge in the straight, Bloomfield found an extra gear for a victory that will be talked about for years to come.

In the end, Jamaicans fortunate enough to be at the National Stadium witnessed Bloomfield win in 44.93 seconds with Allen second in 45.30 and Manley some way back in third with 46.41 seconds. KC’s Crooks was fourth in 46.54 seconds.

When the Jamaica Observer quizzed Bloomfield, he articulated his rac execution with aplomb.

“My race plan was just to get out and discourage everyone from the get-go. I ran a fast 250m, and when I was coming home, I realised I had a lot more to give, so I just swung my arms, head strong and just finished.”

With a run like that, no wonder there is already talk that Bloomfield should try for a place in Jamaica’s World Chamionships team to Beijing, China, this year. But Bloomfield is leaving everything in the hands of his coach.



(Jamaica Observer, Sunday, March 30 2015)

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Painful menstruation, referred to as dysmenorrhea by doctors, is one of the commonest health problems from which women suffer. As many as 90% of women experience this problem at some stage in their life. For over 10% of females the problem is so severe that they are unable to function normally while menstruating.

This problem translates into millions of dollars of lost wages and productivity as well as a significant decrease in women’s quality of life for several days each month. One medical textbook estimated that painful periods cause the loss of over 140 million work hours each year in the United States. At the same time billions of dollars are spent on ‘pain killing’ drugs which do nothing to address the underlying cause of the pain.

In my view, dysmenorrhoea is in most cases a lifestyle related disorder having to do with nutritional, hormonal and emotional imbalances. In a minority of cases it may be the result of other medical conditions, like pelvic inflammation, infection, fibroids and endometriosis, in which event those underlying problems should be treated. For the majority of sufferers, here is a natural approach.


Good nutrition at a cellular level gives your body the nutrients it needs to correct and heal imbalances and prevent inflammation and cramps.

* Choose a diet high in fresh vegetables and fruit, whole grain,     beans, peas, nuts and fish. Avoid foods that may contain hormones.

Drastically reduce or eliminate dairy products, meat, fried foods and other unhealthy fats, sugar, alcohol, added salt, MSG and other food additives,

I recommend a nutritional program called the Cellular Nutrition Program, which provides all the key nutritional elements in a simple combination.


In addition to the general nutritional recommendations above, there are specific supplements that relieve cramps and prevent inflammation in a healthy, effective, natural way:

The muscle relaxant herb Dong Quai or angelica sinensis, has been used for thousands of years to prevent and relieve menstrual cramps. I use it combined with the calming relaxing herb chamomile. It is most effective if taken throughout the month and the dosage increased just before and during the period. This combination is also a good general herbal tonic for females.

Fish oil supplements that contain generous quantities of omega 3 fatty acids have natural anti-inflammatory and pain relieving properties. Unfortunately, our diet tends to have excess of omega 6 fats, which encourages the cramps and menstrual pains. Heavy dosages of omega 3 capsules may be needed to correct the imbalance.

Magnesium supplements have powerful muscle relaxant and cramp inhibiting properties. Soaking in an Epsom salt bath is a useful way to apply magnesium to the pelvic area.

Mild diuretic herbs like celery, parsley, dandelion, sarsaparilla and uva ursi are useful in relieving the bloating, fluid retention and congestion some women experience.

Ginger and ginkgo biloba will improve the circulation in the pelvic area and relieve nausea and vomiting.

Individuals who have uterine fibroids may benefit from the use of castor oil packs. This novel therapy is covered in my book on women’s’ health. 


Cleansing the body, particularly colon cleansing, is an important aspect of the program. Any congestion in the pelvic area will exaggerate menstrual pains. I recommend a high fiber diet along with fiber supplements, aloe vera and herbal cleansers. Colon irrigation therapy by a trained colon therapist can also be very effective.


Painful periods are often a body/mind disorder. The condition is made worse by anxiety, fear, depression and stress. Your social conditioning and beliefs are also extremely important. . Researchers have found that women who grew up in a household with women who had painful periods are much more likely to have painful periods themselves. Relaxation and stress management techniques and hypnosis can be extremely effective interventions. Aromatherapy also offers essential oils like lavender that relax and relieve stress and tension.


Exercise promotes pain relief and prevents cramps because of its physical, psychological and hormonal benefits. I particularly extol the benefits of yoga with its emphasis on deep breathing, tension relief, muscle relaxation and body awareness.


An imbalance between the main female hormones – oestrogen and progesterone can cause painful periods and severe bouts of Premenstrual Syndrome. Natural hormone balancing with natural progesterone cream under a doctor’s supervision can be very helpful along with the herb Dong Quai.

So instead of just popping pain tablets each month, consider using the approach outlined above and help your body balance and heal itself.

You may email Dr. Vendryes at

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Cheap Meat For Sale – Riverton City The Best Dump In Sight!!!!!!!

Some people may ‘tek mi on’, but I am going there…………….When it comes to the quality of food we put in our body, we don’t give a toss.  We do not care where we buy it,  the environment where the food is prepared in/and around.  We do not care about ‘food hygiene’ full stop.  What we care about is ‘the cheaper, the better’.  With exception ofcourse……………….What am I talking about? 

When it comes to the car, the house, the shoes, the hair, the nails, the eyebrows as both men and women are plucking and tweezing, cost rarely factors in.  As a matter of fact, the amount spent is an indication  on how ‘ur swag tun up’.  So you really don’t want to be known to buy ‘cheap clothing’ or to be groomed ‘cheap’.  Now don’t get too carried away by my comments.   If you can spend on the external heavily, then surely do likewise on what you put into your body.  As when the body ‘pop down, and bruk up’, no amount of grooming or high end clothing can sort it out.  Strictly hospital and doctor, oh and ‘mek sure u money tun up fi those’…………..Or else a ‘public you ago en up an u dun know how deyso tan’.


MEAT FROM RIVERTON DUMP ON SALE DOWNTOWN (Jamaica Gleaner, Sunday 30 March 2015)
For years vendors have been illegally peddling meat openly on the streets of downtown Kingston, but it has come to the attention of The Sunday Gleaner that the practice is even more unhygienic than what meets the eye.

On the news team’s visit to the area last week, persons were seen along Spanish Town Road selling various meat kinds; some appearing discoloured and stale, as a foul odour filled the air with flies swarming and landing on everything in sight.

The Sunday Gleaner was able to purchase chicken, chicken foot, pork and pink salmon for $120, $60, $120 and $120 per pound, respectively. When checks were made with locations that sell meat wholesale, it was found that whole chicken went for $155.50 per pound while parts cost $170 per pound. Chicken foot (paw) is usually in the region of $90 per pound, pork ($330) and pink salmon ($1,284 per pound).

Riverton Meat

So where were these street-side vendors getting their meat from, which enabled them to sell it at such cheap prices?

The Sunday Gleaner’s probe found that the answer to that question is the Riverton City disposal site.

“All of this is rejected meat,” said Robert Hill, town clerk for the Kingston and St Andrew Corporation (KSAC), while pointing out that he had heard of persons scavenging meat from the dumping site but did not know it was being sold only one kilometre (0.621 miles) from his office.

“But then again, we also need to look at how these companies are disposing of these things. Because I know that it is supposed to be buried in a particular way, because the disposal of reject meat is within the Kingston and St Andrew Public Health Act.”

Some vendors in the area, who had knowledge of their colleagues’ doings, confirmed that some of the meat being sold was in fact from the Riverton City disposal site.

“When the truck them come in from the big company them to dump the spoil meat, the man them race fi start dig through it and take out what they want,” one woman told the news team. “When them come dump off the meat outa Riverton, the man them wash it wid things like vinegar and then them sell it for $120 per pound or $110 per pound.”

Suspected Cookshop
Another woman who was close by told The Sunday Gleaner team that she suspected that one of the cookshops in her community has been purchasing rejected meat from the vendors downtown.

“I used to buy food from there (cookshop), but I realised that the meat had a smell, so I told him that I know that a Riverton meat him a buy,” the woman related. “All him coulda say a ‘who tell yu that?’ So from that mi stop buy from him.”

Another vendor chimed in: “One a my friend skin had on some bumps the other day and his father told him that is it (meat from Riverton) he used to grow up on, because the father usually sell it.

“It must stop man, a nastiness,” she added.

Hill said he has brought the issue of persons removing meat from the dump to the attention the Kingston and St Andrew Public Health Department, as that falls within their jurisdiction.

“I have heard about it and I have brought that to the attention of the Kingston and St Andrew Public Health Department, because they (vendors) are looking to cause serious public-health hazard,” Hill said. “Aside from the fact that they are illegally peddling meat, Kingston and St Andrew Public Health, which falls under the Ministry of Health, is to be responding to those issues directly.

“The fact of the matter is we (KSAC) can get them off the streets and they go behind somebody’s fence and start doing it and say they open meat shop there.”

The Kingston and St Andrew Public Health Department has promised to respond to The Sunday Gleaner’s findings by tomorrow.

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Champs – Jamaica’s Succession Planning Will See Us On Top World-wide For Decades To Come!!

Looking at the bigger picture we have some outstanding athletes that our country can be proud of.  We should definitely invest in these records breaking, gold medals achievers from now.  Too often we make the mistake of seeking them out once the World has acknowledged them.  Let them represent Jamaica proudly as we all know the chills we experience when they step on the world stage.


Calabar boys, Edwin Allen girls retain Champs titles

Published:Saturday | March 28, 2015

Edwin Allen athletes celebrate their back to back Champs win
Calabar lifts the championship trophy
Calabar and Edwin Allen retained their respective boys and girls titles at the Inter Secondary School Sports Association (ISSA)/GraceKennedy Boys and Girls Athletics Championships inside a rocking National Stadium last night, with contrasting effort.

Edwin Allen were quite comfortable in winning their second straight title and third in four years but the race for the Mortimer Geddes Trophy went into the night, with the Calabar Lions just about coming out on top over their storied rivals from North Street, Kingston College.

Michael O’Hara was the star for the Red Hill Road – based Calabar, adding the Boys Class One 200m and 110m hurdles titles to the 100m crown he won on Friday night.

O’Hara got the better of Youth Olympics champion Jaheel Hyde (Wolmer’s) in their much anticipated clash in the 110m hurdles final, extending his record of never losing to the Wolmer’s man.

Still, the highlight if the championships must be Akeem Bloomfield’s mind shattering run in the 400m. The 17 year-old carved his name in the record books with one of the greatest performances ever witnessed at this event, becoming the first Jamaican junior to dip below 45 seconds, setting a new national junior record – 44.93 in the Class One boys 400m.

Bloomfield’s time is also the second fastest on the planet this year and the 11th fastest in history by a junior athlete.

St Andrew Technical’s Ayesha Champagnie also bothered the record keeper, posting 14.27m to win ahead of last year’s winner and former record holder Rochelle Frazer (Edwin Allen), 14.01m, and Edwin Allen’s Janell Fullerton was third with 13.50m.

Joanne Reid (St Jago), 24.21, and Kevona Davis (Edwin Allen), 24.23, both dipped below the old Class Four girls 200m record (24.28), with Shakeira Bowra (St Catherine), 25.23 taking third.

Lushane Wilson (St Jago) equalled the Class Two boys high jump record with a 2.10m clearance. Cornwall’s Kobe – Jordan Rhooms, 2.00m, was second with KC’s Tavar Slowley, 1.90m.

Calabar ended their championships in style, setting a new record in the Class One 4x100m with an amazing 39.08 record as Jamaica College, 39.79 and St George’s, 40.43 battled for the other top spots.


Edwin Allen 321
Hydel 221
St Jago 219.33
Holmwood 206
Vere 136
Wolmer’s 82.50


Calabar 280.50
KC 265
JC 200
St Jago 183
Wolmer’s 68


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Jamaican Dancehall Artist Seated At The Back of A NYC Asian Eatery

Not exactly cheap, far cry away from fast food or ‘bolo slush’.  Am I surprised?  Noooooooooooooo…………….


Reggae Artist Mavado

Philippe Chow Only Likes Black in Bean Sauce

3/28/2015 9:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0328-mavado-instagram-01Reggae Artist Mavado claims he was treated like a bum and even verbally abused at a fancy Asian restaurant … simply because he’s black.

Sources close to Mavado tell TMZ … he hit up Philippe Chow in NYC for lunch Thursday with his family, when he was curiously put in the back of the restaurant, even though it was pretty much empty.

Mavado didn’t complain and the family got down to business, chowing down at Chow, when he walked over to another empty table and had someone in his family take a pic of him.  He says that’s when a manager said he couldn’t sit at that table because they were expecting guests.

Mavado claims the manager added he was prohibited from using his phone in ANY manner.

He then claims he got the bum’s rush … all of the food came out at once.  We gotta say, that’s what Asian restaurants typically do, but that’s his story.  He says he felt like they wanted to get him out.

Things got hot as fish grease when Mavado’s wife tried sending the rice back.  He says the manager came over and pitched a fit.  He says the rice stayed put, yet it was included in the bill.

Mavado then accused the restaurant of treating him shabbily because he’s black, and the manager allegedly slammed the bill on the table and told him never to come back.

Mavado claims his manager was later contacted by the restaurant and they profusely apologized, saying they didn’t know he was a famous person.  Mavado says he’ll never go back.

As for the restaurant, we called and a manager said, “We are talking to Mavado’s people and we have no comment.”



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Who Am I……………..

I am what you perceive, what you hear what you

feel………..for I am obvious in the eyes of the bewildered.



I can’t make or break existence for which I have no

control but can and will envisage you into the art of

consciousness, as I am who I am.

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Champs – 5 Days Of Sheer Excitement on the Rock!!

The hottest show on the Island is taking place right now.   The buzz has increased in volumes and majority of locals already are wearing some form of clothing that represents their zeal and support for the school of their choice.  This is where the youths shine and outshine. The International scouts are on the soil, the stakes are high and only the best will be on display.

Many from the Diaspora have flown in to attend Boys and Girls Champs and it has steadily positioned itself to be one of the Rock’s most eagerly anticipated yearly events.  Who will reign supreme????


‘Champs’ beef up business for local hoteliers

ARENA BENNETT Business reporter

Friday, March 27, 2015    


Boys’ 800-metre race at the National Stadium on Wednesday. (PHOTO: BRYAN CUMMINGS)

THE ISSA/GraceKennedy Boys’ and Girls’ Athletics Championships have improved the business environment for a number of local hoteliers.

The five-day track meet, which is hailed as one of the greatest inter-secondary school track and field competitions worldwide, has garnered the attention of many locals along with international supporters.

“Many of the guests at this time are from overseas,” Christopher Jarrett, owner of Altamont Court Hotel and Kingston chairman for the Jamaica Hotel and Tourist Association (JHTA), told the Jamaica Observer in an interview yesterday.

“We have a mix of old alumni who come back to Jamaica every year, particularly from the United States, to support the event,” he stated.

International trainers looking to recruit talent, in addition to students from the rural areas who are participating in the event, have also secured their space at Kingston-based hotels, according to Jarrett.

In 2011, a study conducted by the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture noted that there has been insufficient attention given to the central role that sports play in the country’s economic development.

According to the ministry, research conducted in Jamaica in 2007 revealed that sports contributed to more than two per cent of the country’s gross domestic product (GDP) and up to two per cent of jobs.

What’s more, the ministry revealed that sports is ranked among the highest in terms of payback to the country for every dollar of foreign exchange spent on capital investment, with the economy getting back $6.18 from core sport and $3.81 from horse racing and betting. Additionally, each dollar spent on occupational training of its employees yields $5.65.

“At this time every year it is a given, and the event has been growing exponentially almost. Every year we find that the rooms are being booked earlier, and you find that you are running closer to full at the beginning of the week rather than near the end,” Jarrett said.

“The JHTA came from a meeting not too long ago and the indication is that most of the hotels are running very high occupancy, if not fully booked,” he added.

Glen Bromfield, owner of the Medallion Hall Hotel, says his 23 rooms are fully booked with student athletes from the rural areas. He told the Caribbean Business Report that the hosting of the ISSA/GraceKennedy Boys’ and Girls’ Championships have significantly improved the occupancy rate of the hotels over the years.

“Kingston hotels get most of their revenues from business conferences and not so much from overnighting guests like in Ocho Rios, Montego Bay and Negril,” he stated. “Only events like Champs or popular international events will attract such large crowds to our hotels.”

The Ministry of Tourism, through its agencies and other organisations, encourages and supports the development and promotion of sporting activities as a part of Jamiaca’s tourism attraction.

Policy developments in 2013 included the tabling of the National Sport Policy in Parliament, and the establishment of a Sport Tourism Committee to market the sport component of Brand Jamaica, thereby positioning sports and related activities as major economic components in the development of Jamaica.

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Slavery – Forgive A Must – Forget Never!!!!

As far as we have come, lest we forget our past,  each and everyone of us have a social responsibility to be mindful of  how we treat those who are less fortunate and less educated amongst us.  ‘Slavery’ has become an institution of thought for many, and as we reflect upon our freedom, we should ask ourselves, just a few questions;

a) How do I treat my casual workers?  Are they paid on time or are they paid at all?

b) Do I physically/and or verbally abuse those who are unable to fight back under my employ?

c) Do I discriminate based on the shade of ones skin?


Simpson Miller urges end to contemporary slavery

Friday, March 27, 2015    (Jamaica Observer)

 SIMPSON MILLER… never again should the world allow the horrors and atrocities of slavery

UNITED NATIONS — JAMAICA’s Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller on Wednesday joined United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon in calling for an end to ‘contemporary slavery’ (human trafficking).

“Never again should the world allow the horrors and atrocities of slavery, lest we forget,” the prime minister said during a ceremony at which a permanent memorial in honour of the victims of slavery and the Transatlantic Slave Trade was unveiled at UN headquarters here.

The UN secretary general, in his address, said: “Slavery has left a stain on human history and should never be allowed to repeat itself”, noting that many of the millions who were taken as slaves never made it through the dreaded Middle Passage.

Both Simpson Miller and the UN head referred to the frequent incidence of human trafficking and child labour, a situation the prime minister described as the contemporary evil of modern slavery.

“Let us hope this memorial will be a motivating force to galvanise our individual and collective resolve to stamp out this evil,” she said.

According to Simpson Miller, the freedom from slavery was not a gift to those who suffered, “but was rather earned by the sweat and blood of millions of our forebears”.

Jamaica, which along with other Caribbean Community countries and the African Union, has been at the forefront of efforts to erect the memorial, was praised for its role in getting the US$1.7-million monument, designed by New York architect Rodney Leon, constructed.

— Harold Bailey



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